My Ultimate Orgasm
I'm lying on the bed. Exhausted by a long and tiring day. I debate if I should take a quick shower or take a nice soothing bath. A nice candle lit bath wins me over. I light the candles, fill the tub with warm water, slip my clothes off, and slide in. I sit there for a moment, letting the warm water soothe my aching body.

I rub up and down my arms. Enjoying the feeling of the water against my skin. I being to rub up and down my sore legs. I start at my ankles and rub up to my thighs. As I rub them, I begin to get slightly aroused. The more I rub them, the more aroused I get. I rub up my legs, up the inside of my thigs, up my stomach, to my breasts where I sit and lightly caress them.

As I sit there caressing my large, soft breasts; I close my eyes and the thought of you runs through my mind. The passionte moment we had just last night. The memory makes me even more aroused. Makes me want you. Right here, right now.

I slide my hands down my stomach to the inside of my thighs. The memory continues to replay in my mind. I slowly slide my right hand down to my mound. I rub up and down gently while I caress my breasts with my left hand.

I take my middle finger on my right hand and gently slide it between my petals and rub on my clit. It sends a sensual shock wave through my body and my arousement intensefies. I begin to rub on my clit a little harder and a little faster. The feeling is so great that I can't help but moan.
I bite my bottom lip and spread my legs a little bit farther apart. I take my finger and gently slide it inside of me. I slide my finger in and out slowly. Imagining it's your tongue. I moan some more, begin to squirm around and place my left leg over the side of the tub. All I can do is remeber the great pleasure you gave me last night.

I remember you pushing my right leg up with your hand and holding it. I put my right leg over the side of the tub. Imagining it's you holding it. I take my finger and start rubbing my clit again. Mmm, the feeling is indescribable. I begin to moan more and louder. My breathing begins to pick up.
I slide my index and middle finger inside of me as I rub my clit with my left index and middle finger. I remember you fingering and licking my clit as I begin to squirm more. Water splashing all over the wall and onto the floor. I can feel my need to orgasm build up.

The last thing I remember is the ending to our moment. Where you gave me the greatest orgasm anyone could ever ask for. I take my fingers out of me and rub my clit faster and faster. I take my left hand and spread my petals far apart. This is where I had my ultimate orgasm. Just as you did to me, I rub my clit as hard and as fast I could. I screamed as I had my orgasm.

My legs are shaking, my breathing is quick, my heart is racing, water is all over the wall and floor.
I sit up and catch my breath. I hear the phone ring so I get out and dry myself off then wrap the towel around me.

I answer the phone and it's you.

What you ask makes my legs tremble all over again. You're wanting to know if you can come over for another night like last night.......
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