My Strip Club
I've always had a flair for the dramatic, and I don't see anything wrong with that. I'm friendly and outgoing, and I love it when people focus their attention on me. In high school I joined any club that involved performing in front of an audience.

The other thing I love is sex, and lots of it. When I went away to college I got a part-time job dancing in a strip club on the weekends. Nothing made me feel more powerful than knowing I was the center of every guy's attention and the object of their kinky desires as I made love to the pole. In their minds I was what they couldn't get from their wives or girlfriends. To them I was the personification of their wet dreams.

It was such a fucking trip leading them on, turning them on, giving them just enough to keep them coming back for more. I always wore some kind of elaborate mask, lots of glittery makeup and different-colored wigs while I engaged my horny hombres with direct smiles and winks to make each of them feel special, like I was doing it all for him. And it wasn't just about the bills they tossed on the stage in appreciation. I actually got off when a guy got a hard-on from watching me. When that happened, I couldn't wait to get to my dressing room so I could finger myself. Of course, after a night like that I was so horny that I just had to fuck somebody when I got home. That's when I'd knock on Tom's door.

He lived in the apartment next to mine and didn't seem to have a regular girlfriend. He welcomed my late-night visits. I remember
the first time I saw him in the hallway. He'd bent over to pick up his newspaper, and oh baby, I knew I had to get some of that! He was tall, broad, and fine-looking. He was good with his hands too. He was strong enough to pick meup (all 120 pounds) and fuck me hard against a wall. Tom always gave me just what I needed: no prelims, no foreplay, just his thick, slick dick ramming in and out of my hot hole while I came over and over. He said I had the best ass he'd ever seen, and he was one of the few guys I would let fuck it. It was a good arrangement that lasted till I graduated and quit stripping and moved several miles away. I missed Tom and his ever-ready cock, but we kept in touch via e-mail. I also missed my club gig, which meant I had to find some other way to feed my need for an audience.

In college, a couple of my friends had webcams, which they used to keep in touch with boyfriends and families. When I got around to buying one, I selected a wide-angle unit, because I had something totally kinky in mind.

I started working at a high-end men's store while I decided whether or not I wanted to become a buyer of menswear. I also started a blog under another name, detailing my exploits at the strip club. I'd sent Tom the link to my blog so he could read my stories, and convinced him to get a webcam
so we could masturbate for each other. Nothing was hotter than seeing him lose his cool and shoot his gooey wad all over his chest. And he loved seeing me fuck myself with my big dildo and lick my juices from it. He said he couldn't get enough, but what he really wanted was to see me strip, which got my dirty little mind thinking about stripping again.

Tom worked odd hours doing maintenance, but was usually free on Tuesday nights, so I would act out some of his favorite fantasies. (The first one I ever did was to play assistant to his handyman.) First, I bought a stripper pole and had a platform made for it. Tony, the guy I found in the local pennysaver to install it, did a beautiful job. He even covered the platform with some flooring he happened to have lying around. I gave him a free show and blew the top off his big cock afterward. I didn't have time to fuck him because I had my first cam-date with Tom in a couple of hours and had to get ready. I sent Tony on his way, but kept his card for emergency repairs. Next, I set the room up to look like a small club, with a little table and a chair off to the side. I had on a blue wig, a tube top that barely covered my boobs, a pair of daisy dukes designed to tear away when I yanked on them, a tool belt loaded with nothing but different-size dildos and lube, and a pair of combat boots. Everything was ready, including the cam, the lighting and the music. When I got Tom's IM, I told him to get ready for his night at Club Beth. He said he'd been thinking about our "date" all day long, and although he'd been sorely tempted to beat off in the men's room, he'd waited. He said he couldn't ever remember being so hard for so long.

I told him to pull up his favorite chair, adjust his cam, take out his dick and get ready for a real treat, because I was going to do things even I had only fantasized about doing back when I used to strip. When the music started, I stepped onto the platform and went to work. I didn't realize how much I
missed stripping until I started swinging my ass and twirling around the pole. I could hear Tom shouting things like "you go, girl!" and "yeah, that's it!" and "work it!" while I got hotter and hotter. Then the clothes started coming off: first the wig, then the top and finally the shorts, till I was left in nothing but the tool belt and the boots.

Tom was having a good ol' time, stroking his thick cock, which was clearly glistening with precum. I wished he was in the same room with me so I could dance over to his chair, lick his cock, then ease my cunt down onto his pole. I was so wet, my juices ran down my legs as I moved. He could see how wet I was and said he wished he was there to suck all the sweet cream out of my hole.

That just made me even wetter. Unable to stand not having something shoved up my pussy, I grabbed one of the dildos from my belt, turned it on high and rammed it right where it belonged. I heard Tom yell, "Oh, shit baby!," and then he was shooting his cream all over his chest. The sight of all that jizz erupting from his dick set me off. I screamed as I exploded:one arm hugging the pole, the other still frantically working the vibe in and out of my twat.

When the rush was finally over, I slid to the floor, hoping Tom had enjoyed himself as much as I had. Apparently he did, because Tuesdays become our special night.

Then one Thursday afternoon I met Mark at the greenmarket. I didn't just hook up with him for free produce, although that helped. He was always slipping the biggest cucumbers and carrots in my bag. One day I asked him what was with all the free veggies. He gave me a smile and said he wanted me to think of him when I looked at them. He was really cute, and I could only hope that all the freebies turned out to be an accurate representation of his dick, since I couldn't see the front of his pants because of the apron he always wore. I just had to find out about Mark's cucumber, so one day I told him about my blog, and he said he'd check it out. One thing led to another, and I started fucking him. And he wasn't kidding about his dick. It was long and thick, and kind of curved like a cucumber. He was a little too much for me to handle all the way by mouth, but my pussy loved it. I'd get all drippy-wet just thinking about Mark slipping me the big one. We'd fuck till I was so sore, I couldn't fuck any more. Then he'd ream me out with his snakelike tongue. And he didn't mind it when I came and squirted all over his face. He'd just slide up my body and kiss me, letting me taste myself on his lips.

Thursday nights became Produce Night at Club Beth. I did things with fruits Mark didn't think were possible. My first cam-date I had to fashion a skirt out of bananas. I had to use fake ones, though, or the skirt wouldn't survive my gyrations, but I had a bowl of assorted peeled fresh fruits and veggies and a jar of honey within reach for my big finale. I did my wild banana dance, whipping both Mark and myself into a hot frenzy. Then it was time for the finish. He was moaning and saying how fucking hot the show was and what I was doing to him. I told him to hang on to his dick. Then I grabbed a firm banana from the bowl, dipped it in the bottle of honey and dragged my tongue from the base to the tip, like I'd done with Mark's dick on several occasions. He let out a groan one might hear from a dying man. He was pumping his dick and begging me to suck the whole banana into my mouth. I told him to imagine his cock was the banana as I demonstrated my skills. Then I slid to the floor and selected the cucumber he'd given me that afternoon. After coating it with honey, I spread my legs and asked him if he had a good view of my dripping pussy. He moaned, so I figured his view was just fine. I slid the cucumber back and forth along my slit, loving the feel of the sticky honey and my juices mixing. I stopped now and then to rub the mixture over my clit and between my folds with my fingers. My legs were quivering, and my pussy was throbbing with need. I had to have something inside me, and the cucumber was it. I placed the smaller end at my entrance and slowly pushed it in my hole as far as I could. It was so hard and slippery that it glided easily in and out. Mark was pumping his cock like crazy, urging me to go faster because he was almost at his limit.

Little did he know I was too. I started pounding my pussy with the cucumber, feeling the pressure mount with each thrust. I was so involved in my own pleasure, I lost track of Mark until I heard him shout. Then I was too busy coming and riding my own wave of ecstasy as my juices flowed all over
the mangled vegetable and the floor to notice that Mark had come so violently that he must have stood up and moved closer to his computer, because he'd blown some of his load on his webcam. What a blast for both of us!

Later, Mark came over to my apartment, and I used what was left of the veggies in our salad. Afterward, we ate the bananas with some whipped cream and chocolate syrup. Between the cream and the syrup, we made such a mess of each other that we ended up fucking ourselves clean in the shower for an entire hour! With my Tuesday and Thursday evenings booked with Tom and Mark, that left me with more than enough time to keep my blog up-to-date. I also had time to think about making some improvements to Club Beth. One Saturday morning, I found myself sitting on my bed, fingering the business card of Tony, the guy who installed the pole and platform, and wondering if he'd be available for some night work. Before I knew it, I was calling him up, asking him to squeeze me in that afternoon. He was all too willing to stop by. I dressed in a pair of spandex shorts and a cut-off T-shirt. I didn't plan on keeping the clothes on very long, so I didn't bother wearing any underwear. Tony said I was his last customer, so he could give me his undivided attention. Lucky me! I offered him a drink, and we went in my playroom. I sat on the edge of the platform and told him I wanted him to make a few enhancements. He said he thought it all looked fine, but he'd do whatever I asked. I said I wanted him to enlarge the platform and install lights along the edge and along the ceiling. He said he could do that. He didn't have all of his tools with him or he'd start right away. I was anxious for him to begin work, but I told him he had one tool with him we could make use of right away. I reached out and stroked his rapidly hardening dick through his jeans. Tony stepped closer, and I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. He was in amazing shape - all muscles and washboard abs. I hadn't had an opportunity to fuck him the last time he was over, and I was going to make up for that. He probably thought he was just going to get another first-class blowjob. Little did he know he was going to get that and more.

As I finished stripping Tony of his clothing, he asked me what I did with the pole and platform. I told him about my blog and about my cam-dates with Tom and Mark. He didn't have a webcam, but thought it might be a fun idea if he pretended to be a guest at Club Beth the next time I entertained Tom and Mark. The more I thought about it, the more turned on I got. I could really crank things up with Tony right in the room with me. After all, Club Beth was my place, so I could do whatever I wanted. My show could be as nasty as I wished it to be, because I was the boss of me. I could fuck Tony sideways at the end of my set, and neither Tom nor Mark would mind. I was so lost in lust thinking about Tom and Mark watching Tony and me that I didn't realize his rock-hard prick was right in my face until the thing bounced off my nose, leaving a splat of precum in its wake. I tried to lick it off with the tip of my tongue but had to settle for swiping it off with my index finger and sucking it in my mouth. Then I reached around to grab his buns to hold him in place while I lapped at the head of his cock. His balls felt huge in my hand, and I had the urge to suck on them, so I did, popping them in my mouth one by one, then swirling my tongue around them. When Tony started thrusting hard into my hand I backed off. His cock had a nice fat head to it and I wanted that big mushroom tip deep in my cunt. We left the playroom, and I led him to my bedroom. I pushed him down on the bed and straddled him. I eased my dripping pussy down onto his rigid tool, intending to tease him with a few grinding strokes, but he wasn't having it. As soon as I had him stuffed in my cunt, he grabbed me and flipped me on my back, then looped his arms under my legs and showed he knew just how to use his tool.

With my legs over his shoulders, Tony was fucking me so deep, I knew I'd feel it well into the next day. He was like a well-oiled machine, pistoning in and out of me with no sign of stopping. When I came, he just changed positions and kept thrusting. I barely had a chance to appreciate one orgasm when the next came. I was talking in tongues and we were both covered in sweat by the time he blasted my box full of jizz. Tony worked all day Sunday to upgrade my platform. The lighting was perfect, and the newly expanded stage was large enough for me to have him and a friend or two up there with me. That of course gave me yet another raunchy idea. I got in touch with Tom and Mark and told them I was canceling our cam-date because I was inviting them to join me and another friend at Club Beth on Saturday night. I hoped I wasn't biting off more than I could chew, but I just had to have all three of my studs in the same room. And if things went the way I hoped they would, I would have one hell of night to remember.

I'd never done two guys at the same tine, much less three, but I figured if I lived to tell the tale, my blog was going to explode.

All of my guys were on board for Saturday night, so I told them to arrive around 11. I had a whole week to prepare everything. I got out my digicam and tripod and made sure I had it focused on the stage area. Then, since I didn't have to worry about the webcam, I moved the little table in front of the stage and added two more chairs. I also brought in a nice fluffy down comforter, some pillows and my trusty tube of lube and tossed them all in the corner. The only thing left was to choose the right outfit. I wanted something that would appeal to all three guys, something they hadn't seen before. I decided on a cheerleading outfit I used to wear at the strip club. When the guys arrived on Saturday night, I was dressed in my little skirt and tight-fitting top, with stiletto pumps and my hair in pigtails. After getting my hugs and kisses from each of them, I made the introductions, showed them to their seats, gave them each a beer and told them we'd start in a few minutes. After making sure the camera was running, I started my show.

Everything went off without a hitch. The guys were really excited, clapping and lavishing me with compliments on what a great performer I was. I was so wired from the energy in the room that I wasn't sure if I'd make it through the entire routine. But I did, with lots of encouragement from my boys. By the time I finished my set, all I had on was a little G-string and some nipple shields. The guys loved it. I was so hot from them cheering me on and coming up and tossing bills on the platform that I knew I was ready to fuck all of them. I took my bow and told them I needed help getting out of my nipple shields and G-string. The three of them all rushed the platform, knocking over the little table and chairs to get to me. Then their hands, lips and tongues were all over me. Tony and Tom plucked off my nipple shields, then went to work sucking and fondling my tits. As I pressed their heads to my breasts, Mark got behind me, pulled down my G-string, and started tonguing and fingering my pussy. I was overwhelmed with pleasure as they focused their attentions on me. Juices were flowing freely down my thighs, but Mark was right there to lick them up. I lost count of how many times they made me cum. I only knew that I could no longer stand on my feet and was totally ready to get fucked. I told the boys to get the comforter and pillows and spread them out on the platform. I didn't even have to tell them to get naked. It was as it they knew I wanted to screw all three of them. When I lay down on the quilt, my boys were standing over me, stroking the biggest hard-ons I'd ever seen at one time. My mouth watered, and my pussy was still creaming and throbbing for attention. I was looking at three big, slippery cocks and couldn't wait to get them in me. First I had Mark lie down. He had the biggest cock, and I wanted that donkey dick deep in my pussy. I was so juicy, I just straddled him and sank right down with a deep moan. I rocked my hips a few times, just to loosen up. Then I told Tom, my ass man, to lube me up. He squirted some on his dick and on my asshole and worked it in with his fingers. I was so horny, I could barely keep still, so he had to give a quick slap to each ass cheek so I would stop moving. Then Mark pulled me down to his chest to give me a big, sloppy kiss with lots of tongue, so my ass was totally exposed. I was sucking on Mark's tongue when Tom started pushing his dick through my back door.
Mark was lucky he still had a tongue in his mouth. I was packed tight with dick, but still had one more to go. Tony had moved around and knelt near my face. He tugged the pigtail closest to him to get my attention. When I looked up and saw the precum oozing from his slit, I wanted him in my mouth. I dropped Mark's tongue and turned my head to suck Tony's cock. Now I had Mark's massive dick wedged deep in my pussy, Tom slowly working his thick cock in and out of my ass and Tony's cock with its fat head deep in my throat. I was practically airtight with every major orifice stuffed with man meat and so excited that I was creaming Mark's cock, and the real fucking hadn't even started yet!
When Mark started alternating his thrusts with Tom's, I thought I'd lose my mind. It felt so good, I didn't want it to stop. Then Tony, started fucking my mouth, and suddenly I was overloaded with ecstasy. I wondered if Mark and Tom could feel each other's dicks move and I wondered if Tony was watching
me suck his dick or the guys fucking the daylights out of me. Every thrust pushed me closer to the edge of oblivion, until I convulsed with pleasure.

My orgasm ignited Mark's as my pussy clenched around his cock. When he blew, I felt his hot come pumping into me. Then Tony arched his back and filled my mouth with so much come. I couldn't handle it all. Some ran down my chin as he continued stroking into my mouth. Tom was the last to come, plugging my ass full of jizz. I was one happy cream-filled stripper by the time they finished with
me, and my guys were very satisfied with the show and the after-party.
Now I still have my cam-dates, but every other month we all get together at Club Beth. It's the best show going.

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