My Mother, My Love
Cast of Characters:

Ellena Harris: Title character and Wilma's mother.
Wilma Harris: Viewpoint character and Ellena's incesbian daughter.

I love her and I will love her forever. It isn't for her infectious beauty and luscious charm, but because of what I am when she's with me. No one is like her and no one will ever be like her. To the world, she may be one person; but to me she's the world. When I'm with her, there's nothing else for me to look at. As I hold her in my arms, she gives herself to me. And I kiss her with utmost passion, knowing that she's all mine.

Her name is Ellena Harris. I define her as the most beautiful woman in the world who gave birth to me 19 years ago. She's in her late thirties and yet her youthful appeal isn't fading a bit. Every feature of her round face is an exquisite presentation of charisma; the deep-set blue eyes with healthy lashes, the Greek nose, the full rosy lips, and the chin with shallow dimple hold an impression of its allure. The light blonde hair is combed in long layers around her face, and it runs down to her hips in graceful curls.

She's endowed with a flawless, curvy, and full figure; it's all smooth and soft. Her symmetrically huge tits rise and fall in the rhythm of breathing. No bra smaller than 38F can fit them. Her chest converges elegantly into a slim waist, which in turn flares out at hips. They sway enticingly whenever she walks. Size 14 briefs are the snug choice for them.

I resemble my mom only if our facial features, heights, and hair color are compared. Unlike her, I'm as flat as a grown-up lanky boy. My hair isn't long and copious; I prefer to wear it in the cute, pixie style.

My dad was a handsome and energetic man. But alas! He died in a car crash. I've inherited his vim and vigor which, I must admit, are the traits of an active participant in sexual activities. After his death, mom needed someone for consolation and I was the only one who cared for her. The idea, that another man would come into her life and replace dad, anguished me a lot; my true feelings for her made me assume like that. It was true that I lusted after my own mother. The lesbian disposition led me to have carnal fantasies about her. But I could not ward off the possibility of her second marriage, if the meaning of my relationship with her was not changed.

And so, that Sunday night, I made up my mind for the adventure. The door to her bedroom was not locked. I entered it without hesitation and walked over to her bed. She lay there, sound asleep. I looked at her face. Its celestial radiance made me to reach it and finger aside some stray curls. I knew that she was nude and vulnerable under the silk top sheet. Hence, I took it off her with deliberation and joined her abed. I was sure that she was having an erotic dream; her hardened nipples and the wetness between her thighs told me the whole story. I pushed her legs to splay them and glued my mouth to her lubed pussy, savoring the most delicious juice I ever tasted. Then, I stretched her outer labia to flick my tongue on the inner cunt and located her clit. I was happy to find that it was already engorged. So, I began to suck it. Mom woke up. She moaned and called dad, imploring him to eat her more. I deduced that he was a good cunnilinguist; she had his dream obviously. I kept on holding her clit in my mouth until she convulsed and climaxed again.

I licked the girl cum off her pussy. After that, I continued to lick up her stomach and grabbed her knockers to kiss them. She reached my head and held it on the realization of mistaking me for her hubby. A look of shock stole over her beautiful face as she stared at me. At that precise moment, I chose to act fast. Hence, I seized her wrists to pin them on the mattress and took her lips for a fiery kiss. Her resistance to my assault was likely; instead, she gave in and closed her eyes. I let go of her wrists when she kissed me back. Her acceptance of my sexual advance was an incitation for me and I proceeded to lick her voluptuous body all over, paying more attention to her tits and pussy. She came for the third time as I ate her out with ache and passion.

Since then, we've been living together as partners rather than the blood relations. She's my concubine and I'm her beau. We're too pleased with each other to date a man. In order to describe our day-to-day erotic episodes, it'll be appropriate for me to portray them as a broad narrative.

We are in our bedroom. It's the very room where I seduced her for the first time. She always puts on the see-through mini dresses, but without any underclothes, because I want her to be my slut for every night. She loves my bad girl looks with T-shirts and tight leather pants. We hug each other as I take her waist and our lips meet in a crushing kiss. Her arms snake about my shoulders and we close our eyes, getting engrossed in the mutually felt warmth. I roam my hands over the curves of her back and down to her ass-cheeks. I'm tempted to knead them, for they are massive and supple like her tits.

I never hesitate to remove her close-fitting dresses before having sex. It depends on my mood whether I may get nude with her or keep myself clothed for some time. After kissing her neck and sucking her collarbones, I move my hands up to play with her melons. She raises her arms to let me fumble with her strapless top. When I was an infant, she used to uncover her tits and feed me with her milk; now, I'm the one who peels her top down to expose them.

My pussy twitches as I ogle at her tits. Without further ado, I touch and squeeze them. They are too big to be cupped. So, I pinch and pull them. The rough texture of her brown areolae provokes me to stoop. I open my mouth to take one of her nipples and hold it in suction. I press my lips together and let it slip out. Then, I move to its counterpart and suck it hard until it's released from my mouth.

I carry on sucking and licking her nipples with skillful substitution. She gets ecstatic consequently. I pat her tits, waist, and ass-cheeks. She lets me kiss her lips and I grope with her back zipper to open it. Thus, her dress goes off in two shakes.

I lead Ellena to our pillowed bed so that she may recline there. Afterward, I proceed to pat her on thighs. My touch arouses her and she parts her legs invitingly. Her gesture facilitates me to kneel between them. As I lie down beside her, she takes me into her arms and we kiss each other demandingly.

Our oral connection is broken, when I grab her tits and lick her cleavage. Then, my tongue flits on her nipples; I hang around her chest to suck, release, and retake them alternately. As a result, her face is flushed. She fingers through my short hair and, I know, she cares for me.

Her submissive consent to my sexual advance motivates me for making an erotic tour of her curvaceous body. Hence, I embark on kissing her tummy. My lips follow the trail of her linea alba until they caress on her bellybutton. It's hooded like her pussy and I love to lick it. Then, I kiss my way down to her shaved mons and lick her groins. I look up to notice that her serene eyes are fixed on me; it's the gaze brimmed with expectation that I may eat her cunt.

Teasing is a witty approach to stir a woman. Therefore, I ignore her pussy and crawl in reverse licking her legs along. She lies seemingly quiet and lets me kiss them back to her crotch. On the spur of the moment, she grabs my head. I can't laugh at her impulsivity because she squashes my face between her thighs.

My mouth and nose sink into her dripping pussy. It's the very outlet through which I was propelled 19 years ago as a newborn. The tart wetness and the pungent smell, which denote her desire, stun me in lust. I splay her sexy legs and push them until her knees are at her own chest. Then, I go down to her vaganus and slip my tongue out. I pass it up and down, licking along the insides of her ass-cheeks. She gasps as my tongue pokes into her asshole. It's clean and yet salty. So, I keep on rimming her until she chants, "Oh yeah... yeah... that's it Wilma... lick me... eat me... eat me... ooh..."

And how can I refuse her invitation while she lolls so open before me? I come up to her pussy. It's like a flower that is folded impressively over her feminine essence. I love to kiss it and suck its juice out. After licking her labia with repetitive strokes, I stretch them to probe my tongue into the inner cunt.

She moves her legs down but I hold them apart. I fuck her with my tongue until it flicks up to circumscribe her clit. My lips close about her swollen glans. Ellena hisses as I kiss it with clamorous smack. I clamp my mouth on her hood and suck it in preoccupation. While doing so, I can hear her sighs and feel her jerky moves. Hence, I resolve to finger and tickle her pussy. It's one of my tactics which sets her ablaze and she begs me to fuck her.

I make a pointing gesture and push my index finger into her cunt. It goes easy. I take it out and resume fucking her. The gentle moves of my hand grow into shoves but her orifice is much commodious for letting one finger in. That's why I keep on reinforcing the entry until I can push four fingers, all together, into her.

The fucking tempo slows down and I rotate my hand into her lubed pussy, thereby touching her G-spot. She goes delirious. I lick her clit and rub it with my thumb to drive her crazy. She yells at me, "OOH... YES... YES... YES... RIGHT THERE BABY... AAH... DON'T STOP... AAH..."

And I don't have to stop! Her pussy is sucking my fingers. They are getting soaked into her juice. I know she's about to release it. So, I take my fingers out and Lick her clit. She squeals as my lips capture her hood and I shake my head. Her body shudders for the peak pleasure and she reaches a violent climax.

Ellena gets drowsy after cumming. Her legs are still open for me. I pat her thighs and lick her spent pussy. She sighs for the sensation and reaches down to caress my hair. I keep up the good work until all the juice is wiped off her crotch. Then, I crawl above her so that she may take my lips and taste her own cum.

The kiss is broken off, because I resolve to take my toy out of the nightstand. It's a 10" strap-on with the curved and polished shaft. I always fasten it to my groins and hips after getting nude. Next, I rejoin mom to suck her tits. When her nipples harden, I roll her over and kiss her from nape to buttocks. She laughs dreamily as I lick her ass crack repeatedly. I squeeze her ass-cheeks and push them apart to expose the puckered hole. I lube it, with some licking and spitting. Then, I rise on my knees and direct the dildo for pushing it slowly into her.

Ellena cries out, tilting her head back. The dildo goes deep down her rectum. I spank her, withdraw the shaft, and push it again. She grabs the bedsheet for my assault. I repeat the maneuver, with an ongoing intensification of the tempo. The harness presses on my pussy for each thrust I make; her whole body shakes and she screams warblingly. A ripple runs through my love canal and I decide to halt this buggery. In fact, I don't want to cum before fucking her in the pussy.

Hence, I pull the dildo out of her rear and turn her on back. Naturally, she's ready for another penetration. And so, without any delay, I splay her thighs and position myself between them. The glans of my cock touches with her wet orifice and it enters her, almost immediately.

"Ah... AAH..." she moans for the blissful slide of my shaft; it's always an easy and slow entry. I keep it lodged, for a while, in her pussy. Smiling at the delighted expression on her face, I move backward to pull the thing out. She bites her lip as I push it again into her.

I carry on fucking her with perfect timing. The careful moves of my hips soon develop into shoves. She reaches up to hug me around shoulders and claws at my back. Surely, the desire is building up in her.

I take her mouth and our lips are locked into a crushing kiss. My shoves are too hard for her to keep moaning, but she can't yell until I let go of her lips. I clench my teeth and drive the shaft down to her hilt. The harness hits me on the pussy for each thrust I make. My eyes fall on her flushed face. She's absolutely seized by the extreme lust; with her eyes closed and mouth open, she shakes her head in complete abandon. It's an absolute sign that her climax will ensue shortly.

I proceed to fuck her, reaching the crescendo myself. The pleasure is shaking my vitals to the brim. I shove the dildo, with full vigor, into her. She screams and I groan. My pussy gushes forth the juice. It soaks the harness of my strap-on. At the same time, her body gets rigid in spasm and she breathes rapidly. I can tell that she's undergoing an intense climax.

Much of our vitality is drained away. Hence, I take the dildo out of her pussy and snuggle up with her.

I take her lips. She kisses me back. I look into her somnolent eyes. She blinks at me vaguely and falls asleep. I do nothing except for stroking her tits, midriff, and thighs. The feeling of her smooth skin always refreshes me. Hence, I proceed with sucking her tits and eating her pussy. When she comes, I lick the juice off her crotch voraciously.

Whatever I've narrated here can't have an end; naturally, it's not a fairy tale. Everything that goes between us is recounted, with a title, to record our routine adventures. In short, this love unites our hearts and it is an unbreakable bond. They beat together because we live for each other, today and forever.
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