My Thoughts on Cock Sucking
My Thoughts on Cock Sucking
By: Rachel R.

My Darling Beth:

In your most recent email you inquired about my feelings on giving head and why you feel reluctant or inhibited about taking a man's cock into your delectable, dainty mouth. I have formulated my response to your query and it is as it follows.

Inhibition is defined as feeling that makes one self-conscious and unable to act in a relaxed and natural way. Society has inflicted many inhibitions upon the enjoyment of sexual pleasure and one's ability to act on one's lust without the feeling of shame. I used to be that way, but no longer. I read about your fascination, attraction to, or desire of a man's cock, I feel my pussy, quickening, and getting fresh but of course oh so very wet. I have been reflecting on your emails, thinking of you sucking a big, juicy cock, and his cum dribbling from down your chin, onto your naked tits.

Some women are opposed to sucking a man's cock, a dynamic which escapes my understanding. Some say you are submitting to the power of a man, being subservient to the man, just giving pleasure and receiving none in return. Hmmmmm, when my pussy is hot and wet I am usually experiencing some degree of delectable pleasure. Somewhere between intense and OH MY FUCKING GOD!

My first time that I went down on a man was after a late...or rather, early night of partying hard on the dance floor of a local nightclub when I was just a silly freshman girl in college. He was twenty-one and I was nineteen we had been getting hot and close all night and into the morning. Others on the dance floor were telling us to "get a room" and we finally took their advice. Off we went to his place for the rest of the 'night'.

We kissed and I finally got close enough to see what I had been brushing up against all night. His cock was long and hard and I am aching to touch it. I didn't ask, I just reached out to feel it, running my hand up and down the shaft. Now I am masturbating him with both hands, and growing more and I grow more excited by his groans of pleasure. I don't know why, but I just sort of took control, it seem to be the natural thing to do at the time. He was enjoying himself so much and seemed happy by what I was doing to his prick. There was nothing else to do, so I kissed a trail down his strong lean stomach until my mouth found its target.

Surprise would be an understatement to describe the moment when my wet mouth engulfed the head of his cock. He couldn't seem to believe that I had just gone straight down on him without a word of encouragement from him. Was it a moment of panic that a woman, no a girl, is sucking his cock. For me it was the most natural thing in the world. I had never done it before and I had never even seen porn at that stage in my life. I just knew I wanted to taste, to use all my senses that I possess to explore oral sex with a man.. But then, that is just how I am, I believe in getting the most out of a beautiful experience, making meaningful memories that last long after the act. That is what I am all about, that and the exquisite pleasure.

That was my first experience of sucking a cock, and when I think about it now, what I loved most of all about it was the way he enjoyed what I did to him. The he encouraged me every step of the way with moans and groans, protracted low muttering and loud shrieks of "YES" when I am taking his balls in my moist mouth or gently stroking them with my hands while sucking his cock. Then afterwards, he is looking at me in amazement and awe, confessing that no one had ever been so masterfully handling his cock before and wondering where Ione acquires that particular skill set.

He related to me that no woman had really enjoyed fellatio with him before and that it usually seemed as if a woman did it as a "favor" or saw it as a "chore" to be performed, as a sense of obligation and he has always needed to ask for fellatio. I was unique in the fact that I had done it voluntarily. With that being said had made me wonder why anyone confronted with such a lovely cock would need to be asked to suck it, I just couldn't understand it. From that, first experience I learned so much about men, what they like, I also learned about myself and especially what I enjoy sucking cocks too.

For me there is no greater compliment than having a man's erect cock pointing straight at my face. I see a penis like as child views candy. There is a certain quintessence about an erect cock. It is one that calls to me and each time it is a unique calling. The calling is one that beckons me to take the cock in my mouth. I must taste, suck the hard dick or to let a flaccid cock grow hard in my warm mouth. That is my reward for being a good girl; I get to have the lollipop! When we are young, our parents teach us that there is more joy in giving than receiving and as we grow older, many of us stop thinking that way. We get greedy, we start to want more and more and give less and less. That is such a shame because life should be more about giving and enjoying the shared pleasures that creates. This statement is so true when applied to sucking a cock.

What do I love about sucking a juicy cock? Well, this is something that cannot be said in a sentence or two; I need to write an entire fucking story about giving head. For me it is an honor, as mentioned before. Here is a man, a beautiful man with a nice juicy cock all ready to for me to devour with my mouth. Just the thought that someone WANTS me to pleasure him that is the first thing that excites me tremendously! Without that WANT I might as well be sitting, back watching a rerun of some lame TV program.

I love the visual aspect of a cock disappearing into my willing mouth and sometimes I envy the man because he gets to look down at his cock moving in and out between my loving lips of a wanton woman, me. So, because I cannot see it from where I am, up close to all the action, I imagine how it must look to the man I am sucking, seeing it from his point of view, so to speak. Now that fucking turns me on big time! I love when a man tells his woman to "look up" at him while she sucks him and I imagine that view from his perspective.

Eye contact is so important for me during sex. Eyes are windows to the soul, so to look into them means to see more than just a cock, or the man or a woman. But instead, to see right through to what makes them who they are. That is something I find incredibly attractive when I am in lust or love. I want to see inside the man, which allows me access to even his deepest, darkest secrets and desires. When I look up into a man's eyes as I suck his cock, my heart beats even faster and harder, making me hornier and wetter. To see a man's eyes reflecting the emotions he is feeling, the amazing sight he is seeing, the sensations he is experiencing and that stays with me, affects my every thought of him from that moment on as I swallow his cock and his cum.

I also love seeing a cock all shiny and wet with my saliva from sucking him and spitting on him. It is a turn-on for both my man and me when my mouth pulls back from sucking and there is a long rope of drool connecting my mouth with his cock. It is all part of getting 'down and dirty' during an intense sexual experience. The visual aspect itself is fantastic and is enhanced even more with the mental visualization. The fact that I will play for hours with a man's cock and drool all over it and enjoy seeing all that wetness and get turned on by it that is what pleases a man and me as well. My pussy is throbbing; dripping with juices and the pungent smell of pussy that is ready to fuck, when he is pleased, that in turn pleases me too.

I have often referred to my sense of smell when engaging in close contact with another. How a man smells all over and especially when you get close to his cock, can mean the difference between a woman feeling like she is in heaven or in bed with the toilet brush. That may sound cruel but I can understand why a man who is not clean or healthy turns off some women. An unhealthy man who does not eat the right foods or drink plenty of water can smell less than nice and this affects the mood and the taste of his cock and the taste and smell of his cum.

I love the clean, fresh smell of a healthy man who takes great pride in his body. This also makes me want to worship his body as I would like mine worshiped. I even love the smell of a healthy man's sweat. This kind of sweat is even a turn-on for me after he has been exercising and while he works out with me.

My mouth waters when I kiss the head of a man's cock. I feel the anticipation of what he will taste like and slowly I let my tongue lick over his head and gently into the eye, marveling at the fact that this is the source of so much and most importantly, the giver of human life. Right there at the tip of his manhood is the place where such important bodily fluids are excreted. My knees go weak when I think about this place I am licking and allowing myself to love all that this sacred tool is used for.

I love using my tongue to trace a line of saliva around the rim of his mushroom head and allow it to pop in and out of my mouth. This gets me really worked up, as it is very sexual. I love to look up right then and see him close his eyes in pleasure at the friction that is created with this movement. I love to hear the sounds of his rapid breathing and the deep rumbling timbre of his lustful groans. I love the excited thrusting motions as he tilts his hips to meet my hungry mouth. Allowing the rhythm to take a hold of me and escalate is something so exciting.

Hands are so important during all forms of sex as they are what speaks when there are no words. My favorite is kissing him while working my saliva-covered hands up and down his slick shaft, being sure to stimulate the sensitive parts around the rim of his dick head. I enjoy pulling my head back a little so I can just look into his eyes while masturbating him and telling him how much I love him and what I am doing to him. You can do so much with your hands during a blowjob. There is an endless list of techniques, which stimulate him in different ways. For example rotating two hands around his shaft or stroking his balls at the same time or just using two fingers, thumb and second finger in the shape of an O and just rapidly glide over the slimly, wet head of his cock.

I love the sense of power that I have when I hold my man's cock in my mouth or hands. At that moment and for the next hour or two, I am in control of what happens, and I am responsible for him having the most sensational, meaningful, sensual experience possible. I want it to be mind-blowing for him and not one and done with in an instant. I want to take him to the edge as many times as possible, stopping every time he is about to cum. I want him to experience orgasms of the mind and body, sometimes cuming only a little bit (if he is capable of that...not all men can do it) and then at the end, allowing him to shoot hot ribbons of cum into my mouth or all over my body.

The first time I tried to swallow a man's cum I was only nineteen years old and I did not like the taste. It was like horrible warm soup to me and I had to spit it out, almost vomiting in the process. For some women it is like that every time and they never get used to the taste and smell. However, for me, the greater my lust is for the man, the greater my fascination with his cum. Now I love to smell it and lick the little droplets of pre-cum off the tip of his cock. I love the feeling of accepting his 'offering' to me like a reward for my efforts when he finally cums.

I have learned that a man is very proud of his cock and what cums out of it. For him to see a woman enjoying his cock and his cum, makes him feel emotions that are almost too hard to put into words. When I saw my first porno video, I watched in horror as the man came all over the woman's face and tits as well as into her mouth. I couldn't believe she was actually enjoying that degradation! Now I beg for cum. I love the fact that it is such a turn-on for a man to see his cum all over a woman as she smiles and licks it off. I am thoroughly enthralled with hot ropes of a man's cum landing on my body. Nothing is better in my opinion, than cum oozing down my face and dripping onto my breasts. Once on my breasts I will take my hands and smear his seed over my nipples and between my tits. One of my favorite place for a man to cum is my ass when I am on my hands and knees. His spurts of hot cream are leaching down the crack of my ass, over my anal ring and across my perineum. Once again, I put the shoe on the other foot and see it from his point of view. How amazing must it be to look down on a woman on her knees and to see the long ribbons of cum spurt out of your cock? The creamy ribbons landing all over her lovely face tits, or ass painting a decadent picture of absolute depravity of two people experiencing their lust.

You can do so many things when you have a man's cock in your mouth. When I first watched porn, I would skip over the part where the woman was sucking him because I had no real concept of what went on during that time, the camera didn't go into her mouth. But now I know how much actually goes on in there. You can tell from the sounds a man is making what is happening to his cock. I like to flick the tip of my tongue over the eye of a man's cock and especially work up a rhythm around the sensitive dent where the rim meets on the underside of his cock and all the while still sucking him and moving his cock in and out of my mouth. This can only be felt by my man and me but not seen by anyone watching.

Another discovery which was so exciting for me was the concept of 'deep throating'. I never realized that it was possible to take a man's cock down deep into my throat. I thought that when it slid into my mouth and stopped, that was it that was as far as it could go. When I found out that a cock can actually move past that stopping point and slide down my throat I was so amazed. It is hard work, especially with a thick cock but the look on his face, pure joy coupled with the sounds of raw ecstasy in his voice as he realizes what you are doing for him. That is worth any discomfort. I have enjoyed this form of giving and have made it a point to 'practice' as often as I can so I get used to relaxing my throat to ward off my 'gagging reflex'. This is where I like to use my various different sized dildos.

There are still two more senses I have not gone into in any great depth. Those are the sounds and the feel or more importantly, the feelings. I find the sounds that sucking on a cock makes, exciting and dirty in an animal-like way. The squelching sounds of hands covered in saliva, rubbing over a dripping cock....fucking awesome! It all adds to the experience in a positive way...heightening sexual pleasure for both the man and the woman.

I always say to men that if they want to know how the head of a cock feels in your mouth, then take a boiled egg and peel it. Pop it into your mouth and lick it and that my friend is what the head of a cock feels like in your mouth. It is so smooth, velvety, delicate, so sweet, and succulent. I love textures, materials that are smooth, ribbed or silky of course. The feel of a man's hairy strong arm against my smooth bald pussy, this all adds to the excitement and sensation so that feeling of touching his cock and balls to me is like an all you can eat buffet is to a starving man.

I know that I have only touched the surface of what a woman can do, and what can be felt when going down on a man or giving head. Now I am not a very technical type of person so I can only try to describe how it feels to me. One of my greatest fantasy is to have a naked man on my bed and to have the next few hours, days, or weeks just to do everything I have always dreamed of doing to and for him. For me it all begins and ends with the mind. First you must have the thought and then you put it into action. But at the end you must be able to reflect on what you did and communicate with your partner. This way you learn from each experience and find ways of improving each time.

There is an endless world of different sexual experiences to be had so there are no excuses for doing the same thing, the same way, every time.

So women who just suck their man's cock for a few minutes as foreplay should re-examine what they are giving. You don't cook the same dish, the same way, every day, so why not shake things up a bit? I believe that women who have a sexy male in their life should worship his cock.

I have always found it odd that there are women out there who do not enjoy giving a man a blowjob, especially if it is the man they love or are in love with. Personally, I just cannot imagine anything nicer than the experience of sucking a beautiful hard or soft cock and knowing that my efforts are being enjoyed. I believe it is an honor and a privilege to be permitted to pleasure a man in this way. I have always wanted to explain why I love it so much and how I feel when I do it and what the experience gives me. That is what I will attempt to do now. I hope that someone out there enjoys reading about how wonderful cock sucking is from one woman's perspective and hopefully somehow, a few of those women out there who see it as a "chore" can be converted into developing a new attitude to pleasuring their man and develop a love of sucking cock.

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