My Scarlet
Mmm. That song, it always is making me feel a certain type of way. It makes me think of the Southern beauty that captivated my attention with that ever so slight inflection of hers. That cool and crisp air of confidence hovering on the edge of her voice. She was always so poised and ready with her responses. My pulse thickens and my eardrums pound with the sickening ferocity of my feverish heart-beat. She was and is Scarlet Red in my little black book.

This Lady had a way of awakening some demons of my past but me, being who I was and who I was not, just let the good times roll when it presented the opportunity. My Scarlet Lady was far from dull. She was colorful and ferocious...exactly what I was bred not to be. The dangerous part is though I was bred, and I admit that despite much practice I am BEYOND animalistic...and celebrate the joy of it,I am expected to be mundane. I could be nothing but the opposite. The Lady was nothing like me even though she was so similar. Lady was but a conundrum waiting to be solved and peeled apart, much like the thickened hide of a sweet fruit waiting to be lovingly torn from its protection into new surroundings.

We were a mixed-matched couple when seen by 'average eyes'. I may exude confidence and a defiant strength but that doesn't hid my 'feminine' eyes and mouth, 'tis disgusting that images of 'femininity' cannot be considered strong. I fight that... and I ABSOLUTELY WILL win, along with the many others that support our cause. My jawline my be strong, "for a woman's", but I am certainly not what I am thought to be upon original observation. No no, I am charming and discreet in an innocent/subordinate type of way, but I am full of surprises. One doesn't know this until I let them peel back my strong external shell.. If they themselves are strong enough to withstand the turmoil that follows.

The Lady was the same as me. This time I'm not leaving without her. I've wanted to win her respect and affections and I will. I fight constantly for her approval, the nod of her strong chin to allow me to scoop her into my arms and carry her away from the chilling and ferocious eyes. I wish for it to be that easy...but it never is.

Out of nowhere she invites me for a drink. I spend hours putting my "strong-face" on and I meet her at the bar. We talk about idle things and it turns back into what "we" were/are. I stare at her perfectly "imperfect" face and she turns that uncompromisingly and beautifully-cornered smile towards my heart and eyes. I pull my emptiest face on, but my emotions are running rampant. Scarlet is one temptress. Let me tell you...

She sits on the bar-stool dunned in a black and lace dress. It cuts off over the midpoint of her knee and her thigh, exposing extraordinary muscle and strength. I pull my hand through the left side of my head and dip my chin towards her latent invitation.

"Now, my Dear Lady," I croon softly,
"I will willingly buy you drinks until this here bar throws us out, but I would much rather continue our conversations in a comfortable area, either tomorrow or right at this moment...if that is acceptable by your judgment."
"Jude, m'dear.." she softly pulls,
"You could've been a little more tempting, I understand this is your forte."
I am speechless.
I quickly respond with a hearty laugh and my hand upon hers.
"Scarlet, you always know how to knock me to my knees. Won't you give me a chance to perform more?" (and I realize how offensive I have been to make a statemented such as this...I strike my head)

She gets up from the bar stool and coolly leans over her hands. Her eyes are fierce, desirable and cold at the same time.

"You will have to earn this title, Jude."
She turns on a tight heal, cocks her shoulder length curls, and struts across the bar out of my life.

I never really received the chance to take her up on her offer, but lord, I do try, every night. Where my voice has found many admirers, I still haven't yet seen my Scarlet. When I do catch a glimpse, however, I am sure that my thespian self will take over my better judgem
ent. I'm not sure what will happen then...
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