My friend's dad 4
So the next day I went back to my house. My mom had literally no idea that I was having sex with anyone, but I brought John with me. I wasn't sure if that would make things better or not though. She was sitting on the couch watching 'The Talk'.

"Hey sweetheart. You've been over at Jeanette's so much, I thought you'd be moving in over there," My mom Christina said.

"Well, shit happens," I replied under my breath.

"Oh hello, John right?" Christina asked.

"Yes, I'm John, Jeanette's dad," John replied.

"OK cool. Why don't you sit down?" Christina asked.

Then we both slowly sat down on the other couch in the living room.

"Mom, you might wanna turn the TV off. I got some news to throw your way," I said.

She was a little skeptical to say the least. She saw that I was serious, and she wasn't sure why John was here for that.

"Well, I think we'll need some privacy John. This sounds serious," Christina said.

"No, this is about him too mom," I replied.

"OK, what is it Callie?" Christina asked.

Then I took in a very deep breath. This was a lot more than a bombshell I was about to drop on her.

"Well, what is it?" Christina asked.

"Mom, as you know I've been over at Jeanette's house a lot studying for school," I replied.

"Yes?" Christina asked.

Then I put my head down, I was feeling a little ashamed.

"Well, I've been seeing someone over the past couple months," I said.

"You mean sexually, at Jeanette's?" Christina asked.

"Yes, it's been very good honestly. I don't think either one of us knew where it was going, we were just together and we'd see where it led us," I replied.

Then I think there were enough pieces for her to put something together, but she still had questions though.

"Do you mean you and this guy have developed feelings?" Christina asked.

"Yes. Look, I'm not gonna beat around the bush anymore mom. I'm pregnant," I replied.

Then she was just stunned and mad as well.

"You are fucking pregnant, but you are in college right now, you can't be knocked up now," Christina said.

"Well, this guy loves me and wants to take care of it with me," I replied.

"And you brought John over because you want him to make sure I don't get up and beat the shit out of whoever knocked you up?" Christina asked as she stood up.

"No, he is the father!" I yelled.

Then she had another stunned look and slowly sat back down.

"I did not just hear that," Christina said.

I didn't know what to say. She obviously wasn't happy that I was pregnant at all, and obviously the fact that John was the father didn't make it any better.

"Well get out of my house. I told you when you got into college that if you got pregnant, then you were on your own. Now you do it with him? He's like 20 years older than you. What the hell is wrong with you Callie?" Christina asked.

Then I was just in tears, and John hugged me.

"Hey, she is a young adult and only human. People are allowed to make mistakes. Don't be so hard on her," John said.

"Hey, fuck you. You couldn't find someone your own age?" Christina asked.

"Well it just happened, it doesn't matter how," John replied.

"And you really love her?" Christina asked.

"Yes I do. I'm gonna be there for her too. I haven't been this happy with anyone since Jeanette's mom. And the fact that you are being such a bitch about this makes me sick to my stomach. What the hell is wrong with you?" John asked.

"Well congratulations, she is your problem now," Christina replied.

Then she got up and left the room. I was just in tears and heartbroken, I couldn't believe it honestly, she was still my mom and I know I should have been more safe, but still. Then John consoled me.

"I don't know why she is being like this, but we'll be OK. You got Jeanette and I," John said.

Then I kissed him once.

"You really love me and want this baby right?" I asked.

"Of course I do. Jeanette has been riding the only child train for too long. I want you to come move in with us. She's kicking you out, so come with me," John replied.

I loved the proposal, but I was on the fence honestly.

"But, do you really want me to move in? Or our you just offering because of her?" I asked.

"Both I guess, but I love you Callie, if you have to drop out of school, then we can make it up later, I promise," John replied.

Then I kissed him again, I packed up and moved into John and Jeanette's house. My mom didn't say anything though. As we walked in John's house, Jeanette was watching TV.

"What you moving in?" Jeanette asked.

I just looked at her and answered her in a word.

"Yes," I replied.

She was thrilled to see me moving in. She got up and came towards us.

"Holy shit, now we'll be fucking roommates now," Jeanette said.

"Yes, something like that. My mom kicked me out, and your dad invited me to move in with you two," I replied.

Then Jeanette gave me a big hug. She felt bad for me and her being my best friend, how could she not? She felt my stomach once again.

"Well you'll at least let me be the godmother right?" Jeanette asked.

"Well the position is wide open right now, and you are running unopposed. So I gotta say it's looking really good for you right now," I replied.

So we put all my stuff on the couch for the time being. John and I needed to talk about a few things. So Jeanette gave us a few minutes of privacy.

"Well, how are you doing now?" John asked.

"I guess I'm fine. I just can't believe my mom reacted like that. I mean I'm still her daughter and she just wanted nothing to do with me now," I replied.

Then he hugged me tightly and we laid down cuddled for a minute.

"Well shit happens Callie and you can't always let life get you down. As I said you got us. You can sleep with her if you want," John said.

"But don't you want to sleep with me though?" I asked as I leaned up.

Then he leaned up and kissed me once.

"Well, yes, but I don't wanna put too much pressure on us now. You are already pregnant, and after that just happened. Is that what you want?" John asked.

"Yes, I wanna start sleeping with you and have a real relationship with you too. If we're living together and not hiding it from a family member anymore," I replied.

Then he gave me another hug. Then we both laid back to cuddle some more.

"OK, I hope you know what we're both in for now," John said.

"Just promise me you really love me and want this baby," I replied.

"I promise I love you and I promise I want this baby with you, but I know this is gonna delay college at least for a few years. I want you to want this too," John said.

"I want it, I swear," I replied.

Then we gave each other another hug and kiss. We cuddled for a couple minutes and Jeanette came back in the living room with us.

"So, will it be weird for you if I start actually sleeping with your dad?" I asked Jeanette.

Then she sat down with a weird look on her face.

"Sure I guess. That is what you both want though? You both want to keep the baby?" Jeanette asked.

"Yes. You'll finally have a brother or sister," I replied.

"Well that's cool I guess," Jeanette said.

She obviously had some issues with this. She wasn't as energetic after we told her about us. She wasn't bitching about Brian anymore or talking about school, she was unlike herself, she was quiet. We weren't sure how she would take this.

"Does this mean I'm gonna lose you as a best friend?" I asked.

"No Callie, this is just huge. Of course I'm glad you are moving in, but this is still just new, I just find out about you two and that you are pregnant as well? That's just a lot to take in honestly. I love you like a sister still, but this is one huge bombshell," Jeanette replied.

Then I hugged her. I kinda felt like I just stole her dad to some extent I guess. I wasn't sure how to feel honestly.

"Well you are gonna let me change their diaper and everything else every now and then right?" Jeanette asked.

"We'll see if we can squeeze you in here and there," I replied.

Then we hugged again and we moved my stuff into John's room. I put my clothes and other things in there. Once we were done, we all went out to the couch again and I sat in the middle of them.

"Well, are you hoping for a boy or girl?" Jeanette asked.

"Well, your dad already has a girl, so I guess a boy," I replied.

"I have a daughter already?" John asked.

"Smart ass," Jeanette replied.

"But are you sure you are gonna be OK with this? I didn't mean to steal your best friend," John said.

"I'll be OK dad. I'm a little ticked, but I'll get over it eventually," Jeanette replied.

Well that was better than her just being completely pissed off, but the fact that I was pregnant had a bigger impact on her than she realized. She lifted up my shirt herself and felt my stomach once again. Then I did get one idea.

"Are you jealous?" I asked Jeanette.

"You mean of you being pregnant with someone you love?" Jeanette asked.

"Yes. I know every woman wants kids sooner or later, but now I'm pregnant and I know you are gonna want one," I replied.

"Well maybe I'm, but how did this happen though?" Jeanette asked.

I didn't wanna tell her honestly. I'm not so sure she'd be happy to hear about how it happened. So I lied.

"Well, it just happened one day when I was waiting for you to get over here. We were just talking to each other and I guess we had some chemistry. So one thing led to another," I replied.

She bought it.

"Well I'm happy for you dad. I really wish you would have fallen in love with one of my casual friends, and not my best friend, but still I'm happy for both of you," Jeanette said.

"Well thank you for that. Jeanette, do you mind if we have some more private time?" John asked.

"Sure," Jeanette replied.

Then John and I went into our room then, for some private time. He shut the door and we both sat down on the bed and cuddled for a minute. He lifted up my shirt and felt my stomach.

"Did you wanna wait a few years before you had your first baby?" John asked.

"Yes, but I really wanted to have your baby at some point in time. I think you might be the first guy I ever dated that I actually loved," I replied.

Then we kissed once and he leaned down and put his right side of face onto my stomach. It had been a long time since he was in that boat. Jeanette was 23. He really did seem happy about me being pregnant though.

"Well between you and me, I'd rather have another girl honestly. I like being in a house full of ladies," John said as he came back up with me.

"OK then, you fooled me. I really did think you'd want a boy, but it really doesn't matter to me. Either way it'll be our baby, and you got some news to break to Jeanette's mom too," I replied.

"Well I'll leave that to Jeanette. She may not care though. Last I heard she was dating someone and I think Jeanette told me it was getting a little serious," John said.

"Does she go over there often?" I asked.

"No, ever since she started college, she's lived here with me. And she lives like 2 hours away," John replied.

"Well, I'm glad you got me pregnant. I love you," I said.

"I love you too," John replied.

"I wanna do something for you now," I said as I felt the bulge in his pants.

We started making out a bit as I undid his pants. I pulled out his dick and began stroking it a bit.

"Damn you got some soft hands Callie," John said.

"Well they are the hands of your angel," I replied as I leaned down.

Then I took his big dick into my mouth. I think his dick was actually getting bigger truth be told.

"Holy shit, it's official, I'm having the best sex of my life," John said.

Then I took a short break.

"Well, let's see where the sex goes first," I replied.

"OK if you say so," John said.

Then I took his dick back into my mouth. I was going back and forth slowly as I was on my stomach. I felt very naughty doing it with a DILF. He was a dad I'd like to fuck, and I was fucking him good too. He put his hands onto my head, but didn't put a lot of pressure on my head though. I went down so far that I started to put it down my throat a bit.

"Holy shit Callie. You are still definitely my favorite of Jeanette's friends. Bar none," John said.

He put his hands all over my head. He played with my hair and did his best to keep his moans down to a minimum sense Jeanette was in the house, but he did let out some soft moans as I started going back and forth a little quicker. He was breathing steadily for some time trying take all the pleasure he could. He took off his shirt and I took his pants off completely. Then as he was completely naked, I stopped and looked at him.

"You are one sexy dude," I said.

"I was gonna say the same thing about you," John replied.

"I'm not a dude," I said.

We both laughed.

"Made you laugh," John said as he laid down on his back.

That loving chemistry was definitely there, then I took his cock in my mouth again and went down as far as I could. That really intensified the pleasure a great deal. He laid back as far as he could and had his eyes closed as well. I looked at him and he was absolutely loving every single second of it. He let out some moans.

"Holy shit Callie. I'm gonna erupt like a volcano everywhere," John said.

Then he came a great deal all over the bed.

"Damn that was a shit load," I said.

"There was no shit in there," John replied.

Then he we both laughed and I climbed on top of him. We started making out passionately for a couple minutes straight. He put both of his arms around me and made sure I couldn't go very far at all.

"Well that blow job was great, thank you," John said.

"Your welcome and you could say that, plus there is a lot more where that one came from," I replied.

"I can't wait my dear sweetie," John said.

Then we kissed again and cuddled for a few more minutes.

"But the age difference isn't gonna be bothering you when you tell people I'm the father?" John asked.

"Well maybe it will at first. If people think it's weird, then fuck them right?" I asked.

Then we both laughed.

"Yeah fuck them. What the fuck do they know? They have no idea how much I love you." John replied.

Then we both felt my stomach. So far we both seemed pumped for what was to come despite what happened with my mom, but of course it was very early. And I knew once I got further along, I'd be getting a visitor at my new home.
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