My friend's dad 9
A couple minutes later we both got dressed, but I had to tell her something.

"Jeanette, seriously, we can't have sex again, it would break your dad's heart if he found out," I said.

"I hear you Callie. I see you really got issues with this and I'm sorry once again. I won't ask you to do that again, but it will be hard though. It was really just something I wanted to do with just you honestly. You are a very sexy lady," Jeanette replied.

"Well thank you, but still we're done with sex," I said.

Then she gave me a hug, she understood, but of course she was still disappointed though. She really liked the sex and she was really in love with me, but I was still engaged though. So we got back to studying for a little while before John got back, but still we both couldn't concentrate though.

"So I'm really the first lady you've been with?" Jeanette asked.

"Yep, I think every woman has thought about it. At least we did as best friends," I replied.

"Damn right," Jeanette said.

She saw how happy I was with her dad, even if I got pregnant fairly young. I was about 8 weeks pregnant then. About 2 weeks later, I still hadn't heard from my mom. She still had no idea that I was engaged. We had the wedding scheduled for the next weekend. All three of us made a trip back over to her house. I tried calling her a few times but I never got an answer. So I knocked and she came to the door one week before the wedding to see if I could get her to come. She opened the door and looked at my stomach. We just looked at each other for a minute, then her eyes went down a bit.

"So, how far along are you now?" Christina asked.

"About 10 to 11 weeks roughly," I replied.

Then she gave me a hug in the doorway and sparked a tear.

"You wanna come in and sit down?" Christina asked.

"Yes, thank you," I replied.

Then we all came inside and sat down on the couch. As usual she had her chair, and obviously, was a lot to talk about.

"So, I'm guessing you are engaged judging from that rock on your finger?" Christina asked.

"Yes, I proposed to her a few weeks ago," John replied.

She nodded approval it looked like, but we weren't sure if she was in love with the idea though, it was all unknown for the time being anyway.

"Well can I see it?" Christina asked.

Then I came over to chair and flashed the ring to her. As I was about to sit back down, she grabbed my arm and got up. She gave me the biggest hug I think I ever got from her, and we went through the time when my dad died.

"I'm sorry I was a bitch, you are the only one I really have and I reacted like that? I guess maybe I was pissed off because all the money I've sunk in for tuition and that I never met him. I just knew you weren't ready for this and I find out it's someone that's like 17 years older than you," Christina said.

"Well I know mom, I still love you. Now we really want you to come to the wedding," I replied.

"You really want me there?" Christina asked.

"Yes of course we do mom. I still love you and he has been so good to me ever since I moved in. I know I'm gonna have to drop out of college, but he has been supporting me too along with Jeanette. And he loves me mom. I mean he really loves me," I replied.

She saw how serious I was, I guess she cracked.

"Well I'm glad he's been taking care of you. I wish I just would have though," Christina said.

Then I just gave her another hug, she really did feel bad, but I wondered why she never called back though.

"Well, why didn't call me back?" I asked.

"I guess if we talked on the phone I'd screw something up, I wasn't sue what to say," Christina replied.

"You are my mom, don't worry about it. I'm pregnant now and you are gonna be a grandmother. So let's just forget about the stupid shit and just concentrate on the future," I said.

"Can I feel you stomach?" Christina asked.

"Yes of course you can," I replied.

Then I lifted up shirt a bit and she felt my stomach. Then she sparked a few more tears.

"So do you know if it's a boy of girl yet?" Christina asked.

"Well no not yet, but you can come to the doctor's office with me if you want," I replied.

"I'd like that," Christina said.

"We're having the wedding next weekend. Jeanette is gonna be his best man even though she is a woman, but I want you to be my maid of honor though," I replied.

Then she gave me another huge hug. She was more than happy to accept the title.

"Well have you gotten a dress?" Christina asked.

"Well, that was another thing I wanted to ask you about. Would you be OK if I wore your old wedding dress?" I asked.

"Sure if you really want to," Christina replied.

"I really want to mom. I love him and he loves me, so I just know I'll only be needing one wedding dress," I said.

"OK angel, I love you too," Christina replied.

So then after that, my mom was apart of everything. Maybe it was just the time that went by or that she found out I was getting married. I don't know exactly though. So I was in our bedroom with Jeanette and my mom as John was working on that next Thursday.

"Now you are beyond beautiful my lady. I mean truly beautiful," Christina said.

"Thank you mom. I know you still looked more beautiful though," I replied.

"If you say so," Christina said.

"Well I'm just saying Christina, but I think she really is beautiful," Jeanette replied just before she winked.

Christina saw that, and of course had to wonder what that was all about.

"Is that your wink code for 'I'm not bullshitting you' or something?" Christina asked.

"Sure let's call it that," I replied.

Then my mom sparked some more tears, she was really happy for me then. She felt my stomach again and then I gave her hug. I did drop a big bombshell on her that day. So Jeanette and I consoled her. We sat down on the bed and we both hugged her.

"Don't worry, shit happens mom. I still love you and you love me," I said.

We both hugged her really tightly and shed a couple tears ourselves.

"And I love you both," Jeanette said as got in on our hug.

Then we all laughed a little and then John got home.

"Where's the bride to be?" John asked from the hallway.

"Wait he can't come in here. She is in the dress," Christina replied.

"No, that's stupid. It won't jinx anything, we're in here sweetheart," I said.

Then John came in and saw me in the wedding dress. He just smiled at me, I thought he was about to go blind from eyeballing me in that dress.

"Holy fucking shit my lady. I'm sorry for the language," John said.

"We don't fucking care about that shit, do we Jeanette?" Christina asked.

"Hell fucking no, we don't fucking give a shit dad," Jeanette replied.

"OK then, wow Callie. You are bar none the most beautiful woman on the planet," John said.

"What about the woman that birthed her?" Christina asked.

"Mom, be nice," I replied.

Then John came up to me and kissed me very passionately. We both put our arms around each other as Jeanette and my mom just starred at us.

"Hey, just because you have someone to kiss, doesn't mean you gotta do right here," Jeanette said.

"You think you don't have someone to kiss?" I asked as I walked over to her and kissed her right in front of John and Christina.

They were both stunned to see what they just saw.

"What? John you got a very attractive daughter too," I said.

Then they both just laughed.

"Well OK then. I guess she is attractive for being, how old are you Jeanette?" Christina asked.

"I'll be 24 in a couple months," Jeanette replied.

"Cool. That was out there though, I must say," Christina said.

So they were still a little skeptical. I didn't exactly think about it, I just did it. So they let it go, they really did think I was just being funny. It was just a 3 second kiss, not a passionate kiss either. So later that day, Jeanette and I had a few minutes alone in her room as Christina and John was cooking dinner as I was still wearing the dress.

"So are you just teasing me now?" Jeanette asked.

But then I thought about something.

"Were you baiting me though?" I asked.

"Maybe. I wasn't sure you'd do it though. But thank you," Jeanette replied just before she kissed me.

I wanted to just give her a quick kiss and be done, but she had other plans and I wasn't able to want to stop her. I still had a strong sexual attraction to her.

"Come on, just a little bit? They'll be cooking dinner for like another 20 minutes. We haven't done anything in a couple weeks now, we can fool around a little bit can't we?" Jeanette asked.

"Fine, but we're not getting naked," I replied.

"Of course not, just a little fooling around among best friends," Jeanette said.

So she unzipped the dress and pulled it down a little exposing my bra. She moved it a little so my nipples would make an appearance. She leaned down and started to lick them slowly. I didn't like what we were doing, but the physical pleasure and the fact that it was her, just made me want it for a few minutes.

"Oh I love you and hate you so much at the same time Jeanette," I said.

"You'll learn to love me completely," Jeanette replied.

Then she took off my bra completely and my the dress fell off completely as well. Then she grabbed onto both of my boobs and licked them both repeatedly. I had to moan a little though. I felt titillated a great deal, I couldn't help it. Then she began sucking on my right nipple and I began to get sweaty as my heart started racing.

"Holy shit, how can a woman make my nipples feel so damn good?" I asked.

"Well a woman knows how a woman likes to feel," Jeanette replied as she slid down my underwear too.

"I said we weren't getting naked," I said.

"Yeah, we weren't, you didn't say anything about just one of us getting naked though," Jeanette replied.

"Oh you are lucky I love you," I said.

Then she stood up and kissed me.

"I know," Jeanette replied.

Then she got back down on her knees and she began eating me out as I was standing up. Still I couldn't help but love every second of it. This just wasn't fair, she knew my weakness. So I put my hands on her head and made her stick her tongue into my pussy even deeper.

"So you like it Callie?" Jeanette asked.

"Just stick your tongue in there and make me cum," I replied.

"Not a problem," Jeanette said.

She spread out my pussy lips as far as they could go. They were wet, and I mean soaked. But that didn't stop Jeanette. She had her tongue deep inside me as far as it would go and I had to moan. I did my best to hold back, but I couldn't hold back forever. And when I moaned, I moaned rather loudly.

"Oh shit Jeanette. Yes, I fucking love you. Don't stop until I cum, make me cum like a fountain," I said.

She stuck her fingers into my pussy as well. That just really intensified the pleasure. I grabbed onto my boobs and squeezed them as hard as I could. Then Jeanette hit my g-spot an I screamed.

"Fuck!" I screamed as I came all over Jeanette's face.

But that unfortunately caught the attention of my mom and her dad. They came to the room and knocked.

"Whoa, what's going on in there?" John asked.

"Nothing sweetie, I just saw a spider. You know how much those freak me out. But Jeanette is gonna get it for me now. Nothing to worry about," I replied.

"OK sweetheart, your mom and I are almost done with dinner, it'll be about 10 minutes," John said.

"OK angel, we'll be out there," I replied.

"Damn Callie, you and spiders," Christina said.

"I know, we'll be out soon," I replied.

Then they both went back to the kitchen and Jeanette stood up. She kissed me with cum soaked lips for a minute.

"I love you Jeanette. But seriously, that was too close. We can't do that anymore. I was surprised as hell we got away with that kiss. We can't risk it anymore, and it's wrong," I said.

"I can't help it. Did you really mean it when you said I was attractive?" Jeanette asked.

"Yes of course I did. I love you and I'm very attracted to you, I'm sorry, I can't do it anymore," I replied.

"Well can I have one more kiss?" Jeanette asked.

"Fine," I replied.

Then we kissed passionately for over a minute. I really did love her, but I was engaged to John, I couldn't do it to John. Then we went to the kitchen. We tried not to look so guilty.

"So what took so long?" Christina asked.

"Nothing, we were just talking I guess," I replied.

"OK sweetheart. You still like your steak to be pinkish?" Christina asked.

"Yes mom. Did you really not remember?" I asked.

"Well you've been over here for some weeks, I didn't know if your fiancé's taste buds rubbed off onto you or not," Christina replied.

I really did notice that John and Christina were really starting to get along with each other, obviously she was just pissed off when she found out he got me pregnant. She didn't try and get to know him at all. But then it seemed like she couldn't get enough of him then.

"Nope, I'm still liking the pinkish steak. I'm still liking him a whole lot too," I said just before I kissed John.

I think Jeanette was a little disheartened when she saw that, but she still got through it. Then shortly after that, we all sat down at the table ready to eat dinner. I sat with John of course and Jeanette and my mom were at the other side.

"Well pretty damn good. You must have the magic touch Christina," Jeanette said.

"Well I like think so from time to time. Which reminds me, I wanna make your favorite for your wedding dinner Callie," Christina replied.

"I don't have a favorite wedding dinner. I have a favorite meal I like you to cook," I said.

"OK smart ass. I wanna cook that for you two," Christina replied.

"OK thanks mom," I said.

"Well it's the least I can do," Christina replied.

Then we continued to eat and then John gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you," I said.

"I must say it was a little kinky to see you two kiss each other, even though it was a joke," John replied.

I was nervous and this just popped out.

"Well like I said, Jeanette is an attractive lady. I think if I were Bi-sexual, I might do her," I said.

"No kidding? Well maybe you two should try it sometime. You both looked like you enjoyed that kiss," John replied.
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