My friend's dad 15
Then John gave me another kiss.

"Go talk to her, she is your mom, you love her and she loves you," John whispered in my ear.

So I walked over to her.

"OK mom, what's on your mind?" I asked.

"John how much longer until the pancakes are done?" Christina asked.

"About 10 minutes now," John replied.

"OK, can we go to your room and talk please?" Christina asked.

"Sure," I replied.

I could only think of one thing that she wanted to talk about, but how could I say no? So we went over to my room, shut the door and sat on the bed. Then she took a very deep breath.

"OK first of all, I wanna say sorry one more time. I couldn't accept you and John at first and was a bitch about it, and now all of the sudden you find me with Jeanette, I know that's a lot to handle," Christina said.

"I know mom, I'm just shocked. I had absolutely no idea I'd find you two together last night. So just give me some time OK?" I asked.

"OK sweetheart. I really want you to be OK with this. I did notice that you really made her seem less bitchy. I remember her bitching about boyfriends a lot, and now I'm hearing nothing about that, it's really just happy thoughts. So you must have made her happier as you two did it. So be happy a little bit at least," Christina replied.

I heard her, but I was still a little upset.

"OK mom, just give me some time," I said.

Then she gave me a hug and sparked a couple tears as well.

"And she is a great lover. We had sex 3 times last night," Christina said.

"OK too much information there mom," I replied.

She had to laugh a little.

"I know, but I never was actually with another woman until last night. It was just amazing honestly, I couldn't help but enjoy it. There is something about being with another woman too, you know what I'm talking about," Christina said.

"I know, she is a very sexy lady to say the least, but if this is what you want mom, then do it with her. I just ask you to give me some time," I replied.

"OK angel, you know I love you more than anything else in the world right?" Christina asked.

"Yes mom, I just want you to be happy too," I replied.

"Well I'm with her. I know this is brand new to everyone, but I haven't had feelings like these since your father," Christina said.

"OK mom, it's surprising to say the least, and I love you too," I replied.

Then we hugged again and went back out to the kitchen. I could see that they did have something together, even though it was brand new. I was 10 weeks along then, and 6 weeks later, my mom seemed like she had been living with us. She spent the night numerous times. Everyone came to my doctor checkups for the baby and we found out it was a girl. We weren't all too happy that another girl would be around, so John would still be the only guy. I was getting more used to Christina and Jeanette still too. I officially dropped out of college, so I was gonna be a full time mom. We were all having dinner one Thursday night and Christina and Jeanette had something to tell us.

"Well, Callie how has the little girl doing in there?" Christina asked.

"Little Jeanette is doing good in here. I mean I'm gonna be bordering the half way mark in a couple weeks, but so far I've been good," I replied.

"Well that's good to hear. Jeanette and I have something we wanna tell you and your husband," Christina said.

I had a feeling what it was gonna be, I wasn't sure how I felt about that though.

"Well as I'm sure you've noticed, I've been here a lot lately. Jeanette and I have been getting along really great and are just in love with each other," Christina said.

"Seriously Callie, you got some mom here, I really love her. More than the mom of my step mom, so last night she asked to move in and I said yes," Jeanette replied.

I saw it coming and I knew it was unavoidable. Even though I knew that, it still felt like being hit with a sack of potatoes.

"Do you both really think you are ready for that though?" I asked.

"I think it was kinda what happened with you two, we just clicked," Christina replied.

"Well when are to moving then Jeanette?" John asked.

"Well maybe in a few days. It'll take us sometime to move all of my stuff over there, but it's not like we're just telling you literally right before we wanna do it," Jeanette replied.

"Well I gotta say I didn't see that coming just yet anyway. I had no idea you were bi-sexual until a couple months ago, then you are with her and now you want to move in with her too?" John asked.

"Yes, but do you not like it daddy?" Jeanette asked.

"No, but I think Callie is right, this is a bombshell you are dropping right now," John replied.

"Well as you know she lives really close, plus with my room empty, you have an empty room for the baby," Jeanette said.

She made sure she had all her bases covered before she decided to drop it on us.

"Well OK then, I guess we're happy for you. It's just still a little fast I think, but we're not you two, so if you want to, then go for it I guess," I said.

"Well thank you Callie. I really do love your mom, this isn't lust or anything like that, in case you didn't get the memo, it's what we had. It's not just sex," Jeanette replied.

"I get it Jeanette," I said.

So 2 weeks later, Jeanette was officially moved in with my mom. On the bright side, we officially had the house to ourselves. One Wednesday John came home with some flowers.

"What are these for? What did you do?" I asked.

"What? Can't a guy bring his lovely wife some flowers?" John asked as he put them on the end table.

"Well I wouldn't say that exactly," I replied as he sat down and I gave him a hug and kiss.

Then he made sure to feel my stomach, I was 18 weeks along then and I was showing.

"How was your day sweetheart?" John asked.

"Good. Jeanette stopped by for a few minutes, I borrowed a couple of dresses, she forgot about. I just got the dishes done and I watched a marathon of Lost, and other than that I just waited for my husband to get back, I missed him," I replied as I pulled him to me.

"Well, I missed my wife too, and I thought about something," John said.

"What?" I asked.

"We've haven't gotten to have sex out here in the living room in months," John replied.

"I like what you are suggesting," I said as I pulled him in for another kiss.

"I know, and how is our daughter doing?" John asked.

"Pretty good, but she'll be a bigger pain in a few weeks I'm sure," I replied.

Then we both cuddled for a little bit and he felt my boobs. He made sure to give them a gentle squeeze.

"So you like the flowers my lady?" John asked.

"Yes, I love them, I think I wanna return the favor now," I replied as I grabbed onto the bulge in his pants.

Then I gave him another kiss on the lips. I got down on my knees on the floor, started to undo his pants and I pulled out his cock.

"Oh and it's hard, you must be horny," I said.

"Horny for my wife," John replied.

"Still sweet I see," I said.

"You know you love it," John replied.

Then I bent down and took his cock in my mouth. I learned that I really loved blowing John, I mean I really loved it for some reason. I'm not entirely sure why though, but all that time I guess it was him loving it so much that got me to love it too.

"Oh fuck yes sweetie. You are a fucking queen," John said.

Then I leaned up and gave him a kiss. I got down on my knees and took his cock back into my mouth once again. He put hands on my head once again and unfortunately, I just wasn't prepared, and I took a little too much of his cock too soon before I was ready.

"Shit, give me a minute sweetheart," I said.

"Oh I'm sorry, did I push you down too far?" John asked.

"Yes, but don't worry about it, I just wasn't prepared I guess," I replied.

Then we kissed again and a minute later, I took his cock in my mouth once again, but this time I was gonna make him cum like a fountain. I sucked on it passionately and went down as far as I could.

"Yes, yes, yes my lady. Keep blowing your husband and make him cum for you. You know you like it," John said.

But unfortunately then Jeanette and Christina showed up just as John was about to cum. They walked inside and he came on my face.

"Oh shit," I said.

"Sorry, we should have knocked," Christina said as they both covered their eyes.

Then I got up and went to the kitchen to wash my face off as John pulled his pants up.

"OK it's safe you pains in the ass," I said as I sat down.

Then they uncovered their eyes and sat down.

"Well sorry once again. We just wanted to come over here and..." Christina said.

"Feel my stomach... again?" I asked.

"Yes," They both replied.

"Come on, Jeanette you didn't get your full dose earlier," I said.

"Sorry," Jeanette replied.

Then they both got up and came over to us. John got up and moved so they both could sit next to me and feel my stomach

"So does it feel any different now?" I asked.

"Well technically you are further along now, so yes," Jeanette replied.

"Smart ass," I said.

Then I gave them both hugs, I couldn't help it. The baby had just brought us all really close together. I don't know why exactly, but it did. Then they both kissed right over my stomach.

"OK do you have to do that right in front of me like that?" I asked.

"No, but you like it in the back of your mind though," Christina replied.

They did have a point, somehow it still did turn me on a bit, I don't know why though.

"Well how has lesbian sex been?" I asked.

"Oh I see how it is. We kiss in front of you and you ask that? Kinky," Jeanette replied.

"It's been hot honestly. John, you got some sexy daughter, let me tell you," Christina said.

One thing that I just thought of, we never told my mom that we had a threesome together. John thought about it too, so he just had a big grin on his face.

"OK what's with the big grin, what have you seen her naked lately?" Christina asked.

"Not lately" John replied.

"When then?" Christina asked.

"Mom, can we tell you something?" I asked.

"Sure I guess. Is this bad news or something?" Christina asked.

"No, we don't think so, but I guess this will come out sooner or later, but we had one threesome," I replied.

Then she just had a stunned look on her face.

"You mean you had sex with your dad?" Christina asked Jeanette.

"Yes, just once, it just kind of happened. We were all horny, but I didn't wanna do it with my dad at first, but that isn't gonna be a deal breaker is it?" Jeanette asked.

Then Christina got up and gave Jeanette a hug.

"No, that's kinky, incest, nice," Christina said.

We thought she'd be a little mad honestly, but we weren't complaining. Then they started making out.

"Hey can we borrow your bed for a little while?" Jeanette asked.

We had turned her old room into the baby's room. We put a crib in there and other stuff so far, so they'd have to us our bed.

"Fine, but don't be too long," I replied.

"We'll try," Jeanette said.

Then they both got up and went to the bedroom. Then John sat back down with me once again.

"Well, at least you are OK with them now. I mean, I saw you at first and it didn't look like you were ever gonna be OK with them," John said.

"I know, but I hope they aren't gonna wanna have sex over here a lot more in the future," I replied.

Then we both cuddled, he made sure to feel my stomach too and then we both heard the moaning, even from the living room.

"And still I never ever thought of my mom even being bi-sexual honestly," I said.

"Well, maybe Jeanette really just brought it out of her. It may just be an 'X' factor thing you know? There might have just been something about Jeanette I guess," John replied.

Then we kissed again.

"Well what are we waiting for?" I asked.

Then we both got up and made sure to get a look at my mom and Jeanette fucking each other. They even left the door open. Not wide open, but halfway open though. So we both made sure that we took a sneak peak in there. They were in the 69 position with Jeanette on top. They were both eating each other out and my pussy got very wet right away. So I took John's hand and put it on my pussy through my pants and panties.

"Damn I knew that would get you turned on, but shit my lady," John whispered.

"You know you can say that in a normal tone, it won't bother us," Jeanette replied.

Then we were both a little shocked they knew we were there, I mean we walked slowly and he just whispered that one thing. So then we both walked in and stood by the dresser.

"Feel free to watch up close, we don't mind," Christina said.

So we took the invitation and just stood there and watched for a few minutes. I think John tried to hide it, but he was turned on. I saw the huge hard on he got.

"Don't worry about it my man. You got two extremely hot women fucking right in front of you. There would be something wrong if you didn't get an erection," Jeanette said.

"OK I guess, but I never saw your mom naked either, except that one brief time," John replied.

"Oh yeah, you want a good look?" Christina asked.

Then Jeanette got off Christina and John got to see my mom naked from head to toe. His cock was really hard then, like a diamond, I wasn't offended, after all, she was my mom.

"Now truth be told mom, that is a compliment," I said.

"I know sweetheart," Christina replied.

"Well we'll let you get back to doing your thing, we just wanted to get a look, so we'll be out there," I said.

"OK angel, we won't be too long we think," Christina replied.

That was the first time he got to see my mom up close like that. And with everything going on, life was pretty good still. We were still newlyweds, and my best friend was fucking my mom, literally. The downside of being pregnant was starting to come. As weeks went on, I got bigger and I had to pee a lot more. About 4 weeks later, yet another surprise came knocking. Christina and Jeanette came over yet again and had some more news to break to us.
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