My best friend's mom in the shower
My name is Carol, I'm 22 and brunette. I have only B-cup tits, but I think they are perky. Anyway, I have never considered myself to be a lesbian, but I have checked out a couple lesbian DVDs to test the waters you could say. My best friend's name is Holly, but she has red hair and C-cup boobs, just like her mom. Holly's mom's name is Jessica, and let's just say one day we had an encounter. Holly and I frequently came over to each others houses, to study for our college classes, gossip and have the occasional sex talk where we'd dish about our boyfriends. I came over one Tuesday afternoon to see her.

I knocked on the door, but got no answer. So I just walked in as I always did to find Holly. First of course, I went over to Holly's room, but it was empty. I checked the rest of the house, except Jessica's room, but she was nowhere to be found. I texted her asking her where she was, but she didn't text back right away. I hung out in her room for a few minutes and never heard back from her. I was frustrated as you could imagine, so I went back out to the hallway, and this time I noticed the bathroom door was shut. I thought she must have went in there under my nose, so without thinking, I just opened the door and went in there. We were both adults and very comfortable being nude or semi nude in front of each other, so I didn't see a problem.

Although as I got back towards the shower, I realized it wasn't Holly in there, it was Jessica. Their shower was one of those big ones that just had one big clear door, so obviously if someone came in there, she wouldn't have any privacy. Jessica was standing towards the back of the shower with her back to the door, so she couldn't see me right there. As I said before, I never considered myself a lesbian, but when I saw Jessica's backside, my panties got rather wet. I saw that Jessica had one hand over her head on the wall while the other was on her pussy. She was masturbating in the shower, which I found to be very sexy. As I saw her fingers going up into her pussy, I couldn't help but to do the same. I stuck my right hand down my panties and began rubbing my pussy slowly. I had masturbated to chick on chick porn before, but that was nothing compared to this.

She seemed to be in her own world in shower, so it seemed safe to let my guard down and just enjoy the show. She let out a few soft moans, and it echoed in there, but that only made it hotter. That was when I couldn't help myself, I let out my own not so quite moan as I came a little bit my panties. She turned her head around and saw me, I highly doubted that she was finished though. I wasn't really nervous that she caught me because, she smiled at me. I was speechless, I couldn't get a word out if I tried. I got to check out her body from head to toe as she opened the shower door. She looked at me with my hand down my panties, and I was not only speechless, but frozen too.

Obviously she liked what she saw, because she kept smiling. She came right to the front of the shower and put her right hand up. With her pointer finger, she signaled me to come to her. I still couldn't actually say anything, but then somehow I found my legs moving towards her. I was nervous, yet very horny for Jessica. I got right in front of her and the shower, and she actually pulled me a little closer to her by my shirt. She leaned in to me and gave me a kiss right on the lips. As her lips left mine, I was still frozen, so I just stood there. She closed the shower door and just looked at me for a minute. I didn't ask her what she was thinking, but then she did something rather hot.

She came over to the door again, but this time, she pressed her boobs against it. That was when I broke out a smile, so she could tell that I liked that. She signaled me to come closer to the glass, which I did. She put her lips on the glass and so did I, right where she had hers. We made out with the glass as a barrier for a minute, and it was hot. Then we stopped and she opened the door once again. She pulled me towards her once again and put her hands towards the bottom of my shirt. She took it off me, and then got down on her knees to take off my shorts. As I was just in my bra and panties, she stood up and laid her lips back on mine again.

This time we made out without the glass between us. She pulled me really close to her, so I got a little wet. I was just barely out of the shower making out with her for about five minutes, and then she pulled me into the shower with her as I was still in my bra and panties. This was all new to me, but I was loving it. She wrapped her arms around me and held me quite tightly. The shower was just hitting her, but some of it got onto me after it hit her though. After she saw I was getting wet, she thought that my undergarments shouldn't get wet though. She undid my bra and slowly pushed down my panties too. She got both of them in her hand and threw it out the door.

As we both were completely naked, she leaned down and began licking and sucking on my nipples. I didn't feel violated in the least, I just loved the feeling and the surprise of this strange turn of events. I threw out a few soft moans and tried my best not to explode. She was about a foot taller than me, so she got down on her knees and could still get my nipples from there. I opened my mouth and closed my eyes in absolute pleasure. She put one of her hands right onto my pussy and rubbed it really slowly. Even when it was wet because of the water, she could feel my lady juices. I had no idea if Jessica had done this before, but she was making me feel really good.

She stuck a couple fingers up into my pussy a bit, but not too far. I inhaled and exhaled rather sharply multiple times as I was standing there being pleasured. I looked down at her and she looked right back at me and just smiled. I had no idea what all this was about, but complaining about was not on my to do list. She began thrusting her fingers in and out of my wet pussy and then she finally did what I had been hoping she'd do. She leaned towards my pussy and stuck her tongue in there. I immediately let out probably the biggest moan of my life and there was a horrible echo, but that didn't slow her down.

She stuck her fingers up into my pussy as far as she could and began eating me out. Oh, it felt amazing. It felt so much better with her doing it rather than a guy truth be told. I had a few select guys try it, but she just crushed their efforts. I put one hand on my left boob, and the other on her head. I was moving around a little trying to cope, having a MILF such as Jessica fucking me, was actually quite hard to deal with. I grabbed onto the towel bar, and had a very firm grip on it. As time went on by and Jessica stuck her fingers and tongue further and further into my pussy. it just became a little too difficult for me not shoot out all of my lady juices all over her face. I sprayed it for at least a few seconds, and just smiled again.

Once I was done, she stood up. First she laid another kiss on my lips, and then put her hand out. I of course took it and she took me to her bedroom without us even drying off. She laid down first and then had me get on the bed with her. I laid down on my back and she was on her left elbow facing me. She leaned down a bit and licked my nipples as she rubbed my stomach slowly. Once again, I begin inhaling and exhaling sharply trying to not shoot again. Usually for me, shooting too early was a good thing, but for Holly's mom, it would have been a horrible thing.

Still to that moment, not a single word had been mentioned, but that just made it hotter truth be told. Also the little fact that Holly could just show up at any point, made it better too. Eventually she got on top of me and super glued her lips to mine. We made out quite passionately for about another ten minutes and then we weren't as wet anymore, but something else was about to get a whole lot wetter though. Jessica put her hand right onto my pussy and stuck in her pointer and middle fingers. I so wanted to tell her how good I was feeling. As I was about to, she put her lips right back onto mine to prevent me from talking.

She began thrusting her fingers quickly as her lips were glued to mine. I tried to breathe as steadily as I could, because I just wanted to go nuts. I felt like I could beat the shit out of an UFC fighter, I was just so pumped up right then. I had this very hot and sexy MILF with me and I was getting the experience of a lifetime in the process. We made out and then she took my hand, and put it right on her very wet pussy. So I knew she loving this just as much as I was. Her pussy was the very first one I felt besides my own of course, and it just felt right. I guess I might have been a closet lesbian.

My hand was drenched once again, and I felt gutsy enough to stick a couple of my fingers up into her pussy too. I swear it had never happened before, but once I did it, I felt like I already knew everything there was to know about being a lesbian. I had her shoot out a couple more soft moans of intense pleasure. We both got onto our sides and just rubbed each others pussies for about five minutes. Our boobs touched a few times, but never really pressed together though. I wanted to feel those hot tits, all of the sudden, they were driving me crazy. There was something driving Jessica crazy too, and then it was making her nuts. She kissed me again and started to move down towards my crotch.

I knew what was coming, but it seemed way too good to be true though. As she got down to my pussy, she shot a very lusty look at me. She was teasing me this time, so she began kissing the sides of my legs and slowly made her way towards my pussy. As she finally got there, she gave my pussy a very long and life changing lick. I knew it right then, I'd never want another guy to fuck me again. She gave me about ten more long licks just like the first one, and then about thirty short ones. After that, I think I had the biggest inhale of my life, I inhaled as she began really fucking me. Once I hit that twelve second mark, I let it all out, and it probably the most intense exhale I ever experienced in my life.

She spread out my pussy lips and made sure there was room for her fingers too. I was on edge and I began to feel probably as good as I ever felt in my life. I looked over at her and I couldn't see her face, because it was buried between my legs. I put my hands right onto my boobs and pinched my nipples as I enjoyed the sweet pleasure I was receiving. Once again I wanted to say something, but I resisted and kept the words in my mouth. I began to get wet again, but not from a shower this time, I was sweating and my heart felt like it sprinting at the speed of light.

I began moving around a little frantically, because this was definitely the best new experience of my life. I knew by the way she was fucking me, that she had to have tried eating pussy before, how else would she be able to get me so worked up and horny so quickly? I leaned up a bit and sat on my butt. I put my hands onto her head and that made her just get more intense. She began thrusting her tongue in and out of my pussy and then I just couldn't hold back for another second. Even though my pleasure was to the max, I still managed to not say anything. So I didn't warn her that her face was about to get drenched again, but not with water though.

I sprayed her face with cum, and it was bar none the most intense orgasm of my life, much better than any orgasm I received while I was with a guy. After a minute of letting the cum dry on her face, she climbed up on top of me and laid her lips on mine. We made out for another couple minutes and then after all that, she broke the silence.

"I've always wanted to have sex with a cute and sexy kitten," Jessica said.

I didn't know what to say to that, it seemed like a very nice thing to say though.

"Well, I think we're both all smelly again now, I think we should take a shower," Jessica said.

"Good idea," I replied.

There was no way I was about to say no to that, she took my hand and we went back to the shower. We made out passionately for a minute with our arms around each other before she turned the shower back on. Once she did, she kissed me one more time and she said something else as we were getting wet again.

"You are one sexy kitten I'd like to fuck," Jessica said.

"And you are one sexy MILF," I replied.

We kissed one more time before the bathroom door opened.

"Mom, Carol?" Holly asked in an upset tone.
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