My New Life As A Sex Slave to black Master's Chapter Three

My Erotic Breakfast. Chapter Three


The next morning I woke in Becka's bed, and was quite refreshed from a most wonderful and well needed sleep, I could still smell and feel the comfortable warmth of her, and our previous nights sex! Sitting on the bed still naked, was trying to wake up and get my thoughts together. There was a steaming hot cup of Cappuccino on the night stand, and a love note that said Diana take a long shower and be ready for a wonderful breakfast, as we have a very busy day ahead.

It was mid morning as I showered in this new place, my mind was wandering as to what awaited me, and no one would be more pleasantly surprised by the way it started than me? The water was hot , and the next thing I knew the shower door opened and Becka had a nice dry towel waiting, I turned the water off as she wrapped it around me most lovingly, pulled me into her arms and with her hands on my breasts helped dry my body then kissed me on the neck from behind, whispering in my ear I have a wonderful breakfast surprise to start this day for you?

My husband Jon always trying to surprise me, had done all sorts of kinky sexual things with me in many of the hotels and motels we stayed at, they were always exciting and arousing when he did so? Becka was apparently going to be much the same when it came to kinky sexual surprise's!

Back in her room dry and wearing nothing Becka had laid out a pair of shiny red 4" slut heels, and said put them on! I loved heels like these, but could hardly walk in them without my husbands arm, and was usually a klutz with my eyes wide open. But for some reason when I was naked and blindfolded I became much more sure footed and seemed to have no trouble keeping my balance when bound and wearing nothing but hi heels!

After last nights sex play, had thought I was not quite ready for more,.. especially in the morning? She tied a scarf over my eyes then said mischievously, you are going to really love this? Then guided me out the bedroom door down the stairs, and to her dining table? Saying sit, and don't move no matter what happens!


In many cases I had used the Pepper Saint Ontiod, to bring breakfast to my apartment. They are a very close nearby bar and restaurant, and have several young servant's that are always happy to deliver not only breakfast but other catered meals and snacks, at anytime during the day or night. I had been particularly interested in their newest delivery boy, he was young black, and very hansom.

This was his first real job. But because of my interest and lust for sex with black men, had been very friendly towards him always giving him a generous tip. I had easily made sure to show him as much of me as possible, especially my cleavage and queen of spades tattoo on my breast! As a horny young man, he had stared in wide eyed disbelief at first, I loved to flirt and once I found out his name, asked quite brazenly Wesley,.... is the bulge in your pants caused by me?

Wesley a boy barely19 was a bit immature and unsure of the normal polite behavior required while attending to restaurant guests, and his new duties? This along with apparently having little experience in the ways of the world when it came to sexual adventure, if you know what I mean, also left him a bit uncertain? But then he was like most young men at that age, horny as hell, and quick when it came to sexual arousal, especially when he was around me, and I did my best to shamelessly make his cock hard!

My plan had always been to seduce him, and now with Diana naked setting at my dining table, the thought was ever more appealing. I had made it quite clear on several occasions that much more would be in store than just a tip if he was interested? When I knew he was looking, had bent over showing Wesley my bare bottom, and the queen of spades tattoo on my white ass cheek! Then to make more of an impression casually mentioned that I disliked wearing underthings!

At first because he was new to the job he was hesitant, but after several times of purposely rubbing myself against him, and giving him a deep wet loving kiss he seemed more eager, and willing? After which he quite confidently made the comment he could be quite daring if given the chance?

So, I had asked the restaurant to make sure and send him on this particular morning, and that I was entertaining a friend that might require his services for several hrs! Then after giving him my order, asked if he would be so daring as to deliver breakfast to my apartment, and would he mind serving two naked ladies? His answer was, you mean come inside, watch pour coffee, juice and cater to your every need? ...With you and your friend wearing nothing? He had asked in astonished disbelief ? I said yes, my girlfriend is here visiting from the States, and I want to play several dirty trick and have some naughty fun at her expense!

Going on to say quite seductively, you do want to be part of our kinky naked breakfast don't you Wesley? The young man, still not quite sure what I had asked of him, said if it was indeed true he would very much like to deliver and cater to our needs, making no mention of breakfast!.. In no time at all, there was a knock on my door. I opened it just a little, then invited him in, when he came through the door I was standing there stark ass naked in only heels! For several minutes he could not take his eyes off of me, especially the prominent black queen spades tattoos, on my white fair skinned breast and bottom I made no effort to hide my naked tattooed charms, as he wheeled in this most incredible breakfast.

When setting the table, placing the food and silverware his attention was drawn to Diana who was setting in a chair wearing nothing but this blindfold, also totally naked, bare breasts and all!

After regaining some of his composure Wesley was all smiles as he poured some wonderful smelling and a very hot long coffee for me, There were fresh strawberries, eggs Benedict stone ground wheat toast, Innocent orange juice, and Morrisons old-fashioned Bacon. I was not much of a morning or breakfast person, but the smell of this breakfast was inviting even to me, and knew that Diana needed a good start for the day ahead, and that she would be quite pleased .


Setting at the breakfast table I heard the door open and conversation, I panicked at first, embarrassed and not quite sure what to do? Becka noticing my concern said "Sit" and don't move! My husband when I was naked bound and blindfolded during most of our sex play would tell me what to do, and I would always do it! Me as a true submissive meekly did what I was told, wondering what was going to happen, and being unable to see? This made my mind race with the possibility of kinky sex and submission with a stranger?

I knew someone else was there and becoming aroused by the thought, and sure I was being looked at, but the smell of food and the hunger that went with it after all I had been through yesterday was hard to resist, as the wonderful smelling breakfast was placed on the table right under my nose. Becka said I have a surprise for you, as she first pulled the scarf blindfold free, and introduced Wesley to me!

Most all of our naked sex play with others during our marriage was with me blindfolded, and it afforded me the luxury of hiding behind it not knowing who was using me, and the guilt of my religious upbringing was a big part of our sex play and was quite arousing! But now every thing had changed, for the first time in many yrs my eyes were wide open, and I no longer was able to hide behind a blindfold, and for some reason I did not feel guilty at all?

Not quite ready for naked face to face confrontation with strangers both Wesley and I took quick glances at one another with cautious lust, at first? I was so hungry, that in moments was gobbling down this wonderful food, and with little concern of setting there wearing nothing, but kept giving him a closer look, every time I thought he was not paying attention? He reminded me of my husbands young black friend many yrs ago, when I was dressed in short shorts and a skimpy halter top, that had a similar look of lust in his eyes for me?

Then finally stuck out his hand and said with a most inviting smile, Hi I'm Wesley Mrs Barker's friend, very happy to meet you. This was a rather awkward situation for both of us, mostly me not quite sure what to do stuck my hand up. He took it like a true gentleman noticing the diamond wedding ring, then turned my hand over and kissed my palm most lovingly and licking it! Always naughty and thinking about sex, I imagined him doing the same to my clit!

I had ate just about everything in sight and this had taken little time to do , as Becka watched drinking her coffee amused at my naked discomfort and Wesley's now more aroused interest in me. After I was finished had set back in a more relaxed mood still a bit embarrassed , and gave Wesley a much closer look. He was most certainly hansom, and so young 19 or 20, average build maybe 5' 9" but what I noticed was his eyes. I could never remember anyone looking at me with such an obvious sexual interest!

Becka wasting little time was up whispering in his ear, starting to undo his bow tie followed by, the off set buttons on his white servants jacket! I heard him say Mrs Barker,.. are you trying to seduce me? Becka said no Wesley,.. I am not going to try,... "I am" going to seduce you! I watched as he was trying unsuccessfully to pick up the table, and place the leftovers along with dirty dishes on his cart. But with Becka naked in only heels pulling off his jacket and trying to kiss him the young man was having little success!

I could not take my eyes off of this erotic spectacle and was mesmerized as first his bare manly chest appeared! I was looking at him, and he was looking at me, after Becka had loosened his belt, her hand made its way down into his undershorts! I had never heard a grown man gasp, as apparently her experienced hand had found his hard cock, and the look on his face was priceless?

In no time at all his dark pants were around his ankles, and the white starched servants jacket wide open leaving him bare chested, in mostly his jacket and white boxer shorts! Becka certainly knew what to do as her hand was still in his shorts and she was kissing him on his kinky haired chest! She was saying something to him, and the next thing I knew she was biting his nipples!

I had been fascinated with ever larger cocks , and my attention was focused on his boxer shorts, I though when I first looked his cock head was barely protruding from the bottom of the opening in his shorts? Then thought OMG! The thing must be at least a flaccid 8" long, just hanging there!

But as Becka continued to bite and kiss his nipples her hand was busy squeezing and jacking his cock, until the thing was sticking straight out in his shorts, as her other hand on his waist had slipped down onto his bottom, and using both had pulled his white shorts down onto his thighs that? OMG! Revealed a good 10 " thick fully erect perfectly shaped and the most beautiful black cock I had ever seen,.... The thing was leaking a sicking looking virgin like yellow precum! In only moments they were kissing each other like two overly aroused horny young lovers, the sight was scorching hot, almost to embarrassing, just to watch!

I had not realized this most lustful display of wanton sex, had effected me so. To the point my pussy full bush and all was every bit as wet and stimulated as Becka's pubes, and Wesley's cock!

I had scooted my chair back from the table and watched in sexual wonder as the two went after each other, their hands were all over grabbing feeling and squeezing the others aroused naked flesh! Becka still hugging and kissing him up and down, from his lips to his nipples, and along his neck and shoulders!

Then, just when I thought Becka was going to rape this young black delivery boy she realized what I was here for, and what must have been very difficult for her to do. She stopped her assault on Wesley, moved around behind him, then guided him, over to me, his hard black dick was sticking straight up wagging about as he shuffled over! She said Diana, what do you think Wesley should do with this big black hard cock of his?

I had been a spectator up until this point, as Becka prompted me, Dianna this would be the perfect time to start your sex slave training don't you think, as she pushed him up to me? OMG! This hard thing of beauty was now only inches from my lips and nose! I was holding my breath, and I am not sure whether I had licked my lips or my mouth was just dry as I tried swallowing several times, unable to say a word, only nodding my head , indicating at least subconsciously I was indeed interested but maybe not quite ready!

The first thing Becka said was, Wesley, Dianna his here in the UK for one thing and one thing only, to be trained as a black cock love slave, a submissive bitch, a woman that will do what ever her soon to be black master wants, and part of that, for her is nasty and submissive oral sex with black men! Wesley with his pants around his ankles and his hard black dick in my face, was very much like me and could only mumble and aroused yes Mam I,.... I want to help!

Then she said to me, Diana there are 10 basic rules that you must memorize in order to be a sex slave to nasty black masters, and one is submissive cock sucking! This requires deep throating and having your pretty face harshly fucked! I know you are very much like me and want this kind of treatment don't you? All I could do was again nod my head and lick my lips in even more anticipation, as she said,.. I am sure Wesley would be more than happy to help.

I think we will start your slave training with rule number # 4! So please listen carefully.

Rule #4 It is your given duty to copulate orally anally of vaginally with any Black Man upon his request or demand at any time and any place! Furthermore it is also an absolute necessity that you as a white female sex slave slut do everything possible to swallow the whole of the man's ejaculation, unless you ask to have him, or he wants to ejaculate on your body, in any case, you should lick and swallow the greatest possible amount of their precious semen as you can.

Rule #4 continued. Oral sex should be practiced on Black Men, as often as possible. But when performing oral sex on black men, or women it is imperative that you never touch the mans penis, or the woman's genitals with your hands! The exceptions are if asked to do so. It is perfectly acceptable though to masturbate while orally pleasuring a Black Man or woman, otherwise both hands must be placed behind your back and never used to touch or resist a good Black Cock Face fucking, or a wet dripping and very aroused black pussy!

Do you understand Diana,.. Becka said? I could only whisper yes,... no,... I am not sure? Becka said don't worry dear you will learn and understand completely very soon? She was still standing behind and said to, Wesley you are a horny young man? I know you are, and Diana is a naked submissive white woman here to accept and be trained as a sex slave for the pleasure of black men. So command her to get on her knees and arouse your cock to ejaculation by loving on it orally!

Come on Wesley, "Tell Her on Your Knees Bitch"! At first his voice was meek and with out authority, but as Becka coached him in only moments his command reminded me of my cousin Karen's nasty black master as for a black male it did not take long until his commands started to scare me, this and my subconscious preconceived desire to be a submissive sex slave, could not believe that I found myself scooting off the chair, and in only moments was naked kneeling in front of the boy, as a naked white slut, mouth open with my hands clinched tightly behind my back, willingly waiting?

Becka was having fun from behind Wesley, she had reached around first grabbing his large black hairy balls and started squeezing them, saying, oh! Wesley, they are so full aren't they? Then continued to squeeze one and milk his foreskin with the other, as she said to me, lick his cock Diana and kiss it under the head, it is the most sensitive place and will give him the most aroused pleasure and best reaction you can imagine! You do want it to react don't you?

I am not sure why, but I really wanted it too? Was it because I had traveled half way around the world to satisfy my sexual fantasy, and that I really had no choice, or was my true slut and desire to be a sex slave subconsciously taking over? I was not sure, only that I wanted his cock in my mouth, and wanted it bad!

I had no idea that this big black penis of Wesley's was more like a gun with a hair trigger as Becka played with, she milked the thing and whispered in Wesley's ear erotic encouragement kissing and biting him on the ear, telling him to hold it, and don't let it fly, a good master makes his slave slut work for the cum she is about to receive. Hold it now boy, hold it until you are blue in the face, don't let it go!...........

I kissed licked and sucked on the cock head especially under the sensitive part that was sticking up. Just when I moved back slightly to get a better angle for my lips and tongue, Becka pushed it down to where the gun barrel size opening was pointing directly in my face, his big balls and ass cheeks tightened and Wesley could no longer hold off, letting go! Becka was fully in control as Wesley groaned, and warm cum first hit me in the forehead and next in my eyes and nose, then running down my cheeks and into my mouth, I tried opening my eyes blinking, unable to see!

Becka said, Oh! Wesley, you were suppose to hold it, you little black bastard! Chiding and mocking his inability to hold back. You will never be a true master by letting your precious cum easily squirt out like that. Sigh! Everyone makes mistakes at first, so I am sure you will do better next time, won't you?

I turned my head to one side and then the other as more and more cum covered my face. Becka was jacking and rubbing his cock head all over my face as it continued to squirt and ejaculate more warm creamy cum! I tilted my head back and was shocked that I experienced a mild blissful orgasm from just kissing his cock head and him painting my face with enormousness amounts of cum! OMG! I thought I really am a nasty slave slut!

Becka again teaching not only me, but Wesley, said to him grab Diana's hair, and jam her mouth down on your cock and give her a good deep throat face fucking! I know you want to, and she wants it even more than you?

As a married woman I had sucked cocks before, but it was more on my terms and lady like as no one had ever been mean or forced me to do it, and Wesley was no different, that is at first ? Then when he stuck it in my mouth it was still squirting cum although not nearly as much as before.

Becka was not happy at all with Wesley's gentlemanly and less than stellar approach to face fucking of me, and before I knew it was on her knees behind me, she had grabbed my hair with one hand, and with the other held my arms tightly behind my back and started jamming my face down on his big black cock as forcefully and as hard as she could! I was choking and gagging and my nose and upper lip was beginning to hurt as it kept hitting his hard kinky haired covered unyielding pubic bone! And was even more amazed that I was able to actually take the big hard thing deep down into my throat and its full length!

I was becoming more light headed and aroused from this harsh forceful face fucking! Wesley not sure what to do placed his hands on his his waist and was arching his pubes forward as Becka slammed my face down again and again Gluck! Gluck!, Gluck!

She yelled at me the word's suck his cock bitch, but this time all I could do as I tried to suck, was enjoy another incredibly satisfying orgasm that followed, as the harsh treatment was exactly what I craved, and no one was even close to my clit or pussy, this abuse was all vocally by her and orally inspired by him, that left me, more than anyone surprised gagging gasping, and moaning in blissful release!

Becka was holding my arms helplessly behind my back, when his cum squirting big black cock pulled free and was now painting my naked breasts! She had straightened her legs lifting me up, with Wesley helping, had set me back on the chair I had left only minutes ago, with me still covered in cum and gasping for breath! In only moments still behind, Becka was holding my legs up and apart, that left my wet pubic haired pussy wide open most inviting, and a perfect target! This allowed Wesley's hard cock, in only the blink of an eye to be buried deep in my pussy!

He was finally in charge and had a good hold of my neck with his right hand and the other was clear around my waist that pulled us tightly together, his cheek was against mine and was biting me in the nape of my neck. He would hard fuck me hard about three times in a row, and on the forth thrust would lift me up off the chair and hold his dick in me all the way using my weight to totally impale me! This forth thrust would leave my mouth agape, with cum all over my face!

My one hand was hanging onto the back of the chair and each time he would slam me my legs would open up so he could get it in deeper! I tried several times to form the word harder, as I wanted it harder yet, and would open my mouth in surprise each time he would raise me up off the chair, but no words o0f harder as much as I tried were forth coming!

Have you ever experienced an orgasm so incredible and mind blowing you never want it to end? OMG ! This is what happened to me, as we both, I am not sure which of us enjoyed it the most? I was totally spent, from the harsh deep throat face fucking, followed by and even deeper pussy fucking! But apparently he was not done as he pulled free, leaving me horribly used stretched open and leaking cum sitting in the chair, unable to move. At least for some time, and was only able to watch as Wesley being no match for what Becka was going to do to him next?

She had stepped back only minutes ago, and in amused satisfying delight watched Wesley hard fuck me, as he held me tightly against him with these incredible up lifting thrusts that had me up in the air suspended on the end, and by only his hard black cock!

Once free of me she had pushed him backwards and forced him to sit on the other chair, then literally jumped on top of him with her arms around his neck still kissing him everywhere, trying to impale herself shamelessly on his still hard well used thing of beauty, I could hear the chair scrape across the floor a little each time she jammed her bare well shaven wet pussy down! Amazingly I was somewhat embarrassed being only a few feet away could not help but watch this most erotic and sexually romantic spectacle of pure unadulterated sex!

Wesley already experiencing several ejaculations and his stamina up to the very edge of most men's ability was not going to give in to Becka's amorous indiscretion's, but he was going to loose as she literally fucked him into, total and well used submission in only minutes I heard him say through his clinched teeth trying his best to hold, the inevitable from happening, then said...Mrs Barker. OMG! I am going to, to, to cum! ......... As Becka said quite sweetly Oh! Wesley quit acting like a boy, and take your fucking like a man!

In only moments Becka was on her knees as she said to me, Diana watch and see how it is done. Her hands were behind her back, and she was deep throating Wesley's cock, sucking out any cum that was left! Wesley was so sensitive and was begging and pleading Becka to stop, as he tried with little success in his pleasurable weakened condition using both hands to push her away. His cock was still hard, but Becka had cleaned his cock, and was now working over his kinky haired balls, and finally leaned back satisfied that nothing, none of his precious cum was left!

Then quite proud of herself said to both of us, that is how it is done, and to Wesley, it will be easier next time as you now have become a man! Then to me, Diana up girl we have much more to do today! For me and even Wesley we were both spent, and it wasn't noon yet!

Wesley slowly came to his senses pulled up his shorts and pants becoming more coherent all the time, as Becka said, give Diana a good kiss and tell her what a good black cock sex slave and whore she is going to be! I was still setting in the chair wet well used in sexual bliss as Wesley kissed me full on the lips taking what little breath I had away, OMG!

Could he ever kiss as a young black horny male! I could hardly stand as She helped me up, and it was all I could do to make my way up stairs with her help. This time it was into the bath tub as Becka ran hot water, and washed me every where, my face breasts and pussy, I leaned back and relaxed and in what seemed like moments fell asleep!


After getting Diana in the tub, I went down stairs and helped Wesley pick up from our late breakfast, and get him straightened out telling him to put all of the charges on my account, then kissed him again really deep and passionate suggesting I would settle up with him personally over the next several days. He had the most satisfied look of wonder, along with a big smile, and said Mrs Barker I really want to see you again, and soon? I reminded him to get himself together and helped button up his servants jacket as he zip up his pants, telling him it might not be the best thing to show up back at the Pepper Saint Ontiod, restaurant with his fly open and his jacket unbuttoned showing his manly chest!

Brutus would be showing up soon with the Silver Mercedes Limousine, for our trip to the tattoo and piercing parlor. I let Diana rest in the warm water as long as possible as she was going to need all of the strength she could summon later this evening?

Chapter Four Tattoos Piercing and getting ready to meet My New Black Slave master
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