My First Gang Bang
my brother loved to see me suck and fuck cock. I always thought he was a little Bi. When I was 18 I was known as a cock sucker and a cum bucket. My reputation had followed from grade school. My brother wanted me to go to this senior party, he said it would be nice

The was party in Laguna Beach, there was like over (50) people there. I started drink this drink called Saki, wow it is strong. About mid night everyone was leaving. I went to the bathroom up stairs, when I came out there was my brother and like (10) other guys in the room naked and stroking there now hard cocks.

My brother came up to me and asks if I was sure I wanted to go through with this. I think I mumbled yes. Then he undressed me and laid me on the bed. I then felt all these hands all over me I was turned over so I was on my hands and knees. My body was shaking and scared.

I then felt a hard cock in my mouth one in my pussy then a few minutes later some guy rammed his hard cock in my asshole hurt like crazy, but was too turned on at the time to say anything. They were fucking my mouth my ass, and my pussy all at the same time, then I heard one of them say switch and out came the cocks to be replaced by (3) more. I was starting to relax and wanted more cock. I started to moan and scream with pleasure. My whole body became a fucking machine for them to enjoy.

It seem like it would never stop. I drank a lot of cum that night and my ass and pussy were dripping cum down my legs and onto the bed. I thought I had fucked and sucked everyone at least twice. There was one guy left his name was Horse. He came up to me and I saw why they called him horse, his cock was huge like over 9" and fat a beer can. He said I think you're ready for me now. I think I said yes ok.

He laid me on my back got between my legs and slowly put the head of his cock in the mouth of my pussy. I thought he was going to take it slow. He then said how does a big cock feel? I said it feels good. Then he like rammed it all the way up me I screamed in pain.

He started to fuck me harder and faster my mind was a blur. I could hear the juicy sound of my pussy being hammered. Then I heard all the guys in the room yelling go, go, go horse fuck the little slut she wants it. I don't how long he fucked me, but it was a long time until he shot a huge load in me. It like squirted out the sides of my pussy.

After he pulled out I couldn't even move he had fucked the life out of me. The rest of the guys were hard again from watching all the action.

They then circled me on the bed and masturbated all over me. I could feel hot sticky cum hitting on my face, hair, my back and my boobies I was a cum covered slut. They all went down stairs. Then I found out that my brother was he was Bi.

He came over to and started licking and eating all there cum off and out of my pussy and ass me. I know I swallowed a lot of cum but he ate all there cum. We laughed after cause I burped and I tasted cum. I don't know if I will ever do this again as it was a bit too much.
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