My girlfriend made my sister feel better
Hi, my name is Tim and I've been dating a nice lady named Emily for about 3 years now. I'm 28 and she is 26, we met when we had a little fender bender and we just hit it off right away. We're thinking of moving in together soon, but I lived with my sister Marry for many years before that and I wasn't quite ready to move out away from her yet. Marry is 26 as well and she always had bad luck with guys, every guy she dated eventually dumped her, sometimes for stupid reasons. One time a guy left her because she was just a little too clingy, so let's just say it was always a bad time to be at our apartment when she got dumped, she always made a fuss and sometimes yelled. What could I do, I'm her brother, but Emily had gotten a little fed up with it though, so fed up that she came up with a very weird solution when Marry came home crying one Friday night.

"Shit, I'm got dumped again," Marry said as she came in the apartment.

We both sighed for a minute as Marry went to her room.

"Well, I gotta go deal with this, I'll try and make it quick," I said.

"OK," Emily replied.

We kissed once and I went to Marry's room. I went in and she was crying just like I thought, so I put my arm over her shoulder and tried to cheer her up.

"He's a dumbass sis, forget him," I said.

"I know, but serious, what the hell is wrong with me? I mean I thought I had a good personality and everything, but these guys just get bored with me. Sometimes I think I should just switch teams," Marry replied.

"What, you mean go lesbian?" I asked.

"Why not, it's gotta be better than going out with another guy that's just gonna dump me," Marry replied.

I kissed her on forehead, I wasn't sure what to say to that honestly, was she really considering that? I wasn't sure, she could have been just blowing smoke. She gave me a hug and then Emily came in the room.

"So, that jackass dump you Marry?" Emily asked.

"Like I was 118 pounds of dead weight," Marry replied.

She sat on the other side of Marry and gave her hug as well.

"She's wondering if she should go l lesbian now," I said.

Emily nodded with a smirk on her face, as if she had been with a woman before.

"You think you are ready to get some pussy now Marry?" Emily asked.

Marry just looked at her and they both had some lusty eyes. They were eyeballing each other as if they never ever been close to another woman before. Everyone was silent for a minute and it was a somewhat awkward silence too. Honestly just out of nowhere, they started making out. I thought I was hallucinating, my girlfriend was making out with my sister, and this wasn't friendly at all, they were really going at it. Truth be told, I got a huge hard on going. A couple minutes later they both laid down on their sides. After about 10 minutes of that, they finally acknowledge the very sexy elephant in the room.

"Tim, I think I'm gonna need some time to make your sister forget all about that asshole that dumped her," Emily said.

"OK, I guess I'll sit back here then," I replied as I got up and walked to the small chair in the room.

"It may get... hot in here Tim, clothes may come off, just forewarning you," Emily said.

"I'm forewarned," I replied.

From the chair, I had a perfect view of them that was about 5 feet away and it was a sight to see. I had seen my sister in her bra and underwear before, but never naked, so I was in for an experience that really just fell into my lap, not literally though. I knew it was really weird to get a hard on watching my sister make out with my girlfriend, but it happened for reasons I don't think I understood. Marry leaned back so Emily was on top of her and when Marry started to take off Emily's shirt, I seriously came a little bit in my pants. I was beyond turned on by this, I wasn't sure what to make of this honestly, I was confused, but I wasn't about to get up and walk out of the room. Emily had her shirt off and then she took off her bra as well. She was half naked Marry just eyeballed her boobs for a minute.

"Tim, you have one hell of a girlfriend," Marry said.

"I know," I replied.

Marry leaned up a bit and took Emily's boobs in her hands. I guess she never felt another woman's tits before, not that I thought she did, but she has her own and I would have thought she would have known what feel like. Marry started to lick Emily's nipples really slowly and when I saw that, I came again. I was actually getting a hell of a lot more sweatier than they were. Emily looked over at me and saw how turned on I was, to see my sister licking nipples.

"I think your brother likes what he sees Marry," Emily said.

Marry looked at me too and mouthed 'I love you bro' to me. I think she meant it more as a friendly 'I love you' and not an incestuous 'I love you', but truth be told, I wasn't sure. Emily put her hands on her Marry's head and the pleasure really intensified a great deal, she let out a couple soft moans.

"Oh yes Marry," Emily said.

When she said that, I found my right hand actually going down into my boxers. I began stroking my cock to them, it was bar none the hottest thing I ever saw in my life, and it was about to get hotter. Emily pulled off Marry's shirt and we found out that Marry wasn't wearing a bra, so right then I saw my sister's bare boobs for the very first time, and the scary thing was, I didn't look away. I actually liked what I saw, I didn't feel weird honestly, I just went with it. Marry laid down on her back and Emily went towards her pants. Emily undid Marry's pants and pulled them all the way off. Marry was actually wearing panties though, but on the other hand, by then I wasn't too happy about that. Emily pulled her panties off as well leaving my sister completely naked laying on the bed. By then, I had to pull out my cock and jerk it a bit as Emily completely undressed. As Emily was completely naked, she climbed on top of Marry. They both wrapped their arms around each other and made out very passionately. They both had c-cup boobs and they were pressing up against each other perfectly.

"Looks like he is really enjoying the show now Marry," Emily said.

Marry seemed to like what she saw.

"Tim, I had no idea that you were so big," Marry said.

"Thanks sis," I replied in an awkward tone.

I saw their boobs pressing against each other and that was the first time that I had ever seen that happen in real life, I saw it on porn, but that's it. They even began to titty fight a bit as well, they both backed up just a little and actually started hitting each other with their boobs. Then I 100% involuntarily shot my load. It got on the bed and some of it got on them.

"Holy shit Tim, that was a lot of cum you just shot," Marry said.

"I know, my sister fucking my girlfriend is so damn hot," I replied.

Marry laid back and Emily climbed down towards Marry's pussy and kissed her everywhere all along the way. I never ever in a million years would have thought I'd see my girlfriend eat out another woman, let alone my own sister, but it seemed like I was about to see it right in front of me, so in no time at all I began stroking my cock once again. Emily started licking Marry's pussy ever so slowly, if I could hook a 'hot-o-meter' to them, it would probably explode. In absolutely no time, Marry began moaning really loudly.

"Holy shit Emily, I had no idea you knew how to eat pussy," Marry said.

"I learned a bit over the years," Emily replied.

Emily spread out Marry's pussy lips a bit and stuck in her stuck as far as she could right away, so she wasn't shy about making my sister feel good when she needed to. She was getting sweaty having a female tongue inside her pussy for a change. Marry put her hands on Emily's head and of course she willingly went in and out slowly.

"Take it sis, moan as loudly as you can, I wanna see you cum all over Emily's face," I said.

They both laughed for a minute and blew kisses to me. I'm not too sure what that meant coming from Mary, but I was really horny, just like they were. I was getting pretty sweaty myself honestly, after all, you never get to see something like this. I was stroking my cock like mad again and breathing very heavily. I watched Emily reach up and put her hands onto Marry's boobs, she rubbed them ever so slowly for about 5 minutes straight as she just continued to eat her out. She was moving her tongue around inside Marry's pussy like she was in marathon or something. So Marry began moving around quite a lot.

"Fuck yes Emily, oh yeah, make me cum all over your face, I wanna have the biggest orgasm of my life right now," Marry said.

I knew she was on her way to that, they both looked like they were in a sauna of something like that, they were probably as sweaty as they could be. Of course there was a point where Marry just couldn't take it anymore, when Emily just hit her spot where she just screams as loudly as she can, and Emily's face gets showered.

"Fuck!!!" Marry screamed.

Marry just exploded all over the bed and Emily's face, a sight that 100% priceless in every sense of the word. Then Emily slowly started to climb up towards Marry's head, and as she got up there, Emily laid several kisses all over Marry's face as if they were in love.

"You know, if I marry Tim over here, we'll be sister-in-laws then," Emily said.

"He hasn't proposed to you yet?" Marry asked.

"Nope, not yet," Emily replied.

Of course I thought that was weird and a turn on at the same time honestly. They both looked at me for a minute and it was silent.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing," They both replied.

Then they began making out once again. I just wondered about that for a few minutes, was I supposed to propose by then? I had thought about it a few times, but I guess I was waiting for the right time. Anyway as I was thinking about that, they just continued to make out. Obviously they were more than comfortable doing it right in front of me, but I wasn't paying too much attention to them by then. Of course they had to stop and breath through their mouths sooner or later, so about 10 minutes later, they stopped and looked at while I wasn't eyeballing them.

"I think you better go talk to him," Marry said.

So Emily came to me butt naked, gave me a hug got down on her knees.

"I love you no matter what Tim, I don't care if we've been together for 3 years and we're not engaged yet, we know we wanna be together, don't beat yourself up about it, we love each other and that's all that matters. We'll get married when we are ready," Emily said.

Then Marry got up and came over to us as well. She was on her right by Emily.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that Tim, Emily is just such a great lady you got here," Marry said.

Well, that was true, and that just got me thinking, honestly, why hadn't I at least thought about proposing? I had no idea, so by then I felt as bad as Marry was feeling.

"Don't feel bad Tim, life happens and feeling bad isn't gonna do anything, so don't worry about it. Emily isn't gonna leave you over this," Marry said.

They went on a little more, but I was still feeling a little bad though, that was until something else really surprising happened, Marry kissed me on the lips.
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