My Night with Beth
After quickly toweling off, I took my time massaging lotion and moisturizer into my still-damp skin. When I was done, every inch of my body was invitingly soft to the touch and imbued with a sweet, flowery fragrance. Padding barefoot across the carpeted bedroom floor to my closet, I slipped into a short, pink silk dressing robe and retrieved two bulky traincases from the deepest corner. As I turned sideways to navigate the door, I was careful to hold the containers away from my body lest their rough sides scrape my soft, delicate skin. Setting them gently on the lowered bathroom counter, I unlatched the metal clasps and opened them both as the neatly folded trays and compartments blossomed like the petals of twin flowers. As I did so, the heady scent of powders, pencils, mascaras, and all sorts of other goodies washed over me in a wave. I just sat there for a second with my eyes closed as I took it all in. I keep my daily makeup on my counter of course. It's just that I'd never get any work done at the office with five shades of emerald green eyeshadow, smoky eyeliner, and fuchsia lipstick on. I could feel myself getting a little wet as my eyes roamed over endless trays powder and tubes of color. It's liberating to be able express my inner slut after having to keep it locked down most of the day.

Almost giddy in anticipation, I picked a bottle of liquid foundation off of the topmost tray and got to work. A wide synthetic brush tickled my skin as I applied a smooth layer of the liquid to my face. The base color blended flawlessly with my natural skin tone while small pearlescent additives gave my skin a subtle sparkle. I set the results with a light dusting of powder before contemplating which products I would use to enhance my grey/blue eyes.

I have to admit- when it comes to eye makeup, I'm a sucker for the heavy, slutty look that I see on the pornstars that Beth and I occasionally invite into our bedroom via the DVD player. But without being immodest, I think I'm skilled enough with the brush to keep the look subtle and sexy rather than ending up looking like an over-the-top street walker as the pornstars in some of the cheaper videos do. In the end, I opted for a deep, sapphire blue smoky eye look. I retrieved the second of my four large eyeshadow palettes; this one contained 32 subtly different shades of blues and greens. I smiled like a little girl in a candy store at the sight of the beautiful pressed powders. Alongside the palette went a pair of mascaras, two soft kohl eyeliner pencils and a tray of gel eyeliners in various colors.

A thin layer of eyeshadow base gave me a clean canvas from my lashline to my brows. I spent the next ten minutes wielding a half dozen brushes like a master artist- patting, sweeping, and blending the fading shades of blue onto my lids in a way that made my already stunning eyes pop. A thick line of smudged black eyeliner and a fabulous set of false lashes completed the look. When I was done, I turned my head to the side and batted my eyes as I examined my handiwork in the magnified makeup mirror. Jewel blue highlights on the center of my lids faded to pearlescent deep navy and black shadows in the corners and creases. The blue faded gradually up to an ivory highlight color and thin, perfectly arched brows. Feathery false lashes blended flawlessly with my own and gave me a wide, doe-eyed look. Beth wouldn't stand a chance I thought with a grin.

I always saved my lips for last; the ultimate image of femininity in my mind was a sexy young thing bending over a bathroom counter, touching up her lipstick. Of course, in my imagination, her lips needed touching up in the first place because she had just finished an energetic cocksucking session! My idea of a good fairy tale had always been less Snow White, and more Debbie Does Dallas. With that happy thought, I selected a creamy pencil in a pale pink and carefully lined my lips- extending the color ever so slightly outside of my natural lip line. Then came a frosty, bubble-gum pink lipstick that gave me the super-pornstar look I was going for. Two coats, separated by a careful blotting job in between made sure that the color was extra deep and sparkly. I topped it all off with a thick application of MAC lipglass. The sticky gloss left a layer of shine so deep, it looked like I already had cum on my lips!

My half-hour makeup routine had conveniently allowed the hot rollers piled in my brown locks to cool to a lukewarm temperature. I methodically removed the plastic appliances one by one- careful to unwind my long luxurious locks without twisting the curls. Armed with a wirehair brush and a can of hairspray, I set to work on achieving the big, sexy look I wanted. I teased my roots until it felt like my arm would fall off and emptied half the can until a thick, noxious scent of hair spray filled the bathroom- but it was all worth it. My golden tresses fell in long, loose curls to the middle of my back- perfectly framing my made-up face.

Satisfied at my transformation, shed the dressing robe- tossing it on the bed as I walked into my closet. I faced the corner that housed my extensive lingerie collection and put my hands on my hips- deciding what to wear. White felt appropriate for my sub role tonight, so I reluctantly dropped the wicked black leather corset I had been fingering and moved to the other side of my color-coded wardrobe. A long ivory negligee caught my eye as I browsed the collection; delicate lace cups gave way to what seemed like an acre of slippery satin. The presence of two long slits up to crotch height ensured easy access and solidified my choice. I selected a complementary deep lace paneled garter belt, and a pair of ruffled crotchless panties to wear underneath. A pair of shimmery seamed stockings with a deep lace top and pair of five inch fuck-me pumps completed the look.

I carried my choices to the bed and leisurely dressed myself for the night's festivities. The garterbelt went on first- its six metal clasps dangling invitingly. I smoothed on the stockings next and slipped each of the garters into place. I guess it's a sign of my growing lingerie addiction that the rear garters, which had once been such a pain to attach, hardly gave me any trouble lately. I next slipped into the panties- carefully aligning the slit with my own moist opening. I stepped into the silky gown and slipped my nylon-covered feet into the heels. A four-stranded pearl choker and silver hoop earrings completed the look. My reflection in the mirror was a study in contrasts; the makeup and hair of a practiced slut was juxtaposed with downright virginal looking lingerie. If virgins wore garter belts and five-inch heels that is.

I walked out to the living room and poured myself a glass of wine before settling back on the couch to wait.

A few minutes past nine, I heard the unmistakable sound of a car's engine coming up my driveway. Giddy with anticipation, it was all I could do not to sprint to the door. Even so, I had gotten within a few feet of my front door by the time the doorbell rang.

My hand was just turning the knob when Beth's voice rang out. "No peeking baby! Close your eyes and take five steps back once you open the door."

I followed her commands- unlocking and opening the door a crack before retreating a bit unsteadily on my stiletto heels with my eyes closed. I heard the sexy click of Beth's own heels as she entered the marble entryway. I heard and felt the door close behind her as the click of the lock coincided with the end of the cool breeze against my nylon-covered ankles.

"Okay darling, you can take a peek now," she intoned with a hint of naughty delight.

Beth was just tossing her trench coat to the floor as I got my first glimpse of her. My first thought was that the trench coat had been a good idea; she would have gotten arrested and/or raped if she'd driven over in the outfit underneath. I could just make out the hint of a French pedicure through the opening of her five inch black leather peep toe heels. The black sheer stockings encasing her legs were held up by garters attached to a heavily boned satin corset. Beth's magnificent breasts were left on full display by the shelf bra she'd worn with the underbust corset. A rhinestone choker and matching dangling earrings framed her beautiful face. Smokey plum eyeshadow and deep crimson lips gave her a look of raw sexual energy. In short, my pussy started leaking enough juice to float a battleship. And that was before I'd examined the centerpiece of her entire outfit: a massive silicone strap-on jutting obscenely from her crotch.

Beth's fake cock was coated with a sheen of lube that she had thoughtfully applied before her grand entrance. I was absolutely entranced by the dancing reflections of the soft mood lighting that played across the dildo's wet surface as she seductively crossed the room- hips swaying and heels clicking all the while. She didn't even break stride as she closed the last few feet and embraced me with a deep, passionate kiss. The feeling of our glossy lips sliding across each other as our tongues met was so sexy. I could feel my wetness soaking the folds of my crotchless panties as Beth mashed her breasts against mine through layers of satin and lace. The whole scene was so hot that I could barely contain myself. I certainly wasn't going to wait around for us to engage in any more polite foreplay.

I broke our liplock and flashed Beth a wicked smile as I beckoned her to follow with the glossy red nail of my index finger. Our sexy fuck-me heels echoed in unison across the tile floor as I led her down the hallway to the master bedroom. I stepped aside as she crossed the threshold and closed the door behind her with an audible click. She turned with a start at the noise, but her concern melted into a smile as she saw me standing there in a seductive pose, my hands resting on my ample, lifted bosom.

"What a little whore you are," Beth playfully teased with her hands on her hips. "You couldn't even wait five minutes before dragging me to bed."

"I'm not a whore, I'm a slut," I replied in mock disapproval. "And you should know that when we sluts see a nice, hard cock, we don't fuck around."

That earned a giggle from Beth as I walked up to her and caressed her exposed breasts. As nice as her titties were, my hands didn't linger long- I was on a mission. My fingers traced the delicate floral lace pattern that covered the midriff of her corset- following the narrowing steel boning down her torso all the way until it flared out at her womanly hips. As I slid my hands between her garter straps and smooth, creamy thighs, I sank to my knees and felt the deep, plush carpet through the wispy layer of nylon stockings. As I sat back on my heels, her fake cock was at the perfect height- lined up just inches away from my bubblegum pink lips.

The first time Beth had ever worn the 10-inch monster, I had been deathly afraid of it. I had limited myself to licking the head and stroking the shaft with my hand for almost half an hour before we had tried the fast, sloppy blowjob style that I could perform on her old six-inch dildo with impunity. Over the course of our last three dates though, I had grown more comfortable with blowing her larger phallus- progressing from a tentative, virgin-style blowjob to deep throating and everything in between.

Tonight, I finally felt ready to play rough. I wanted to take Beth by surprise and show her who really owned that cock! In one smooth motion, I grabbed her ass cheeks in both hands and pulled her hips toward my face as I leaned my head back and opened my throat as widely as I could. The tip of my tongue hung just over my pouty lower lip as the head of her dildo passed into my mouth. I was thankful for Beth's preapplied lube as the first few inches of the silicone penis slid smoothly across my tongue. When the thick head reached the back of my throat, I forced my throat open as wide as I could and dug my painted nails into Beth's ass cheeks- pulling with all my might. With a muted pop, the faux dick slid into my throat and my lips wrapped tightly around the base of the dildo and its silicone balls. All told, my sword swallowing impression had taken barely a second. I looked up into Beth's shocked eyes.

"Oh my god Pussy. How the hell did you fit that monster down your throat that easily?"

Beth's lips formed into a sexy 'O' shape as she tweaked her own nipples- her eyes never straying from mine.

"Shit you have no idea how sexy you look right now. You look like such a fucking slut with my dick balls-deep in your throat..."

Inwardly beaming at my successful job impressing the sexually jaded Beth, I pulled off the faux cock and began laving the long shaft with my tongue as I locked my eyes on hers in a smoldering gaze. I lazily popped the head in and out of my mouth- letting the head bulge against the inside of my cheek in a life-imitating-art mimic of the universal pantomime for cocksucking. I was careful to rub and tug the dildo just a little bit harder than I'd ever treat a real cock; every subtle motion was being transmitted down the length of the strap-on straight to my lover's snatch.

Beth responded to my manual stimulation. She continued to roll her left nipple between her forefinger and thumb as her right hand moved down to stroke her clit- exposed through a conveniently designed hole in the strap-on harness.

When she had settled into a gentle, but insistent rhythm, I took her into my mouth once more and began to bob my head up and down. My long brown hair swirled around my face as I performed oral on the silicone penis jutting out of Beth's crotch. I brushed a few loose locks back from my face- allowing my hoop earrings to move freely and sound out a delightfully naughty jingle in time to my blowjob.

"God , you're gonna make me cum. On your knees in that little whore outfit sucking my thick cock..."

I really get off on Beth's dirty talk, and I soaked my panties until they were dripping wet as she called me every dirty name in the book- cumslut, cocksucking bitch, jizz-addicted whore. Eventually she trailed off into a series of sexy moans as her long pink nails began stroking her clit faster and faster.

"Oh Fuck! I'm cumming baby! Take my jizz in your mouth!"

As she climaxed, Beth took her left hand away from her nipple and gently squeezed the balls of the strap-on, releasing a few shots of the semen substitute stored within through the cockhead buried deep in my throat. Not wanting to waste my girlfriend's "cumshot", I hurriedly pulled back off of the dildo until only the head was trapped within my mouth. The quick movement jostled the other end of the dildo buried in Beth's quim and set off another round of pleasure for my beautiful lover. As the wave of pleasure washed over her, Beth's hand clamped down a bit too hard on the dildo's balls and a second, massive shot of fake semen erupted from the strap-on. Even for a practiced cocksucker like me, it was a bit much; a trickle of the realistically textured jizz escaped out of the corner of my painted mouth.

Beth's reaction to this wasn't long in coming. The visual of her slutty girlfriend down on her knees, with a massive dick protruding from her mouth and stringy white cum leaking from her lips set off a third small orgasm. Beth's knees buckled and she braced her hands on my shoulders as her delicate, stocking-encased ankles wobbled atop her five-inch heels.

It took Beth ten long seconds to gather herself. As she recovered, I took her hands from my shoulders and guided her down until she was laid out on the floor beside me. I brushed a lock of hair away from her sweaty, glowing face and leaned over to kiss her. As we embraced, I pursed my lips and let a small dollop of cum escape my mouth and land in hers. She smiled in exhausted delight at the slimy taste of the fake jizz and leaned up for more. I gathered up my hair and held it away from our faces as I more aggressively pushed my cum-soaked tongue into her mouth and transferred the salty reward I had milked from her cock. We lay there for a few minutes, sloppily transferring our sexy drink back and forth. When Beth had gotten a bit of her strength back, she swallowed her half of the cum and I did the same before we shared one last clean-up kiss. I know it's just fake cum, but my pussy still gets a little wet when I feel the realistic faux semen sliding down my throat. I guess I'm such a slut that even fake splooge turns me on!
That was wonderful Pussy," Beth whispered into my ear as we spooned on the floor. "Are you ready for your turn my sexy little princess?"

Beth reached her arm around my waist and began gently stroking my mound. She took it slow, avoiding my clit and instead playing with the now soaked chiffon ruffle of my panties. The delicate white material slid across my skin as Beth gently stroked it back and forth across my pussy lips. I leaned back over my shoulder to kiss her as my own hands sought to enhance the pleasure she was now giving me. I rolled and pulled my erect nipples as our lips toyed with each other and her fingers made their first, tentative contact with my clit. As her gentle stroking intensified, I reached down and parted the folds of the crotchless panties to expose my cunt. The cool air felt good on my pussy lips as I inserted two slender fingers into my own snatch. We established a smooth rythym- alternating her strokes across my love button with my own deep, penetrating finger banging motion. But as good as my fingers felt, let's face it, I'm a size queen. I was so horny at the thought of Beth's huge prick stuffing my pussy that I was leaking my juices all over the place.

Beth must have sensed it too, because she broke our kiss and asked me, "Are you ready for a good fucking lover?"

I just smiled and nodded at her. She returned my enthusiastic smile with a sexy little grin before turning nasty again and sneering, "well spread those legs bitch, I'm going to bury this cock in you so deep that you won't walk straight for a week!"

We disentangled ourselves and Beth moved to a kneeling position between my legs. I extended my legs straight up and out in a 'V' shape and grabbed my own ankles as I played along with her sexy talk.

"I've been such a bad girl. I need to be punished with a thick, hard cock," I pouted. "Bury that fucking rod in my slutty little pussy."

Beth used one hand to spread the opening of my crotchless panties and the other to line up her massive dick with my pussy lips. We shared a long, loving look. I nodded my head and licked my lips sexily. She smiled sweetly.

Without warning Beth drove her hips forward and buried all 8-inches in my cunt. The sharp slap of her thighs against my ass cheeks echoed across the room. The shock drove the air from my lungs. But just as quickly, I felt the divinely erotic sensation that only comes from having a massive penis- whether it's flesh or silicone- filling up my pussy.

I moaned with pleasure and egged her on, "Oh fuck yeah Beth, that's it. Your cock feels so good inside of me. Fuck me just like that."

She grabbed me by the hips- her hands firmly gripping me through the slippery silk negligee- and pulled the strap-on out until just the head was inside of me.

"Is that what my sexy little whore likes? You like this big dick inside your pretty pussy?"

She slammed the dildo back into me almost as violently as the first time. I closed my eyes and screwed up my face in a mask of unbridled pleasure as the feeling of her hard fucking washed over me.

"Yeah, sluts like you crave dick, don't you baby. I'll bet you cum just from the feeling of my hard-on inside you."

Beth began fucking me more quickly now. She built up a steady rhythm- punctuated by her constant stream of erotic talk and the sharp sound of her cock bottoming out against my ass cheeks.

"I wish you could see yourself right now Pussy- you look so fucking hot. Your painted nails against your creamy white stockings, the garter straps digging into your ass with every thrust. I always knew you were a slut for cock baby, but you look like the sexiest bitch on the planet with my dick slinging out of your tight little cunt."

I could only moan in reply as the feeling of her powerful strokes overwhelmed me. Each thrust brought a new wave of pleasure as her strap-on pierced me over and over.

As we rocked back and forth, the lace of my negligee cups was sliding back and forth over my erect nipples. They were absolutely on fire as Beth relentlessly fucked me. Desperate for relief, I released my ankles- bringing my legs together and letting them come to rest on Beth's shoulders. My hands flew to my poor nipples- quickly gathering the offending lace cups underneath my bouncing bosom. I would have given anything for the nipple clamps fifteen feet away in my closet drawer. My fingers would just have to do as I kneaded my tits in both hands and pinched my nipples so hard I thought they would burst.

I was in sheer heaven for the next few minutes. I can remember every little detail of the moments leading up to my massive orgasm: the feeling of Beth's soft blonde hair brushing against my stockinged ankles as I rested my legs against her, the slippery movement of the satin negligee against the sensitive skin of my torso, the smell of our perfume mingling with two sets of girl cum and lube.

But most of all, I remember the look in Beth's eyes as she met my gaze. Sometimes, when we "make love," I can see a look of tenderness and love in her eyes; but not that night. That night, we were fucking- pure and simple. The passion in Beth's expression was pure lust and sexual hunger. I was her little fuck toy- a primped and painted plaything that existed only to take her cock. The thought of being her sex slave made me horny beyond belief.

Even a fuck slut like Beth has limits to her endurance. I could tell that the double ended dildo was doing its job as her thrusts became more and more erratic.

"Mmm, you're such a hot fuck you little slut," Beth whined. "I'm gonna cum so hard. Get ready baby," she continued in halting gasps.

I let the orgasm that had been building inside of me reach the point of no return just as Beth buried her cock in me with one last thrust. We both convulsed violently as orgasmic pleasure racked our bodies. Beth had the presence of mind to grind her mound against mine- squishing the fake balls of her dildo between us and releasing a torrent of cum into my pussy. I love it when a man shoots his load deep in my snatch, and Beth's cock was close enough. The warm cum splashed against the walls of my cunt and with my depths filled up with fake dick, immediately began leaking out of my slit.

The erotic wetness felt so good and so slutty. I retreated into my own mind and realized what a horny bitch I was. The vision of Beth climaxing between my legs triggered another mini-orgasm. She was the picture of slutty perfection with her black lace lingerie and carefully cultivated whorish look. I rolled my head to the side and saw a sight in the floor to ceiling mirror that took my breath away. My beautiful Beth was in the throes of a massive orgasm- her eyes clenched tightly shut as her body bucked and shuddered violently and uncontrollably. Her hands grasped my hips in a death grip- the deep red nails looking like sparkling jewels against my white satin outfit.

But little narcissist that I am, what really got my juices gushing was my spread eagled body writhing beneath Beth's. My ivory white lingerie contrasted severely with Beth's jet-black ensemble. The glint of 5" metal spike heels blended gracefully into my white satin-covered pumps. Tiny particles of Lurex embedded in my stockings gave my shapely legs a sparkling sheen as they gave way to first a deep lace top, and then my creamy smooth thighs. My eyes traced the garter strap running along my hip until it disappeared into a tangle of satin and lace trim from my hiked-up negligee. The slippery satin nightdress was bunched from both sides for access to my sopping pussy at one end and firm breasts at the other. My pearl choker was askew from the ragging Beth had just given me. But you'd be hard pressed to tell from the contented smile on my face. In my post-coital glow, I marveled at how the deep eyeshadow, shiny lipstick, and tousled 'just-fucked' hairdo could completely transform my appearance from a few short hours earlier.

As Beth slowly regained control after her draining cum, she lowered her body onto mine and tenderly nibbled on my lips. She brushed back a stray lock of hair from my face and gave me a sweet little smile. While she appeared to be temporarily back in loving girlfriend mode, I knew the little minx too well. Two orgasms are hardly enough for the insatiable little slut, and as her desire grew, she would again yield to her animal passions and find a new, inventive way to forcefully fuck me. Just the thought of her in 'bitch' mode made me hot. To speed things along, I reached down and began slowly stroking the surrogate cock that still protruded obscenely from her crotch.

The custom harness was strapped securely enough to let my lover fuck me as vigorously as she wanted to, but there was still enough stretch in the fabric to let me slowly work the other end of the dildo in and out of her quim in short strokes. It didn't take long for me to tell that I was having the desired effect. Beth's soft kisses gave way to lip biting and tongue play as she insistently ground her hips back against my handjob.

"You like it when I stroke your cock baby?" I cooed at her. "Tell me how good my hand feels on that fuckstick between your legs."

"You know exactly how this feels you nasty little whore," she passionately growled at me through teeth clenched against the pleasure overwhelming her body. "I'm going to teach you a lesson with this cock, you tease."

"Well I'm waiting lover. You know, I'm OK with this 'lovemaking' stuff, but one of these days, I'd like you to actually fuck me hard," I replied with a bored sigh.

It's a good thing we don't play cards, because I know all the right buttons to push with Beth. Even though we were both role-playing, I know that insulting her fucking is a surefire way to get my baby to just pound the shit out of me.

"That's it bitch, enough of this face to face shit. Flip over and spread that dirty cunt of yours. I'm going to shove this dick so far up your twat, that you'll taste it at the back of your throat," she ordered.

"I'm sorry, I meant taste it again at the back of your throat," she added with a sexy smirk.

She couldn't see my ear-to-ear grin as I rolled over as commanded. I drew up my knees and positioned myself on all fours at the edge of the bed. I flipped my hair to one side and licked my lips in anticipation of what was to come.

The firm smack on my ass cheek took me by surprise. But pain gave way to pleasure as Beth alternately kneaded and struck my firm bubble butt.

"What a nasty slut I'm going out with- her pussy gets wet just at the thought of being plowed doggy style," she mockingly tsk-tsked. Beth grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my head back sharply before whispering softly in my ear, "Here it comes baby. Twelve inches of cock for your poor aching pussy..."

With my gently curled locks still firmly in her grasp, Beth brushed the head of her silicone monster against my dripping pussy lips. She teasingly rubbed the head against my slit, getting me so hot, I thought I would explode. It was such a relief when the first few inches slowly slid into my cunt. I could feel my insides slowly parting for the mammoth tool as Beth slowly worked it in and out. I could tell she was teasing me as she slipped her dick inside me at a glacial pace. She was so subtle that I only realized she was completely inside me when I felt the warm flesh of her thighs press against my cheeks.

My long awaited fucking was finally at hand though, as Beth took the hand not holding my head back and placed it on the small of my back. Like a symphony conductor, she guided my hips as her cock worked slowly in and out of my pussy. I loved the dominating feel of the gentle tug at my hair as she stroked in and out of me at a leisurely pace. I moaned out loud at the building pleasure in my body even as I begged her for more.

"Ohh fuck baby! That feels so good. You've got me so wet Beth, please just fuck me. I need it so bad," I whined.

I glanced over at the mirror and caught her triumphant smile.

"I knew a hot cumslut like you couldn't wait for it. Tell me what you want lover. I want to hear it," she gloated.

"God, I want you to fuck me harder Beth," I begged. "Fuck me faster with that big dick and make me cum!"

Almost as soon as the words were out of my mouth, Beth picked up the pace and began sawing her dick in and out of my slit more forcefully. The slap of her thighs against my ass cheeks rang out as her strokes became harder and deeper. At some point, she released my hair and used both hands on my hips to pound into my poor, abused cunt. I grasped the cool satin sheets in my hands, hanging on for dear life as my lover mercilessly fucked me from behind. As my orgasm grew, I timed Beth's thrusts until I was slamming my hips back at her cock in time with her own thrusts.

After a few minutes of uncontrolled fucking, I finally lost control. "Fuck yes I'm cumming!" I screamed. "Pound my cunt you big-cocked slut. Fuck your whored-out girlfriend with that dick!"

Through it all, Beth never let up her pace. I embraced one long continuous climax as the wonderful feeling of her dildo never left me. Finally, when I was reduced to a quivering, mumbling pile of flesh, Beth slowly eased off.

"You're not getting off that easy Pussy. I still haven't cum. You want to be a good girlfriend and make sure I cum, don't you?" she teased. "Well, that stretched out pussy just isn't tight enough to get me off anymore. You really shouldn't have taken so many cocks in that thing," she giggled.

My eyes shot open in delight as I realized what she meant. "I hope you lubed up like a good little whore..." she gleefully trailed off.

She knows full well of course, that every time we have a date, I use a douche nozzle and shoot a good quantity of lube up my ass. So it was with no fear that I felt the tip of her dildo probing against my puckered rosebud.

Wanting to enjoy every second of the experience, I shifted position onto my belly. I reached back and grasped the stiletto heels of my pumps in each hand. This position has always seemed deliciously naughty to me. Wearing heels to bed is the mark of a slut to begin with; holding onto those heels while a thick cock plunged into my tight asshole was just icing on the cake.

I glanced back over my shoulder and locked eyes with Beth as she eased the head into my asshole. I gave a little gasp and opened my mouth in pure ecstasy as I experienced the familiar pleasure of my ass being invaded. Beth's always a little cautious with me; she took her time gently working the dildo deeper and deeper into my tight little hole. Her gentleness was completely unnecessary of course. In my wild younger days, I took plenty of dry cocks in my ass- some even as big as Beth's silicone imitation. Hell, with lube you could shove a baseball bat up my rectum. But I guess she loved fucking my ass so much that she was a bit overprotective of it; she can be so cute sometimes!

When she was finally all the way in, I couldn't resist tweaking her a bit. "Took you long enough," I said in feigned annoyance.

"Keep talking slut. I haven't even started with you yet!" she replied gamely. Beth might be overcautious when she's initially stretching me out, but she never held back once I was warmed up. As intended, my little shot across the bow ensured she would unleash holy hell on my backdoor.

She smacked my ass hard with an open palm before grabbing my hips firmly. Once she had a hold of me, her dildo began stroking in an out of my asshole. She went slowly at first- shallow strokes; just an inch or two and right back in. I sighed contentedly at the wonderful feeling of her fullness inside my forbidden hole.

"My nympho likes a cock in her ass, doesn't she!" Beth gleefully proclaimed. "That virginal white doesn't do you justice baby..."

As I lay there helplessly with my heels in hand, Beth gradually picked up the pace; her strokes went deeper every second. I was in heaven from the alternating sensations of emptiness and wicked fullness as the dildo pistoned in and out of my asshole.

"Ohhhh my god! You feel so fucking good in my asshole Beth! Please don't stop, keep fucking me baby. I want to feel every inch of your cock inside me!" I cried.

Soon Beth was audibly grunting from the exertion- her forceful thrusts invading my rectum at breakneck speed. Sensing her climax nearing, I began squeezing my anus rhythmically. When I have a real cock in my ass, I've been told that the increased tightness is so pleasurable, it could get a monk to bust his nut. With my girlfriend's silicone strap-on, the contractions pulled steadily on the double headed toy's harness- shifting the second head buried 6 inches up Beth's quim.

"Yes!!! Keep doing it Pussy! That feels incredible!" she wailed. "Your sexy asshole is going to make me cum sooo hard!"

With the last of her energy, Beth grabbed my hips and slammed the foot long monster all the way up my backdoor one last time; we cried out in feminine ecstasy as one. She collapsed on top of my back as tremors shook her from head to toe. I could feel the satin and lace of her lingerie on my back as a gush of my girl cum soaked the sheets.

Our shared orgasm seemed to go on forever. When it was over, Beth withdrew her faux cock from my ass with a satisfying plop. She lay down beside me as I rolled up onto my side; we shared a tender kiss and cuddled in our post-coital glow.

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