My friend's dad 3
That certainly woke him up.

"Are you really pregnant?" John asked.

"Yes, and it's yours John," I replied.

Then he just had this stunned look on my face. I think if he planned to have another baby, then it would have happened years ago. Now I was pregnant with his baby, but we did love each other though.

"I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. You are the only I've had sex with. I'm gonna be a mother and you are gonna be a father again," I said.

Then I showed him the test I took as I turned on the light, but then I started wondering if he didn't want it. I'd be absolutely heartbroken if he didn't wanna keep it.

"John, please tell me you wanna keep it. I 100% can't stomach aborting it and I can't take care of it by myself," I said.

Then he took my hand and had me sit down with him. He planted another kiss on my forehead.

"Well, this might kill your relationship with Jeanette though, but yes I wanna keep it Callie, I couldn't do that to you even in a horrible parallel universe where I didn't want it. I don't think I've ever been happier with any other woman. Now let me feel your stomach," John said.

So I lifted up my shirt and he felt my stomach. Then for the first time, I saw him shed a tear. So I gave him a kiss as well.

"Well, I guess we gotta break the news to Jeanette sometime now," John said.

"I think we should just sit her down and tell her," I replied as I started to shed some tears too.

"Well I hope it's for the best. I just don't wanna lose one daughter though," John said.

"You won't. She'll see how much I love you and you love me. She'll understand in her own time. But we got this baby now and we're gonna have to take care of," I replied.

Then we kissed once again and laid down together.

"Well, what are you gonna tell your mom?" John asked.

"Shit. That's gonna be fun," I replied.

"But she's not gonna be happy if I'm the father?" John asked.

"I never told her about you. I knew she just wouldn't be happy about it one bit. Now I'm pregnant with your baby too. If you think Jeanette will be mad, I think she'll be at least 10 times worse," I replied.

"Do you want me there when you tell her?" John asked.

Truth be told, I wasn't sure. That could make things better or maybe worse.

"I want you there. I'm really hoping she can accept us, but I don't know what she'll say exactly though," I replied.

Then we hugged and kissed again. He was sleeping naked, so I grabbed onto his dick.

"You wanna have sex now?" John asked.

"Yes, call it celebration sex, I'm pregnant with your baby. I may have to drop out of college, but I don't care. I wanna have your baby," I replied.

Then we started making out as I was stroking his dick. I really was very happy to have his baby. Probably as happy as I ever been in my life. I was still in my clothes though. He put his hands onto my boobs.

"Let's get those damn clothes off you now my pregnant lady," John said.

"I'm your pregnant lady now?" I asked.

"Yes, of course you are, I love you Callie. I wanna be there for you and make sure you are taken care of too," John replied.

"But, you are not just gonna wanna hide this from people are you?" I asked.

"No, of course not. I wanna show people that I got the woman I love pregnant, I'm not embarrassed about you, it's just been hot since we've been hiding it from Jeanette," John replied.

Then we kissed again and then I took off my shirt and pants.

"I certainly can't tell yet, but it's really early though," John said.

Then I took off my bra and panties.

"But do you actually want a baby with me right now?" I asked.

"Well, it caught me off guard, but eventually yes. I love you and you love me. I don't care if we're not prepared, we'll get through his together," John replied.

"Promise?" I asked.

"I swear to you Callie," John replied.

Then we kissed once again and leaned down. I took his dick into my mouth.

"Holy shit my lady. Still feels amazing Callie," John said.

I didn't answer him, I just wanted to fuck him hard. Even though Jeanette was just in her room, I didn't care. I made him let out some soft moans.

"Fuck me Callie," John said.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" I asked.

Then we both laughed a little and went to kiss him again.

"And just so you know, you are my favorite out of my daughter's friends. Hands down," John said.

"Well I'm glad to hear that," I replied.

Then I took his big dick back into my mouth. I seriously think I might have made his dick even bigger honestly, but I still couldn't take his entire dick into my mouth. I started going up and down very slowly and made him feel very good.

"Fuck that is so damn good Callie. Keep going up and down like that. Make me feel so damn good. Make sure you show me how much you love me," John said.

He put his hands on top of my head and fiddled with my hair a bit. Then already we both were getting pretty sweaty. Celebration sex can do that to you I guess. Then I started going up and down a little quicker. This made him moan some more though.

"Yes, you know how much I like that, keep doing that nicely my pregnant angel," John said.

I was in love. He just found out I was pregnant and he wasn't freaking out or anything like that. We were just having sex to celebrate and we both were really enjoying it.

"Wow, you are truly beautiful Callie. You absolutely couldn't be more beautiful," Bill said.

Then I came over to him and I got on top of him cowgirl style. He inserted his dick into me deep. As deep as it would go.

"Holy fucking shit my lady, yes ride me like mad," John said.

Which I did. I had rode him many times before, and that was one of my favorite positions honestly, but this time was of course pretty damn special. He put his hands up onto my nice boobs. I thought about my boobs getting bigger along with me stomach over the next few months. He squeezed my boobs a few times as I was bouncing up and down.

"Yes, you are gonna be loving these boobs now that I'm pregnant. They are gonna be getting bigger and bigger and you'll love me even more," I said.

"I already love you more than anything Callie, I really do. You are beautiful, sweet and sexy. You already know Jeanette, so I don't gotta introduce you two," John replied.

Then that little detail hit me.

"I'm gonna be Jeanette's step mom now," I said.

Then we both laughed for a minute as we both took each others hands.

"I didn't think about that until just now," John replied.

Then I leaned down and kissed him.

"Well you two should get along then. Hopefully anyway," John said.

"I guess we'll see, but let's not worry about that right now. Now let's just fuck each other," I replied.

"Good enough for me," John said.

Then we switched positions to missionary and then he started pounding me. He put his arms around me as he was thrusting his nice dick in and out of me really deep. I let out some more moans once again as I was nearing climax.

"Oh yeah John, fuck me like that. I want you to truly make love to me," I said.

"I will sweetheart, I will. Now just stay laid back and relax. I'll make sure you feel better than ever," John replied.

Then he kissed me. Then he was gonna break the kiss, but I held him down and made him make out with me as he was on top of me. He put his hands onto my boobs again, but didn't squeeze them though. He just felt them and it felt absolutely wonderful.

"Yes grab those tits, make them yours," I said.

"Will do my dear," John replied as he was laughing a little.

I put my hands onto his ass while my hands were under the blanket. Then the celebration showed signs of coming to an end soon. I felt I was gonna have an orgasm soon.

"Oh shit John, you are gonna make me cum soon, I'm gonna explode," I said.

"I know angel. I can't hold it anymore either," John replied.

Then he pulled out and came onto my stomach again as I came all over the bed as well. Then we both laid down together and cuddled in silence for a few minutes, but I had to say something.

"Well this is huge to say the least," I said.

"No kidding, but I could be older I suppose. I could be 43 instead of 42, but you are right about that: this is huge. And the person that's gonna agree with that the most is right down the hall in her room. I hope this doesn't screw things up too much. I guess what I'm trying to say, I'm not in any hurry, but sooner or later, you are gonna start showing. Then we'll definitely have to explain then. So I hope you are ready for this," John replied.

"I'm more than ready John. Trust me, I wanted your baby even before we hooked up," I said.

"No kidding, well I guess you got your wish," John replied just before he kissed me.

Then we stayed in silence for another minute and all of the sudden the door opened, it was Jeanette.

"Hey dad have you seen Callie? She's not in the bathroom or my room," Jeanette said as she walked in.

The she saw us laying on the bed as we were both completely naked and cuddling.

"What the fuck? Dad, Callie, what are you two doing?" Jeanette asked.

"Oh shit," John replied.

She looked absolutely pissed.

"Callie he's my dad. What the fuck are you doing with him?" Jeanette asked.

Wow, I knew exactly what I wanted to say, but I just couldn't say the words for some reason.

"Callie what the fuck? This is seriously not fucking cool," Jeanette said.

We both took a deep breath and tried to explain, but she was pissed, we weren't sure we could explain then.

"Jeanette, your dad and I are in love with each other," I replied.

"What?! How the fuck are you two in love with each other. What about the other guy you met at Best buy you were telling me about?" Jeanette asked.

"I made that guy up. I was having sex, but with your dad. But we love each other Jeanette. Neither one of us planned on this happening, it just happened I guess. Obviously you understand why we didn't tell you," I replied.

She was pissed, I mean pissed, I had never ever seen her so pissed off before in my life and we hadn't even told her everything yet.

"And you are pregnant aren't you?" Jeanette asked.

"Yes, I'm pregnant. How did you know?" I asked.

"You were throwing up remember? Oh motherfucker Callie, you suck, I gotta go now," Jeanette replied.

Then she slammed the door and went back to her room. We were a little heartbroken, she wasn't even a little happy for us.

"Well, that could have gone worse. Let me go talk to her," I said.

"OK, just be careful I guess," John replied.

"I will be, I love you," I said.

"I love you too," John replied just before we kissed once.

Then I got dressed and went over to Jeanette's room. I really didn't know how or even if it was possible to bounce back from this. It was a total shot it in the dark, but I had to take it. I knocked her on door first. She came over and opened the door, so that was a good sign.

"So, how are you doing?" I asked.

"Well I just found out you are fucking my dad and are pregnant with his baby. So you do the math," Jeanette replied.

Then I seriously thought about saying screw it already and just going back to his room, but she was my best friend, and she did have a right to react that way.

"Your dad and I love each other," I said.

"But my dad though? You couldn't find someone closer to your own age?" Jeanette asked.

"Well I've been attracted to him for sometime, and I rather not say how it happened exactly, but you know where we are now, I'm pregnant. I'm really hoping this isn't gonna fuck up our friendship. I've really been thankful for our friendship over the years. I really don't wanna lose you," I replied.

"And you are not gonna break his heart? He's had his heart broken a few times before. I don't need that happening," Jeanette said.

Then I gave her a big hug.

"I promise, I love him and he loves me. Simple as that, and you'll have a brother or sister finally," I replied.

"OK I guess, but I'm still pissed off Callie, I mean he's my dad. Not just some guy you met at fucking Best Buy. This is just a lot of information, and that was your fucking bra I found a few days ago on the floor," Jeanette said.

"Whoops, I must have forgot it. I know this is a lot, but I've loved you like a sister all these years despite that you bitch about your boyfriends all the time. We've done homework together for countless hours, played video games and a bunch of other shit together too. This really isn't that bad, I'm someone you know and he knows. He didn't just meet me and all of the sudden I'm pregnant. I'm your best friend in the world," I replied.

"I hear you Callie, I do, but this is gonna take some time for me to get used to though," Jeanette said.

"OK," I replied as I gave her another hug.

"I've loved you like a sister too. I don't know what I'd do without you, but still this is huge. I never ever expected to find you in there naked with him when I opened his door. He stays up a lot, so I just went in, but when were you planning on telling me?" Jeanette asked.

"We had no idea. Obviously at some point in time. I'm only pregnant now, so sooner or later we would have to tell you," I replied.

"Can I feel your stomach?" Jeanette asked.

Then I lifted up my shirt and she felt my stomach. I think she happy for us once she felt my stomach, but still, it was unknown what she thought overall. Then she gave me a hug.

"Just don't get your heart broken either for me," Jeanette said.

"I won't. We love each other. He said he wanted to keep it. And I wanted to keep it too, but the fact that I'd be your step mom didn't come into play though," I replied.

"OK Callie," Jeanette said.

So it seemed she was OK with it for the time being, but she also hadn't really seen us together though. So we had no idea how she would really adjust to our relationship. And of course there was also the issue of telling my mom that I was pregnant. That would be fun.
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