My first toy a 10 inch rubber cock
Not so much a fantasy as it is me looking for advice so I can fuck and suck better

Ok so I stepped into the world of sex toys today, with a limited budget, I was told to buy a cucumber. I had no problem doing that and I would have, save for the fact that a cucumber is a food, and even if I told my kids not to eat it, it still might have gotten eaten. (mentally disabled child) I just didn't want to risk that.

So on a limited budget (under 15.00) I bought myself a 10 inch cock.

I had to sneak it into where I am staying and under the guise of a long hot bath ( I needed one from being outside in the cold fucking wind all day)I set out to explore my toy and how to satisfy myself with it.

I started by trying to force it up my cunt, ouch I was not as moist as I was 20 minutes I eased into it a and I started it more with a tub of water At first I could only take about 4 inches, and I gradually worked myself up to 6-8 inches, then I started pushing, I never was able to take the full 10 inches, but needless to say I was proud that I got 8-9 inches.

The only big issue I had was by jamming it up so far and so hard, that I caused myself to bleed, I know to some it may be gross, and TMI, but sorry it is what it is.

When I sat on the cock when in water I was able to take about 8-9 inches, painful but being in the water helped some.

Then I tried sucking it, I couldn't get more than a few inches in my mouth without gagging and the rubber taste? Any suggestions? I haven't sucked real cock in so long.........

The other thing that really frustrated me was I could not cum with the cock up my cunt, when I took the cock out and shoved my fingers up my cunt, I was able to squirt my load out.....

So what am I doing wrong.

I really enjoyed the cock when I was not forcing it in as far as I could, and I could move it up and down in and out at my pleasure, but I really want to take that 10 inch cock up my cunt with no problems..........
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