My Pink Fantasy
This fetish that I have for young Asian girls continues to intensify. It seems as if each session burns within me a need to increase the next session to an even more perverted and intense level. Maybe it's their smooth ivory colored skin, or the silky jet black hair, or the mystery lurking behind their eyes. It's hard to say, but I am clearly obsessed with them.

I had seen Pink at least a dozen times. It always starts off with me providing oral to her which often leads to her achieving an orgasm. After that we try to fuck, but I have difficulty maintaining an erection with a condom. She then provides a well lubricated hand job as we assume the 69 position with her golden pussy moving up and down my lips. In my delirious state, I long to taste her juices. As she continues to stroke, I think about all the cocks that have come inside that pussy hovering over me. I wonder how her pussy would taste if it were full of cum from a previous fuck. The fantasy continues as I try to communicate verbally to her what I was feeling and what I was fantasizing about. I try not to cum as I want this feeling to last forever. I close my eyes as I slowly drift into my fantasy world.

In my fantasy, she stops stroking my cock and leads me to another bedroom telling me that she has another client arriving in five minutes. When she is through with him, she will finish with me. I was helpless with desire and had to obey her. I begged her to let me watch her fuck the other client. She considered this for a moment and then retrieved her cell phone and called her manager. She spoke in mandarin so I had no idea what was being said. She looked at me and gave me a wicked smile as she ended the call.

She left the room and closed the door. I just laid there burning with lust for her. After awhile, I heard the doorbell ring and could detect distant voices. Ten more minutes passed as I thought about Pink getting fucked by the stranger. I could barely contain my arousal and nearly came then and there.

Suddenly, I was startled by the door opening with Pink standing there fully nude. She beckoned me to follow her into the other room where the stranger was lying on the bed. He wore a mask and his hands were restrained with cuffs attached to the bedposts. I could tell from his fully nude body that he was young and fit. His cock was at least 8 inches and stood fully erect. Pink ordered me to sit on the edge of the bed as she mounted the stranger and straddled his hard cock. Slowly his cock disappeared into the darkness between her legs and they began to fuck in a rhythmic motion. As she moved her hips up and down his bare shaft, I began stroking my own cock. Noticing this, Pink gave me a glaring look and motioned for me to stop. I obeyed. As the moans from the stranger became louder and his hip movements intensified, it was clear that he was about to come. Aware of this, Pink abruptly lifted herself up up separating herself from his rigid cock. She then grabbed me by my hair, forcing my head down over his stiff member that just seconds ago was pulsating inside her pussy.

"I want you to make him cum in your mouth," she said as she slowly began stroking the base of the stranger's cock. "When he cums, you cum!" she demanded.

Obediently, I took his cock in my mouth. I could taste her sweet pussy juices on it. The stranger began thrusting his hips up and down in my mouth while Pink continued to stroke him. Next, she began stroking my cock with her free hand. Within seconds, I could feel myself losing control and I knew I was going to cum. Just as I was about to release, I felt a gush of liquid fill my mouth. That was it! I came hard as I opened my eyes.

It was as if I awakened from a dream. I saw no stranger. There was just Pink - her womanly juices flowing from her pussy into my mouth as I came in her hand. It was just a fantasy. It felt so good. Maybe it can come true some day.
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