My first tattoo
I had wanted a tattoo but was shy about getting it since I wanted it to be near my pussy. My husband agreed to go with me for moral support.

My husband and I walked into the tattoo shop. It's deserted except for a big guy at the counter reading a magazine. Since I was already nervous it was very intimidating.

I tell him I have an appointment and show him a picture of the tattoo I want. He asks where I want it. Smiling sheepishly I point to the crotch of my slacks.

"You'll have to be shaved for that" he says.

I tell him that's already been taken care of.

"You realize, if that's where you want it, you can't be very modest." I tell him I understand, and he gets up and leads us to a small room in the back. The room is very stark with just a stainless steel hydraulic table.

He lowers the table and tells me to go into the dressing room and put the little robe hanging there on. "Take off all your clothes then put the robe on. "

I do as he says, and come out with the robe wrapped tight around my waist. He has me sit on the edge of the table, then lay back with my head on a pillow.

He slides out long trays like birthing stirrups on each side of the tables end, has me lay my legs in them, then scoots a chair forward, so he's sitting between my spread legs.

My husband stands by my head, watching, as the tattoo artist parts the middle of the robe, exposing my lower stomach and pubic mound. He starts to draw the outline of the tat I want and I start to get wet thinking about having a stranger between my legs. After doing the outline he picks up the tattooing instrument, looks at the picture, and says, "this will sting a little, not bad, just try to hold still".

I stiffen at the touch of his fingers 3 inches above the opening to my vagina. I jerk when the needle hits me, and he repeats that I need to hold still.

The metal tool does sting. I lay there, trying not to move, as time after time, the needle pumps the ink just under my skin.

The pain begins to ease as I'm suddenly very aware of the heel of his hand on the top opening of my pussy. He's putting just the slightest bit of downward pressure on my clit.

In that moment, I realize my little nub is stiffening, and I feel more wetness forming and leaking from my pussy.

Another slight sting, and instead of trying to pull away, I raise my pelvis slightly, pressing against his hand. He presses back, gently, acting like nothing is going on but the procedure. I press against his hand again, and he presses back, this time with a little more pressure.

I know he feels my hard clit.

My husband can see everything, but says nothing. I reach up and take his hand and squeeze it.

Then I moan softly with pleasure, and the artist says "did I hurt you?", knowing full well he didn't. "Nno...go...ahead" I stammer.

He continues the tattoo and pushing on my clit and soon it's obvious to all three of us that I'm getting a lot of pleasure out of this painful experience.

The artist's hand now slips down and presses tightly against my open wet pussy. "Oh..yes" I breathe, rubbing it against his hand.

He looks up at my husband, and seeing no protest puts the tool down. He reaches between my open thighs with both hands and opens my pussy wide with his fingers.

I gasp as he leans forward and runs his tongue up and down between the swollen lips of my pussy. "Ahhhhhhhh" I cry as he closes his lips around my hard clit and sucks.

I move my hips, fucking his hot mouth.

My husband had watched as long as he could stand it. He quickly opens his pants and pushes them down to mid thigh. I turn my face towards him as he moves closer, his cock brushing my lips. I open my mouth and suck the head in hungrily.

"Oh...Tish suck it"! he gasps, grabbing me by the hair, sliding his cock into my hot willing mouth.

The artist sees what's going on and stands up. He pulls his pants down, and his thick hard cock springs up. He takes it in his fist and moves in between my open legs. There are no preliminaries. I give a muffled cry around my mouthful of cock as he thrusts his huge organ up into me, deep, stretching, filling my cunt. He lifts my legs up and out, giving easier access, and starts fucking me hard, almost brutally, his pubic mound slamming against mine with each inward thrust.

My husband watches my hips moving, my naked pussy thrusting back at him, taking every inch of his swollen cock.

I'm making little gasping sounds as my husband continues to fuck my hot mouth. It feels so good to have a cock in my mouth and another up my cunt.

Why had I never tried this before I wondered.

I can feel my orgasm rising and I take my mouth off my husband's cock just long enough to tell the artist "fuck me harder." Putting his cock back in my mouth I reach under my husband's balls and stick a finger up his ass. This is enough to set him off and he explodes in my mouth.

I try to swallow it but there is too much, some leaks out and runs down my face.

The artist seeing this, buries his cock in my cunt. "Take this too bitch" he cries. I feel his hot cum shooting up my cunt and it sets me off with a mind blowing orgasm, the likes of which I had never experienced before.

It takes me a while to come down and I now felt now shame as I lay there exposed with cum on my face and more leaking out of my cunt.

"I think your wife really enjoyed that" the artist said to my husband.

"I believe you're right" my husband answered as he pulled his pants back up.

The artist didn't charge me for the tattoo that day. He probably won't charge me when I go back next week for my clit ring.

I wonder, should I take my husband with me, or should I tell the artist to invite one of his friends?
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