My dear friend, Jackie
At the facility where I work as a rotating 12-hour shift worker, you get to know those people you see every day better than those you only see on occasion. Since you work and play at the same time of day, you make special friends to not only work with but to enjoy spending time when you're both off. It's just a fact of life for a shift worker!

I met this one particular such person named Jackie. She was the type of person who always smiled, laughed, and never knew a stranger. She had a bubbly personality and quick wit and YES she is very attractive!! She's slim, brown hair and eyes, pouty lips, bright smile, and a body to die for! We would talk every day/night
at work and always spend time together when off. She had an apartment right down the street from mine which she shared with her daughter Ashley. Ashley is a really cute and well mannered young girl of mixed race who was conceived while Jackie served in the Army.

If Jackie needed to run an errand I would automatically volunteer to watch Ashley and Jackie knew that I would take good care of her. No problem ever came up since Ashley was a really good kid, one that I wish I had. In the warm months we would go to the apt pool and swim playing "Marco Polo" and in the colder months we would stay inside and play video games.

One night Jackie and I were in her apartment and after getting Ashley in bed asleep we started sipping on some kind of rose wine. Well one thing led to another and we wound up lying in the floor all giggling and then suddenly Jackie climbed on top of me and started to kiss me passionately. Being a little high myself, I responded accordingly. I moved my hands slowly down her top and caressed her bountiful breasts. She moaned and asked me to remove her top and bra for a better look and while I did she kept grinding her pussy hard against my restrained cock. God,
I thought I'd tear that top and bra off! She took her hand and pulled off her short tight white shorts and then her lacy white panties. Then she reached down an unzipped my jeans and pulled them along with my briefs off quickly! Her need and desire was urgent to say the least!

She reached down and stroked my cock in a very slow and warm motion which didn't need a whole lot of attention and pushed down to lick and suck it like a experienced pro. I in turn moved my lips down her body kissing, licking, and sucking every thing I could. Her huge breasts were a delight to taste and suckcl with the nipples standing erect and when Ifinally made it down to her hot wet pussy we were both gasping for breath. I licked and sucked on that clit like a kitten with a bowl of milk and then my tongue entered her pussy and she came like a water fountain.

She finally had decided to stop sucking my cock and start fucking it. She climbed on top of me with legs spread wide apart and guided my cock into her opening. I didn't have to thrust at all since she thrusted hard for both of us. Up and down with a furious frenzy until she felt my cock throb and she squeezed it tight with her pussy muscles and we both hit our orgasm. I filled that nice pussy up with all the cum I had inside me and with my cum and her cum the carpet was saturated. After we rested for a few minutes she got up off me and laughed and said she needed to get some carpet cleaner.

As I left to go back to my apartment she kissed me tenderly and said "Thanks, I needed that. It's been awhile since I've fucked like that!" I smiled and told her good-night and that maybe we could catch her the next night. She told me "yes, please!" The next morning after I had sobered up I realized that I had probably been a mistake since Jackie is half my age and young enough to be my daughter! I told her about that later and she responded with "don't be silly, I don't care about your age and you shouldn't care about mine. What we did was to sastify each other's hunger and that's what friends do!"

Jackie met this guy we worked who in my opinion was a first class jerk but she fell in love with him anyway. He treated her like a dirt bag and all he wanted her for was someone to fuck. The night he told her he didn't want to see her again, I received a phone call from him and he told me that I needed to go check on her because she hadn't taken that news well and he was concerned that she might do something to herself. I immediately got out of bed and dressed and rushed to her apartment fearing the worst. She opened the door and she was stark naked and had drank a bunch of different liquids and taken pills.

I knew her older sister and called her home and told her that she needed to get over to Jackie's right away because Jackie needed to go to the hospital. While we were waiting for her sister to arrive I found a bathrobe and covered her up so her sister didn't know I had seen her naked. Her sister arrived in a few minutes and took her to the local hospital where she stayed about 4 days. Her stomach had been pumped and God only knows what else but she was okay. She did have to go for counseling after that. She thanked me for saving her life later and I told her "that's what friends do"!

A few months later she met a really great guy named Mike who was good to her and Ashley and asked her to marry him. She accepted eagerly and asked me to walk her down the aisle and give her away since after all "I was her new daddy"!

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