My first 3some
My husband and I got married at young age He was in the service we moved far from any family or friends. I thought it would be horrible, no friends nor family hubby working all day and I'm home alone. At first it was lonely, he started bring friends over and inviting them for dinner. Days were pretty lonely and it was nice to start meeting new people. We lived away from town so we didn't have to worry about pissing off neighbors and we started having parties at our little house.

My ex-husband and I had a very good sex life, we didn't always get along but making up was great. He was very kinky and would bring up how we should do other things an maybe with other people. I was young and totally in love with him, I was totally against the idea, i thought that no guy ever really wanted something like that, and i thought he was testing me. As the weeks and months dragged on he talked more and more about 3somes and me doing things for his friends. I started giving in a little bit, And being drunk helped, at our parties I would get pretty drunk and started doing strip teases for him and a few of his friends. They would cheer as I stripped down to my panties. Sometimes we would play strip poker and of course I knew I couldn't win. Our parties were usually with a lot if people and he had his few privileged friends that would always come over. One night we had a party and just the few of us and I agreed to truth or dare.

Tame at first, but of course it quickly got more sexual and daring. Soon we were taking turns running around the outside of the house or down the street completely naked. Finally pretty late at night my husbands turn and he asked me. I took the dare figuring it was more running around naked or teasing or at the worst me touching myself a little while they watched. Most of us still sitting in the living room floor completely naked he dared me to wear a blind fold for twenty minutes, if I didn't I had him do something he asked about all the time. I knew his trick so I took the blind fold and put it on. The first few minutes weren't bad we were still joking and drinking having a good time. Then I felt a hand on my breast and pinching my nipple, I almost moved the mask to see who it was when I remembered the dare. After a couple minutes I felt a different hand on my breasts. Thinking my husband was trying to trick me I didn't move. Then I felt another hand on my leg and i felt them pulling me back on my back. They laud me on my back and I just got really wet and horny. When they heard me moan, they stopped wasting time groping me slow and started fingering me.

The next thing I felt was a hard cock near my mouth I stuck my tongue out and started licking it and them sucking it. I felt a cock pushing into me and I felt a big wave of guilt, I could tell it wasn't my husband because it was definitely thicker, but it felt so good I pushed my hips towards it. I came the first time on the second thrust I felt.

Then I heard my husband voice from a distance, I freaked out and stopped sucking I sat up and pulled the mask off to see where he was. I looked up and and saw him watching from the couch. He just told me not to stop and try to enjoy it. He came over with his hard cock and put it right at my mouth. His friend pushed his thick cock back in my pussy and I just started sucking him. His friend fucked me harder and harder making me cum more and more, finally he said he was cumming and I jumped up on my knees and started sucking him, his cum filled my mouth. My husband got behind me and started sliding his cock in my soaking pussy, then I felt him slide his fingers to my ass and I finally remembered that I lost the dare. Reluctantly I got my fingers nice and wet and put them behind me and skid them slowly in my ass. Feeling them slide in easy, I told him I was ready. He pushed the head of his cock in my ass slowly. His other friend got back in front of me. I put his cock in my mouth and started sucking trying not to think about my husband pushing his cock in my ass. Then I felt a sudden orgasm come over me and I felt his cock sliding in and out easier. I had to stop sucking as I came hard, I felt a wave move over me starting from my ties and went up my legs and I started shaking. Then he pulled out slow and told his friend that I was sucking to cum over and get some. My husband laid on the floor and told me to ride him. I straddled him and slide his cock in my pussy easily. He told his friend to get behind me and get in with him I felt his friend pushing his cock in my pussy with my husband still in me and I fell over on my husband. My pussy was stretched before but with both of them in my pussy and starting to fuck me hard I came and came again. It was starting to hurt some but I was still so horny I told his friend to fuck my ass. I came again and then his friend said he was cumming. He pulled out and my husband rolled me over and then him and his friend kneeled over my face and stroked while I went back and forth licking them and sucking them. Just a minute later his friend started cumming over my mouth and my husband came shooting across my face. I laid there covered in cum and totally exhausted and passed out. I woke up the next morning sticky and crusty and still naked.

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