My New Life As A Sex Slave to black Master's Chapter Three

My New Life As A Sex Slave to black Master's Chapter Four

Tattoos Piercing and getting ready to meet My New Black Slave master Chapter Four


In keeping with Diana's past experiences and her husband Jon's suggestions of exciting kinky sexual experience's along with the things he had done with her, I chose to take Diana to the Tattoo and Piercing parlor wearing nothing but heels blindfold and a coat! Most of their sex play had been undertaken with her in similar attire, as this would only add to her sexual excitement and uncertainty? It according to her husband was a way to keep her wet sexed up and ready for almost any kind of perverted sexual abuse, a situation that only enhanced the sex that was most certainly to follow?

I found Diana half asleep in the tub relaxed and rested after our breakfast and morning sexual encounter with Wesley the young black male servant. I helped her out of the tub with a dry towel and into the up stairs bedroom. She was refreshed and ready, she had loved the Red 4"heels and had become more comfortable wearing them, her husband had always used silver 3-M duct tape and a little tissue over her eyes, as this would keep her from seeing anything! But I chose to just use the scarf as a blindfold I wanted her to see images, and hear what others might say, along with my threatening Diana and letting her imagination do the rest!

Her Husband Jon had suggested I do so, as She had an incredible imagination and when naked bound and blindfolded it would go crazy as to what might happen, especially if nasty black men were about and could see her naked bound and on a leash! I had helped her down the stairs and had placed a rather plain looking coat over her, leaving it open momentarily, she was totally naked, usually her pussy would be well shaven, but Mr Tyrone Powers my Master had a surprise and a new sex slave indoctrination waiting for her? I had no idea what or how he was going to remove all of it, but knowing him, I was quite sure it would be memorable exciting, and scare Diana half to death?
I had fastened a red leather slave collar along with matching wrist and ankle cuffs, these and the red heels along with a short leash completed this submissive sex slave outfit and all that she was to wear.

Brutus was knocking on my door and ready with the Silver Mercedes Limousine, for our trip to the tattoo and piercing parlor. I opened Diana's coat to give Brutus a good look at her, and he gave me an approving look. I had slipped a pair of dark glasses over the blindfold to make it less conspicuous , and with his help took the service elevator down to the back and more secluded parking area. Most that lived in these apartment had seen me naked at one time or another and were never surprised by the semi naked women or numerous black men that came and went to my apartment. Once in the Limo due to the dark tinted windows in the early afternoon having others see her was no longer of concern.

Diana now starting to become concerned, and excited was relying on me as her escort for comfort and due to our sex play with each other she easily slides up really close and tight to me. Taking her to this place as a pervert myself, I was also naked, wearing little more than she! Her coat was still open as is mine, and this easily gives Brutus in the rear view mirror a good look that he takes from time to time. I had placed my hand on Diana's bare upper thigh to let her know I was concerned, and could feel her trembling slightly?

It was only natural that after several moments it found its way down in between her bare legs and finds her soft, and now even wetter pussy folds, she reacts with a start and gasp as my fingers find her swollen and stimulated clitoris amongst her full hairy bush! Apparently Diana has this most unusual and subconscious erotic habit of squeezing her thighs together when a hand is down in her crotch. It is kind of like a sexual pacifier and a precursor to sex! I was pleasantly surprised by this as she, does not even seem to realize what she is doing, for me it is incredible and a most wonderful feeling, something I have never experienced before with any another woman. This makes me look at Diana in wonder? Her eyes are fixed straight ahead like in a trance and is only thinking about what was going to happen, as we got closer her thighs were squeezing my hand tighter and tighter much like her upper thighs and pussy is anticipating the kinky piercing and sexual abuse that will soon follow?

Mr Powers had a certain place in mind where he wanted Diana taken, it was not the clean well lighted place with the nice people that had tattooed and pierced me. I knew all of the black areas around London, but where he wanted me to take Diana was in the worst possible part of the city, and if we were there after dark any woman, especially white women if caught there would be guaranteed an experience of harsh brutal and abusive rape, by at least a dozen nasty black men. This was why we needed to get Diana's Tattoos and Piercing done before dark.

The place was Hackney, north of London, it was a very dangerous and dirty place where this black sadistic bastard usually tattooed white unwilling female sex slaves, and even with Brutus as an escort scared me to actually venture there!

I had not given much thought about the place on the drive over, as Diana squeezing my hand erotically with her upper thighs, had been consumed with how a big black cock like my Master, Mr Tyrone Powers would fair in between these soft white thighs of hers, and him having to endure similar well squeezed and pleasurable aroused feelings?

The limo finally turned into an obscure back alley, but Brutus is unable to drive us any closer, and is afraid to leave the limo parked long in this place as it would surely suffer broken windows or have the wheels stolen or him end up beaten and the car jacked!

I more than anyone have always craved kinky scary and bazaar sexual exciting encounters, but this place would put my knowledge past experience's and previous sinful dogging to the test? It is a creepy alley, there is graffiti broken beer and whiskey bottles as well as trash strewn and dumped everywhere, the place we need to go is some distance down the narrow alleyway? I was told at the end was a stairwell leading down to the tattoo and piercing chamber, this is where I am to take Diana?

Brutus has given me a mobile phone to use , and to call when Diana and I are ready to be picked up! Brutus is a big strong man and I have never seen him so nervous and concerned for his own well being? Once out he says, Becka, good luck, and hurriedly backs out of the alleyway and in only moments, the safety of the silver limo is gone, leaving two white women on our own in this most dangerous and certain to be raped place, and with me little better than Diana wearing next to nothing!

It is exciting and arousing to be scared like this, and even more, I want Diana to experience the same aroused scared feeling as I know being like this will stimulate her to no end and make her wetter than ever! This according to her husband Jon is something she wants to experience, apparently my master is fully aware of this and is one reason he wants her there? I take charge and will be dammed if I let this opportunity for nasty harsh and perverted sexual abuse pass with out being in control. I snap the leash on to Diana's collar and cuff her wrists behind her back then remove her coat, the scarf blindfold ,and toss them on the ground, leaving her totally naked with nothing but red hi heels, it takes several minutes for her eyes to adjust to the broad daylight!

Then I tell her there is a good chance we will be stopped and taken by a gang of nasty black perverts that would rape and horribly abuse both of us and probably keep us as their sex slaves! I can see in her eyes sinfully widen with the thought of ending up as sex slaves leaves her excited, but not knowing the true meaning of our possible situation is only giddy and excited?

At first there seems to be no one around to notice or watch? I am relived for the moment, but also a bit disappointed that no one especially nasty black men? Will see a half naked white woman with "Queen of Spades Tattoos" all over her, leading a totally naked white woman on a leash who's hands are helplessly cuffed behind her back, and one that is now stumbling along with her naked tits and ass jiggling obscenely in only these red hi heels. OMG! I think what would happen if we were caught out like this? For me I could try and fight, but would easily be over powered . And Diana could not lift a finger to protect or resist being spirited off to a most sexually sadistic fate? It is a most erotically stimulating feeling to contemplate if any oversexed nasty black pervert saw us, we would certainly end with harsh sexual abuse and be horribly raped?

I am now practically dragging Diana along? If we were caught I think like this in broad daylight before getting to the chamber? I am getting wetter than ever by the minute and I shudder to think what might happen if we were?

The private underground piercing and tattoo chamber has no name and is run by a black sadistic looking Weasel of a man that is only four feet tall with what looks like a beer belly?. I am at first relieved once we were inside..


For me being led around naked in broad daylight down this alley way, one with trash and graffiti is a most sexually exciting and arousing experience, and is one of my darker sexual fantasy's! Especially now in another country like the UK, this and Becka's vocal comments about a gang of black street people taking us and although is a lot like the states in many respects, the drama anticipation and uncertainty has only added to my fantasy of being forcefully raped or gang banged by numerous nasty black men, as Becka said all black men in this part of Hackney are well known for having enormous donkey like dicks! This thought only adds to my sexual excitement?

There are restraints collar cuffs and bondage paraphernalia all over the place some are made from heavy iron, and others are made of wide thick leather,all are made to bind and restrict female sex slaves! Tattoo picture samples of all sorts, litter the place, along with numerous types of piercing equipment and hardware that goes along with the need and why white married women sex slaves like me are brought here? It is the perfect place at least to me for submissive women to be tattooed and pierced, but many are brought here where it is done against their will. This of course is why I have been brought here, but I have willingly come and as a sex slave to be, will submit to what ever this little black Weasel of a man will do to me!

There are several people milling around in the place, some are prostitutes and the others are slave masters, all are black, except for their female sex slaves which are all white, most have been brought here for the same reason I have, to be Tattooed and Pierced! The place is dark and dirty, another thing that adds to my dark perverted sexual fantasy's of sexual torture and abuse, and reminds me of my fathers fuck books I found as a young woman in puberty, those of naked helpless women being horribly abused by nasty forceful men!

One of those fantasy's was of me being kidnapped, then taken to mad doctor, a pervert that took delight in conducting sadistic sexual experiments on young helpless females like me! I would be stripped naked, and placed on his examination table, where he would strap me down tight with strong leather belts, my legs would be wide apart and me totally exposed unable to resist any of his dreadful sexual experiments and abuse? At that age I was so naively horny and over sexed, I had no idea what he would do? But just thinking about this fantasy would make me incredibly wet and bring me to the very edge of orgasm! And for a girl that masturbated regularly it took little imagination for me to succumb to sexual excitement of fantasy followed by incredible shuddering orgasms!.

There are numerous pictures of women's bare breasts, nipples bottoms and pussies that have been tattooed, and pierced ! These pictures of naked flesh have every sort of sinfully interracial perverted tattoos markings and hardware imaginable? They start with small modest size ring jewelry up to and including nipples, nose with several gigantic chrome clit rings! OMG! There is a picture of a naked woman suspended by only her nipple and clit rings! She has large nipples and a gigantic clitoris all three have large chrome rings that have stretched the tender flesh, it is a bazaar grotesque fantasy of mine to experience sexual torture like this, but mine is fantasy, and my nipples and clit are much smaller. It is a fantasy I never have imagined really happening to anyone let alone me! I am stunned to see that it can actually be done as these sadistic detailed pictures clearly show!

I have always wanted both black cock whore, and queen of spades, tattoos, inked on my bare white bottom and breasts! But what I have secretly wanted was the words " Black Cock Whore" vividly tattooed directly above my pussy between my navel and clit on the flat part of my tummy in this most intimate place! It is so that when I am with any black lover or master that sees me naked there will be no doubt as to my submissive nature and interest in sex with men like him! This is something I want? As well as my nipples cunt lips and clit pierced with big rings, just like in those pictures, it is what I have fantasized about numerous times almost to orgasm! I was afraid to ask my husband, but now by myself, and under the circumstances I have been placed will have no choice, as a soon to be sex slave to a black master!

I only want to submit impress and please him! I have no idea what will be, as the decision it is up to him? But the thought and arousal of having them is quite stimulating, as to just how this perverted tattooing will be placed on my naked body, I do not know? The tattoos are a delicious thought, but the razor sharp piercing needle used to skewer my nipples is one thing, but I think having my clit pierced and skewered with a similar sharp needle only adds to my wetter than ever aroused feeling?

I had no idea how risky it could be to do this to a woman's clitoris, but have been told that one of two things will happen? For some women to have this done the possibility of loosing the sensitivity and ability of aroused sexual intercourse and orgasm is a possibility! But for most others it is quite the opposite, and in my case after being fixed in my mid 20s, and no longer having the ability to bare children my sex drive increased dramatically, and unknown to me beforehand, having my clit pierced will make me an insatiable slutty whore!

My heart is pounding and thoughts of both dread and anticipation flip through through my oversexed mind? But this thought is shattered when a big full figured nasty looking black woman wearing only a leather apron bursts through the door leading to the piercing chambers, then OMG! Calls out my name? Diana!

Becka says here, and cheerfully hands the big black woman my leash! This woman has very big, probably 44" beautifully shaped bare breast that have large chrome rings pierced right through her gigantic nipples as they are almost totally exposed as the leather apron does little to cover them. She is apparently the Weasels assistant, and with the leash now in her hand says, down bitch!.... The nasty sadistic look on her face tells me instantly, she means business! I am of course predisposed to do exactly what I am told when naked on a leash, and in only moments am quickly down on all fours! I love being naked on all fours and am even wetter than ever, dripping!

In her other hand is a 3' black leather snake whip, that she expertly use's my bare bottom as a target, this is to encourage naked human animal like me to do exactly what I am told! Her aim is my pussy, and although I still have a full hairy bush, the excitement of it all has not only left me very wet, but the naked flesh of my aroused clitoral membrane is starting to peek out along my pussy lips that are quite swollen and both are totally exposed in the matted wet pubic hair to her nasty stinging little whip!

I scramble around on all fours like a frightened animal yelping and squealing as my pussy is sadistically whipped! The leash in her hand and the nasty stinging whip easily guide me down and along the dirty floor of the hall way, and into one of the tattoo and piercing chambers? Once in the room I am helped up onto a small wooden table, still on all fours my wrists and are belted to the table, as are my ankles and knees? The the collar around my neck with the leash attached is pulled up and around behind my neck where it is snapped to a ring in the ceiling that holds my head up and back, almost choking me. My tits are hanging down and my hairy pussy along with my exposed perked up clit and swollen pussy lips are helpless targets sticking sinfully out of my full bush for this sadistic black woman's nasty stinging switch!

A modified milking machine with three sucking attachments, two are connected to my nipples, and start their continuous sucking and pumping of them, and the third much smaller one is easily stuck on my wet swollen perked up clitoris! I can hear the aggressive machine with its harsh vacuum motor pump and strain as it cycles sucking again and again, each time harder and harder! OMG! The perverted sensation of sucking abuse to start with is erotic and bearable, but becomes more and more sadistically aggressive especially on my clit to the point I can hardly stand it, but it is what I want, and at least the nasty switch has stopped the stinging abuse of my cunt lips, for the moment! Except the switch has been replaced by bare handed bottom paddling, that is almost as sadistic and hurtful!

I can hear what sounds like another woman in the chamber next to mine begging and pleading whoever to please not pierce her clit, but her sadistic bloodcurdling scream confirms that her begging has been totally ignored?

Whack, Whack,Whack! In between the bare handed whacks, this black nasty lesbian of a woman lovingly kneads and rubs the soft tender flesh of my bare bottom, and her big black fingers occasionally squeeze my clit and finger me. Becka looks on as my anemic looking pale white skin first becomes flush and then turns a dark red!

I jerk with a start as icy cold alcohol is rubbed, on my right hanging down breast, followed by my left ass cheek!

After which queen of spades etching stencils are taped to both, by the lesbian bitch! OMG! I realize I really am going to get tattooed, I think to myself? I have wanted and fantasized about this for many years, but it was always fantasy, and now I am not so sure? I start to whimper making a moaning like noise of despair... Oh my, noooo! Oh! Nooo, please no,... again I think to myself! It is a most sinful resigned reaction as the Weasel sitting on a roll around stool firmly grabs by naked breast, and with a horrid looking tattoo gun belching dirty black ink and multiple razor sharp little needles quickly and expertly follows the outline of the Queen of Spades stencil markings that in no time at all places a most perfect black permanent Q of S tattoo!

I am still whimpering, as the Weasel now standing has moved behind to my bare bottom, to my ass cheek! The erotic pumping of my nipples continues along with the etching vibration I feel on the soft naked flesh of my posterior! . But what really gets my attention is the smaller third attachment that has totally surrounded and is aggressively sucking and pumping my clit, this thing has increased its nasty perverse sensation with a vengeance, and is trying to suck the tender intimate clitoral flesh inside out! I continue long erotic like moans again with resigned acceptance and despair, but not once do I dare plead or beg this nasty little black Weasel to stop!

This perverted affair is exactly what I have fantasized happening to me? But it is no longer fantasy! The place I have been taken, his big black naked lesbian bitch of a woman with her breasts naked and exposed, rings and all! This lecherous sadistic little Weasel looking man have exceeded my most darkest wildest perverted thoughts, and has only stimulated my sexually perverse mind more than I have ever imagined as the wet slobbering clitoral sucking pump keeps trying to devour my swelling and ever larger clit! The sensation is madding and I can do little to stop or alter its sadistic abuse!

At the time , I have no idea this abusive treatment is only a mild precursor to what will happen to me next? This nasty little weasel seems to know exactly what my soon to be black master wants?
Both tattoos, one on my breast, and the other on my bottom are quickly completed and a glossy lotion is applied that within several hrs the healing process will be well on its way, these tattoos must say uncovered and exposed to room temperature for several hrs? The new style ink and needle guns make tattooing quicker and easier than ever before and allow those that have done so to enjoy exposing them almost immediately....
In only moments of finishing the weasel turns off the pumping machine, the pulling sucking pressure on my nipples is a sensation I have never experienced, not a bad one mind you, but the nasty smaller one stuck and surrounding my clitoris is the worst most maddening, and quite a different feeling?

The thing is very abusive, yet quite arousing for a girl that has masturbated a lot, and has dark erotic fantasy's this thing only adds to my aroused concern? My nipples as the milking vacuum tubes still pumping are released make a sucking sound that leaves them swollen sensitive and much larger! My clit though has endured the most abuse, and when the smaller tube is released from in between my thighs, produces an even nastier wet sucking slobbering like sound, that leaves me trembling shuddering blissfully with sensations, and on the very edge of multiple orgasms, my clit needs little more than a cool breeze or slight touch in order for me to explode!

The Weasel has the big black woman release the connection to my collar, then wrists and ankle cuffs from the leather bindings on the table. She is a big strong woman and lifts me up off the small table by my collar alone, that leaves me hanged struggling and choking until my heels touch the floor! Then she tightens the slave collar even tighter around my neck the cuffs are removed and I am told to place my hands behind my back, and with the leash she leads me off to another part of the chamber. There is a large wooden "T" like beam imbedded higher than the rest of the floor that slopes off lower on either side?

The big wooden vertical beam has smaller wooden cross piece at the top. My bare bottom is pushed back against it, my ass cheeks are still smarting with the dull glow fading from the nasty little switch, along with the bare handed bottom whacking, both have left my ass cheeks sensitive to the wood. This makes me arch my hairy pussy forward to keep the wood splinters away from my bare bottom!

I am still wearing only these red 4" high heels, as my hands are raised up and out to either side an attached to the cross beam at the top using small rough rope. It is first wrapped firmly around my wrists several times and tied, then around the upper beam and in only moments both wrists are tightly bound leaving me unable to move them at all! This is followed by the black bitch wrapping several coils of rope around the beam and tightly through my mouth, I am able to talk but my words are slurred as if someone is holding my tongue like some one that has been drugged, and quite distorted! This tying and binding leaves my pussy arched out and me precariously with my red heels and feet firmly together on the dirty higher concrete floor, struggling to keep my naked bottom away from the rough wood even in these heels?

As long as I can keep my heels together on the high part of the concrete all is well? It is predicament bondage at its best for sure, but this is only child's play compared to what will happen next?.............

The Weasel almost beside himself with anticipation and beads of sweat on his forehead, gleefully pushes a metal cart over to where I am bound, I here and can see the glass cups full of piercing needles forceps and nipple rings along with other implements of torture rattle as the wheels of the cart bump over uneven sections of the dirty concrete floor!I am soon to discover wooden splinters in my backside would be far more welcome than what the Weasel and the bitch have in store for me!

The wooden beam behind and next to my bare bottom has a place for sinister sadistic attachments, and this black bitch of a woman has two small curved brush like pads that are torture devices in her hands, and wants to make sure I see them, as she holds them up and she explains what they are and how they work there sadistic abuse, that will insure my total concentration and submission!

They are not brushes at all, instead of bristles they are dozens of sharp razor like needles in each pad! In the dull light of the chamber how sharp they are is vividly reflected as she holds them in front of my face and turns them so I can see! The needles are several inches long, at first I am not sure what she is going to do with them, but as she moves around behind their use becomes quite apparent! OMG! She has attached and locked them just under and slightly behind my bare overhanging buttocks? Then has adjusted the razor sharp needles to where they are barely touching my naked sensitive backside!
This encourages me to arch my pussy out even farther, as any time I relax just a little the razor sharp needles start to prick the exposed virgin like unprotected white flesh up under my bare bottom! Any one of them by themselves would easily pierce the skin, but all of them together just leave little red puncture wounds. At about the same time the nasty little man has drug in a step stool, and climbed up on it in order to pierce my nipples! My attention has been at my bare bottom and has ignored my pumped nipples. They are harder and twice as large as before and very sensitive, The Weasel has a small syringe and pinches the nipple and aureola firmly between his thumb and fore finger with one hand and with the other pierces the swollen nipple dead center, deep and straight into my soft naked breast followed by the other?

The needle is small and the prick is no different than getting a shot, but in moments my naked breasts and nipples are even more sensitive and throbbing? I find out later it is a solution that helps keep the nipples enlarged from the pumping, makes it easier to pierce and insert a larger than normal nipple ring, many women and young girls are pierced routinely mostly ears, and no one give that a thought! Nipples of course are one thing, but clitoral piercing is quite another matter, and I am going to get both!

The Weasel has some lidocaine to stop infection, large forceps and a 10 gauge piercing needle, he has used nothing to numb or deaden the pain! I am scared as I know it will hurt and before I realize it the first is done, and was not nearly as bad as I thought? This leaves me with a fairly large 10 gauge crimped nipple ring, and only a burning pinching like sensation! But the other is quite different, apparently the adrenalin had kicked in on the first, and I am quite relaxed thinking it will be no big deal as the same is done to the other, but it really hurts like hell, I jerk and jiggle as the sharp needle skewers my swollen puffed up nipple and in doing so the sharp needles in the curved like pads barely prick the underside of my bare bottom, forcing me to concentrate on arching my pussy and full bush up forward and away, for me the pain tingling sharpness with the solution injected into my nipples and aureola has left me more aroused, than ever.

Checking to see if the nipple rings are well pierced the big black lesbian bitch of a woman pulls on the rings firmly up and out to each side! This actually helps to arch my bare bottom away from the nasty prickly little needles! My nipples are sore and hurt,as she turns them loose they quiver and jiggle around obscenely with a rather dull mild aroused feeling....Then she takes ropes hanging from eye bolts in the ceiling and feeds them through the rings in my nipples, quickly and expertly pulls my breasts and me up forward that leaves them stretched and securely tied?

The Weasel then says to me, you like this don't you? I shake my head no, and try to say the word, but it only comes out as some sort of distorted unintelligible gibberish? He has pushed the step stool out of the way and is back on his roll around with his cart and piercing paraphernalia eying my swollen pumped clitoris along with my pussy lips that are sticking out of my full pubic haired bush, quite sinfully exposed. This clit of mine has been pumped and sucked much more aggressively than my nipples! The little pervert grabs the tender part rolling the hard round swollen clitoral flesh harshly back and forth between his thumb and forefinger and does so quite sadistically!
This leaves my heart pounding and me wiggling and squealing from his clit abuse ! Then gleefully he pulls me forward by only my swollen abused clitoral membrane! Again I squeal and gasp, and beg for him to....stop, ...or to pull it harder, I am unsure which I want and can't believe I have said harder...? But then I am a closet pain freak, and it really does not matter, as my clit is every bit as sensitive and horribly abused if not more so than my nipples, and I endure it!
OMG! If this is not bad enough, the black lesbian bitch is down on her haunches with a can of slick greasy stuff and liberally coats the soles of each red high heels? Then does the same to dirty floor down along the sloping descending part of the concrete?

OMG! It was hard enough to keep my heels and toes together up on the higher part of the concrete floor when it was dry? But now with the slick grease it is almost impossible as this bitch of a woman with a most sadistic smile easily nudges both of my ankles apart off of the higher point and over to the down sloping edge , this leaves precariously suspended, by only my bound wrists and the tight rope that has been wrapped through my mouth and around the beam behind my head, this and the Weasels firm hold that is pulling on my clitoris is all that keeps my bare bottom away from the sharp little needles! I struggle to keep my heels up on the high part, but with them greased along with the curved down slope of concrete floor, it is a battle I am slowly loosing!

Not only does his touch leaves me trembling, in only moments the same small syringe just like my nipples is inserted dead center an inch or so, and directly into my swollen and well pumped clitoral membrane, and the entire syringe solution injected into my genitals! OMG the warm feeling is quite different than my nipples as my clit now seems to need more and more sexual attention, that leaves me squirming and wiggling my body in a most perverse sinful and submissive way! I do not know at the time, but boy will it ever get sadistic attention, the kind I could never dream of?

My swollen clit is then clamped with the same large pair of forceps, placing it in a vertical position.

As the Weasel with a similar very sharp 10 gauge piercing needle is first poked several times from below under my clit trying to find the perfect and most sensitive spot I tremble and gasp in aroused anticipation knowing full well the piercing of my clit is inevitable and only moments away trying not to move, and holding my breath!

The Weasel with a well trained experienced hand easily and with a flick of his wrist forces the razor sharp needle straight up vertically and directly through my intimate tender clitoral flesh! I scream out in surprised anguish even though I know whats coming! I feel a sharp searing pain that leaves my heart pounding, and as it does several small whiffs of blood spurt out in a fine mist from the tiny syringe puncture at the very tip of my round swollen clitoris, that quickly evaporate in the thin humid air of the chamber!
After which a similar chrome ring is inserted when the needle is pulled free and done its nasty dirty work! My nipples are still being pulled that help hold me up, and this big black woman smiling sadistically with the Weasel holding my clit ring , she loops more of the thin rope through the ring and pulls me by my swollen pierced clit even farther forward and ties the cord tight? OMG! Arched out even more I continue to struggle and keep my precarious situation from becoming unbearable and am terrified that my heels will betray me and finally slip out to each side down the sloping well greased concrete and from under me!

If this happens I will be held up by mostly by my wrists and mouth, but also by my newly pierced nipple and clit rings! And my bare naked lower ass cheeks will bare the brunt of the dozen or so nasty razor sharp little needles! This rope on my clit ring has pulled my clitoris out even farther and away from my full bush? My wrists are still tied tightly to the upper cross brace, and the rope around the beam is wrapped tightly through my mouth and lips that still gag me to some degree and distort any words I might try to utter?

My feet in these well greased heels have very little traction on the cement floor, and keep trying to slide out to each side from under me! I am so precariously arched as I try to keep myself from sliding, but my legs and muscles are like rubber becoming tired they shudder and tremble as my heels only get farther apart, I continue to struggle and keep my precarious balance.

Then, this short nasty little man takes some sort of liquid from a small can and liberally soaks some gauze like material, my eyes are wide in wonder as I look down between my naked ringed and horribly pulled nipples and stretched clitoral membrane not knowing for sure what he is going to do?

The Weasel with a most satisfied look on his face rubs the wet chemical enhanced gauze up and down on one side of my full grown hairy pubic mound, my ringed clit is pulled out vulgarly away from the pubic hair leaving it totally exposed, and unprotected! My attention has been focused on what the little black Weasel has been doing? When the big black bitch with a most aroused sadistic look appears she has a large lit candle, and first holds it up to my face then turns it down and drips the hot wax on my breasts and stretched out nipples, this makes me wiggle jiggle turn and twist trying to keep the burning hot wax away from my naked jiggling breasts and down in between them to my bare skinned tummy!

OMG! Now I know for sure what she is going to do!...Oh Not That!....My upper thighs bare midriff chest and tits jiggle and shudder obscenely! I lift one leg trying to protect and keep my pussy away from the flame, and this allows my other heel to slip down off the high part of the cement, and the sharp little needles prick the underside of my bare bottom deeper than ever, this quickly forces my leg back down to the high part of the cement! But all of this even with my vocal slurred plea to stop does little good from keeping the bitch from sticking the candle down in between my thighs and slowly raising it up slowly to my chemically enhanced now very flammable pubic hair! I scream, or try to but even with the rope gagging me the sound of sheer sadistic terror, can be heard throughout all of the chambers Once the flame of the candle touches the pubic hair it flairs up instantly bursting brightly into flames and in less than a second one half of my full pubic haired bush is gone!

At first I am terrified, but no sooner have I recovered to some degree from this most sadistic form of pubic hair removal the same chemical is rubbed on the remaining hair and the exact same thing is done to the other side! I try to scream again and again as both sides of my formerly full hairy bush covered pubic mound is singed wiped with icy cold alcohol and singed again until nothing is left! I can smell the sweet sickening smell of burnt bluish smoke from secreted female pubic hair floating around and permeating the piercing chamber! I am in tears, my heart is pounding out of my chest, and thinking for sure my genitals have been severely burned? Only to discover after my heart has stopped pounding, and the adrenalin in my terrified body has subsided that my pubic hair was burnt off so quickly it has left me at worst with a very mild sunburn!

My ringed and stretched out clit is a different matter, but was far enough away from the flame that it was not burned at all, but the heat along with the chemical injected into it earlier, though has made it feel more like a hornets nasty sting, and, now. OMG! Does it ever need attention! Again I am tongue tied and in my rope gagged slurred mostly unintelligible speech unable to convey my most pressing needs!

Becka, I have been watching this entire perverted and sadistic session, and had no idea how Diana's pubic hair would be removed and was stunned as to the perverted and sadistic way it was done, and not sure if I could have endured it as well as she did..

Continued in Chapter Five Meeting My New Black Slave Master
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