My Wife & the Stranger
I met a local guy on-line some time ago. He was a night guard for a trucking company. He and I had chatted about our wives and fantasies. One day he sent me a note asking if my wife and I would ever consider coming over to his office one night to play out a fantasy. Months went by and we didn't communicate. Meanwhile, I had been talking to my wife Barb about the possibility of a threesome or introducing another man to watch us, etc. She had recently warmed up to the idea and I thought this was a good way to get started. I e-mailed my security guard friend one evening and set the date.

The day of the adventure, Barb put on some sexy pink lacy panties, a tank top with no bra, and a skirt. She brought a masquerade mask to wear during our playtime to protect her identity. When we got to the trucking company, my friend was at the door to greet us. We followed him to his office and shut the door behind us. He sat in his chair. I told my friend, "My wife is going to give you a little show and we'll go from there, nothing serious tonight". He seemed happy with that, and leaned back in his chair. I had Barb stand in front of him. I got behind her and started rubbing her tits over her tank. I could feel her hard nipples through the thin cotton shirt. I slowly moved my hands down her tummy and down the fronts of her thighs, and moved them back up again over her huge DD breasts. I asked my friend, "Do you want to see her tits?" "Hell ya!" he replied. With that, I pulled up her tank, and out flopped her marvelous 42DD's. Her pink nipples stood erect as they hit the open air.

By now, I had a raging hard on in my jeans. My friend had quite the hard-on as well, from what I could tell from the large lump in his pants. I rubbed and caressed her breasts in front of him. He shifted in his chair, his hard-on was getting un-comfortable in his tight pants. "Would you like to feel them"? "Please" he replied. I pushed Barb forward until she was within reach of my friend. Gently he reached his hands out and cupped her breasts. He rubbed his thumbs over her perky nipples. I then backed her away and pulled her top back down over her tits.

I turned her around so her back was to my friend and ordered her to bend over the desk in front of her. I stood off to the side of her and started rubbing her plump, round ass cheeks over her skirt. I noticed my friend fixated on Barb's hairy crotch that was peeking out slightly from her skirt. As I rubbed, I purposely pulled up some of the cloth, intermittently exposing Barb's panties that had ridden up her crack and pussy. With one quick movement, I pulled Barb's skirt up over her ass and exposed her to my friend. I pulled her panties to the side to expose her wet, pink, hairy pussy and her tight little asshole. My friend stood up from his chair and quickly unbuttoned his jeans. He yanked down his jeans and boxers and sat back down He sat in the chair and began stroking is hard throbbing cock. He continued watching as I stroked Barb's swollen pussy lips and playfully slapped her ass. I turned her around and had her sit on the edge of the desk facing my friend with her panties off and her skirt up. "Spread you legs, show him your pussy", I ordered Barb. Being a good wife, she spread her legs and pulled her pussy lips apart to show him her hot pink hole. He became very excited and stared stroking his cock with much more enthusiasm.

I stuck two fingers in Barb's pussy and started finger fucking her. She moaned with delight. With my other hand, I pulled out my swollen cock. Barb grabbed my cock in her hand and she started stroking it. I my friend to get up and had Barb sit down in the chair. I told her to take off her tank top. She pulled off her top. My friend and I stood on either side of her. "Stroke our cocks", I ordered. She grabbed both our cocks and started milking them and rubbing our heads on her nipples. I had to see this stranger's cock in my wife's mouth. "Put his cock in your mouth!", I ordered. Barb dropped to her knees and opened her mouth. My friend repositioned himself in front of Barb and slid his thick cock between her lips, filling her mouth with his fleshy member. I stood and watched as my friend continued thrusting his cock in and out of my wife's mouth, her salivia running down his shaft and balls. "Can I feed your wife buddy?" my friend inquired. "MMMMMM" Barb moaned. "As long as I can watch" I answered. With that I positioned myself behind Barb and placed my hands on both sides of her face. My friend let out a moan and pulled his cock out of her mouth. With one stroke his body convulsed and a stream of his hot cum shot onto Barb's tongue. His cum continued to flow from his cock, filling her mouth with his white sticky juice. Barb closed her eyes and her mouth. With one big swallow, the stranger's cum disappeared down her throat. She opened her mouth and grabbed my friends cock and began milking it into her mouth to get every last bit of cum into her mouth like a frenzied addict! I couldn't take it anymore. "Are you still hungry?" I asked. Barb smiled and shook her head in reply. With that, she turned her head and opened her mouth to receive her dessert. I thrust my cock in her mouth and began pumping my load into her mouth. She swallowed it down and let out a sigh. She licked her lips got up. We gathered ourselves and quickly left the office. When we got into the car, Barb slouched in the seat, turned to me and said. "Let's get something to eat!" I replied in a surprised tone, "With a belly full of cum, I'm surprised your hungry". She laughed, lifted her shirt and rubbed her belly in jest.

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