My good friend Kat
This is a story about my new friend Kat.
I read her stories in the chair I sat.
My legs were rubbed by my own pet cat,
I wanted a beer but didn't have a tap.

I went to the fridge and got a beer can,
amd back to the puter for another nights scan.
Although some stories I don't give a damn,
She makes me laugh as I'm running on the lam.

AS luck would have it we don't ever fuck,
Now I'm wishing someday that I can change my luck.
Until then dear look out miss duck,
I'll use your beak and have my cock to suck.

So for now love I can only give you a kiss,
And know you always give me such bliss.
When you left earlier, I did so much miss,
And now you're back so here's another kiss.

You have such big pouty lips red lips,
I know in my heart you could said a navy of ships.
And I know they're not fishing for bass,
their in search of your pretty round ass.

Those hug tits so naked and bare,
Wishing to hold and kiss them, "Do I dare?"
This Valentine's card is just such as wish,
To say I really think you are one hella "DISH!"

Although our stories may have vulgar crass,
Let's light up a joint and enjoy my new grass.
As we listen to the music swoon,
And dream of riding to the moon.

When attacked by others you honor I defend,
I want you to know on me you can depend.
Your my friend forever on this you can feel sure,
Our friendship will last as long as we endure.

So now I must say my adieu,
And know my new love, I do Love you.
I'd love to have sex and hear you coo,
As I thrust my hard cock inside of you.

Happy Valentine's Day sweet lady, my friend!
I love you!
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