My girlfriends kinky parents Ch 3: A camcorder and a D.P.
I pulled into the alley and checked my watch, I had 10 minutes. I ditched my bicycle in the neighbors bush and hopped a small fence and crept up beside Tom's garage. I could see the curtains were open and the bedroom light was on, then I heard a car pulling up the alley, then the sound of the alley gate opening.

Two men walked up the path to the back door, they stood in the light of the bedroom and I watched them put on Lone Ranger masks. Then Tom came to the door to greet them, he was wearing a white rob and a ski mask, they walked in just as Selina came into view, also wearing a white robe. The men didn't waste any time getting their hands on her, the taller guy was just starting to kiss her when Tom closed the curtains.

I could see a stream of light coming from the edge of the door, my plan worked. I quietly walked over to the patio, I was so nervous, excited and horny. The curtains were close but it was warm out and only the screen door was closed, I could hear everything. I peeked thru the 3 inch crack, Selina's robe was just falling to the floor, her gigantic tits came into view and they were beautiful. She had a full bush and had her tongue down the throat of the taller guy, his fingers were busy stroking through her bushy mound while his other hand played with her right nipple.

Then I noticed Tom and the shorter guy on the other side of the bed, Tom's ski mask had bright red lips sown on the mouth hole. Tom was on his knees sucking the guys cock and he had the word FLUFFER written across his huge chest in bright red letters. There was a tripod with a video camera recording the action right in front of my position, I had never seen such a kinky scene.

My mouth hung open as I watched Selina help the tall guy get naked, she immediately got on her knees to orally service this guys tree trunk of a cock. Her left hand was stroking his big balls and her right fed his girth into her mouth. "HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK" the tall guy said. Selina looked up at him with fear in her eye's but obeyed, her hands dropped to her side and then behind her just as he took two handfuls of her blonde hair.

He angrily pulled her mouth up and down his cock, she could only stretch her lips around half his girth. Selina's eye's rolled back in her head as she was roughly fed thick cock over and over. My cock was rock hard but still in my shorts as I watched both my girlfriends parents sucking dick.

"I thought you said she could take it all Mike" the shorter guy said laughing as Tom drooled on his cock. Selina's eye's shot open as Mike grabbed her head and started forcing thick cock flesh further into her mouth, her eyes clinched as Mike moved is cock around searching for the opening to her throat. Her mouth was stretched to the breaking point when suddenly, 5 more inches of cock disappeared in her mouth. The front of her neck was swollen out as we all watched in amazement as Mike fucked her throat.

"I told you she's incredible Jim" Mike said. "TAKE IT BABY" he said. Then Mike withdrew his freak-show cock from Selina's mouth, she was gasping for breath and tears streamed down her face but her hands stayed behind her back. After a few seconds he was back in her mouth, searching for the deeper hole, then it popped in and he fucked her throat again.

"HOLY SHIT" Jim said. "Can I have a turn"?
"Sure thing, she'll suck anybody's cock" Mike responded as he kept fucking Selina's throat a little longer. "Isn't that right baby" Mike asked her. Her jaw appeared to be at the breaking point as he sawed cock deep in her mouth. He withdrew slowly and I watched his cock buldge sliding up her neck, spit poured from her gasping mouth as Mike bent down and kissed her cheek. "I'll suck any cock put in front of me" Selina said, gasping. I wouldn't soon forget THAT comment.

Selina's pale tits were glistening with her spit as Jim walked over. Selina looked up into his eye's as she took ahold of his cock. Jim gave a lot of commands but didn't forcefully fuck her face like Mike did. "You want it babe"? Jim asked. "I'll be your whore tonight, I want it so bad" Selina told him.

Mike had layed down on the bed, Tom the fluffer crawled between his legs and was licking his fat cock up and down. Then his balls received a nice tongue bath. Mike must have liked it because he raised is legs and pulled them towards his chest. I watched Tom raise his heavy nuts out of the way and start licking Mike's asshole.

After Selina obeyed Jim's cock sucking commands for awhile, Selina said, "Mike my pussy needs a good stretching, I'm so sloppy wet, please...can you fuck me now"?

Mike put his legs down and pat his lap beckoning her over to ride his big dick. Selina straddled him but had to raise one leg to line up his cock head with the entrance to her warm hole. She took extra time rubbing his tip around her clit and thru her gash, almost afraid to line it up and begin stretching herself.

Tom had taken position next to the bed and was sucking on Jim again. "That's it, just keep it warm" Jim told Tom. It was then that I realized a fluffer was someone who kept cocks hard while they waited for their turn to fuck.

Selina had lined up Mike's head and started feeding cock into her hole. She could only work it an inch or two at a time but it WAS going in. She'd move up n down, riding 2 then 3 inches in and out, soon she had half up her pussy and Selina started shaking, she was having her 1st cum of the night. She tried to back Mike's cock out a little but he grabbed her hips and said "NO YOU DON'T...YOU KEEP THAT COCK IN THERE WHILE YOU CREAM"!!

Selina moaned and threw her head back as she creamed, her tits vibrated as she was rocked with a giant orgasm, it was then my own cock needed to come out. I had to be careful, I was on the verge of blowing a huge load so I stroked slow and light.

The more Selina creamed the more inches of thick hard cock stretched it's way into her. The more cock was fed inside, the more she creamed until finally, Mike was balls deep. Selina must have had a deep pussy as Mike was easily 10 inches long and thick as a beer can. Selina sat not moving, obviously letting her packed pussy adjust to a his size.

She started slowly, rocking back and forth, churning his cock inside her, then a little of his shaft appeared below her heavy ass cheeks. Mike grabbed her hips and guided her slowly. As more of his shaft started to slide thru her well lubricated pussy, Selina started moaning and cussing like a porn star. "OH FUCK BABY, IT'S STRETCHED SOOO GOOD" she would moan.

Mike reached back and spread Selina's thick cheeks, it was then that I noticed the butt plug in her ass. The shiny red heart shape would disappear and reappear as Mike clapped her cheeks.

"I think she's ready Jim" Mike said. Tom stopped sucking Jim's dick and climbed behind his wife. Mike spread her ass open and Tom pulled at the plug. Her asshole opened and a big metal ball appeared from her hole.

Jim took position, Selina looked over her shoulder with a huge grin. Tom reached through Jim's legs and rubbed his balls as he lined his cock up with her asshole. Lube was obviously applied earlier as it was leaking from her gaping ass.

I started stroking a little faster on my cock as Jim spit on his dick and started pushing it up Selina's ass. Tom used both hands on their balls as Selina's asshole opened to the invading cock. Jim slowly worked it in then Mike started working her pussy, Selina moaned deep and low. Then Jim started fucking her ass and Selina started cuming again.

Soon the guys had a rhythm going, Mike's huge cock was in to the hilt as Jim pulled half way out, then they picked up the pace. Jim started fucking her ass harder and Selina moaned like a whore. "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD" was all she could utter. Mike had ahold of her nipples and was twisting them as Selina took hard throbbing cock in both holes. Her orgasms seemed to never end as they plowed her pussy and ass.

"I can feel your cock Mike, every stroke like it's rubbing right against me" Jim said. "Spank her Jim" Mike said. Jim started lightly and got progressively rougher. Selina's pale cheeks were soon rosy and her Shaking orgasms got more intense.

"HOLY FUCK" Jim said. "Mike your cock rubbing under mine is gona make me cum" Jim said. "Leave it in, cum right in her ass" Mike told him as Jim started grunting.

Selina seemed to love being used like a whore. "FILL MY ASS, POUND IT DEEP AND FILL IT WITH CUM...OH YEAH, OH MY GOD CUM IN IT...OH FUCK YES"!! Selina screamed. Jim didn't stop, he gripped Selina's ass and shoved in deep and started shooting cum. Mike was in balls deep and held still as Selina was pushed over the edge again as Jim spanked her ass.

Jim slowly withdrew his cock and Selina's asshole closed up, saving his load deep in her bowls. As he climbed off the bed, Tom crawled up behind his well fucked wife and Mike pulled her down to his chest, reached back and spread her ass cheeks. Tom licked from Mike's balls up to Selina's ass and his tongue sank in, waiting for the load to dribble onto his taste buds.

Mike slowly stroked inside Selina's pussy as Tom feasted on cum. When the Fluffer finished he sucked on Mike's heavy balls as the slow fuck got faster. Mike's cock was swollen and rock hard as it continued thrusting up into Selina. Then it was Mike's turn to blow a load; he fucked deep n hard and Selina came again and again.

Tom got back on his knee's next to the bed, Selina leaned forward and Mike's cock slid free from her stretched pussy hole. She climbed off the bed and took position next to her husband. I always loved porn where the girl submitted and had cum sprayed across her face, I was hoping I was about to see it in real life, my cock was rock hard and I wanted to cum while my girlfriends mom got a facial.

Mike stood facing me, looking right into the camcorder. Husband and wife both started licking on either side of his cock. Mike took both their heads and forced his giant dick through their lips. Both tongues were out bathing his cum tube in warm spit as he slid. Then they pulled away, Mike positioned so the camcorder would catch his cumshot.

Selina stroked Mike's balls and opened her mouth, then Mike shot. His piss hole opened and a heavy rope of jizz shot across her tongue and up her face. My hand was a blur on my cock and my cum came rushing out, spraying the grey brick and across the window. I'd never cum harder in my life.

I looked back at the action as cum dribbled down my hand. Tom and Selina were sharing cum and cleaning Mike's cock together. Mike must have aimed at Tom too because he had cum dripping off his face aswell. My balls felt lighter and I was completely satisfied that my sneaky plan worked perfectly. I quietly backed away.

Once back at my bike, I reached in my pocket and found the condoms Selina had bought for me. I couldn't wait to see Jess tomorrow.

Please let me know your thoughts.
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