My Wife Glowed in His Presence
My Wife Glowed in His Presence

I watched as my wife talked with Max at a gathering we were at. Not typically someone she would be comfortable with - let alone kinda cozy. He was a lifetime weight lifter with arms larger than her legs. She was a 5'2" petite. He had to go 6'2" and maybe 260 to 270 lbs. He had a shaved head, tattoos and a goatee, but there was gentleness about him. Maybe it was his large blue eyes. It all began to excite me when I fantasized about seeing the two of them naked and out of breath from a hot session of sex.

When my wife was moving to the table for a plate of food I told her I knew what I wanted for my birthday. She looked at me, like, where did that come from?
I'd bluntly told her that I wanted to see her and Max make passionate love and I wanted to see it tonight.

A lot was going through her mind as her face contorted from fear to excitement to calm and to who knows what else!

Before she could say anything, I said, "It is my birthday".

You really want this?" she asked.

More than anything", I replied.

"Don't think, just say yes", I said.

"For some reason, I trust him". "OK, if that's what you want".

I walked over to Max with my heart pounding out of my chest. I didn't know how to put the words together, so I just told him what transpired. He looked over to Lilly and she gave him an affirmative nod. That was all it took.

We parted quite quickly and he followed us to our place. I thought since it was my present I'd make the first request. I asked Lilly to remove his shirt and caress his chest. She had him sit so she could reach. She then sat on his lap and lightly placed both her hands on his muscular chest and circled his arms, passing back over his nipples. It was heating up. Let's move this to the bedroom I suggested.

He simply stood up with her on his lap and carried her. They both smiled. I was about to prompt the next move when my wife started to unbutton her shirt. I sat on the bench near our bed and decided to watch the action. She removed her bra and reached for his belt buckle. She slide his pants to his ankles, dropped to her knees and began stroking and licking his equally large member. It had to be aching. I knew what he was feeling. Lilly stood up and finished removing her clothing as Max stood there, naked and erect. He swept her up to himself, chest to chest, holding her with his huge hands right below her tiny little ass. He was able to swirl his finger around her cute little vagina which was moistening from the stimulation.

She wrapped her legs and arms around him like a child clinging to a parent, only she was tense with sexual excitement. Max simply lowered her unto himself. I wanted to see this and positioned myself to see his entry. His girth stretched the skin of her canal as she sealed herself around him. His veins bulging and the skin glistening with her wet, her vulva being pushed in then pulled out with each thrust. It was a rush to watch. The thrusting was slow and methodical, in and out - her ass opening, attempting to take him all in and then tensing to grasp him as he raised her up.

But she likes it hard once she gets going and as she sped up, so did Max. He was fucking her and ramming that big dick in her as her tits bounced and hair floated. Her moans and gasps were too much for me. Over my excitement I realized my own dick was rock hard. It was then as her moans got loud that Max's body tensed with his muscles at full flexion as he shot his load of semen in her. There was so much it was leaking out - white cum covering her overworked pussy. He sat back on the bed no longer able to stand, fell to his back with her on his chest.

They both went limp with recovery. I, on the other hand, was on the other end of the spectrum - tense with desire. I caressed her ass bringing her back to this world. She whispered, wait right here to Max. She came and wrapped her arms around my neck and asked if she could have some time alone with Max. "I promise to tell you all about it", she said. We both smiled as she glanced at my pants all full of my hard-on.

I couldn't wait to get back together.
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