My Wedding Chapters 1 and 2
"BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!" My alarm was going off. I stretched and hit the snooze button. Then I smiled. Today was my wedding day! I jumped out of bed and stretched my five foot four frame as far as it would stretch. My big size "D" tits rose up as I stretched my arms high above my head. I always slept in the nude and today was no exception. I hated nightgowns as they always got twisted around me while I slept.
My long blonde hair was tangled so I ran my fingers through it trying to work the tangles out as I walked into my private bathroom. I used the toilet and then started the shower. As I waited for the water to warm up I looked at myself in the mirror above the sink. I was 5.4 in height and weighed about 120. I had long wavy blonde hair that was a mess at the moment and deep blue eyes. I had a tiny nose and full red lips. My complexion was flawless and I very rarely wore makeup.
My hands left my hair and slowly traveled down my 18 year old body. I had 32D tits with big pink aureoles and nipples that were very sensitive and a slender waist. My fingers lightly pinched my nipples and I watched them harden in the mirror. Mom said I had a natural hourglass figure as my hips flared out from my tiny waist. I turned around in the mirror and wiggled my butt cheeks just a bit. Joe, my fiancé, loved my big round ass even more then he liked my big soft titties.
I turned back around and continued to appraise myself. I had a full bush of dark blond curls that covered my pussy mound and my fingers slowly combed themselves through those curls until they reached my tiny slit. I spread my nether lips and looked at my pretty pink pussy for a moment. I thought of Joe's dick and wondered how it would ever fit in my tiny little hole.
Joe and I had met two years ago and fell in love right away. He was the oldest son of the new assistant Pastor in the church. My dad was the Pastor and he worked with Joe's dad. Joe and I were both virgins but I had sucked on his dick a few times. He had a nice size 8 inch dick and it had been so hard. He had groaned and pushed my head down when I put his dick in my mouth and I had gagged a bit. He let me up and I caught my breath and slid my mouth over his dick again. I loved doing it and I knew it made him feel good.
My father was a very strict man. Being the Pastor of the biggest church in our small town meant that his family had to set a good example for everyone else. Daddy insisted that his girls would be virgins on the day they got married or he would not give his blessing or preform the ceremony. I had one older sister named Amber and an older brother named Carl. I was the youngest in the family and Carl was the oldest. In fact, my daddy was so strict in this policy that he insisted that any young couple he married had to be virgins on their wedding day. He even had his brother, my Uncle Evan; examine the girls on the morning of their wedding to make sure they were virgins before they got married. Uncle Evan was the town doctor and he took care of most of the people in this town when they got sick.
In fact, Uncle Evan would be here shortly to examine me. I jumped in the hot shower and washed my long blond hair and then rinsed and conditioned it. Then I soaped up my wash cloth and washed my body thoroughly. I wanted to be extra clean for my big day.
I stepped out of the shower and dried off and then brushed my teeth. I wrapped the towel around my nude body and then walked back into my bedroom to brush out my long hair.
I was just finishing with my hair when I heard a knock on my door. I heard my mother's voice say, "Lizzie, Uncle Evan is here for your examination. Are you ready?"
I was a bit nervous so my voice quivered a bit when I said, "Yes mom. Come on in."
Mom and Uncle Evan came into my bedroom. The examination would be done here in my room and my mother would witness it to make sure that I was indeed a virgin. Mom looked like an older version of me and Uncle Evan was daddy's twin brother. Both daddy and Uncle Evan had wavy black hair but where mom and I had deep blue eyes, they had dark green eyes. They were both very tall at 6.1 and they both worked out regularly to stay in shape. They both had very wide shoulders and slim hips and long muscular logs.
My uncle smiled at me and said, "Are you ready?"
I swallowed nervously and nodded.
He took me by the hand and whispered, "There is nothing to be worried about. Now lie down on the bed and spread your legs."
I still only wore my towel so I sat down on the bed and while holding my towel around me scooted up on the bed and laid back. Uncle Evan placed my feet on the edge of the bed and spread my legs wide so he could examine me thoroughly. Mom held my hand as my uncle spread my pussy lips wide and placed his fingers deep inside me.
At first it was a bit uncomfortable but soon my body stretched to accommodate his fingers. He wiggled his fingers a bit and I gasped as a jolt of electricity bolted through my lower body. I also felt myself get a bit wet as he wiggled his fingers a bit more. My nipples hardened as I looked at my Uncle Evan and he winked at me. Mom had no idea what was going on but I liked it when his fingers brushed against the front wall of my pussy. I could feel myself becoming very wet as my uncle probed my tiny pussy with his fingers.
I thrust my hips just a bit to get his fingers deeper inside my pussy and that was when I saw my uncle grin a small evil grin. He lowered his head between my legs and stretched me wide with his fingers. Just before he spoke I felt his tongue brush against my clit and I shivered. He looked up at my mom and said, "Yes, her hymen is intact. She is still a virgin."
Mom smiled at me and said, "I knew you were a good girl."
My uncle slowly removed his fingers from my little pussy and as he pulled them out I sighed just a bit. I liked having my uncle's fingers inside my pussy.
They left the room to tell daddy the news that I passed my examination but mom would be right back to help get me ready for my big day.
I was still lying on the bed wondering what exactly had happened while my uncle's fingers had been inside me when mom came back into the room. She saw my bushy mound hair and said, "A new bride should be well groomed for her new husband. Most men hate all that hair down there, sweetie, so I think we need to shave it all off."
She went to bring in shaving supplies and then knelt between my legs. She used the small pair of scissors she had brought to trim down my bush as close as she could and then she lathered my whole pussy mound with shaving cream. Slowly and carefully she shaved all the hair from between my legs and then used a damp cloth to make sure all the shaving cream and stray hairs were washed away.
I expected my mother to then stand up and take care of the used shaving supplies but instead she lowered her head and kissed my freshly shaved mound. She looked up at me from between my spread legs and whispered, "You have such a pretty pussy sweetheart. I bet it tastes as good as it looks."
Then I felt her spread my nether lips and she slowly licked her tongue through my folds. I gasped as I felt her tongue touch my little pink pussy. I felt the same jolt of electricity shoot through my pussy as my mom slowly licked up and down as I did when my uncle pushed his fingers into me. I could feel my natural juices starting to form as my mom flicked her tongue over my little pink nub.
Then I felt my mom push two fingers inside me and she twisted them back and forth a bit just like my uncle had done. I gasped again and my hips thrust forward to push her fingers deeper inside me. I felt her smile against my sensitive pussy lips and she turned her fingers upwards. Then she curled them up and found the most sensitive spot on the inside of me that she could find. She wiggled her fingers against that spot and at the same time her tongue flicked quickly over my tiny pink nub.
I gasped again and one hand went to the back of my mother's head to hold her in place and my other hand found my hardened pink nipples. I pinched and tugged on one of my nipples as my hips pushed against my mother's face. My body felt on fire and the feeling of electricity surging through my pussy became stronger. I could feel my pussy becoming slick with my moisture and mom moaned as she tasted my nectar.
The vibration from my mother's moan made me jerk and I felt my pussy walls contract around her fingers. My muscles spasmed and my body stiffened up as the most intense feelings of pleasure I have ever felt shot through my body over and over again. I buried my fingers in my mother's hair and ground my wet pussy against her face. She slurped and licked me as fast as she could.
Soon my body relaxed and I slumped back on the bed. I looked down at my mother still between my legs and said, "What happened to me, mom?"
Mom looked up at me and smiled as she withdrew her fingers from my swollen pussy. "You just had your first orgasm, sweetheart. I am so glad that I was the one to give it to you! Now just relax and recover a bit while I get the things we need to start getting you ready for your wedding."
Mom stood up and picked up the used shaving supplies and smiled at me as she walked away. I laid there and thought about what had just happened as my mom left the room. My hand wandered down to my freshly shaved pussy and I smoothed my fingers over the swollen lips. My pussy felt so different now that all the hair was gone. I could feel the slippery wetness that remained and I slowly pushed one finger inside my tiny hole. I slowly pulled it back out and realized that my finger was coated with my slick juice.
Mom seemed to like the taste so I brought my finger up to my mouth and licked the moisture from the tip of my finger. It tasted a bit salty but also a bit sweet and I realized I liked the taste of my pussy too. I stuck my finger in my mouth and sucked the juice off. I wondered if Joe would like the taste of my pussy juice like my mom and I did.
My mom came back into the bedroom and knelt between my legs again. She was holding a tube of body lotion and she squirted some into her hands as she said, "Relax, honey, I am going to start getting you ready for the wedding by rubbing this special lotion into your skin."
She picked up my foot and slowly started to massage the lotion into it. I sighed and laid back and relaxed. Mom slowly massaged the lotion into my skin, starting with my foot and working her way up my leg. The she massaged the other foot and other leg. Then she gently massaged the lotion into my pretty pink pussy.
I looked down and saw glittery stuff on my skin where mom had massaged the lotion in. I asked her, "What kind of lotion is this, mom?"
Mom smiled, "This lotion has glitter in it, darling, and it will make you your skin glow as you walk down the aisle."
I smiled and relaxed even more. I loved the idea of my skin being all glittery as I walked down the aisle. Mom continued to massage my skin and soon she was rubbing the lotion into my stomach and slowly moving up to my large tits. Her hands felt wonderful as she massaged the glittery lotion into my tits. She paid special attention to my large nipples and soon they were very hard. Mom left my tits and worked her way up my neck and then gently rubbed the lotion on my face.
She had me turn over on to my belly and she gently rubbed the lotion into my skin on the back of my neck and then down my spine. Soon she reached my tight round ass and spread the lotion all over my butt cheeks. Then she spread my cheeks and gently massaged lotion into my ass crack, paying special attention to my tiny brown star. Then she massaged the back of my legs all the way to my feet.
After she was done massaging the special lotion into my skin she had me stand up and put on my white sheer thong panties. The panties were completely sheer and you could see my tiny slit through the material and they were outlined with blue thread. These would be my something blue for my wedding.
Then I sat down and put on my thigh high sheer white nylons that had blue lace etched along the top. I smoothed the nylons over my long shapely legs and then was ready for the rest of my wedding ensemble.
But before I could get dressed any further my mom decided I should get my makeup on so it would not get on my white gown and get it dirty.. She sat me down and started to work on my face. I needed very little makeup because my complexion was flawless but mom wanted to make sure I looked radiant. She did my eyes first and soon I had the best smoky eyes. Then mom outlined my lips with a blood red lip liner and filled my lips in with a blood red lip color. I did not need any blush since my color was quite high from the excitement of the wedding.
After my makeup was perfect my mom helped me put on the corset portion of my gown. This was a very tight corset that was made of a sheer white material with lace and sequins intertwined to cover all the important areas. The corset pushed my large breasts up and out and barely covered my large aureoles. It made my tiny waist look even smaller and my big titties look even bigger. The corset ended just above my pussy.
Then the tight mermaid like skirt was put on over my head and I shimmied it down till it was in place. Mom zipped up the skirt in the back. The skirt was very form fitting until it reached my knees and then it flared out. The skirt had the same lace patterns and sequins in it that the corset had. It had a detachable bustle and long train that would be attached to the back of the skirt at the church before the ceremony and then would be detached for the reception.
Then mom sat me down and expertly started to work on my hair. She curled it and piled it high on my head yet left some curls hanging down my back and along the sides of my face. My veil would also be put on at the church. She placed a white diamond necklace around my neck that nestled in my cleavage just right and gave me matching earrings to put on. These had been hers on her wedding day so they were something borrowed. The last thing I put on was my white satin high heels that had the same design etched in lace and sequins on them as my dress had.
Soon I was ready to go and my mom ushered me out of my bedroom for my dad, uncle and brother to see me. As I descended the stairs I heard my dad gasp at my beauty. My uncle and brother could just stare and I blushed at their expressions. I felt as if I was a princess descending from her throne to conquer her kingdom!
Chapter 2
As I descended the stairs, my eyes fell on my father, Ethan's face. The admiration in his eyes made my knees go a bit weak. I need to tell you about my father. I have told you that he was the Pastor of the biggest church in our small town and even though that is true it is not the complete truth. My father was the Spiritual leader of our small town and our church was the only church in town.
Our small town had a population of about 200 people and we were situated in an isolated valley in Northwest Utah. There was only one small dirt road in and out of our little town. My mom, Evelyn and dad, Ethan started this town 25 years ago and have been the providers and protectors of our town since then. They started our town because they were ostracized everywhere else they went. You see, my mom and dad are also sister and brother. Mom is dad's younger sister and when they were teenagers they fell in love but because of society's rules they could not be together. Their father was a Baptist minister in Kansas and when he caught my parents "in the act" he got very angry and threw both of them out of the house.
Ethan was 18 and Evelyn was 16 at the time. They hitched their way north and met a man in Salt Lake City that was wealthy and was also sympathetic to their plight. The man had been a wealthy Mormon and he owned a large piece of isolated property in Northwest Utah. The same property our small town was located on. It was a rich valley that was overflowing with small streams and beautiful greenery in the summer. He set my mom and dad up and gave them the responsibility of developing the land and nurturing any of the people that were sent their way.
That was how our small town started and the man kept sending people into our isolated valley for my parents to take care of. Every person that he sent had something in common; they were in relationships that were frowned upon by society. All of the people that came to our valley were in incestuous relationships just as my parents were. We soon became a refuge for those that had no place else to go.
Ten years after our small village was established the man that had been the benefactor of my parents died and left his entire estate to my parents. It was quite a large estate and after everything was said and done we were very well off financially. Dad used some of the money to start a small porn studio on the premises and he created porn movies about incestuous relationships. The movies were very successful and even more money came into our small town.
My father was the leader over this small empire and he was a very loving and generous man. He was very charismatic and people were drawn to him without him having to do anything. Even though my father was a very loving man, he was also a very strict man and he had an addiction to sex. Actually both of my parents were addicted to sex and growing up it was very common to see my dad fucking some other woman while mom filmed it or seeing my mother sandwiched between my father and another man in a hot DP session.
Because we were a small society that was built on a different set of morals then the rest of society it was very common to see people performing all kinds of sexual acts in public. My father established rules against any kind of sexual abuse. Both people in the relationship had to be consenting adults and if someone went against those rules they were banned from our community and they would be charged with rape and punished to the maximum of the law.
We were not necessarily a nudist colony but it was not uncommon to see most people in the buff in the summer. Being that we were situated in the mountains of Northwest Utah, the winters could get very cold and thus there was not as much nudity during the winter months.
As I said before my father could be a very stern man and he had some very strict rules. Any couple that wanted to join our village had to allow my father to take his sexual pleasure with the woman whenever he wished. Most of the newcomers had agreed to this rule but a few of them had decided to look elsewhere for a place of refuge as a result of this rule. This rule was non-negotiable for my father because he had an insatiable taste for pussy and would exert this right whenever he wanted to.
About ten years ago my Uncle Evan joined our small village as the town doctor. He had been away at college when my Grandfather had kicked my parents out of the house. Evan had finished his education and was an established doctor when he found his brother and sister again. He moved to our valley and became the second husband to my mother. There were many times that I witnessed a DP session between my mom, dad and uncle.
Uncle Evan realized that the children that had been born to the incestuous relationships in the valley would soon be coming of age and would naturally want to marry and produce families of their own. He and my father hatched a plan to keep the children in the valley and have them show their loyalty to my father.
This plan was that every young couple that decided to marry within our town must remain virgins till the day of the wedding. They must also be at least 17 years of age before they were allowed to marry. Then during the ceremony, when the time came for the groom to kiss the bride, the bride, the groom and my father would all strip down naked and the bride was required to give her virginity to my father as a show of loyalty to him.
This was done in a very special way. Ethan had a special lounge made which would be placed on the stage of the church. The lounge was covered in white silk and was quite ornate. After the young couple would say their vows a song would be sung. During that song, all three people would disrobe and Ethan would lie down on his back on the lounge. The young man would escort his new bride up the steps to the stage and then help her straddle my father. Then the new husband would hold my father's cock while the new bride would impale herself on that hard rod of steel. The bride was required to ride my father's cock till he came deep inside of her womb. Then the bridegroom would use his tongue to clean daddy's dick of all the sticky cum that was produced. After daddy took the bride's virginity then they would all stand and robes of sheer white material were draped over the new couple and daddy would introduce them to the entire village as husband and wife.
Given this background information, you now understand that when I saw the admiration in my father's eyes as I descended the stairs my knees got wobbly and I could feel my sheer panties get very wet. I had watched my father take the virginity of many of my friends and he had a huge dick. My father was 10 inches long and almost 5 inches in diameter and many of my friends had said that they had felt as if they were being ripped apart when they first impaled themselves on that pole. But every one of them said that after their bodies adjusted to his size that he was the best fuck they had ever had. Many of those same friends still shared my father's bed when he called for them.
I was extremely excited to give my virginity to my father. I loved Joe with all my heart but my father has always been and will always be my hero. The idea of my own father being the first one inside my tight wet love hole was something I had been looking forward to for a long time. As a result of my desire for my father to be my first lover it was quite easy for me to limit Joe to just blowjobs once and a while. Joe, of course, was not quite as enthusiastic as I was but he was loyal to my father and he was willing to go through with the ritual to prove that loyalty to him and the rest of the town.
My whole family piled into the limo for the drive to the church. I sat next to daddy and he put his arm around me and whispered into my ear, "Are you excited, baby girl?"
I nodded and cuddled close to him. His hand came around my shoulder and his fingers brushed against the upper swell of my big tit. I could feel my nipples harden and a bit of juice squirted out of my pussy and into my panties when he did that. The tingly sensation was getting quite strong in my lower belly and I pressed my hand against my lower abdomen to try to stop the sensation from taking over my entire body.
Daddy lifted my chin and kissed me deeply. I relaxed into the kiss and opened my mouth for daddy to taste me. His tongue swirled against mine and I became a bit dizzy from the sexual excitement coursing through my veins. I kissed him back with all the love I had for him.
Soon we arrived at the church and my family stepped out of the limo. Mom and I went into the church and found the special room designed just for new brides. You may wonder why my older sister Amber was not with us. She was married a couple of years ago but refused to go through with the ritual so daddy banished her and her new husband. We never heard from them so I don't know what happened to them.
Anyway, my mom and I finished my preparations in this special room. She first placed a diamond tiara on my head and attached it to my curls with small bobby pins. My veil would clip onto the tiara and when it came time for the ritual mom would just unclip the veil from the tiara. Next she attached the bustle and long train to the back of my tight skirt. She spent a lot of time arranging the train so it hung just right from the back of my skirt.
Soon it was time for the ceremony and I was ushered into the back of the church. My brother Carl would walk me down the aisle since my father had to stand at the front of the church to perform the ceremony. The ceremony was a traditional ceremony until we got to the special ritual.
The Bridal march started and my brother and I started the long slow walk down the aisle. The sunlight that was shining through the open widows glinted off my glitter covered body and I knew I looked ravishing. I was actually unsure of who to look at. I loved Joe and was excited to be marrying him but at the same time my pussy was sloppy wet at the prospect of fucking my father for the first time. So my eyes darted between both men as I slowly walked toward them. Joe had such a look of pride on his face to actually be marrying me and my father had a look of admiration and lust in his eyes.
We reached the front of the church and the ceremony started just as all wedding ceremonies do. After my brother completed his part of the ceremony he went to man the camera. We were filming the wedding and live-streaming it to those who would pay to view it. Actually the ceremony was all a bit of a blur to me as I kept thinking about my father's huge dick. I could see that he was also thinking about it because of the large bulge in his dress slacks and the fact that his eyes kept darting to my cleavage.
It was not long before the special ritual was upon us. The song "When we make love." By Alabama started to play (my family were huge country music fans) and my mother came up and took my veil off. She carefully folded it and laid it off to the side. Then she took off the bustle and train and then unzipped my skirt. I shimmied out of the tight skirt and my mother started working on the clasps of the corset. As soon as the corset was off, my mother helped me out of my thong panties.
Soon all that I wore was my thigh high stockings, my high heel shoes, my tiara and my jewelry. I looked across the church and saw Joe had stripped down and my father was already laying on the lounge. Joe met my eyes and we walked toward each other. My size "D" titties jiggled with each step and soon Joe took my hand to lead me up the stairs to the stage. My father was laying on the lounge and his huge cock was sticking straight up in the air. His eyes followed my movements as I walked across the stage to him.
Watching my father watch me with such love and lust in his eyes made shivers run up and down my spine and I squeezed Joe's hand tightly. He whispered in my ear, "Are you ok, sweetheart?"
I smiled at him nervously and nodded. He squeezed my hand and then helped me up the small step to stand above my father .A shaft of sunlight glinted off my glittered body as I stood above my father. Daddy looked up at me, smiled and whispered, "I have been looking forward to this for a long time, baby girl."
I felt a shiver go through me at his words and I smiled slightly at him. Daddy sat up and placed his hands on my thin waist and held me steady as I kneeled above him. I had a knee on each side of Daddy's waist and I could feel his huge love rod against my ass. I rose up a bit and moved backwards. Joe was behind me and he took hold of my father's monster cock and as my pussy was lowered into position he rubbed it up and down my slick slit. I knew I was ready for penetration because I had been thinking about this moment all day long and I was sloppy wet as a result.
My eyes stayed glued to my father's eyes as I slowly lowered myself onto his thick cock. His hands were around my waist steadying me as I slowly lowered my pussy onto his hard shaft. I gasped as the head of his thick cock entered my tight hole. I had never had anything that big inside that hole and it was stretching me wide.
I stopped for a moment to catch my breath and let myself adjust to his size. Daddy smiled at me and whispered, "Take as long as you need to sweetheart. I want you to enjoy your first time."
I smiled at him and took a deep breath. Then I pushed down a bit further. Oh fuck, that hurt! My eyes were starting to water a bit and daddy hadn't even broken my hymen yet. I stopped again to catch my breath and I felt Joe rub my ass softly. He leaned up and whispered in my ear, "Are you ok, Honey? Do you need some help?"
I smiled back at him and whispered, "Maybe if you could push me down it would help."
Joe rubbed my ass and lower back reassuringly and then stood up. He came around to my side and faced the audience, who was situated behind me. He placed his large hands on my bubble butt and then looked at me. "Are you ready? Ok, on three. One....Two...."
He quickly pushed my ass down on daddy's pole before he even reached three. I screamed as Daddy's huge tool broke through the tender membrane and tears were streaking down my face. Damn, that hurt worse than anyone said it would.
Daddy reached up and gently wiped my tears away. "There, baby girl, the worst part is over now. The pain will go away quickly and soon it will feel really good."
I was fully impaled on daddy's cock and as the pain faded all I felt was a stretched and full feeling. After a few moments daddy started to move just a bit and I gasped as the movement sent ripples of pleasure through my body.
Daddy heard me gasp and looked into my eyes. He saw the sexual pleasure in my eyes and smiled, "That's right, baby girl. Enjoy the feelings daddy's cock gives you."
He started to move a bit more and was soon pushing in and out of me shallowly. The pain was completely gone and now it felt so good to have my daddy's huge pole sliding in and out of my pussy. Joe had moved back behind us and was rubbing my ass as it moved up and down. I looked back and Joe seemed to be mesmerized by the motion of my ass and watching daddy's dick appear and disappear as it sawed in and out.
Daddy pulled my upper body down so my tits were pressed against his chest and wrapped his arms around my slender waist. His hands grabbed my ass cheeks and started to knead them as he sped up the tempo of his thrusts.
Soon he was pounding upward and thrusting hard into my stretched hole. I groaned as each thrust made the ripples flowing through my body stronger and stronger. I could feel my juices flowing all over daddy's cock and lubricating it for each thrust. God damn, this felt wonderful! I never wanted daddy to stop fucking me.
I heard daddy groan, "Damn, you are so tight, baby girl! I love fucking my little girl's cunt!"
I felt Joe's hands spreading my ass cheeks and he inserted a finger into my tight little brown star. That was enough to send me over the top and I screamed as my pussy muscles clenched in a massive orgasm. I could feel liquid gush out of my pussy and drench my father's cock and balls as the ripples became massive orgasmic waves that crashed over me one after another.
I heard daddy groan again and he thrust up inside of me as far as he could and let go with his own orgasm. The feeling of jet after jet of hot seed pumping into me only intensified my orgasm and my eyes rolled back into my head and I believe I lost consciousness for a moment or two because the feelings were so intense.
When I regained an awareness of my surroundings, I realized that daddy was kissing me. When I opened my eyes daddy whispered, "Are you ok, honey?"
I smiled down at daddy, "I am more than ok, and daddy that felt wonderful!"
Daddy smiled and said, "Good. Now we have an audience that needs to know that."
I rolled off of him and Joe came and kneeled in front of my father. My father had lost a bit of his hardness but his tool was still impressive. Joe took it into his mouth and slowly and reverently cleaned all the sticky mess off of my daddy's cock. Daddy smiled at his new son-in-law and I could see the stiffness come back into daddy's cock as Joe licked it and swallowed all the yummy cum off of it.
Once daddy's cock was clean, Joe pushed away from him and stood up. Joe helped me to stand on shaky legs and attendants came to put the sheer white robes on us.
Daddy stood behind and between us and said loudly, "May I now introduce Mr. and Mrs. Joe Crawford!"
The congregation applauded and cheered and we were quickly ushered off the stage into a room behind the stage. The room was a small bedroom with a bathroom attached.
Joe helped take my robe off and then helped me lay down on the bed and after he shrugged off his robe he joined me. My father had disappeared and now it was just Joe and I.
Joe grabbed me by the waist and dragged me under him. He growled, "That was so fucking hot but now it is my turn."
He thrust quickly into my sloppy slit and started fucking me hard immediately. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his shoulders as he thrust in and out of me like an animal. I could feel the strength of his thrusts pushing daddy's cum out of my saturated hole and pool on the bed beneath us. I knew what cum was still inside me was getting frothed up into a white mess.
Each of Joe's hard thrusts was making the ripples get stronger and stronger again and I moaned as the pleasure built up. It was not long before I felt the ripples turn to waves as I again fell off the precipice of pleasure.
I heard Joe grunt as my pussy convulsed around his cock and he quickly let go with his own load deep inside my engorged love hole.
Joe collapsed off to my side and he pulled me close to him. He whispered into my hair, "I would rather not share you but since I have to then I can accept that it is your father that I will share you with. I love you with all my heart, Lizzie."
I snuggled close to him and replied, "I love you too Joe but now we have to get cleaned up and meet our audience."
Joe sighed and rose from the bed and then helped me up as well. We went into the bathroom and showered together to get cleaned up.

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