My first real DP
I love to be DP'ed. Rivet enjoys doing it to me and we seem to find a place for his dick and a dildo every time we have a "Fuck Night".

I really wanted to have two guys' cocks, but didn't mention it to Rivet. Once we were talking about a threesome, and when he realized he was fantasizing about two women and him while I had the urge to be filled by two guys, the fantasy began to bloom and both of us wanted to pursue it.

We went on line, looking for a partner both of us could accept. After a slew of rejects, Craig looked good, spoke well, and was very attracted to me. His looks and smile soaked my panties every time we chatted.

Time to meet in person! We arranged to meet for dinner near Tysons Corner, not far for us and convenient for him. That afternoon, I first showered then prepped to meet my new lover (I hope). Hair up, soft lipstick, perfume, halter top, no bra for my 34B breasts, skirt with the hem just above the knees, CFM heels. Looking at myself in the mirror, I was pretty confident Craig would like what he sees.

Rivet took one look at me and said, "I think we may have to fight Craig off or we just might fuck at the dinner table!" I only smiled.

We arrived first and were shown to a table set for three. We ordered wine as we awaited Craig's arrival. I told Rivet how nervous I was yet excited to feel another's dick fucking me. Soon, the maitre'd came to our table ahead of a man, about 6 feet tall, slim waist, pecs that stretched his polo shirt, blonde hair and deep blue eyes. I was ready!

We enjoyed dinner as we got to know one another, treading carefully on anything sexual except for our willingness to meet for our double penetration. We set the date and Craig was to come to our house. At the end of dinner, we toasted to our next meeting and Craig kissed me, giving me a little tongue which I gladly sucked.

The day came. I was already well lubricated, wanting the feel of Craig's and Rivet's dicks. I dressed in clothes easy to remove yet not revealing. A blouse with the top two buttons undone, a front clasped bra, loose slacks with just a button and zipper, a gauzy red thong and kick off shoes.

Champagne was on ice in the living room, soft jazz playing and subtle lights to set the mood. Rivet was in casual clothes, ready to lose them as soon as possible.

Craig arrived and I opened the door. I put my hand on his back, pulled him tight to me and I tiptoed to kiss him deeply. Fuck, he tasted good! After our welcome, we went to the living room, Rivet popped the champagne, poured three flutes and toasted to a fun night.

We sat, Craig and me on the sofa and Rivet on a chair directly across from us. My hand went immediately to Craig's thigh. He looked into my eyes and said that things were starting quickly. Rivet gave me an approving smile and his hand went to his crotch, holding a stiffy through his trousers. Rivet said, "Let's take this to the bedroom down the hall." He led, holding my hand and my holding Craig's behind me.

The bedroom was set. The bed was white with crisp sheets, one folded down and the other fitting tightly. We paused standing and the three of us kissed, hands were everywhere. Soon, my clothes began to disappear as both guys undressed me. Kisses were all around. Once I was naked, I began to undress Rivet and Craig began to strip. He must be a bodybuilder! Then off came his boxer briefs. I was in awe. That hardon was going into my pussy or ass! Was!

Onto the bed we dove. Rivet laid his head on my chest and started to suck and pinch my nipples. Craig opened my legs and dined on my nectar, licking my pussy, sucking my clit and almost fisting me. My first orgasm hit hard. Two men making love to me is awesome! My turn!

I told my guys to come up here so your dicks can be enjoyed. Rivet suggested we repair to the floor, my kneeling and they standing. Great idea! Soon I had two pricks, stiff as rocks in my hands as I stroked them, kissed them then alternated between them, stroking and sucking. What a turn on!

Craig asked if I was ready. With Rivet's dick in my mouth, I could only nod yes. I let go of Rivet's dick and told him to sit on the edge of the bed. I got the anal lube from the nightstand and soaked my ass and his cock. He held his pole upright and I slowly eased down on him. I stroked a couple of times so I could take all of him. Craig was in front of us, stroking his rod and then, once I stopped, he came forward, bent his legs and found my pussy. He pushed and it felt crowded as his dick was being pushed against Rivet's. The feeling was an almost painful one, but two cocks in me was wonderful. Once Craig was balls deep, Rivet pulled back then thrust as Craig pulled back. The friction and the feel of their veiny shafts stroking me took me over the top. I came, probably screaming. Over and over again. I kept cumming until something happened and euphoria set in. I was floating. I felt Rivet's dick swell and he filled my ass with hot cum, as he caressed my breasts. Craig kissed me and told me he was about to fill me. "Fuck me!" He did. Balls deep his prick started to stretch my squeezing muscles as we both exploded.

Whatever happened after that, I have no idea other than our waking up in the morning still spent from the previous night.

We vowed to repeat our wonderful night, Craig regrettably departed and Rivet and I had a lovely morner.
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