My Monday Nights
I arrive at her home one minute early and kneel at her door until exactly 7pm. The door opens and I crawl into the foyer with my eyes to the floor. She steps barefoot in front of me and await her tender voice...

"Clean them...bitch"

I lower my face until my tongue begins bathing her toes...instep...ankles...back to her toes.

"That's enough, get started" she says

I crawl to the kitchen, where I pour her a glass of wine and then slowly crawl to the living room where she has made herself comfortable on the sofa. I offer her the wine, which she takes and raises it too her lips, taking a big sip.

She swirls it in her mouth, enjoying the bitterness and says, "Bring your face up to me bitch" which I do. She leans in and kisses me on the lips...first gentle...then grabs me by the back of the head and spits the wine into my mouth. "Continue your chores"

I crawl back into the kitchen, stand, and begin tackling the stack of dirty dishes that have been left for me. I wash them, dry them, and then wash down the countertop and sweep the floor. Now finished with that task I crawl back to the living room. She holds out her glass, which I take and crawl back to the kitchen, refill, and return to her.

Her feet up on the ottoman, she speaks again, "Present yourself and get to work" She prefers I undress slowly and fold each piece of clothing neatly on the floor, which I do. Mistress greatly enjoys my adeptness at foot massages and I begin to pamper her feet exactly the way she likes.

It's now almost 8 o'clock. I slide the ottoman out of the way and lay on my back with my head on the floor in front of the sofa...arms straight out. She stretches out my arms and binds my wrists to the legs of the feet pointing towards the television. She stands over me and removes her jeans and shirt tossing them away...lowers herself to sit on my stomach facing me and reaches for a small bag next to the sofa.

Inside the bag, she removes 2 nipple clamps and places one each on my nipples. It's a mild pain, but instantly causes me to get an erection. She slides off of me...grabs my penis tightly and jerks me off into her now empty wineglass, making sure every drop makes it into the glass. I have a worthless penis, that although large in size, comes almost immediately. She enjoys making fun of it and how useless it is...not being able to last long enough to satisfy anyone.

At this point, her show is about to begin, so she places a pillow on either side of my head and moves to straddle my face in a fashion that my nose is at her anus and her female garden is over my mouth. I hear the TV being turned on...I feel her tug on my clamps...removing them and replacing them again causing a sharp pain.

Through the flesh of her thighs pressed against my ears, I hear her show begin, which is my signal to begin worshiping her orally. She shifts her position occassionally to give me access to both her front and rear areas to worship with my tongue. Mistress loves to enjoy both her show and being worshiped simulaneously...It is her favorite thing and something I adore being able to help her achieve.

By the time the first commercial comes on, I have another erection. She leans down...and again pumps me to another orgasm...catching the product in the glass as before. She readjusts the nipple clamps once again quickly as her show replaces the commercials.

For the next 45 minutes, the pattern continues. My tongue worshiping her, her forcing an orgasm each commercial break, the adjusting and readjusting of the clamps on my nipples. Mistress often has many orgasms over the course of the episode on the screen. She directs me to speed up...slow down...and shifts herself so she is getting exactly the sensations she wants and needs to be satisfied.

As her show concludes, she rises off of me goes to the kitchen with the wine glass of cum and returns with it half full of wine. She again sits on my stomach and pours the mixture into my mouth, which I let pour down my throat. She reaches into the bag one last time and takes out a dice. "What are we going to do now I wonder?" she speaks...and rolls the dice.

Her dice game is as follows: (1= I clean up, get dressed and leave) (2= she unties me and on all fours she paddles my ass until its red and slightly bruised) (3 or 4= she places a vibrator inside me and tortures my now sensitive nipples with biting and pinching until she is satisfied) (5= she unties me and uses her strapon on me while I'm on all fours) (6= she leaves me tied to the sofa on my back and fucks me with her strapon until I cry)

After whichever activity the dice dictates, I clean up...dress myself...and exit. "Your a good little bitch my pet...see you next Monday...and don't be surprised if I ask 1 or 2 friends to come over and join us"
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