My New Life As A Sex Slave To Black Masters!

My New Life As A Sex Slave To Black Masters!

"The Arrival" Chapter One

Cast of Characters


Is a 34 yr old married white woman, 5' 6" tall, with dark brown hair' green eyes and weighs about 130# lbs' with a shapely full figured 36" 24" 35" body, and after several children still looked her best, actually younger than she actually is.
Even at this age she is still very naive over sexed and insecure as to her looks. Her main asset is her incredible sex drive and a most sensitive clitoris, that with little thought of sex becomes wet and aroused instantly, she is a girl made for sex! One of her favorite sexual fantasy's is to be a naked helpless sex slave to nasty black men!


A 36 yr old petite attractive European woman of Catalan decent is 5' 4" tall with reddish brown hair and dark sultry eyes. She weighs 111# lbs and is also a very shapely 36" 24" 35" woman, that has sensitive nipples as well as an equally sensitive clit, she already is a willing sex slave to black men, and is one of Tyrone's sex slave's. She is quite devious experienced and worldly.

She has been instrumental in finding women like Diana that are predisposed to lead two lives, one of a traditional married woman, and the other as a sex slave and black cock whore to and for men of color. She has offered to assist, and help direct women like Diana into this life style of romantic nasty and abusive interracial sex, as a submissive slave!


Tyrone Powers, also known as Ty, or Mr Powers
Is the perfect black slave master, at well over 6' tall 220 lbs and built like a Greek god! He is much older in his mid 50s, is hansom well educated and well to do. He is quite charming and is very good at seducing white married women that have sexual fantasy's of slave sex with black gentlemen, but believe me he is no gentleman! He is a devious bastard that will use any tactic to gain the confidence upper hand and control of naively stupid and over sexed women like Diane!

Tyrone has a cock that most men would die for, it is a 10" curved thing of beauty with an enormous mushroom shaped head that can get hard in an instant and stay that way almost indefinitely, he also has enormous balls, that store incredible amounts of cum. But his real prowess is his ability to both pleasure and abuse women sexually, and on top of that he is insatiable. He owns Becka, and has owned numerous white married women as full or part time black cock sex slaves , and like many white women wants Diana as one that will lead a double life as one, at least to start with?


Diana's Husband She is the love of his life, and only wants her to be happy and experience sex the likes of that few women will ever enjoy. They have had a most wonderful sex life full of sexual adventure, from before they were married with naked parking out in the woods, to sex after they were married with strangers in seedy hotels. They have had incredible sex on New Years with Diana dressed in next to nothing at expensive hi class hotels, that always seems to end with hot nasty sex, and not always with her husband!

He knows that by sending her off to experience this fantasy of hers he is taking the risk and chance of loosing her forever? But he loves her so much it is a chance he is willing to take! This is for her happiness, and sexual well being, as he wants her to enjoy the kind of sex that he and most white husbands are incapable of giving..


A married white housewife journey's to the UK in search of a dark sexual fantasy that has been smoldering for sometime and wants desperately for it to become reality. Her husband has become close friends with this woman Becka through the web and they have been corresponding for sometime as both seem to have the very same ideas and interests, as to his wife Diana's fate. They have discussed so many things about this sexual fantasy, of white women in slavery to black men and all of the nasty abusive harsh sex that goes with it, and is always the topic of of their conversation!

An agreement has been entered into by the three parties for their mutual benefit, that has sealed Diana's fate! The strict legal document she has signed has many requirements, one she has been sent with a one way ticket, and only has enough money to last for several days. Her clothes the few she has taken, are purposely lost in the baggage claim area?

Becka in her first devious treatment of Diana has paid the baggage handlers to conveniently make all of her things disappear . This will insure that she becomes fully dependent on her, who will see to her needs, and Diana will have no choice but to rely totally on her for everything, food money and clothes, along with a place to stay?

The other requirement is that prior to her submission as a black cock sex slave, she not under any circumstances shave her pubes, and that she have a full thick bush for her induction into bondage?


My Arrival In The UK...and how a 30s something white woman becomes a sex slave to black men!

Chapter One

I was a 35 yr old married housewife that had an over active imagination, along with an incredible sex drive. I had mixed feelings about a number of perverse fantasy's ever since I was a young woman! My interest in dark sexual encounters was so overpowering that public morals, perception and even my own conscious, as to what was acceptable, along with the arrangement I was about to enter into allowed me to easily brush all of these concerns aside.

There were several things that happened to me that perked my interest in black men. I grew up in Southern Calif and had no prejudice against anyone, as neither of my parents did as far as I know? I never gave any thought to, or about black men as a young woman and only viewed them as men. It was only after several experiences all sexually inspired that started my fantasy's to include them.

One thing that happened to me. Was my father, he was a big hansom man that loved to drink, gamble and seduce other women! This is where I am sure my sex drive came from? At barely 18 my father took me with him on several occasions where he played cards with my uncle and several of his black friends in the all black area of southern California where I would serve them beer!

My father never worked much, but mom always did. I was the oldest of six. He had always wanted a boy, and I could never please him no matter how hard I tried. I think he loved me, but was always trying to marry me off to any man that gave me more than a look. Telling them I would make a good little wife, at one of these card games he had offered me up to these older black gentlemen, even patting me on my bottom inferring that I would be good in bed?

I think, he would have never done this had he not been drinking! But for me a young oversexed girl that masturbated regularly and had fantasy's of dark abusive sex, the thought of me naked in the hands of these older black men, was deliciously arousing. I had also heard rumors about my aunt and uncle who would tie her up, strip her naked blindfold her and let these black men fuck her, these rumors were later confirmed when I found black & white pictures during one of these games, of black men fucking my aunt! These thoughts of either happening to me were something I had almost hurt myself masturbating to!

My cousin Karen, their daughter several yrs later got hooked up two older black men when she was in her senior yr of high school, do to where she lived with her irresponsible parents. It was in an all black area of Compton near Long Beach California. She was a blond blue eyed cute slightly over weight little thing looking for love in all the wrong places. She came and lived with us one summer when she was barely 18 and I think several of my husbands male friends Fucked her brains out! As he told me she even came on to him!

She was living with these black men several years later in her early 20s and had attended a family funeral for another uncle, my husband did not attend. She had no car only a long bus ride so I drove her back to where she lived. Once parked in front of her house I had a rather interesting and arousing conversation with Karen especially as to what these men did to her. It was quite humiliating and sexually abusive, they would pimp her out to their friends as a black cock slut , but apparently she loved it!

Sitting in my car she first showed me her queen of spades tattoos on each of her bare bra less breasts! Then she raised her skirt and showed me her black cock whore tattoo just above her well shaven and obviously well used pussy! If this was not shocking enough opened her legs wide showing her piercings down there, pulling one ring up, I almost choked and could not believe that the ring was pierced right through the flesh of her rather large and horribly stretched clitoral membrane!

As a young married woman trying to convince myself, more than her, said in a less than convincing voice I could never do such a thing! But in truth, my thoughts and sexual fantasy's about such things, were quite the opposite! The conversation with me still in aroused shock continued with Karen inviting me in to meet her two black lovers!

At first I made excuses not to, but my interest and curiosity as well as her description of them plus her obvious willing submissive nature left me really sexed up and of course I had no other choice,.. right? Once in the house she immediately removed all of her clothes! At first I was shocked, as one of her black masters appeared I was not sure what to do or think? Apparently this was a requirement of being a sex slave!

He was older in his mid 30s and quite hansom! He grabbed Karen hugged and squeezed her bare ass lovingly with his big black hands, and then ordered her down on her knees! Then looked at me? As Karen tried to make introductions while naked and on her knees! He then ordered me to strip! I hesitated and said no, and would not! Then in a loud sinister voice that was accompanied a hard slap across my face I instantly knew he meant business!

For me, my husband had never been mean or demanding as I had always been submissive and willing, he had only spanked my bottom and abused my pussy. But I had wanted him to! No one except my father had ever paddled my bottom or done anything like this! For me this is all it took, as the look on his face told me I had better! His verbal threat followed by this harsh act left me stunned and in only moments I was naked and helplessly on my knees next to her! At about this time her other black master hearing all of the commotion had come to investigate?

OMG! He was everything the other black master was not! A big ugly bald headed man bare chested musclebound sporting tattoos and several gold teeth! He had a very nasty look in his eyes that made me shudder, and the other man that had slapped me look so much more appealing! With no hesitation or warning what so ever he unzipped his pants and out flopped a gigantic black cock that was enlarging itself by the second! I was scared to death as he told me to put my hands behind my back open my mouth and do exactly what I was told!
He dick slapped me hard several times calling me a Black Cock Whore, words that would become perversely etched in my brain and me only wanting more, and was all it took!
Then his cock now rock hard forced its way my into my open mouth as he brutally face fucked me harder and harder! I had sucked cocks before but always on my terms and was very ladylike about it always kind and gentle.

It had been a turn on to bring a man like my husband and others off by sucking them, but to be naked on my knees and to have a nasty looking forceful black stranger do this to me had brought about sexual thoughts and perverted sensations I thought never existed!
When he came his cum and cum load almost drowned me! Karen had been pleading for them to let me go, telling them I was a married woman and that was not ready or interested in being a willing black cock whore!

The very opposite though was true and in fact the case! And with me choking gagging and trying to swallow the nasty cum he roughly shoved me off of his cock,...his cock was still ejaculating and as he did so cum hit me right between the eyes leaving me unable to see for several moments!

Then he jerked me up onto my feet, picked up my clothes and purse placed them in my arms and pushed me out the front door and onto the porch! It was broad daylight and a few others in the neighborhood watched smiling at my naked humiliating predicament, as apparently Karen and some of their other young sex sluts had been naked, and out on the porch a number of times before!
So for others all mostly poor black residents seeing me like this was not all that unusual. He had removed his leather belt and as I naked and embarrassed turned to go gave me a viscous blistering whack on my bare bottom, the sound of leather hitting bare female flesh was like a gun shot in the quiet afternoon neighborhood!

I screamed out so loud that over a dozen people were now watching intently as I made my way to the car and I wiped cum from my eyes, still naked I dropped my keys several times as I fumbled around trying to open the door! What an experience...?

I think that what had happened to Karen, and now to me was and even the harsh brutality of it ever so appealing especially to me. After this situation and at least in my fantasy's, were, are about women like me that only need a threat or a little abuse, that could easily end up in situations where they have no choice and will do exactly what they are told especially by forceful black men!

Again I was influenced by my submissive upbringing and the fact that my father was a big good looking pussy chasing guy, and where my perverted fantasy's and kinky sex drive came from! This bizarre sexual encounter and the most stimulating sexual conversation I had with Karen easily influenced what was about to happen!

This is where it started, and all through our married life were sessions of naked bound sex play out in the woods and in adult motels, I loved the excitement and incredible sex having no idea where I had been taken,where my clothes were, who face fucked me, and of course the fucking I got from these men, and many I am sure were black. It was all fun and games, but I wanted more!

My husband business had started to take more of his time and he was unable to satisfy me or my needs the way he had in the past, he was going one way, and I the other. I learned later that Becka had a very similar experience, I like her had everything, money credit cards nice clothes a car and nice house. I could buy what I wanted and go where I pleased, but was so sexually frustrated, horny as hell and wanting with this nagging fantasy of naked submissive slavery, never far from my thoughts!

These thoughts were the nasty abusive kind of total naked on my knees submission with only a collar and leash, and that leash in the hands of a dominant nasty black slave master, a man that had little concern what so ever for my well being! The kind that would use and abuse me sexually in the most harsh brutal and humiliating way!

My husband Jon had made all of the arrangements for me, and had signed the papers that this slave master with Becka's help had sent! I knew little about the details or flights I was about to take. Neither did I know much about this woman Becka, I had complied with one request and that was to let my pubic hair grow, it was quite strange, as for most of our married life and almost from the start I had been cleanly shaven, and had assumed that having a full pubic bush was only part of the ritual and requirement for becoming a submissive sex slave?

I was so naive and trusting and assumed that everything would be taken care of, as Jon my husband had always done in the past, this left me deep in thought as to my fantasy, and how it would become a reality? My flight On United left early around 6:00 am that morning, and was a 5hr flight from PDX to New York JFK, once there with a short layover I would change planes, and board British Airways for another 7 hrs from JFK over the north Atlantic and on to the UK and Heathrow LHR.

My husband had seen me off, I had dressed modestly and looked like any other 30 yr old married woman traveling by herself. We both had mixed emotions at my departure and once aboard, the plane, I was surprised to see it was was half full of travelers, this allowed me a seat by myself, with no one on either side. I would cross numerous time zones and would end up tired with jet lag arriving at 8:00 pm in the evening London time.

During the flight to New York, I had second thoughts about what I was about to do, but the over powering urge and desire to do this quickly brushed all of my concerns aside? I had gotten little sleep the night before, and had planned on making up for it on these long flights. I kept drifting off into periods of forced slumber laced with things that had happened to me over the years, all sexual!

It was as if my mind was thumbing through a hot perverted novel of my sexual fantasy's and experiences at a rather fast pace. Some made little sense, and others quite vividly detailed?

From starting to masturbate at an early age followed by sexual fantasy, my first sexual encounters with my father, uncle and his black friends during these card games, the thought of my aunt naked bound and being fucked by numerous black men! My first boyfriend tying me helplessly to his bed cutting my panties off and sucking me to my first oral orgasm, and the terrifying thought of being caught like this by his parents, that had come home early, and unexpectedly! The incredible experience with my cousin Karen and her two black masters.
To our many kinky sexual adventures out in the woods or seedy motels where I was used and abused sexually by numerous strange men, and many I am sure were black nasty ones, the face fucking, with my pussy sore and dripping all these thoughtful experiences that flipped through my mind left me wet and very aroused, as I passed in and out of restless sleep.

The plane was late getting into New Yorks JFK, after which it was a madhouse of hurrying to make the connecting flight to Heathrow LHR! The flight was over booked and full, as if by design I was seated between to young black soccer players that had been competing in international tournament competition in NYC. They were dressed in shorts and the team colors,and logs.

I was still wet flush and sexed up by my earlier thoughts from the previous quiet undisturbed flight, and hoping they would not notice.

I was relieved at first as they paid me little attention. They were probably in their early 20s and were conversing in a language I had never heard before, much less understood? Once the seat belt sign was turned off, the flight attendants offered the passengers on these long flights the option of lights out pillows, and blankets. So as to rest and make up the lost time and help overcome the symptoms of jet lag. Apparently many passengers had taken advantage of this and many were in sections of the unlighted aircraft already trying to get some rest.

These two young men, as the airliner climbed to cruising altitude had been talking endlessly as the one on my right kept leaning over almost on top of me as the other pointed out landmarks of long island and places along the shore line of Connecticut. But once through the overcast it became only pretty blue sky's with nothing else to see that quickly became boring, and their attention turned to me. Alcohol. was usually free on these long over water flights , and apparently they had planned on taking advantage of this, by doing plenty of drinking to pass the time.

The one on my right next to the aisle once he realized, he had been crowding me, had in perfect english sheepishly apologized for leaning all over me, offering to buy me a drink, and would not take no for an answer. I had done little drinking even during our sexual adventures because of my father who was an alcoholic and thought if I did would have little control of my sinful sex drive, and as it turned out I was right! I had told the flight attendant to bring only non alcoholic sparkling cider, but apparently she misunderstood and thought I had asked for a sparkling champagne! My mouth had been dry due to all of the hustle of trying to make the flight, and although earlier had airline food , but had eaten little.

The drinks they bought me were wonderful, as I having no experience with champagne like alcohol, the buzz along with not eating and the high altitude of airline flight quickly enhanced my previous thoughts and arousal, as they continued to talk, in this language I did not understand? It was obvious by what was said and needed little in the way of translation that their conversation had turned to me?

The one sitting by the window sensing my aroused uneasiness said in perfect engilsh as he put his hand on mine, one with my wedding ring, said honestly your husband must really like you to buy such a ring! But did not removed his hand from mine? Flirting a bit with me and going on to ask why such an attractive married woman like me was traveling alone? I was not prepared for such a question and with sinful guilt obviously all over my face, he quickly deduced I was on my way to something my husband knew nothing about much less would approve of!

I did not answer his question, which made it quite clear to him along with the guilty look,... I was up to no good! From this point on his attitude changed and his hand was now resting just above my knee, I said nothing, and made no effort to push it away? He turned and looked me in the eye, and said in words I did not understand to his friend sitting in the aisle seat? I had no idea what to do or say and was holding my breath, as the other spread and placed a blanket the flight attendant hand given him earlier, that easily covered his friends hand and amorous indiscretions, or for that matter if anyone bothered to look.

The flight attendant had returned again pushing her cart full of bottles up the aisle asking if anyone wanted more drinks? Both men bought several for me, this would make six of the little champagne bottles of what I thought was wonderful tasting sparkling cider, I had no idea was intoxicating. Not long after downing the last bottle and me more relaxed than ever the cabin attendants turned all but the courtesy lights out in our section, and with another blanket at our disposal, along with several pillows and no resistance what so ever from me, this young black soccer player became much bolder and had turned towards me.

This easily allowed his other hand down under my skirt in between my thighs to play and explore, I was wearing only panties under my skirt that were now, along with my full bush very wet! When his fingers found how wet my panties were I could see as we looked at one another even in the dark, a knowing smile cross his face!

With his fingers searching and poking it took little time for them to find their around my panties, and into me I gasped holding my breath as his fingers found my clit and started a slow sensual rubbing, in between pinching it, as his fingers continued to pleasured me.. It was all I could do biting my lip to kept the sounds of stimulating arousal from escaping my lips. A sinful trembling orgasm took everything from me followed by drifting slowly into blissful satisfied, and exhausted sleep, never imaging that something like this could occur with a total stranger much less happen on this transatlantic flight!

I was awakened my the lights coming on and the Flight attendant announcing that we would soon be landing. My amorous companion had along with his friend gone to sleep with his head on my shoulder that had during our sleep ended up on my breast with his hand still in my panties! He also was awaken by the announcement and quickly removed it! Followed by sitting up and folding the blanket pretending as if nothing had happened, but looked at me again with a knowing smile. After landing and parked at the concourse it was a busy time with passengers wanting off.

I was just setting there in no hurry trying to wake up with these two young black soccer players on either side also waiting our turn to deplane. The one that had pleasured me asked, again in perfect english with an even larger grin where I was staying in London, and if he could be of any further assistance? And that he and his friend would be more than happy to show me all of the tourist sights of London, and much more if I wished winking at me quite seductively.
I said no, that I was staying with a friend at a private residence, and honestly thanked him for his personal attention Then the young man said he would be more than happy to do so again!


I was excited and happy, getting the call from Mr Powers, better known as Tyrone my black slave master that my new friend and soon to be sex slave partner in Tyrone's stable of slaves, her name was Diana. She was flying in to LHR Heathrow, from New York, Mr Powers my slave master had insisted I use his silver Mercedes Business Limousine , to pick Diana up at the airport thinking that it would give her and I a better chance to know one another in a closer and more intimate way, and that I not have to drive and fight the airport traffic.

I had my own car, a classic dark green Jaguar E model convertible It was a car that I liked very much , unlike many of the others, that were British symbols. I used it sparingly for business when doing work when I was in the UK and of course for play?

It was wonderful to go zooming around in the summer time on M20 to Dover and other places with top down, and me pulling my skimpy top down and flashing my naked tits at the lorry drivers! I once stopped at a lorry rest area and put on a show for them, much to their delight! But sadly very few drivers in the UK were black!

Her husband Jon, knew that I would take good care of her, but the goal, of her trip, was to train and educated her in the ways of slavery, and submission, there were rules you know. Tyrone, Mr Powers My Black Owner, would experiment on her naked body with sensations of pleasure and humiliation after becoming his property, and for at least a three month time she had agreed to, and then make her decision. But she was unaware of the details of the contract she had signed with out reading any of it at the time?

Tyrone was a big strong, and great Black Bull Master that would take Diana to the extreme limits of sexual torture and pleasurable abuse! I was sure after conversations with her husband Jon, that Diana, like me loved the humiliation and sexual submission, as I so enjoyed..

I had left the Mercedes Business Limousine and a big black burly intimidating chauffeur, one that Mr Powers, Tyrone used for occasions like this. He was big black man with commanding presence that would leave naive women like Diana ready to follow any order and know once in his charge she must do with out question what ever she was told. His name was Brutus and in reality he was a big teddy bear one that had used me quite pleasurably on more than one occasion, but could play the role of nasty intimidation, that would bring naive oversexed women like Diana swiftly to their knees, in total submission!

Her husband Jon had FedEx to Mr Powers along with copies to me, of her resume and legal signed documents of submission with quite a number of pictures of her, most were of her naked bound and leashed, in submissive compromising poses, but a few were in modest attire, however these pictures I had seen did not do justice to this woman!

I was waiting at the arrival gate When I could see my beautiful new friend come through customs and security. I was some distance away but could see how beautiful she was. Taller than I by several inches, and with a more shapely and seductive fuller body, her breasts and hips were a bit larger than mine but it was her lovely legs, and bottom that impressed me the most. The heels she wore were a bit high for airport traveling, she turned looking back for a moment as if looking for someone?

But I could see these heels made her legs thighs and round bottom so more deliciously appealing, as the bright lights from the arrival gates and concourse silhouetted and outlined her female form quite sinfully, almost as if she was wearing nothing at all!

It was a rather plain skirt and blouse that did little to hide her beauty or shapely body, she was carrying her coat and small travel bag. I of course was not the only one that noticed her beauty, as others near by mostly men stared much less discretely.
The face of this dark haired beauty looked out into the crowd of expectant friends relatives and lovers not quite sure who she was looking for, but when our eyes finally met I knew instantly who she was although never having met before, but apparently by design from her husband she knew little about me. This would change in only a few brief moments!

She was quite relived that I had found her in such a crowd of travelers. We gave each other a hesitant hug and a quick kiss at first, but in only moments we were hugging and kissing like giddy young school girls. Then two young black men dressed in colors of a local British soccer team, approached Diana? One looked straight at me with less than gentlemanly gaze and asked her if I was the friend she would staying with in London?

Before she could say anything he grabbed her hand opened it and placed a note, then said as he continued to look at me, that this was his name, number and he and his friend would be happy to show us the night spots around London! I looked at Diana in wonder, thinking she might not be quite so naive or innocent after all? I dared not ask and after some uncomfortable laughter and excited small talk we made our way towards the baggage area.


Never having been out of the states before, and now in the UK was a first, the wonderful shops we passed like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hermes and Armani, along with the colorful lights of late evening in this gigantic airline terminal that overlooked the planes that were arriving and departing. The long trip and the people from every nation passing this way and that, as a married woman by myself the sight was all quite overwhelming!

After all I had been through the excitement of it all, the drinks on the plane, the amorous attention I really needed to go pee quite badly, and asked. Becka, she pointed toward the closest ladies room, still with a quizzical look on her face from the young black soccer players, as I headed in that direction.

Then before I knew it, she was up beside me and grabbed my hand, saying she needed to go too. "Why is it we girls always seem go to the ladies room together?" She laughed, and I laughed too, somewhat relieved, I think?
Of course, when we got in there, the place was like the rest of the airport crowded. We waited for a while and I not knowing quite what to say, I told her she was a very pretty woman and had been impressed with her..looks.
Maybe it was the lingering alcohol or the fact that this young black soccer player had offered to be my escort while I was in London, or was I just getting bolder?

Becka patted my bottom most lovingly as if it was a normal thing and said it was sweet of me to say so. Then one of the stalls came free. I offered to let her go first, but she grabbed me by the hand and pulled me in with her, laughing that we were both girls and it would not matter!

Most women have bisexual tendencies, but few act on them, unless there is opportunity, and not realizing this, opportunity was fast approaching? My husband had said at one time he was amazed by the amount of women that were bisexual.

I had never thought much about about other women, but for some reason remembering most all of my sexual fantasy's had included other women not all of course, but most as bisexual or out and out lesbians, which was a bit disconcerting! During our marriage and naked blindfold sex play I knew from the start other women had either watched or played with me, and suspected that some had even orally pleasured me, and OMG? I had been dildoed with strap-ons that could have been other women?

But It was only sex, and I was an oversexed young woman not giving much thought to who had enjoyed themselves by bringing me off to orgasm, as it was all sexual pleasure, and I could not admit to myself due to my religious upbringing that I, like many women was indeed bisexual?

So what was about to happen was quite a sexual revelation. It was a close fit in there, and I really needed to go, so she let me go first. But she was in front of me so we had to squeeze round each other. It was a bit tight and difficult because of our breasts, and they were pressed quite closely together as her bottom was pushed forward by the toilet-paper holder on the door. I felt my nipples get hard when they touched, the feeling was good, but left me unsure, with mixed sexual emotions.

I lifted my skirt up, pulled my panties down and sat on the toilet. As I did she raise her skirt and placed it over my head? I thought at first she was just getting ready and had done so by mistake? This showed a well shave pubic mound with a nice pair of soft pink hanging down pussy lips, as she was wearing nothing under her skirt!. She's about 5' 4", and with me bent forward her pubes were unnervingly right in my face. I was fascinated though, because it was completely bare, her clit, and the rest was clean shaven. She was much like me.
You know, really pink, and her inner lips poked through the outer meaty ones, but it was her clit that appealed to me the most, I guess when aroused, which she certainly was the thing had swollen, and was twice as large as mine!.

I was beginning to feel quite warm from this in my face pussy of hers and trying to hurry up peeing, but you know how it is when you've had more to drink and been holding on for a while. Your little pee hole becomes a bit bashful and always seems to take its time to start and even longer to do ones business.

I finally finished reached around her for some tissue to wipe myself. That took a bit of maneuvering. I was a bit surprised with my nose in her pubes, as it seemed to be awfully wet down there.

She was dancing around, with her her knees bent and apart, at first I thought she was also dying to go, but to my surprise she place both hands on my shoulders and pulled me to her! It seemed so natural, my tongue easily slipped into her lips and wet pussy folds as I explored up and down her slit with my tongue my lips found her swollen clit her hands ended up on my head and held me tight to her and in only moments she succumbed to a shuddering orgasm, but it was the noise she made even with the skirt between her hands and my head that was so sinfully erotic, and OMG! I thought everyone in the place knew exactly what we were doing or what had just happened in that stall?

After several minutes I tried then was finally able to stand up, we pressed together again as we swapped places.

My skirt was still up around my waist and my panties round my knees . I started to bend down to pull them up, but bumped my bottom against the tissue holder on the door lost my balance and sort of fell forward towards her. She sitting on the toilet put her hands up to stop me from falling, and her hands grabbed both of my breasts. "Oh, I'm terribly sorry," she said grinning, as she pushed me back up and slowly let go! I stammered that it was all my fault.

"Here," she offered, "let me help you." Her arms came out but, instead of pulling my panties up, she grabbed my bare bottom and pulled me towards her, and all of a sudden, she was nuzzling my pussy through the full hairy bush I had let grow! My hands were up and griping both sides of the stall and I was staring at the tile behind the toilet. I don't know what I was thinking, really. And then she started to suck and lick me!

OMG! OMG! She could teach my husband or any man a thing or two! There is just something about a woman going after another that is so sinfully arousing, as her apparently a bisexual woman one that really knew how to make a straight laced married woman like me into a submissive bisexual slut. She licked the outer lips first and tried to sucked them inside out, then ran her tongue up and down the inside of each fold. I was still staring at the back-wall and starting to feel quite thirsty.

At least I think so. My mouth was so dry and I kept gasping and swallowing for air. She was going round and round the outside, of my clit and I was starting to feel quite weak in the knees, not to mention having a very wet pussy.

Then she started to flick her tongue around my clit and the outside of my inner lips and I had to hang on harder to the cubicle walls and force myself to stay upright. I wasn't staring anymore. My eyes were closed, and I think I was just hanging on having difficulty breathing too, I am not sure what kind of sounds I was making but they were certainly sounds of nasty perverted sex!

Time seemed to stop as I felt her tongue and lips slowly surround my clitoris. That forced it firmly against my pubic bone as she lovingly bit me at first just a little, then much harder as she held me tight to her! OMG, I really thought I was going to collapse on top of her. I was biting my own lip so hard, trying not to make any more noise, and was sure I was going to draw blood.

She began running her tongue up and down between my inner lips again, and again circling round my clit, flicking it from side to side with her expert forceful tongue every now and then. I could hear myself breathing harder, and I could also hear people talking on the other side of the door, the running of water, the noise of the hand-dryer and the flush in the next cubicle. I remember being vaguely worried that someone would know, what we two slutty women were doing? My body was tingling all over and my pubes were tightening, but it was all a bit of a blur.

My vaginal muscles and ass cheeks were contracting so much that my skirt fell on top of her head. I opened my eyes for a moment as I felt the movement and saw her calmly use one hand to push it back up out of the way, and then pull my undies all the way down to the floor, lift my knee ,and extract one foot.
As she pulled me closer lifted my leg up over her shoulder, bending down further and turning her head slightly to get at me much better.

Then she slid her tongue just inside me, and began rubbing her teeth and lips against my clit, sucking and biting again! I was trying to be quiet and taking in lots of quick gasping breaths looking up at the ceiling and blinking hard, trying to clear my vision. I could feel my insides contracting in and out, and then I couldn't stop myself from gasping out loud as I came, pushing my pubes hard against her and hanging onto the walls for dear life order to keep from falling!

I was panting and still blinking hard, and cum was leaking down both sides of my thighs, and OMG! She was still licking and sucking it from me as she pushed her nose into me, my hands left the walls and sort of gripped her head just in time for me to arch into her with my second body-shuddering orgasm. I'm sure I must have let out a most satisfying sound or sex filled pleasurable release rather loudly, but I don't really remember?

The one knee I was standing on completely gave way, and the fact that I was holding on to her stopped me from tumbling down on top of this woman. Her hands still on my naked bottom pulled me firmly to her and gave a few last loving kisses on my sopping wet pussy before gently taking my leg down and putting my foot back into my panties. saying in a sweet and sensual voice a slave master never wants his girls to ever wear panties, and said you should start getting use to it, offering to take and discard them them for me.

I was not sure what to say? As she reached around behind me and tore off some toilet tissue then wiped my thighs and pussy before hesitantly pulling my panties up completely, saying quite disappointed well its okay for now.
Then patted my panty covered mound, pulled down my skirt and put her hands on my hips to push me back far enough so she could stand up. I was staring in a daze, and probably my mouth was wide open, when her beautiful face lipstick smeared and all appeared in front of my eyes.

I heard her tear off more tissue as she wiped her chin, nose cheeks and lips, threw the paper in the bowl, then took my face in her hands and kissed me full on the lips just like a forceful male lover would do. Her tongue rolled around with mine as I tasted myself, mixed in with her own lushness. It tasted wonderful as she eased off kissing me slowly and so tender.

I was gripping the walls again so tight that she had to pry my fingers off then turned me around so I could sit on the lid to recover. She squatted down in front me and caressed my face. "That wasn't so bad now, was it"? She said, smiling. I shook my head because I couldn't talk. I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. She smiled again and we kissed some more until I had regained sufficient feeling in my legs to be able to stand.

"Actually, love, " she said as I stood, " I really do need to go now," and we danced around again so she could go.

Needless to say, we got more than a few strange and knowing looks as we came out of the cubicle stall.
I was blushing almost crimson from the looks, but Becka threw her head back, with an arrogant, amused look, grabbed my waist, and squeezed me against her, then kissed me again only this time quite passionately, making it obvious to anyone that bothered to look, that the two of us were more than just friends!

Some ladies looked at us with curiosity and others with disdain presuming we had been up to more than just sexual mischief, like two naughty young sluts. Most were busy with their own business as others came and went, and to my embarrassed relief paid us little more attention.

Then alarmed I realized my coat I had hug on the door, and my carry bag I had left on the floor outside the stall were both missing! Still flush from this sinful experience, I was now beside myself with worry? It had my passport wallet and money along with the few personal things I had taken with me. I was quickly in tears, and as a kept woman my husband had always taken care of everything, including my passport, all I had to do was pose for a picture and sign the papers.

Becka was most reassuring and said she had friends that could go on my behalf and reapply through the U S Embassy in London and once they explained it had been stolen, in a few days would have the required temporary papers, and a new passport. I had calmed down some as she was so kind and reassuring, and besides I still had most all of my things in the bigger bag I had checked.

From there still unsure and wet, not only from the tears! It was down the escalator to the baggage claim area, most from my flight, and due to our intimate tryst in the ladies room had already picked up their bags and had left, only a few were left going around and around on the carousel but none were mine?

Finally we inquired at the baggage claim area about my checked bags and the others that had been taken? Becka on my behalf quite convincingly gave the baggage attendants from British Airways a nasty tongue lashing! But unknown to me she had already paid them most handsomely to make sure my bags disappeared!

They were quite convincingly apologetic, insisting they would be found and delivered to Becka's apartment in a day or so, but this would never be.

This unexpected turn of events left me totally dependent on Becka a women I had just met and barely knew, but from our earlier intimate hugging kissing and most wonderful pleasuring of each other I was naively accepting of what had happened. I had nothing no clothes no money and no passport in London! Still in somewhat of a daze, and unsure of everything Becka lead me by the hand to the parking area where Brutus the black chauffeur and Tyrone's incredibly expensive silver Mercedes Business Limousine was parked.

He did not seem to be at all concerned at our tardiness. I was quite taken by his looks size, and presence, and perked up a little as he was exactly what I had fantasized in the way of big nasty black men, he purposely looked at me with sinful lust and intimidation in his eyes this left me with concerned foreboding arousal, and pussy tight and wet with anticipation? I found out later it was his job to intimidate women like me and he was very good at it!

Becka kept trying to reassure me that all would be well as Brutus now more gentlemanly opened the door and helped us in. Becka said after looking me over and because we were both about the same size, said she had plenty of clothes I could wear, and smiled most mischievously, as she said in several days it would make little difference as I would need nothing, once I became Mr Powers submissive sex slave!

From this comment it dawned on me and I finally realized why and what I had came for, and as such she was right! I would have no need of clothes, as she reminded me that I would be a naked sex slave on a leash and ready for nasty black men's sexual pleasure and abuse!

Once in the luxury silver limousine I noticed my surroundings and how nice and plush it was inside, this limo had dark tinted windows in the back that allowed those inside to see out, but from the outside no one could see in? This was a most elegant automobile, and one I would spend more time in than I could ever imagine? Mostly as a naked bound sex slave sent back and forth all over London and the UK for sinful sex slave submission?

Continued in Chapter Two

"Getting to Know My New Friend Becka"
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