My Secret Lover

I think we just missed each other last night. Damn it.

And I do cum for you, every time I see a message from you my pussy tingles. Want to cum with you !!!! I am so horny right now.

I read our story last night and got myself so wet, I played with my pussy till my juices were dripping and then went and climbed in bed and the boyfriend snuggled up, I reached down and
and he was semi hard so I wrapped my hand around him and got him nice and hard.

He slid his hand between my legs and up to my pussy, as he felt my juices, re said "Damn Baby, you are soaked, what you been doing?" "Your pussy needs some attention " and I could feel his fingers everywhere. And knowing I was so hot and wet from imagining being with you made me even wetter !!

My body was on fire !! (Remember I've been sick so its been awhile since I've been fucked) My pussy was throbbing as I started to rock back on his hand. I could feel him getting even harder as I pumped his shaft. Breathing hard and moaning as he fingered my pussy.

"That's it baby, fuck yea !!" he was saying "Your pussy is so hot, so tight. I want to feel it on my cock! And that's what I wanted too !! I love when he fucks me from behind !!

I'd love to have you spread before me, playing with yourself as he teases me from behind. Mmm watching you get wet as you tease your lips and clit, oh yea watching you spread wide for me and I bend down and lick your pussy, just as he slides his hard cock into mine. Oh fuck yea! you watch his face and he yours, I let out a loud moan against you, giving you more pleasure, just as he is me driving into my pussy deep.

He grabs my hips and holds me still while he strokes slowly, he is fucking me good, pulling back slow and almost out just the head still in me and then back in inch by inch filling me up so I feel all of him. " Oh yyyeeessss I scream.

"You like that? You like to ride my cock baby?" Mmmm I say.
"Say it !" he demands

"I like to ride your cock" I reply I want you to make me cum baby, I want you to fuck me hard !!!

Just a start, let me know what you think

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