My first time
I went down the street, gym bag in hand, to her house. I rang the bell and she came to the door in a tee, short shorts and sandals. She smiled enthusiastically and invited me in. I opened my gym bag and brought out the white collar, put it to her neck and clasped it there.

She went to her knees and said, "I am yours, master." I lifted her up and told her to show me to her bedroom. "Yes, master, this way, please."

It was on the first floor, en suite and more than lovely. I noticed that there were mirrors strategically placed for the benefit of voyeurs in the act of fucking. I thought that this woman is kinkier than I thought. I smiled. "Lie down."

'Yes master." She did as told. I brought out the soft Velcro cuffs and put hem onto her wrists and then tied them over her head to the center post of the headboard. Two more cuffs for her ankles and rope to tie them spread eagled to the foot of the bed.

I went to the side of the bed and slowly stripped as she watched. She smiled and moaned as she watched me become more revealed. Once naked, I took out the razor sharp knife and opened it. Her smile disappeared, but no objections. "Good, she almost trusts me." I thought.

The blade slid under the waist of her tee. I lifted it and the fabric disintegrated. I moved the blade up as I pulled the bottom of the shirt. Soon the front of it was cut from waist to neck. Then the sleeves were cut to the center of the tee and the shirt fell away.

The cold steel touched her sternum and she winced as the knife cut the little bow at the center of her bra. A quick nick on each shoulder strap had her bra lying at her sides.

I moved down and slipped the blade into the leg of her shorts. A quick upward motion severed that confine and revealed that she was commando. The other side was next. I lifted the waistband and lowered it to between her legs revealing a glistening mound of dark lips. My lovely sex goddess was naked, ready for her master.

I placed a blindfold snugly onto her to shut out all light. Then came out a rabbit and lube. I kissed her wet lips and then opened her gently. A swipe of lube onto her opening and the rabbit slipped in slowly. She moaned and her head rocked from side to side sending the mass of curls into a wild array.

I turned the rabbit on and guided the clit vibe to her swollen nob. She screamed and began to moan as her orgasms. I took one of her dark nipples into my mouth and nibbled on it and sucked hard. My hand pinched and pulled her other nipple. I felt restraint on the rabbit as she came hard and screamed out profanities for her master.

I pulled out the dildo and moved between her outspread legs and rammed my hungry cock into her cunt. Oh, fuck! She is perfection!

I fucked her until she squeezed my prick so tight that I had a tough time stroking. That was great and soon I felt hot bolts of electricity coursing thru my groin and I rammed deep and came hard, filling her with my hot cum.

I pulled out of my caramel beauty and rolled onto my back, and unfastened her restraints. She curled up tight to me. We snuggled and caressed one another. Off came her collar and we kissed deeply. What a great first time experience with a sub. She is more than perfection.
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