My brother's girlfriend
As I think back over time, this shouldn't have happened but it did. My younger brother had his first experience with the "fairer sex".

She was so cute had a body to match! I found out later that she had been raped by an uncle who would visit her on the weekend's when he was totally drunk and horny! She had told her parents but, of course, didn't believe her! After all, he was her mother's brother and he couldn't possibly do that!

One morning while attending the county fair, I caught her sleeping in her bed. I told her that she was the smartest one of the bunch of us since she was still resting. She pulled the covers back and asked me to join her.

I was startled at first but then "what the hell" and I took off my clothes and cuddled up to that 17 year old gorgeous body. She leaned over to kiss my lips while slowly moving her hands down my body to caress my cock and massage my balls. I moved my lips down to those beautiful breasts and used my hands to rub her clit and put 2 fingers inside her wet pussy. She really liked that. She let go of my cock and put it in her mouth and started sucking like a pro! I in turn, proceeded to drink and lap her pussy juices like a hungry lion.

After her back arched and she moaned her tune of satisfaction, she immediately climbed on top of me and pushed my cock all the way in her tight pussy. She pushed in and out slowly at first but she was so horny that she couldn't keep the slow pace up for long and started to fuck me faster and faster until we both unloaded our love juices inside her pussy.
She dismounted me then and kissed me tenderly and laid back down in the bed. I told her that I had to leave since everyone was expecting me at the fair and she was okay with that because after our great fuck she needed some more sleep!

I mentioned the fact that her uncle would rape her but I didn't say that she has a younger sister only 12 that he might be raping also.
Trish is a really cute girl and actually has developed a nice figure for being only 12. She would come on occasions to visit our family and when she did she always sat in the floor and hugged my legs. I think she wanted a male's attention and affection.

My brother and Tina broke-up a year later and Tina asked if she could move in with me. I told her of course and a week later she had moved her stuff in the apt. During the summer months she would bring Trish over to stay and enjoy the pool. That young girl looks fantastic in a swimsuit! One morning since I didn't have to work that day and Tina did, as soon as Tina closed the door Trish crawled into bed with me. She was totally naked and so was I from the night before. She snuggled up close to me and asked if I loved her. I told her that I did love her but her sister was my girlfriend. She told me that she wanted to shown my love for her like her uncle does. What could I say? I climbed on top of her and she took my erect cock and pushed it inside that tight pussy. She was so tight but she took my cock all the way inside her and fucked like a pro! We both had a tremendous orgasm that lasted for minutes and then she smiled and kissed me and said that was the way she wanted to be loved! Everytime I was off work and Tina was gone, Trish and I would have great morning sex until late in the day when Tina would arrive home. We did this act of loving for almost 3 years...first Tina and then Trish.

After 3 years we split our separate ways but I'll always remember those 2 sisters and how much love they gave me! I wonder who they are seeing now and hopefully being satisfied by other men rather then their uncle?

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