My cousin - Brenda
note: My wife is the one encouraging me to write stories. We are happily married, thank you, and she picks the women I write about. She is the one that wrote the story about Norma since we were quite an item back then and she was so jealous. She gets so horny after reading these stories and demands that I fuck her just like I do the others in my stories! Thank goodness she had her tubes tied or we'd be the parents of many children!!

My cousin Brenda and I have been very close throughout our lives. We enjoy each other's company so much and actually flirt with each other whenever possible. She's a beautiful woman with blonde hair and blue eyes and a shapely figure. Her husband passed away a few years ago from a heart attack and she's been so lonely for male companionship. She told me she hated sleeping by herself!

One evening we had dinner at the local Red Lobster and afterwards I walked her to her car. As always we hugged and kissed to say good-bye but this time the kiss was held longer and more passionate! She finally released her lips and looked me in the eyes and stated "Damn. I'm so lonely and I haven't had a sexual partner since Mike died. I need to be fucked and get some warm cum inside my aching pussy!" "Would you help me out?" she asked. I told her to follow me home and I'd take care of her needs after all she is my favorite relative.

We arrived at my home and I asked her if she wanted something to drink. She told me NO, all she wanted was to have my cock and cum inside her wet pussy. She started stripping and leaving clothes in the floor as she made her way to my bedroom. "Come on my friend and show me how much you love me" she said. I had to stop and pee before going to her since I didn't want to share that urine inside her.

I made it to the bedroom and saw her bra and panties lying on the phone on the nightstand and she was lying there in bed with her legs spread wide and using her fingers to fuck her pussy. She smiled when I picked up her wet panties and bra and laid the in a chair. "See what you did to me, I'm so horny I wet my panties on the way here!" she told me. She told me that she was tired of using her fingers and dildos for sexual relief and needed to be fucked by a cock for a change.

I removed my clothing and laid down with her and started to explore her gorgeous body with my hands and tongue. I sucked and licked her nipples like a hungry baby and put my thumb on her clit and massaged it. This caused her to finger fuck herself even more furiously and in just a matter of minutes that I heard her cry of "I'm cummmming! God that feels so good!" I immediately put my tongue inside her pussy to taste her love juices. She not only looks good but she tastes good too.

She reached down for my cock and put it her mouth and started to suck on it. She only stopped long enough to say "this is what I want inside me." I said "it's yours for the taking!" She released my cock from her mouth and held on to the headboard and wrapped those shapely legs around my back as I inserted my cock inside that wet wanting pussy. I was so horny I didn't try to be gentle and rammed my cock deep inside her and started moving in and out at a fierce pace.

She matched me stroke for stroke until she just pushed herself against me and held it. Her kagels were squeezing my cock for the want of my cum. With all the moans of her pleasure I felt my cum getting ready to explode in her pussy! She felt my cock throb and squeezed even harder if it were possible and I released floods of cum inside her. She gasped when I did and yelled "Oh yes my love. Fill me up! I have wanted that since I first learned about sex. Did you know I had fantasies about you and I actually fucking like we just did?" I told her that I had been attracted to her also but was afraid to tell her since we were cousins.

We laid together for awhile and finally I got up to get a drink and smoke and she told me she'd join me when she felt like getting up. She was exhausted after our lovemaking! About 15 minutes passed before she joined me for a drink and smoke. "I want some more of that in a few minutes, it's been too long since I have been fucked by a man" she declared! After a little while had passed we went back to the bed and fucked more. We still get together at least 3 times a week to engage in our lovemaking.
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