My Night
It was time to do something really naughty. I have 3 regular fuck buddies who know I have a lot of fun with many men, and that they were not exclusive. But the fact that they were fuck buddies meant they did not meet or see me have fun with other guys, ever. Last weekend I decided to change that. One of them, Tony, works in a hotel chain so I got him to book a nice suite for us. I told him it will be me and him plus a 'special' friend. I am sure Tony thought I may be bringing one of my hot girl friends to the party. He was obviously excited. I told him to book the room in my name as I plan to be there first, getting 'ready' for him.

On the other hand, I met this married guy (Bob) on Tuesday who was in town for work. We fucked Wednesday night and he wanted to see me one more night before he left. I convinced him to stay back for Friday night if he wanted some fun. Bob was also told that a 'friend' of mine will join if he decided to stay back. He, like Tony assumed I was talking about a girl. God was he a puppy in my
hands when he realized I was about to raise the stake. What married man will ever say no to a free night of fun? I am sure he found a good enough lie to convince his wife why we was stuck on 'work' for the weekend. By Thursday afternoon everything was fixed.

On Friday night, Tony was to show up at the room by 10PM. Bob was supposed to get the champagne bottle, wine bottles and chocolates ordered and delivered to my room by 9PM. He himself had to show up at 11PM. Per plan I checked in the afternoon, went to the spa and then lay by the pool to work on my tan lines. I ordered myself a nice room service dinner, some wine and by 8PM was sitting and sipping my wine in the bath tub. Stuff that Bob had ordered got delivered by 9 and set in the ice box. After the room was set, I pulled out my pink lace thong, pink corset and pink fuck me shoes. Make up completed, I was ready for the boys to show up. I was wet with anticipation and the wine was helping too.

Tony showed up a little late. He whistled when he saw me all dressed up for him. He inquired about my friend and I said he needs to be patient. We grabbed a drink and went out to the small terrace. I stood there over looking the city in my naughty clothes. Tony had his hands all over me and his tongue in my mouth. We had fucked a number of times but I had never got dressed for him. He was
just a nice cock to have fun with when I was lonely, too tired to go out or just wanted someone to fuck me to sleep.

We may have been on the terrace fondling for 15 minutes or so when there was a knock on the door. I asked Tony not to come in and stay on the terrace. I will bring my friend to him. With that I walked to the door, opened it with the sluttiest look. Bob's tongue was almost hanging out seeing me dressed like that. He had beautiful roses for me (only if he did that for his wife, maybe she would fuck him more...LOL). I kissed him deep as the door locked behind us. His hands wasted no time as he grabbed me under my ass, lifted me on him as we kissed. Bob is 6'4", 200 pound fit guy. And I had told him when we had met that I loved being picked up and kissed or fucked. After a minute of corridor kissing and grinding, he dropped me down. I asked him to follow me. We set the flowers, I grabbed a drink for him and said lets go to the terrace. I walked in first followed by Bob. I loved the shock on both guys face when they realized my 'friend' was a guy. I introduced them to each other, laughing from inside, and without wasting time let them know my agenda. "Boys, this night is about me. I want you two to pleasure me and fuck me. Real well. In return I will do things you wish all girls did to you."

They both got comfortable about the idea after 5 minutes of discussion. Bob has never had a threesome of any kind, so he was a little unsure, but then he had a 23 year old girl ready to do things to him which made him make the right choice. He decided to stay and enjoy the fun. I advised them that I get to set the agenda for the night too. They will follow instructions. With that I asked both of them to get completely naked on the terrace. Tony who is a man whore was already
stripping before I could complete my sentence. Bob looked around, wondering who could see him. Maybe he was afraid of having his pictures taken and shown to his wife. While he hesitated, Tony was buck naked and I was down on my knees sucking his cock. Now let me tell you, Tony has a thick cock. That is why he is my fuck buddy. He fills me up completely. I took his manhood and started to suck on it seductively. Bob was still not sure.

I ran my hand on his crotch and could feel his cock was rock hard. I told him if he wanted to have fun he needs to pull his pants down. After watching Tony being sucked for a few minutes, the pants and boxers hit the ground. I stroked Bob and reminded if he wants his cock to be sucked, his has to get buck naked. Some moments later, Bob went for it. After all he was not planning to go home and miss the fun. Soon I was taking turns sucking both cocks. Bob was moaning and Tony was forcing my face down on his thick cock when ever I took each of the boys cock in my mouth. 5 minutes of sucking them I started to focus on Bob's cock. Bob told how his wife stopped giving head after a year of
marriage. All the sucking did what I was not expecting to happen so soon. Bob unloaded his cock in my mouth. And god he had a lot of cum.
I swallowed every drop of his cum. Bob was a noodle and collapsed on the balcony chair. I went back to Tony's cock. I knew he could last. As I sucked him, Bob tried fondling my tits and feeling my pussy through my thong. I let him play with me a little. 5 minutes of sucking Tony, I stood up and walked seductively into the room showing the guys my ass. I asked them to grab drinks on the way to
the bedroom. I went to the bedroom and waited for the boys to join me. With drinks in hand I asked them to sit on the sofa. I grabbed my drink, put some music and gave both boys a seductive dance.

Both guys sat with their hard cocks. I grinded on their cock a little. Bob tried to push my thong to the side and enter me but I moved. Tony just sat back and enjoyed me doing my stuff on his cock. I would turn and grind with my ass and then turn and grind with my pussy. We were kissing and fondling and drinking. I asked Bob to remove my corset. It was off quick. I let the boys nuzzle in my perky tits while I sat on them. I sat between both boys, grabbed their cocks and started to stroke them. The boys grabbed a tit each and fondled and bit my nipples. After a few minutes, I got up, went to the bed and got on all fours. I asked Bob if he liked my ass. He responded he would like it better after the thong was removed. I winked at him and gave him the signal to remove my thong. Once gone, I was dressed only in my pink fuck me shoes. I asked Bob to enjoy what ever he wanted to do. Bob wasted no time and had his cock buried in my pussy. He was fucking me fast and hard. I knew he will not last a minute at that pace so I pulled off his cock. I asked him to lie down on the bed. I straddled his face and asked him to eat me. I asked Tony to come next to us so I could suck his cock while Bob ate me. Tony grabbed my hair and pushed his cock deep in my mouth, gagging me. He face fucked me as Bob went to town on my pussy. Bob was a good pussy eater I must say. He had me cumming on his mouth in 2 minutes. I got off and Tony grabbed me. He stood next to the bed, lifted me up and pulled me down on his hard cock. The freshly cum pussy took his thick cock easily in. I love being fucked standing and Tony knew that. He fucked me hard and fast as I hung on him for dear life. 2 minutes of fucking me that way he threw me down on the bed next to Bob who was watching. Opened my legs wide. Jumped on me and fucked me till he came hard in my pussy. His hot cum hit the right spot and made me orgasm again.

Bob was busy stroking himself watching me get fucked. Once Tony moved, I motioned Bob to take his place. Bob was in my sloppy pussy with his cock and started to pump fast. Bob had little control and ended up cumming in less than a minute. Both boys lay on the bed next to me while we caught our breath.

A drink later I got up and went to the bathroom. I got the bathtub started, and lay in it soaking myself. I asked the guys to come and sit on the edge. While still in the bathtub I went down on both of them and started to suck them. I had Bob playing with my tits as I suckled both guys to another hard on. Then I turned around, asked both guys to stand next to each other and take turns fucking me. Bent over the tub the boys would fuck my pussy for half a minute each and take turns. God this was so good and 10 minutes of being tagged team by these 2 hunks, my pussy came for the third time. The guys asked if they could cum again. I refused. Got out. Cleaned myself. Grabbed a drink and lay in bed enjoying the tingle in my pussy. The boys were next to me. I asked them to slowly stroke and suck my clit. I wanted to cum one more time. Bob who was the better pussy eater did his job right again and made me cum. Wow! He was an excellent pussy eater.

I asked the boys if they wanted to fuck both my holes together. I knew that will be tough given that I am a small girl and Tony's cock is thick but the boys had some lotion ready and we went for it. Some adjusting later Tony was in my pussy and Bob was in my ass. God it felt so good to be filled completely. The boys soon found a rhythm and fucked me well. Bob came first and pulled out. Tony bit my tits, kissed me deep and fucked me. I moved my pussy on him too till he was ready to explode and I felt his cock spurt hot semen in me again.

Bob could not believe how much fun he was having. He wanted to be sucked more even though he knew he could not cum. I asked him to lie next to me. We kissed and fondled and I gave him another good head. He really wanted to cum but had nothing left in him. We finished drinking and decided to sleep. I asked Bob to stay back with me alone. Tony had no problem leaving as he knew we will fuck more in the future.

Bob was very excited to have me alone. He was hard as we lay in the dark room and tried to enter my pussy from behind as he cuddled. I opened my legs enough to let him enter. Under the sheets he fucked me slowly. He did not cum but he fucked me nice and easy for a good 10 minutes.

We slept in late and in the morning Bob was up and clean before I woke up. I saw him standing in the bath towel looking really sexy. I motioned him to me, pulled the covers off me to show my naked body and asked him to eat me. Barely woken up I had this hunk working on my pussy again. His tongue did
its magic again and I got me a great morning orgasm. I returned the favor by pulling his towel off him, sucking his cock and letting him fuck my wet pussy.

Bob wanted me to ride him. We flipped and I gave him a great cow girl show. His hands were all over my tits and body and he grabbed my ass as I rode him. Bob was moaning soon and ended up filling my pussy. I sucked him clean, went to the bathroom to clean up and get ready. Once dressed we both left the room and went our own ways.
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