My Neighbour, The Nympho
Mrs. Heeth pulled up into our driveway. My wife gave me a peck on the cheek at the door, got into the passenger side and they drove off. She waved at me as they left for the school outing. They were meeting the kids at the school. They would be supervising them for a weekend adventure to Niagara Falls, getting there by school bus. Our daughter Kathy was very excited to go and I loved her dearly. Her mother, not so much. Our sexless marriage took its toll on me. There was still affection after our 25 years of wedded "bliss" but not much else.

During these outings, I usually called Linda. I loved touching her voluptuous body, full figured in all the right places. Unlike Mary, my wife, Linda has tits that are plump and covers my cock as I fuck them. Just thinking about her made my cock instantly hard. Oh well, she wasn't available this weekend so what could I do?

I went up to our bedroom and hoped to catch a glimpse of our sexy neighbour Trish. Her bedroom window faced ours. Her parents died in a car accident and she was left in that big two story home all alone. That is, until she got pregnant. At 18 she was an unwed mom but managed to get her beautiful figure back in record time. I guess young bodies are really very resilient. Thank heavens for that.

Whenever Mary wasn't around, I looked to see what Trish was up to. She was good in that way. Often she gave me a cheap thrill by leaving her blinds open so I could watch her masturbating.

I was in pretty good shape. I worked out at the gym after work. My boyish face and full set of hair, thanks to great genes, still turned a few ladies' heads. Unfortunately, it had little effect on my wife. Ever since her hysterectomy, she lost interest in having sex. I tried to get her to get professional help but it was like talking to a brick wall. I still had needs to fill and Mary wasn't filling them. That's where Linda came in. She was always hungry for my cock and showed it. There's nothing hotter than a stacked redhead getting down on her knees and showing me just how much she loved sucking me.

Thankfully Trish was there with her blinds totally opened. She was lying down on her spacious queen sized bed, with nothing on. The show had begun without me. I took my leather chair and seated myself comfortably by the window. Her vibrator was in one hand and it was moving along her already glistening pussy. I couldn't make out her moans but her writhing body left no doubt that she was having a great time. I unzipped my pants and started stroking my shaft. As her vibrator traveled along her wet slit, my hand made its way up and down my hardening prick.

A naked guy stepped into the room. I hadn't expected that. Trish was always alone when I watched her. I started to rise from my chair when Trish said something to him that I couldn't make out. He looked over at me and grinned. He motioned for me to sit down. This was going to be quite the event. My dick that had gone limp on me, sprang back to action.

I watched as the two young lovers still sprawled on the bed, shared their tongues. Their lingering kiss was followed by his exploration of her body. His hands covered her tits fully with only the long firm nipples sticking out. He licked the tips while his hand made its way to her inner succulent lips. He deepened his penetration into her beautiful folds. Her moans escalated. My grip on my pulsating pole tightened, as did my balls. I quickened the pace of my rubbing and the pre-cum on my swollen cockhead increased. I knew it wouldn't be long until I shoot.

Suddenly her paramour pulled his fingers from her moistness and let her lick them off. They deep tongued once again until he pulled away. He got up and taking his average sized cock shoved it into her mouth then out, repeatedly. My prick was a bit larger than his and had more girth, not huge but I was proud of it. The mouth fucking continued for a short while. Pulling her over to the edge of the bed, he lifted her legs over his shoulder, positioning her to get fucked. And fucking her he did. He pounded her cunt with the force of someone in heat.

I shot a huge load of cum all over my fingers as he got her pussy for his release of sperm. He pulled his cock out of her dripping pussy. The drops of semen slowing making its way down her legs. I went to clean up and hurried back. Trish was alone. That surprised me. She looked straight at me with a come hither motion. I thought I was imagining it but she yelled out, "Come to my house".

I quickly stuck my cock back into my jeans and speedily ran down the stairs like there was a fire. There was, in my pants. I hurriedly locked my door and hastily went to hers. There she was, door wide open and thankfully still naked.

She closed the door behind me as I walked into her home. Unexpectedly, she kissed me full on the lips and before I knew it, she dropped down to the floor and was in my favorite position. She unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them, without wasting a second. She reached in and out came my prick. Before I knew it, those lips that I had pictured countless times over my cock, was now actually there, taking it down her throat. I touched her mane of blond hair that grew generously past her shoulders as my prick made her gag slightly. I couldn't help smiling since her last lover's prick didn't have that effect. I wasn't quiet like him either.

I groaned as she savored my generous shaft, taking it down all the way to my balls. She looked at my face to see if I was enjoying myself. My wife never did that, not even when things were better. Cocksucking seemed a chore to her, one that had to be done. The look I gave Trish, assured her things were wonderful.

For a young woman, she seemed to be quite the expert in the art of taking care of a man. Her mouth was warm and wet and I was disappointed when my dick was released but only for a moment. Her luscious tongue tickled and wetted every inch of it, beginning with the base and ending with the purple head. She swirled it around my pee hole and teased my balls with her fingers. Massaging them until I thought I'd go crazy, she left my prick to wrap them in her mouth.

I wasn't sure how long I could hold off cumming but I knew that I wasn't as young as I used to be. I wanted to wait for one intense release because that might be it for the day. I decided I would save it to fuck her. When she took my rod back in for her cocksucking finale, I blew my load, darn. I couldn't help myself. I expected her to spit it out as nobody I had been with ever swallowed. Instead Trish drank my cum. I could see my semen filling her mouth and some drizzling down her chin. She opened up for me to see it and smiled. Then she took a gulp and it was gone.

"Your cum tastes wonderful," Trish beamed. Not wanting to miss out on any of it, she licked up the sperm that she could reach and ran her fingers to her chin to get the remaining. Her tongue licked off her fingers. She suddenly realized that there was still some cum that needed to be cleaned off my prick. She eagerly lapped up all that was left on my satisfied dick.

Trish took hold of my now limp cock and led me up the stairs to her memorable bedroom. "Would you like to fuck me, Mr. Shields?" I nodded.

"Call me Kevin." This time Trish nodded in agreement.

"Well Kevin, let's fuck."

I couldn't believe that I would finally get to shove my dick in that hairless pussy I had admired from afar. She looked down at my cock and realized it needed a bit of work before it would be able to do its job. Trish masterfully stroked it and in no time it was up, way up. I was surprised and relieved that it rose to the challenge so quickly.

"Do you like doggie style?" Trish asked. "It's one of my favorite positions," she added. Her hands were on the bed and her face bent down. Her rounded ass was right in front of me. This girl was ready for some dick, my dick. I decided that actions spoke louder than words and I took my stiff cock and thrusted it inside those juicy lips and into her wet hole. In and out I moved my pole, as fast as I could and as deep as possible. I wanted her to have my wide cock stretch her cunt. My prick rubbed the walls of her delectable pussy.

"Oh god, keep fucking me Kevin, " Trish begged, with each heave into her desirable cunt. I decided to try something I always wanted to. I took my cock out of her soaked pussy and managed to lift her off the bed and against the wall. I inserted my dick back where it belonged, as her legs were wrapped around me. I dug into her even deeper than before. Plunging it in with such passion that even I was shocked.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHH Kevin, " Trish purred. "I'm going to cum."

I couldn't hold back any longer. As I pounded her, my seed filled up her cunt. Her orgasm followed right after. Her legs tightened around me and her body trembled as she came. I carried her over to the bed and lay her down. I wasn't about to be as foolish as her previous lover. I wanted to taste her.

The aroma of her cum filled cunt was intoxicating. I had never smelled anything so arousing. I licked her snatch out like it was my last meal. It would be that, for who knows how long. My tongue swirled all over her tantalizing cunt lips. Her juices mixed with mine, was the best thing I ever tasted. Trish squirmed as I ate her pussy and much to my delight, her legs stiffened and another orgasm took hold. I tasted her pure nectar and relished it.

"That was great, Kevin. Hope we do it again real soon. It's getting late. " With that, Trish helped me get dressed and saw me out.

It was such a glorious night so I decided to sit out on my porch before heading into the house. It had probably been about half an hour, maybe less. I could see the headlights as a car pulled up to the curb. Out walked Mr. Heeth. He got out of his car and up those same stairs that I had recently gone down. He rang the bell and when Trish answered, I could barely make out her welcoming lips all over him.

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