My Old Lover
I was invited to a house party. It was with some old friends of mine from high school. I was excited. I lost contact with a lot of them when I moved. So I dressed my best, yet sexy.

As I walked through the door I was bombarded with hugs. So many friends I have missed were there. People were playing games on the ps3 in the living room, there were some out side on the porch smoking and talking, more people were in the kitchen taking shots and others were playing beer pong.

My friend offered me a beer, I told him I will take a shot instead. So we all went to the kitchen and had a few. Over a period of time there were more people showing up. I was having fun catching up, and laughing about old times.

Then she walked in the door. I had to look twice to make sure it was her. Yep, it was Sara. I smiled and walked in the living room to say hi. When she saw me she came over to me and pushed me against the wall. We started to kiss, make out.

My hands were on her body. One on her lower back slidding down and grabbing her ass. The other hand was pulling her closer to me. She began to pull away. My hand grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her in again. My nails lightly scratching the back of her neck.

We slowly pulled apart, as we kissed each other gently. She whispered "I missed you so much." It made me smile even more as I bit my lip.

As we looked around we had an audience. Everyone was looking at us. I blushed right away and turned around. I knew more then half the guys were turned on. I mean come on I was already wet.

She grabbed my hand and lead me down a hall way to a bedroom. You can hear the guys getting all huffy and puffy. One asked if he can watch right before we went into the bedroom. Sara paused and turned around' "I dont care as long as she is comfortable with it." Everyone's eyes were on me, begging me to say yes.

I blushed and said "Why not but only the first 4 will be able to watch us." I have never seen so many people drop what they were doing and run. We stood by the door to only allow four people in. We soon shut the door and locked it before anyone could make in.

They all found seats around the bed, where Sara was already laying on the bed. I crawled on the bed holding my body over hers. I soon layed next to her, kissing her. My hands wandered over her body. Unbottoning her blouse and showing her white lace bra.

I got up and kissed down her body. I pulled her bra down a little so I can kiss her breasts, nibble on her nipples. She squirmed just a little bit. I unsnapped her bra. She slid her blouse and bra off. I kissed down her body again. Kissing her sides as I unzipped her pants and slide them down, along with her matching white panties.

I threw them behind me. She still kept her legs closed. I grabbed on of them and kissed up from her ankles to her thigh. I bit her inner thigh. She let out a moan yet pulled my head up as if it was a shocking painful pleasure. I passed on and kissed her clit before licking.

My tongue slid up and down her wet lips. She tasted so good. My tongue licked against her clit, making her moan uncontrolably. She ran her hands through my hair as I continued to eat her out.

My hands gripped on her legs to hold her down. I shook my head side to side as my tongue was still at her clit. She squeezed her legs at first. Then she began to buck. It was a challange to keep in touch yet I was able to still make her moan. She finally grabbed my hair and pulled me up. "I am not coming just yet."

She pulled me back on top of her. She kissed me as she rolled me over. She slid my shirt off, exposing my black lace bra. She left it on suprisingly. She kissed passed them. It felt strange but I went with it. She unbuttoned my jeans with her teeth. Oh god was it hot. She slid them down still leaving my panties on. She did the same thing with my legs as I did with hers. Including biting my thighss. Oh god it drove me insane but I loved it.

She licked on the out side of my panties, hoping she would move them aside. She teased me, rubbing her fingers on my clit over the panties. I wanted more! Her hands moved up to the straps of my thong and instead of pulling them down, she torn them off.

She licked my clit just like I did to her. My hands went through her hair. This time she pulled back and rubbed my pussy with her fingers. My moans were over flowing. Her fingers went down and slid into my dripping wet pussy.

She finger fucked me as she continued to eat me out. It felt so damn good. I was just about to come until she pulled away. She kissed up my body and stopped at my breasts. She unsnapped my bra and slid it off. She nibbled on my nipples and fondled them a little more before working herself up and kissing.

He crawled off the bed. I watched her and all I could see were the guys in awe over us. I didnt look to see if they were even playing with themselves or not. I didnt even care if they joined. Then I saw her walking back to the bed. She was holding something. I couldnt make it out until she was on the bed again. It was a double ended dildo.

My mouth dropped, I have never had one. She slid one end in my pussy. Oh my moans here over-flowing as she moved it in and out. Oh I wanted to cum but I didnt want to be selfish. She laid the opposite way and slid the other end in her pussy. I could feel as my end went in deeper. Our moans flowed together and louder.

Every time we grind or moved it went deeper into the other. We fucked each other faster. Oh my god I was about to cum and I knew she was to. Our legs were inter-twined and pulling eachother deeper and faster. I have never felt like this with a woman. Oh my god I'm cumming.

I leaned back, my body shaking. She slowed down and was catching her breath. She came as well. She slid off the toy and slid it out of my. It was covered with both our cum.

The men wanted to see more. She got up and said "thats it boys" and opened the door. Everyone was standing at the door. I grabbed a pillow to cover myself. The men left. She said "I hope you liked what you saw because that isnt the grand fanalle." They turned around to run back in and she slammed the door, locking it. She walked back to me and asked "now where were we?"
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