My Pretty slut: Part 2
After a few moments my slave returns, crawling on his knees. He is wearing his private wear collar, complete with black leather bound in metal, and leash hooks. I look down at him still wearing the panties and heels. I utterly adore seeing his ass, cock and balls pressed tightly in a pair of women's silk panties.

The first time I tried putting lipstick on him I wanted to just see him made up. He absolutely makes me crave his mouth. The look. The feel as his tongue strokes my pussy deep. Fuck. He licks my pussy making me cum hard. Gushing. Seeing him suck my cock when we do a scene takes me over the edge even faster. I crave his hot mouth when he says words of devotion and adoration for his Goddess. Queen. Mistress. Also him using dirty words making me scratch him, bite him. Mark him.

Deciding to allow him this scene was unselfish. I am jealous and never allow others to touch my collared slave. Viewing the pics again, seeing this slut sucking on my slave, gives me another idea.

Turn around,' I command my slave. I am presented with a lovely view of his tight ass. The panties are sheer red, the dark line of his crack visible through the panties.

Crawl to the couch.'

Doing as he is told, crawling to the couch. I tuck the phone under the throw pillow. This is my pleasure. I love seeing his manly body in soft girlish things. It might embarrass him to be dressed as a hot slut, but so what. I love it.

Take your panties off and get on the sofa. On your back.'

The wide cushions allow us to use this area for various positions when we fuck downstairs. Its got thick cushions that are longer providing more room to lay down. Following my instructions he slides off the panties and climbs on the couch. I walk over to him, plucking the panties from his hand, and stuff them into his mouth.

No more cock for you today. Not in your mouth anyway.'

I adore his cock sucking but, right now, I am anxious to fuck his ass. Hold your legs up.'

His does as he is told, not hesitating. Using anal lube on my cock, I tease the cock head against my slave's ass. I don't take the time to prepare him. I use the thickness of my cock to stretch his tight hole. I love seeing his ass stretched open. I slide deeper, forcing him to take more of my cock up his tight ass.

Hold your legs up!' I command, smacking his ass cheek hard. Then with both hands on his backside I spread him wider, watching his hole take my cock all the way. I thrust into his ass deep, grinding hard. I thrust again. Hard and deep. I slide my cock out and ram it in deeper.

Mmm yeah. Take my cock, slut.'

His whimpers are the spark I need to pump harder, deeper. My cock tunneling in and out of his tight ass. I ram him hard and deep.

Take my cock hard, slut.'

I smack his ass again. His body jerks hard with every pounding, ass aching thrust. Pushing in deep. Deeper. Harder. Faster and faster. His cock straining against his belly, leaking.

You fucking love this cock in your ass.'


Don't you, slut!'

Smack! Smack!

I ram his ass faster. In and out. In and out. Deeper. Forcing my cock into his tight hole. His moans muffled by the panties. I push his ass down as I ram my cock in hard. Fucking my cock deeper into his ass tunnel.

Don't fucking cum.'

I can see the begging look straining his features. I push my cock all the way into his ass hard and deep. Grinding his ass, pumping deep. I grab his cock and jerk hard. I squeeze his cock and force his ass to take every thick inch. My hand on his cock, stroking fast. I start ramming his ass.

Cum, cum now. Right now!'


The panties stay clenched in his teeth as he screams his release. Cum shoots out of his cock, hard. Cum hits his chin landing on his chest. I squeeze his cock, milking him, he thrusts in my hand once, twice. My cock slowly pulling out of his hard fucked ass. He shoots again, whimpering. I slide my cock out a bit more, about halfway, slowly easing back. The angle is perfect. I capture the picture. Showing my cum covered slave. Panties stuffed in his mouth and a dick in his ass.

What was that?'

He breaks the rules. Never question Mistress.

A memento for your slut. Oh and your phone privileges are terminated. I thought doing this scene would be unselfish, but I am too fucking jealous.' I slide my cock all the way out and move away from my slave.

Mistress, please!'

Too late. She has seen you. Think you are such a hot little slut. What about her. Let's see if your little friend likes seeing you get fucked in heels.'

As I walk away I remind my slave his free time starts now so get cleaned up and go to his room or other area away from me.
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