My daughter's ex-boyfriend Part 2
Our kiss turned soft slow and lazy, just kissing and touching each other. His arms wrapped around me his hands running up and down my back sending shivers along my body. I was content to stay right there and not move it felt so good to be wrapped up in a man arms again. As the kiss lingered he gently rolled me on my back, his big strong wide hands sliding down my body. Finger tips touching the sides of my huge breasts, down the ribs, along my hip and cross my outer thigh to slip into my inner thigh. His knuckles were a breath away from my inner thigh just faintly sliding up and down making me very wet. As our lips part using his mouth and teeth to bite my bottom lip and sucking it into his mouth. I let out a small moan of approval then open my eyes watching him pull my lip through his teeth.

He smiles at me shifting around he grabs a pillow sliding it under my hips. Places a small kiss on my nose, lips, longer kiss and lick along my neck leaving a moist trail of where he has been. Wide open mouthed kisses along my neckline and small harmless bites continuing down the center of my chest. At this point I feel the first trickles of wetness sliding down my lips making my hips lift up making very tiny circles. Taking my breasts in his hands he molds them as he watches me then he asks, "Liz, honey what do you want from me? What would you like for me to do to please you?" I am so turned on that I can hardly breath or think and he wants me to talk. Is he crazy? I take a deep breath as I close my eyes and swallow but when my voice comes out it sounds like another person. My voice sounded so husky and breathy almost a whisper as I said, "Roger, please lick, suck and fuck my pussy. Oh my god you are driving me crazy?"

His moist tongue slithers down my chest along my stomach around and my navel as his hands follow the trail his mouth had left. My body is on fire at this point my hips are lifting up towards him. I desparately want his mouth on my wet extremely horny pussy that has not been touched by anyone in over ten years expect for me of course. Kissing the spot just over my pussy along with a bite and tug of the teeth. Grabbing my calves he pushes them up planting my feet on either side of the pillow. Spreading my knees wide open he lays down on the bed not moving or making a sound. I lift my head and shift to my elbows to see what he is doing. Roger looks up at me and smiles, "Wow you are so fucking wet! I am watching it drip down your lips and on to the pillow. Do you want me to do this?" While he looking directly in my eyes licks up my slit to my already engorged clit, sending shockwaves through my body as he circles it with his warm moist tongue. Still on my elbows watching him my head falls back my eyes close and a groaning moaning type so sound escapes my lips. He chuckles then spreads my lips open licking my pussy and sucking on my clit flicking his tongue back and forth across my clit. Taking my clit into his mouth and chewing on it making my hips lift faster harder against his mouth. To stop my hips from lifting to his face he lays his left arm across my stomach then rubbing two of his fingers from his other hand along my slit covering them in wetness. Teasing me as rubs just the tips in my pussy then pulling out again did this for several minutes. I finally said, "Stop teasing me and shove them in or fuck me." He shoved his fingers in me and finger fucked me hard and fast. Feeling my orgasm building very quickly as he pounds my pussy with his fingers. I reach up grab his head and shoves it in to my pussy rubbing his face in it. He starts sucking on my clit and pussy like a vaccum, holding his head firmly against me. Screaming and panting as I thrust my hips up against his mouth and I start squirting in his mouth. He is sucking trying to keep up with the flow. I release my grip on him he places a small kiss on my pussy lips.

He moves up my spent body searching out my lips with his and kissing me long and slow. Rubbing his cock up and down my slit then sliding in to my very tight wet warm pussy. I feel him stretching me out and it feels so good. Pumping in and out slowly but firmly increasing his rhymth as we hold each other. Wrapping my legs around his waist as he fucks me harder and harder yet, feeling his cock expand inside me I know he's about to cum. I grab his face and tell him to please cum in me. He pounds me harder and faster feeling his balls slapping my ass and my legs starting to shake. I know I'm about to cum I move my hands to his back pressing my breasts against his chest and rake my fingernails down his back. He thrusts deep inside me one last time and shoots a large load of cum deep inside my pussy. As my pussy walls squeeze him and milk his cock. At the same time my pussy squirts out against his cock. I feel our juices mix together. Feeling so content I kiss his shoulder.

He rocks his hips very slowly then collapes on top me. I love the feel of his young firm sweaty body laying on top of me. Feeling his heart racing against my breasts. His ragged breathing against my ear and he is not moving. My hands roam down to his nice hard firm ass and I squeeze his cheeks. He grunts telling me to give him a few and he will be good to go. I look at the clock and said, "the only place you will be going is the shower and to your house. The kids will be home in a hour."

We showered and he promised to make regular visits. I am looking forward to it. Can't wait to see him again.
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