My Older Sister's Boyfriend
This is a true story...

I sat in my room masturbating legs spread, head back, and eyes closed with my hands slipped underneath my jean shorts and blue thong. I felt amazing. I wasn't paying attention to anything but what I was doing thats probably why I didn't hear the door open. But when I opened my eyes as I was getting close to an orgasm I saw my sister's boyfriend Jeff in my room watching me, breathing heavily, and playing with himself inside his jeans.

"What are you doing here" I asked. Not stopping playing with myself. "Your sister invited me over she told me I could hang out here until she gets out of work, I came up to say hi." he said. His cock was huge under his jeans he looked as if it would explode.

"Can I please help you with that?" I asked gesturing toward his cock. "Yes, but only if you get naked and you can't tell your sister or anyone else." "Yes, It'll be our little secret" I promised.

Jeff was 20 and I was 14. We were both virgins, I knew for a fact that he was, from secrets my sister had told me. They had been going out for 2 years. I had sometimes pictured him and used him as my inspiration while I masturbated.

I pulled off my T-shirt and my shorts. I paused "Can you help me out of my bra and panties?" I asked innocently. "Yes of course baby." He unhooked my bra and pulled it off. My tits were already red and hard. He sucked them for a minute and then pulled down my thong.

"Well now that I helped you out of your clothes can you help me out of mine?" he asked. "Of course." I pulled off his T-shirt and squeezed his left nipple. And then I pulled down his jeans taking his underwear with them.

We just stood there for a minute gazing at each other's naked bodies. And then I moved towards him and grabbed his hard cock in my hands and pulled him like it was a leash over to the bed. He sat and I stroked his rock hard cock the soft skin beneath my fingers he moaned at my touch.

Then I kneeled down on the ground and guided his cock to my mouth with one hand and his hand to the back of my head with my other hand and I sucked his balls and licked them and swirled my tongue around them. He yelled out "I'm cumming baby!" and I sucked harder until his sweet ropes of cum shot into my mouth. I swallowed the first few ropes of cum and then I positioned myself so he shot onto my tits and pussy.

"Would you like to lick me clean?" I asked. "Yes Tori I would." He licked every drop of cum off of my body and then then he started eating my pussy. I was soaking wet and then I gasped and had a giant orgasm. Then I yelled "Fuck me, Fuck me so hard, Please fuck me!" "Yes Baby Yes I'll Fuck You!"

Then he pulled me onto the bed and thrusted his rock hard cock into my throbbing pussy and I screamed and moaned as he kept thrusting and pushing. I thrusted my hips to the rythym of his cock and then he broke my hymen and we both exploded into a huge orgasm of pain and pleasure. And we both collapsed onto eachother.

After a few minutes of lying next to eachother in bed we realized that my sister would be home in just a few minutes. So we got dressed just in time to hear a car door slam. When my sister came in we had the Tv on and she asked. "What did you two do while I was at work." I just shrugged and said "Nothing."

Jeff and my sister got married and now live in Pennsylvania but every year when my sister goes for a week in New York City with her girlfriends. I spend the week with Jeff.

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