My Mistress Made Me

My pocket is vibrating again. I hope it is instructions from her. As I reach in my pocket to get my phone my heart is beating faster and I feel my cock swelling. Check your mail is all she says. Opening my email I immediately see an image of her long legs and sexy lingerie.

Her instructions are: "I want you to tease him. Walk past his office when you leave for the day and make sure he sees your hard cock bulging in your pants. Then jerk off on the drive home and cum hard just for me baby and here is a little something to get you going."

I click on the link she sent me. My screen is filled with the image of a femdom Mistress getting ready to ass fuck her slave with a strap on. The guy is tied up on a table spread eagle with his knees bent up so his ass is exposed. As she tugs on the chain between the nipple clamps he has on, he grimaces in obvious discomfort.

"Open" she barks at him while standing at his head.

He opens his mouth and a gag is inserted and strapped to his head. He is not taking his eyes off of her as she circles her prisoner. Slapping his chest just above those nipple clamps he groans and flinches.

After slapping his face she leans down to his ear and says "That's much better it is always best when a man cannot speak."

Back to the other end of the table between his legs she stands as his cock strains and jumps in excitement. With a snap she stretches a black latex glove over her right hand and squirts lubricant from a bottle all over her fingers.

"Let's see how many fingers you can take" she says in a determined voice.

Rubbing her lubed fingers up all over his ass hole he moans as she inserts the first one. In and out and all around she fingers his tight ass then inserts a second finger to a groan from her slave. His breathing is getting ragged and this video is making my cock ready to burst out of my pants. My eyes are glued to the erotic scene she has sent me and I want her to do all these things to me so very badly. The mistress in the video is lubing up her strap on cock and running the head up and down her slaves ass crack. She stops at the entrance of his tight hole and slowly pushes forward. He grunts as her cock enters him inch by inch until her thighs are pressed into his ass and her cock is buried in him almost balls deep.

Pausing she looks him in the eye as he pants around the gag in his mouth and says "Look at your cock so hard it is about to explode. You love having your ass fucked don't you? Tell me what you want little bitch right now?"

"Please fuck my ass Mistress" are the garbled words that escape his breathless lips wrapped around that gag.

"WHAT? Speak up slave what did you say?" she says giving a little thrust to her hips sending her cock even further into his burning hole.

He utters the same begging please and then she starts fucking his ass with no abandon. My eyes are glued to the computer screen. I can't take any more of this I am about to cum in my own pants time to get out of here. I shut down my computer lock up my office and head down the hall past his office to leave for the day. When I get to his open door I stop and adjust my huge boner in my pants as I say good evening to him.

He looks up and says "Well looks like you are going to have a good evening!" as his eyes never leave my crotch.

I precede to the parking lot my cock making a wet spot in the front of my pants crying out for relief. I get settled in the car, unzip my slacks and take it out. Driving with one hand and stroking with the other I cannot stop thinking about the images of that Mistress fucking her bound slave, Mr. Massage's eyes staring so intently at my hard on and how much following her orders immensely turns me on. Pulling into my driveway I park the car and grab a towel I have on the passenger's seat. Stroking my throbbing cock I explode into the towel cumming shot after shot of my hot, sticky tribute to my Mistress. She does not like me to be a messy boy so I cum in a towel or if I have been very good her panties. I email her and report my task as completed then wait for further instructions.

Thinking to myself that I actually did the things she said and loved it, I wondered what she would have me do next. Would she have me keep teasing the massage therapist in the suite down the hall, make me eat my own cum, finger my asshole or what? I love her games and I will do anything she says, anything to please her. The next morning back in the office I find my new instructions in my email.

"You have sparked his interest he will be after you now no doubt. I want you to let him see you watching the video I sent you and rubbing your cock through your pants but if he tries anything tell him your Mistress says you cannot play with him today but if he's lucky maybe your Mistress will let you sometime. Then go to the bathroom and rub out a big hot load for me. He will ask you if you want a massage. Accept and report back after." were her wishes.

Sure enough Mr. Massage came poking around saying hello first thing. I did exactly as she instructed and when he saw me he actually came into my office, shut the door behind him and asked me if I needed any help? He was quite persistent and pushy about it.

I barked sternly at him "No my Mistress said I cannot play with you today."

He had a look of fear on his face from my angry retort then offered to give me a massage after hours when everyone had left for the day. I accepted as instructed and he left my office. My cock was about to split my slacks from that video and controlling the massage guy by following my Mistress' instructions. The look of fear on his face kind of turned me on. I went to the bathroom to relieve my throbbing cock, entered the stall, whipped it out and started stroking when I heard someone outside the stall door. It was all too much and I groaned as my cock spewed my seed all over the bathroom floor. Just as I came the stall door opened a little. Mr. Massage had been outside leaning on the door listening and freaked and ran when the unlocked door opened.

At the end of the day after everyone had cleared out I went down the hall to Mr. Massage's suite. At first everything was all professional and I undressed behind a screen, covered up with a towel and lay face down on the massage table. He began massaging my shoulders and back then moved down to my legs. He moved up my legs to massaging my ass. When he tried to finger my asshole I jumped up off the massage table and smacked the little twerp and was out of there. As I relayed this information to my Mistress my cock was getting hard as stone.

I told her "The massage was good then I made him gag on my hard cock and choke on my hot cum."

She replied "Oh did you really now? Are you just playing or are you fessing up? "

"No I didn't I smacked him and got out of there but I bet you would want me to do all that now wouldn't you?! The thing is I want to do it all to you my Mistress, well not the smacking part lol" I admitted.

"Damn I got hard just typing that maybe I should go get him right now what do you think?" I asked my Mistress.

"Go for it baby go down the hall and get him right NOW!" she ordered "And remember you are definitely the top with that guy. You totally control him. Make him do only what you want or what I say and you know what I like" where her orders.

"OK I will be right back and see how this might work out" I stated as I relinquished my control to her.

"Well did you find him is he there right now then?" She questioned me after a short period of time.

I replied "Yes Mistress he is right here. I am only going on your words here I am a tad freaked here."

Then my instructions began.

"Well baby he's your bitch just like you're my bitch put him on his knees" she commanded.

"He says he has a condom too for whatever that may be worth to you" I informed her.

She immediately responded "I'll take it into consideration show him one of my new pictures of my cock that's going in your ass soon as you can bring it to me."

"Oh man this is weird I have your picture up but he is kind of too busy to look because he is fondling my balls and licking my shaft right now, oh he has his tongue on my pee hole this is hmm?" I let her know.

More commands from my Mistress "Grab him by the hair and make him look at my picture and tell him he only does what I allow!"

His mouth is on my cock all way down to base! Ok I snatched him off and he says after looking at her picture in her strap on "You are going to love that in your ass."

"Slap his face with your hard cock both sides then shove it down his throat till he gags" she instructs and I do as she tells me.

Then he says "I like to be gagged!" as I snicker at him.

More orders "Grab the sides of his head and face fuck him good and hard" and I tell her "Yes ma'am your slave will obey."

I can't help myself and text her "I am so fricken horny for you right now!"

"As am I baby I want you more than anything!!! Just read my words as you fuck his face and if you can cum dump your load down his throat! " is the message that appears on my phone.

"OK" is all I can manage to text back.

"I would love to be licking you sweet ass as your choking this guy with your meat! Running my tongue up and down your crack and teasing your virgin hole then pull your cheeks apart with my hands and stick my wet tongue right into your horny hole baby Mmmm getting it all wet and ready for fucking!" Is displayed on my phone.

Clumsily juggling my phone I text back "About to cum is that ok or u want me to stop?"

"I want you to CUM NOW HARD! Dump your load right down his throat and choke him with it. Bury you hard cock deep baby then slap him in the face with it again and send him packing!" My Mistress demanded.

He almost chokes on it and wants to know if I can give him a return hand job but I think I would rather smack him in the mouth right now. My Mistress tells me no but if he can cum quick he can jerk off at my feet then lick it all up. I tell him to jerk himself off but the guy is being a little bitch about it. He wants to get some repayment so I tell him my Mistress is in charge. Man are all dip shits like that - SO needy - I mean I let him suck me off right?

My last instruction about Mr. Massage from my Mistress is "Yes they are so needy and if he is acting like a little bitch then get rid of him we're done with him for today."

He started begging for me to fuck him and I have no time for whiney people so since he was not behaving just like my Mistress ordered I sent him away and told her I did. She seemed very happy with me and replied that I was her little master in training! I still had one big problem though and it was between my legs. Even though I had just dumped a huge load down Mr. Massage's throat my cock was still hard and painfully throbbing.

I sent this message to my Mistress "Have one problem! I am still hard I need a good ass toying I guess? But I don't have my toy handy."

"Finger your tight horny hole for me babe I wish I could do it for you" my sweet Mistress said.

While stroking my straining cock I slid in a finger then two into my tight horny hole that was already slick from all the precum oozing and dripping out of my over excited dick. She kept telling me how hot she was for me and I told her how bad I needed her to fuck me. My balls were tight and rising up getting ready to explode. My ass was squeezing and swallowing my fingers like it was starving. I felt the cum stirring in my balls as my ass pulsed on my fingers and my cock twitched in my hand. With a gut wrenching spasm I blew my load all over my hand. It was smaller than the load I dumped down that guy's throat but so much harder and stronger it almost hurt and about curled my toes. I tasted some of my hot sticky load and told her how sweet I tasted today.

Her final message to me was "You were my perfect bitch today; a very good boy and good boys get rewards. Talk to you tomorrow lots of kisses for my sweet slave."

Now my mind is racing what rewards will she be giving me?.....
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