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Then the minister told us to start giving our vows.

"John I first met you a few years ago. Jeanette introduced us, then of course I had no idea that someday we'd both be standing right here, but we are. We love each other and want nothing more than to spend the rest of our lives together. I know this baby will be our baby together. We'll both love him or her as much as we possibly can. I wanna go down this road with you because I truly do love you. I think I've fallen more and more in love with you ever since we started this relationship. We have my mom and your daughter on the road with us too. So I'm asking this because I wanna commit to you. I love you," I said.

We both had a couple tears going down our cheeks.

"And you John," The minister said.

"Callie, never since Jeanette's mom, have I ever loved a woman as much as I love you. You are bar none the sweetest woman I've ever met. The fact that you are so younger than me doesn't bother me one bit honestly, not at all. I love you and you love me. In the end that is all that really matters. I proposed to you because of the love we share together. I know this baby was unexpected, but I know this: I just want you Callie and I love you too very much. So come down with me and let's never look back," John replied.

Then the minister had us kiss each other for the first time as husband and wife. Jeanette was his best man and my mom was my maid of honor, and they made sure to clap as loud as they could. Then after we were officially married, we had a small reception in our back yard. We weren't gonna rent something out for just a few people being there. Jeanette had a very good taste in music, so we let her pick the music. So right before we cut the cake, we had to get in our very first dance together.

"May I present the first dance between John and Callie Thompson," Jeanette said loudly right before she put on Def Leppard's Love don't lie .

Then we started dancing for the very first time as husband and wife. It was the best dance of both of our lives, bar none. We both had our arms each other rather tightly and we just got lost in each other. It lasted only minutes, but it felt like hours honestly, I mean that. We both sparked many tears as we danced, but it was absolutely amazing. Then after that first song, which they just let us dance to, Jeanette and Christina actually started dancing together as well.

"Well it seems that your mom is getting along with my daughter," John said as he looked over at them.

"No kidding, is it weird that I saw a father and daughter do it with each other first before I saw 2 women slow dance together?" I asked.

"Maybe, but shit happens right?" John asked.

"But this isn't shit," I replied.

"I know sweetheart, but you can't always control everything in life," John said.

"Wait, are you calling me a control freak?" I asked.

"Sorry, I'm not falling for that one," John replied.

"Do you wanna know the sex of the baby though?" I asked.

"No, I wanna be surprised. All of this has been a big surprise, I really don't wanna stop it now," John replied.

Then I kissed him once.

"Well, I'm glad you liked all of them. They were all for us," I said.

Then he felt my stomach. I was about 10 weeks along then. So I was gonna start showing in a few weeks. I couldn't wait until I could hold our baby, show them off and everything else. So we had a wonderful wedding and reception even though it was cheap, but it was well worth it though. After dancing for about an hour, we had some cake.

"I hope you like it," Christina said.

"Well all the cakes you made when I was growing up, so why shouldn't I like this one?" I asked.

"Well, I don't know, but I thought I'd say it anyway," Christina replied.

Then we all sat down at a small table we had out there and had some cake. It was absolutely great just like all of her past cakes. So after we were done eating, then we danced some more. An hour later my mom went in and cooked me my favorite meal, spaghetti, honestly I just loved it. Eventually, we were just so tired of dancing that we decided to go eat around 7:00. We ate in our wedding clothes, because we just wanted to. Then after dinner John and I needed to consummate our love.

"Well do you mind if I spend the night? I'm just too tired to drive home," Christina said.

"Sure mom, I'm sure Jeanette will let you sleep in her room," I replied.

"Is that OK Jeanette?" Christina asked.

"Sure," Jeanette replied.

"Now give me a hug you married lady," Christina said.

Then everyone hugged everyone. After that we all went to bed, I went inside the room first, but I was holding onto John's hand tight. We shut the door and locked it as well. I stood in front of the bed and he walked up to me.

"You know you are the sexiest and sweetest woman there is, and the only one I wanna be with for the rest of my life," John said.

Then a single tear went down my cheek and he brought me in for a kiss. Then we had the longest kiss we ever had in our relationship up to that point. It lasted for over 10 minutes and we both loved single second of it.

"You don't think they are listening to us and waiting for us to have sex do you?" John asked.

"Your daughter maybe, but my mom, maybe she is too honestly," I replied.

"Well if anyone is listening out there, let's give them a show to listen to," John said.

Then he put his hands behind and started to unzip the dress. Then the dress slowly came off. As I was just in my bra and underwear, I started undoing his pants. Then they slowly went down as well. Then I got down on my knees and put my dress on my dresser. Then I crawled back over to him and put my hands into his boxers. He was already lock and loaded. So I pulled down his boxers and his cock was huge.

"Well are you ready to be fucked by your wife?" I asked.

"Are you ready to be fucked by your husband?" John asked.

"Never more ready," I replied just before I took his cock into my mouth.

Then I went back as far as I could right away. We were having sex for the first time as a married couple, so we were gonna make this count.

"You are not wasting any time now are you my lady?" John asked.

"Nope my man. We are gonna have great sex right here, right now," I replied.

Then he laid down onto the bed and I pulled off his pants and boxers completely. He looked even more sexy after we both said 'I do' honestly. Then I took his cock back into my mouth and sucked on his cock like never before. He immediately started moaning a bit.

"Oh yes sweetheart, just like that. You know how to pleasure a man," John said.

Then I looked towards him as I had his dick in my mouth still and he smiled at me. Then I put my hands up towards him and he kissed me hands.

"I love you sweetie," John said.

"I love you too my man, now shut it and moan for your wife," I replied.

Then he laughed a little and leaned his head back. He was breathing in and out very slowly, I thought he was gonna cum already, but no matter how fast either of us came, it's not like we were just gonna do it once. Then I took his dick out of my mouth and started licking the sides of it as well, that tickled him a little.

"Oh kinky my lady," John said.

I didn't reply to that, I just licking his cock mercilessly all over it. He let out some more soft moans and he was moving around a little as well. So maybe he was about to shoot, but he didn't, he held it down the best he could. I was a little surprised honestly. Then he looked back down at me and smiled.

"What are you smiling at?" I asked.

"Well at my sexy wife, do you got a problem with that my sexy wife?" John asked.

"No, not at all my man, but I'm gonna steal a kiss from you first," I replied as I climbed up onto him.

We kissed for a minute and then just cuddled. We both wrapped our arms around each other as both got on our sides. We kissed each other a few more times, right before he inserted his cock into me once again.

"No breaks for you huh?" I asked.

"It's our wedding night my lady, we're gonna be having sex for the rest of our lives, but we're gonna make this a night to remember," John replied.

"No arguments there," I said.

Then he began thrusting his cock in and out of me once again, but he did it slowly. He was more gentle with me, my pussy had become rather sore in the past weeks, even after I found out I was pregnant, we still had sex. We had more sex in fact, but after he said we were gonna make this a night to remember, why was he going in and out slowly?

"Didn't you say this was our wedding night and we were gonna make this a night to remember?" I asked.

"Yes," John replied.

"Then do you mind telling me why you aren't not pounding me? I'm your new wife, and I wanna be fucked hard," I said.

"Ask and you shall receive my very sexy wife," John replied.

Then he got up on his knees and took me up with him. He stuck his cock back into me doggie style, he knew that was my favorite.

"Oh fuck yes my husband. Show your wife you will fuck her good, really good," I said.

Then he started thrusting his cock in and out of me. He went up about 10 notches and started getting very rough with me. He went in and out really fast and made me moan really loudly.

"Now there is the husband with that huge cock that loves rough sex. Oh fuck yes," I said.

I moaned really loudly, I couldn't help but scream, he really pulled out the big guns. I screamed so loudly that Jeanette and Christina heard me, so they came to the door.

"Hey, I know it's your wedding night, but damn, take down a notch or two please," Christina said through the door.

"Sorry mom, we'll try, but no promises," I replied.

Then she went back to Jeanette's room and John kissed me once as I leaned up, but then he wanted to make out. I think me being bossy made him hornier. Then he just stared at me with some lusty eyes as he was shed a tear, so I gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Hey my lips are right here," John said as he put his fingers on his lips.

"Oh sorry," I replied just before we kissed once.

Then we got back in missionary with me on top and my boobs were pressing up against him. My boobs were getting bigger, so they got more squished. Then we both wrapped our arms each other for a minute. Then I think with all the adrenaline and the love in the room, it was just too much, so I came a little early.

"There isn't a bigger turn on than a husband that can make his wife have a great orgasm," I said as I laid beside him.

"I agree, the same can be said about the wife too my lady," John replied as he stroked his cock.

Then shot his load onto my stomach, it was 3 good shots and then a little more. Then we both cuddled some more.

"I love you John," I said.

"I know, I love you too Callie. You truly are the sexiest lady on the planet, bar none. I'm not just saying that because you are my wife and pregnant with our baby," John replied.

"I honestly didn't think that for a second," I said.

Then he kissed me once again and we heard some sound.

"What the hell was that?" John asked.

"I don't know, maybe someone dropped something," I replied.

Then we didn't hear anything else for about a minute, so we dismissed it.

"I guess it's nothing. Have you thought of any names you want for our boy or girl?" John asked.

"Well, I know this is cliché, but if it's a boy, I wanna name him John Jr. if you don't mind," I replied.

"No, I like that. You are right though, it is a little cliché, but I do like it. What about a girl's name though?" John asked.

"Well I know cliché again, but-" I replied.

"You wanna name her Callie?" John asked.

Then I gave him a look. Not a dirty look though, just a look.

"What? What's that look for?" John asked.

"You shouldn't assume, it makes an ass out of you and me," I replied.

"Oh I'm sorry sweetheart," John said.

Then I gave him a kiss.

"You maybe an ass, but you are my ass," I said.

Then we both laughed for a minute.

"If you hate the idea, let me know. If we have a girl, we should name her Jeanette," I said.

Then he thought about that for a minute.

"Why? Not that I hate it, but just wondering why?" John asked.

"Well honestly, I met her in high school, and if I never met her, it's very possible and likely that we would have never met, so this bun would have never made into my oven. That's why Jeanette, but if one Jeanette is enough for this house, just tell me," I replied.

Then he thought about that some more. I think he liked the idea judging from the look on his face.

"Yes, I like that. It'll be a little weird having two Jeanettes around here, but I like it," John said.

"OK then, we can talk about it some more. It'll be a surprise, but we'll have to tell Jeanette we're considering her name too," I replied.

"I'm sure she'll like it. I actually have never thought about that though. Really if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have found the love of my life," John said.

"Well don't discredit Jeanette's mom completely. I never met her, but still," I replied.

"OK sweetie," John said just before he kissed me again.

Then all of the sudden we heard another sound.

"OK, there it is again. What's going on out there?" John asked.

Then I got up and put on my robe.

"Let's go find out," I said.

Then he got up and put on a pair shorts and a t-shirt. Then we went out there in the hallway and heard it again.

"Where did that come from?" John asked.

"I think it came from Jeanette's room," I replied.

We were both skeptical of course, but our curiosity got the better of us and we slowly opened Jeanette's door. We couldn't believe what we saw: Jeanette was going down on my mom.
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