My girlfriend and my sister made me feel better
Marry just kissed me on the lips and I wasn't sure how to read this, what was going on? Let's say I wasn't as horny after that.

"What was that?" I asked Marry.

"Well, you let Emily make me feel better, so let us return the favor?" Marry asked.

I still wasn't sure how to take this exactly, was she suggesting incest? They both grabbed one of my hands and brought me to the bed. I laid in the middle and Emily began kissing my stomach a little bit as Marry was eyeballing me.

"I love you bro, and I'll do anything for you, now let us make you feel better big brother, and you are very big," Marry said as she grabbed my cock.

It was very erect of course at 9 inches long. She began stroking it very slowly and seemed to like doing it, as if she had wondered what t would be like for months by then. Her hands were of course very soft to say the least and my heart rate definitely went up. The whole time I was kissing Emily, but I was thinking of Marry stroking my cock.

"So, do you like having your sister giving a hand job?" Emily asked.

"Yes, maybe a little too much," I replied.

"Did you like seeing me have sex with her? We all know it got you really horny, we saw that cum fly through the air," Emily said.

I just gave Emily probably the longest kiss I think I gave anybody right then. It lasted for about 5 minutes and the whole time Marry kept caressing my dick, so it was the best of both worlds.

"I love you Tim, don't forget that, we don't need to be engaged for me to know that we truly love each other," Emily said.

Marry came up with us and got on the other side of me, she laid numerous kisses on both of us.

"Well, whenever you two do settle down, I may have to make a few visits over here," Marry said.

"Have you ever wondered what it feel like to have her sucking on your cock Tim? You wanna find out right now?" Emily asked.

I just nodded once and of course Marry went down towards my cock. As she got down there, she took it in her mouth and I immediately let out a giant moan. It was different from when Emily sucked on it, the same physical feeling, but a little different emotional feeling though. I leaned my head back a bit and that was more than a dead giveaway that I loved it.

"I think we have a winner Marry," Emily said.

With my cock still in her mouth, Marry looked towards me and smiled as widely as she could in that position.

"I love you Tim," Marry said with a mouthful.

"I love you too Marry," I replied.

I laid my head back again and as she began sucking on my cock really passionately. Of course everyone on the bed was very sweaty with heart rates through the roof as well, so this was shaping up to be the best threesome I'd ever have. I had never had one before that, but I knew right then and there that I'd never have a better one. I had my sister going up and down on my cock and it felt amazing to say the least, one hell of a lot better than I would have imagined. My sister was hot don;t get me wrong, but it was still incest though and she had loving it and begging for more.

"Oh sis, that feels so damn good, don't stop," I said as I moaned.

Emily was glad to hear that, but also that got her a little jealous at the same time, so she went down there with Marry.

"Your turn?" Marry asked.

"You wanna take turns?" Emily asked.

"I'd find nothing sexier soon to be sis," Marry replied.

They both raised their eyebrows for a second and then leaned towards each other. Thye kissed for about a right over my cock and that was yet another really hot sight to see. I almost thought I was dreaming or something, I mean what other possible explanation could there be? Well the explanation for what happened next was more than obvious, I shot my load right onto chins and faces.

"Well, that obviously got him off, he must really like seeing his sister make out with this girlfriend," Marry said.

"Something like that," I replied.

I didn't have a chance for my cock to become semi erect, Emily immediately went down and began sucking on my cock. So of course I laid my head back again and Marry came up with me. She kissed me on the lips and everywhere else above my chest.

"So, how has the incestuous sex been so far? You like it Tim?" Marry asked.

"You know that stuff that just hit you two, I think that means I like it," I replied.

We both laughed for a minute and kissed each other on the lips again. Honestly by then, we kissed as if we had kissed each other a million times before that, it was cool but still a little weird though.

"Tell me you love me Tim, not like a sister," Marry said.

I didn't know what to say to that honestly, I was in love with Emily, not her, why did she ask me that?

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, I think you really wanted to have sex with me, I think it was nothing short of a miracle that you didn't join in with us earlier. I think you really love me to to let that happen, call me crazy," Marry replied.

Then Emily took a small break and climbed up with us.

"What are you two talking about?" Emily asked.

"Marry thinks I'm in love with her too," I replied.

They both looked at each other for a couple of seconds and kissed once.

"Kiss her, and prove her wrong then," Emily said.

So Marry got right on top of me and we made out passionately for about 4 minutes straight and didn't take a break. We both wrapped our arms around each other and of course it was more clear than ever: Marry was right, I did love her more than a sister, but still I wanted to try one more thing though.

"Well, let me make love to you sis," I said.

So she leaned up and lined up her pussy with my cock. I slowly inserted it into her pussy. As soon as it went in, it amazing got even clearer honestly. She was on her knees and she began riding me.

"Oh my god Tim, you have a huge cock," Marry said.

"I know, I helped him quite a bit," Emily replied.

Marry began bouncing up and down a bit, her boobs began to shake a bit as well and that was another sight to see. So far that threesome was something out of my imagination, it was amazing, but everything just kept getting better, absolutely nothing could possibly make it go down at all.

"Oh yeah Tim, let me ride you like the bad and naughty sister I'm," Marry said.

Emily and I laughed for a second then Emily went over towards her nipples and helped herself. Then I got to see it really up close, Emily licking Marry's nipples. It was so hot, I mean like being in a volcano hot honestly. Every single button was being pushed perfectly. Marry made sure to belt out more than a few moans as Emily made her feel really good. According to them, neither one of them had ever been with another woman before, but by looking at them, I'd beg to differ.

"Damn you two are like pros already," I said.

They just looked at each other for a minute, but not with lusty faces though.

"What's going on with you two?" I asked.

They were silent for a couple more seconds and it was really clear there something on the horizon coming.

"I think we should tell him now," Marry said.

"Tell me what?" I asked.

They both laid down with me and still stayed silent for a minute. They were driving me nuts, they had something to tell me and they were cuddling with me.

"OK, are you two gonna tell me what's going on?" I asked.

They both leaned their heads up and kissed me once each on the lips.

"We're just gonna spit it on we guess, this isn't the first time I've had sex with your sister," Emily replied.

"What?" I asked.

"We're sorry it's true Tim," Marry replied.

I wasn't sure how to take this either, this was one emotional night, I was just feeling like shit because I hadn't proposed to Emily yet, and then I find out that they had sex before?

"About 6 months ago, I came over bitching about a guy and she made me feel better, by having sex with me," Marry said.

"You two seriously had sex 6 months ago?" I asked.

"Yes, please don;t be mad," Emily replied.

I just had to get up and process this. Obviously this wasn't the worst thing it could be, but still I didn't know how to react to the news honestly. They both just stayed on the bed, but of course didn't kiss or anything.

"So, how many times did you two fuck each other?" I asked.

"Twice that night and 4 more single times since then," Marry replied.

Well that was certainly a small amount of sex for a 6 month period, so once again, it could have been a lot worse. Then Emily got up and walked over to me.

"We both love her, your sister is an amazing woman, she is sweet and kind. She is beyond sexy obviously and she is right, you are in love with her too, just like me. You love her not just because she is your sister, but she is the best sister in the world, you are very lucky to have her. I had sex with her to make her feel better, but didn't do it too much, because I couldn't do that to you. Please don't be mad, we were gonna tell you sooner or later, but we're being honest now," Emily said.

What could I say to that, obviously she couldn't have sex like that without having some strong feelings for her, although no one likes finding out after the fact or during the fact for that matter. I just gave her a kiss on the lips and sat down with them.

"So you are not mad?" Emily asked.

"Just don't do it under the radar again, I wanna know about it before it happens," I replied.

Then they both kissed me on the cheek, one on each cheek.

"You are really in love with my sister?" I asked Emily.

"Yes, she is very sexy and hot, tell me if you were into the whole incest thing you wouldn't wanna hit that," Emily replied.

I looked over at Marry and truth be told, she was a sexy woman.

"Maybe," I said.

So Marry kissed me again.

"Yeah, you are in love with me too, aren't you bro?" Marry asked.

"I guess you swayed me sis," I replied.

We all laid down with me in the middle. What had just fallen right beside me was huge to say the least, I mean my sister and girlfriend were in love each other. That's definitely not something that happens everyday by any stretch of the imagination.

"Well, it's getting late now sis, maybe you should spend the night with us," I said.

"Can I?" Marry asked.

"Sure, we don't mind sharing," Emily replied

"I love you both," Marry said.

Everyone kissed everyone multiple times. Eventually we all went to sleep and cuddled a bit, that bed was just meant for 2, not 3, but still we slept really well. We never really finished having sex, but by then I think we all were emotionally and physically tired out. I slept pretty well until about 8:30 when Marry woke me up, but she wasn't loud about it.

"Bro, wake up," Marry whispered.

"What is it sis?" I asked as I just woke up.

"I think we need to talk," Marry replied.
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