My Mom and Brother Are Lovers
When my younger brother Kenny became the age where boys naturally become interested in girls, I noticed that he started treating our mother differently. It was obvious to me that he was physically attracted to her and she enjoyed his affectionate behavior.

Anyway, my father is a doctor and works at the hospital. About a year ago, he divorced my Mom then married a nurse. I have met the nurse several times before, and wondered why my father chose to be with her instead of my Mom. He probably likes her because she is half his age, but she isn't very pretty.

I know that my mother is forty years old, but she is blessed with beauty and a petite slender toned body. We wear the same dress size and occasionally borrow each other's clothes. Our brassiere sizes are different though. My breasts are fairly small, but Mom's are quite large and firm. One thing that we both love about our breasts is their nipples. They are always hard and look like big brown pencil erasers.

Anyway, after my father moved out of the house, Kenny's sexual advances towards Mom increased dramatically. I thought that Mom would discipline him, but I noticed that she was enjoying the attention and encouraging him.

For example, about six months ago they were swimming in the pool. Kenny untied Mom's bikini top and pulled it off her. Instead of getting angry, she started laughing while trying to wrestle the bikini top away from him. Kenny suddenly submerged himself in the water and yanked Mom's bikini bottoms down to her ankles. She kicked them away from her then swam over to the ladder and got out of the pool.

She dried herself with a towel then looked over at Kenny and said, "I'm going inside to make myself a lemonade and vodka drink. Do you want one?" Kenny replied that he did, then Mom casually walked naked over to the sliding glass doors and went into the house.

A few minutes later the sliding doors opened and I noticed that Mom was still naked. She brought the two drinks over to the patio table then sat in a chair next to me. Kenny got out of the pool and came over to join us. We had conversation for a while then Mom said, "I am going to take a short nap then get up and prepare some potato salad for dinner tonight."

I guessed what was going to happen next and I was right. When Mom got up from her chair, Kenny did too! As Mom closed the sliding glass doors, she looked over at me and smiled.

Shortly afterwards I went upstairs to my bedroom to use my computer. When I was walking down the hallway Kenny's door was open, but he wasn't in there. Mom's door was closed, so I quietly walked over there and put my ear against the door. Oh my God, I could hear the bed creaking and the sexual sound of sweaty naked bodies slapping together! Kenny was really giving to her good!

As weeks passed, Kenny and Mom started spending more and more time together. They even started dating and go out every Friday night. Lately, they act like they don't care if I know about them having a sexual relationship or not. I wouldn't doubt if they just started fucking on the couch while we are in the living room watching television.

And that is exactly what happened last night.

They went out for dinner and dancing then came home about ten o'clock. Kenny sat on the couch then Mom went into the kitchen to get them a tall glass of sparkling wine with ice cubes.

Anyway, after they finished their drinks, Kenny put his arm around Mom and they started french kissing each other. Kenny unbuttoned Mom's blouse then she took it off. She wasn't wearing a bra, so Kenny immediately leaned towards her and began suckling her left breast while fondling the other.

Mom looked over at me while Kenny was doing this and smiled. I slowly turned my head back to the television to pretend like I could care less what they are doing. Actually, I was curious to see how far they would go with me sitting just a few feet away from them.

After a while Mom gently pushed Kenny away from her then got off the couch and stood up. She unzipped her skirt and let it slide down off her slim hips then bent over and took off her panties. She kicked the clothes out of the way then got down on her knees between Kenny's legs.

Kenny just leaned back on the couch and relaxed as Mom unzipped his pants. She pulled his pants and briefs off then grabbed Kenny's cock and began jacking it up and down. Within just a few moments his cock was hard then Mom leaned forward started giving him a blowjob.

After a couple of minutes she climbed up onto the couch and laid down on her back. Kenny immediately pushed her legs apart and buried his face in her pussy. A few minutes later Mom said, "Okay Kenny, it's time for you to give your Mommy something that she needs."

Kenny got on top of Mom then she guided his cock inside her. He started giving her short strokes at first to stretch her out a little bit then began slowly fucking her.

Four or five minutes later, Kenny started picking up speed and was really giving Mom's pussy a good pounding! She started screaming, "Fuck your Mommy! Fuck her! Fuck your Mommy with that big hard cock of yours! Fuck your Mommy! Fuck her!"

Kenny started fucking Mom even harder and faster! Her breasts were flopping wildly around on her chest as she screamed, "Oh my God! God yes! Fuck me harder! Give it to me! Fuck me!"

Suddenly, Kenny stopped and ejaculated. He waited for a few moments to catch his breath then pulled his cock out of Mom. They picked up their clothes then went upstairs.

This morning I had an early college class and got up early. I took a shower and got dressed then began walking down the hallway. Mom's bedroom door was open, so I looked in. Oh my God, Kenny was fucking her again!

They are acting like a couple that recently got married. In a way, I guess that is true.

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