My brother proposed to me
I so wanted to be with him, I can't say I liked that he admitted that the deciding factor was Donna, but I couldn't help it, I wanted to be with him and I think he really wanted to be with me too.

"Is this really what you want?" I asked.

"Yes, I wanna make you happy," Mitch replied.

"But do you want this for you, or do you want this for me?" I asked.

Then he leaned up and kissed me once on the lips.

"I want this for us, it's like we have been married ever since mom and dad died, only without sex. I want Donna's parents to be together, and I want them to be happy too. I know we both want this, so please say yes," Mitch said.

"Can we have sex now and whenever we want to?" I asked.

"Well no, we have Donna, don't forget we have her to take care of now," Mitch replied.

Then I laughed a little.

"Promise me that you will love me forever and truly want this baby," I said.

"I promise I want Donna, don't mistake surprise for regret Midge, I was surprised. I had no idea that this was coming. I promise you, even if you say no, I'll still be here taking care of and supporting you two as well. I wanna give you this as well, because I want to be with you too sis, no one else in the world, sure as hell not Cassandra," Mitch replied.

"But you don't wanna date at all first?" I asked.

"Midge, I've dated you before. We've gone out to clubs, we've been out to dinner together, and once we made love, I think I know you better than all my past girlfriends combined," Mitch replied.

Then I just smiled a bit and put my head down as well. I was really touched by it, so I gave him a kiss.

"So is that a yes sis?" Mitch asked.

"Yes, I will marry you because I love you," I replied.

"I love you too sis," Mitch said just before we both hugged really tightly.

Then we made out for a few minutes and cuddled together as well. So that was another very memorable day to say the least. He really took it well, I had no idea he would take it that well. I guess he just really loved me and just truly wanted to make me happy. I never did ask him if he thought at all about Cassandra while he was gone, but I didn't care honestly. Call it selfish if you want, but he was the father of my beautiful baby girl. Then it was time to finish what we started.

"Can we finish making love now please?" I asked.

"I wouldn't have it any other way sis, just stay sweet for me," Mitch replied.

Then we began making out once again and I got on top of him. If the sex we had a few minutes before was great, this newly engaged sex would have to be absolutely wonderful. Then inserted his cock into me once again and gave me a nice kiss.

"I seriously missed you kissing me too you know," I said.

"Well, prepare yourself now sis," Mitch replied.

"Are you gonna kiss me nonstop now?" I asked.

"Maybe, would you like me to?" Mitch asked.

"Yes, now kiss me again," I replied.

Then we kissed once again, just as his phone rang.

"Who the fuck is calling now?" I asked.

He picked up his phone and saw who was calling. He showed it to me, it was Cassandra.

"I'll make it quick sis, I promise," Mitch said.

"You better, fiance," I replied.

Then we kissed again and he answered the phone.

"Hello," Mitch said.

I wasn't sure what was said, but I got the impression that over that year she was thinking about him quite a bit.

"Well, I'm with her now, she loves me and I probably love her more, we have a beautiful baby girl together and I'm done, you are the one that broke things off, simple as that, goodbye," Mitch said.

Then he hung up the phone and he gave me a kiss.

"You are the only woman I wanna be inside of now sis, fuck her, hell even if you didn't get pregnant I still wouldn't wanna be with her," Mitch said.

Then I kissed him again.

"Correct," I said.

"What do I win?" Mitch asked.

"Me," I replied.

"I can live with that," Mitch said.

Then we really began making love again. It was so sweet, I'm not too sure it could have been sweeter truth be told. He slowly began thrusting his cock in and out of me once again and put his hands on my boobs to give them a very gentle squeeze.

"Tell me you love me again," I said.

"I love you Midge, more than anything else in the world," Mitch replied.

We switched to me being under him. Then I pulled him down with me and we began making out very passionately once again. I put my hands on his butt and he put his arms underneath me. So we both put our heads right next to each other. We were both breathing in and out rather slowly, as if he breathed in and out any faster he'd just pass out or something like that. Once again I felt him right up against me as we were as close as we possibly could be. I wondered, while he was gone, did really he think about me too? I mean did he ever masturbate thinking about me, I'm sure he got at least a few moments to himself and got to it at least a couple times. I really wondered if he missed me as much as I missed him.

"OK, we got the making love process out of the way, let's really fuck now Mitch, we have the baby monitor, we'll be OK," I said.

"Yes my dear, I'd love to," Mitch replied.

Then he began ramming really hard. I mean really fucking hard, he was jamming his cock into my pussy as deep as he could and made my heart rate got through the roof. I was breathing in and out really quickly and I was trying to keep my cool, but I was just too damn happy honestly, I was like on a high or something like that. I mean it was so hard to really grasp what was going on honestly, I knew he was on top of me and we were having great sex, but it was just like a blurb almost just because I just felt so good. It lasted longer than a few minutes, but it seemed just like a few minutes though, it was seriously the best sex of my life right there.

"Oh my fucking god Mitch, yes I fucking love you, I love you more than literally anything else on the planet. Jam it inside me and make me moan like mad. Please Mitch, make me yours now, I wanna feel you like never before now and forever," I said.

I moaned really loudly and I thought we'd both just go deaf after a little while, but I didn't care, I had literally the best brother in the world, he was making love to me and he proposed to me after he found out about Donna.

"I fucking love you too sis, I'll make sweet love to you forever, and then maybe a few million years after that," Mitch said.

Then all of the sudden the door opened, it was Cassandra.

"What the fuck?" Cassandra asked.

We both looked at her with annoyed faces.

"We should ask you the same thing," I replied.

"You two are fucking each other again, so you fuck her right before you leave and fuck her right when you get back?" Cassandra asked.

"Cassandra, believe me when I say this is the nicest way I can say this to you. Bitch, get the fuck out of here, he wants to be with me now, so get the fuck out of here now. We have a baby together and he has asked me to marry him. So he's mine and I'm his, and trust me that is not gonna change," I said as I sat up and she saw my boobs.

I stared right at her and I think it was either my words, the fact that I was naked or maybe a mixture of both, but then she backed off, not too nicely though.

"Well fuck you, and fuck you too Mitch, you decide to hook up with your sister and adopt a baby, fine, go ahead and do that, I'm out of here, when she breaks your heart and she will, don't be knocking on my door," Cassandra said.

Then she left and slammed the bedroom and front door. After that I laid down with him as we were both naked. We cuddled together for a little while in silence, Donna just stayed asleep though good timing there. But I took quite a few more peaks over at the ring.

"Holy shit, what is that, 76 by now?" Mitch asked.

"Maybe, what's it to you?" I asked.

Then we laughed and kissed once again.

"Do you mind if we just take a quick peak at Donna real quick?" Mitch asked.

"Sure but you gotta get dressed first," I replied.

"Of course sis," Mitch said.

Then we both got dressed and went over to the other bedroom and just took a look at Donna sleeping. I think it was like love at first sight. I saw him shed a few tears, as well. After about 20 minutes, we went back into my bedroom. We got on the bed clothed as well.

"She is beyond beautiful sis, I mean damn we have some good genes," Mitch said.

"Trust me, when I first held her in my arms I knew that," I replied.

"Yes, I wish I could have been there, if I was gonna get my sister pregnant, that would have been nice, not I'm sorry it happened sis, don't take that out of context," Mitch said.

"I know bro, I so wish you could have been there too, but life happens and sometimes your brother proposes to you. Then you say 'yes' and make love again. We have the rest of ours lives to be there for every precious moment there is. Trust me, Jordan will tell you too, you would not have wanted to be there when I was giving birth. I was screaming at the top of my lungs," I replied.

"OK sis," Mitch said.

"Please don't be upset about it, I mean you know that if I could I'd would have told you immediately, and knowing you, I know you'd probably run back if you had to," I replied.

"I'll do my best sis, it was only 3 months though," Mitch said.

"I love you Mitch," I replied.

"I love you too Midge, stay sweet for me after wedding," Mitch said.

"What do you think I'm gonna flip the 'Sweet' switch or something?" I asked.

"Maybe you do, it could hidden somewhere," Mitch replied.

"Like where?" I asked.

"I don't know, somewhere," Mitch replied.

Then we both laughed once again and made love once again as well. So that was one hell of a sex session we had, that night I think we both had the best sex of both of our lives hands down. Really, I don't know why I was worried whatsoever honestly. I mean think about it, he got me pregnant when we were already as close as we could be, granted we only had sex once, but still. After that, we planned the wedding and Jordan did her part of it as I knew she wanted to. We also had her do some babysitting for us as well.

"Well you wanna have it in your back yard?" Jordan asked.

"Yes, it's a small wedding, there isn't gonna be a lot of people there, so we're not too worried honestly," I replied.

"OK then," Jordan said.

"You got a brother right?" I asked.

"Yes, are you suggesting I should hook up with him now?" Jordan asked.

"Yes actually, I think you'll like it," I replied.

"I'm gonna pass honestly, that's just me, not that I disapprove you this, but still," Jordan said.

"OK then," I replied.

We had the wedding on a Saturday as Donna was 4 months old. We got hitched together and even though we weren't technically married, it didn't make it any less meaningful to us. We slept together and had sex together and were a real couple. We did go out on casual dates as brother and sister before we first hooked up, but now we go on romantic dates and we've been having the time of our lives truth be told. I don't think I would have changed a thing. I really wish he could have been there for the first 3 months of Donna's life, but shit happens, and we try not to dwell on that. I know one thing for damn though, I'm so happy that my brother got me pregnant. I wondered after awhile if we should have more kids, so I brought it up to him when Donna was a year old and we were in bed.

"Mitch, do you picture us having more kids?" I asked.

"Is that something you want sis?" Mitch asked.

"Yes, the first one is the sweetest angel there is, so I just wanna know if you'd wanna have another one, that was planned," I replied.

Then he gave me a kiss.

"Yes of course I would sis, but as you said, we should plan for this one though, let's wait and try when Donna is 2, can you wait one year?" Mitch asked.

"Do you promise, just one year?" I asked.

"Would I lie to you sis?" Mitch asked.

"Well you have before, pain in the ass," I replied.

"If you are fishing for an apology for that whole birthday thing when we were kids, you are not gonna get one, sorry," Mitch said.

He lied to me when I was 10 and told me we were going to Paris, France for my birthday. I was a kid so I believed him. So we saved up after that and planned for our next baby. We kept to our deal and started trying on Donna's 2 2nd birthday. We were successful after a about a month, so then 9 months after that we had another baby girl, we named her Laurie. Now we're raising our 2 daughters in the house we grew up in. Jordan never tried it with her brother, and I respected that honestly. For what else happens with my brother and I, remains to be seen. I'm not too sure if things would have progressed as quickly if at all if he hadn't gotten me pregnant. My brother got me pregnant, and it was the best thing that ever happened to either one of us bar none.
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