My kids and I are very close, in more ways than one
By now Jack and Candy have been married for a year, they had a baby girl together and named her Kara, I thought that was a pretty name for the pretty girl they had. I practically pleaded with them not to move, I so wanted to be there for them literally 24/7, and I was and still am. Anyway, even though they are married which was in our back yard with me as the minister, they still stayed in the house they grew up in with me and raised Kara.

They turned Jack's old room into a a baby room for Kara. I'm 51 now and they are 26 and 24, they are still very much in love, I've caught them having sex many, many times all over the house and a few other places as well. Anyway, as Candy got to be 6 months along, she quit her job and decided to be a full time mom, even though she had her mom there helping literally whenever she was needed. Anyway on one Friday evening, Jack and I came home after working to find Candy feeding Kara a bottle.

"And there she is," Jack said as he came in the room.

He sat next to two of the most important women in his life, and kissed the younger one on the forehead and then the older one passionately for about a minute.

"Alright we get it, you love each other, don't make Kara throw up," I said.

Then they both just shot me dirty looks.

"Kara, protect me," I said.

"She's on our side," Jack replied.

"Do you mind if I burp her?" I asked.

"Sure, pain in the bleep mom," Candy replied.

Then I got up and came over to them to take my beautiful granddaughter. Of course as I was about to burp her, she was about to be out like a light, I swear I couldn't get enough of her to save my life. I sat down and burped her in about 5 minutes and just like I thought, she was gone, long gone only to come back later, not so happy when she woke up.

"So, how's the (purring sound) been for the married couple lately?" I asked.

"The (purring sound) mom?" Jack asked.

"OK, how's your sex life been lately? I know this one has put a dent in it," I replied.

"Kara, make sure you never ever look up the word 'sex', it's a horrible word, and something you should stay away from, forever" Candy said.

"And, slap me in the face if you want, but would you still say that if Kara was a boy?" I asked.

"Husband, slap our mom," Candy replied.

He actually stood up.

"Good one sweetheart, now sit," I said as I looked at Jack.

Then as he sat back down, he took full advantage of Candy having free arms and they started making out. Truth be told, I really still did like watching them, I watched them have sex quite a few times before, if they were gonna do it in my house, I was gonna watch if I could and they didn't car. Hey I birthed them, I should be able to watch if I want to, brother/sister sex is so damn hot, to be involved in or watch.

"Well, Kara is right here, you can't have sex in front of her," I said.

"We're not having sex in front of our daughter mom, in front of you from time to time, but in front of you and not her though," Jack replied.

And with that, Kara fell asleep, I held her for another minute and then put her in her crib, of course with the baby monitor. By time I came back, Jack was on top of Candy making out as passionately as they could on the couch.

"Damn, I leave for 2 minutes and you two are about naked," I said.

"Hey, we're both fully clothed here, mother," Candy replied.

Then I just got close to them, I got on the floor right next to the couch and kissed them both on the forehead.

"Well, I just have one question for Jack over here," I said.

"And that is what?" Jack asked.

"Why didn't you knock her up sooner, I wanted Kara 6 months before she was born," I replied.

"Well, there isn't anything we can do about that now mom, but you got her now, whinny ass," Candy said.

"Well, either way, I'm glad you two got together and got knocked up," I replied.

"And what about us marrying each other though, doesn't that count for anything?" Candy asked.

"Maybe, well if you two need some time alone, go ahead, I'll listen for the little girl," I replied.

"No, we're fine mom," Candy said.

"Are you sure? I mean really, I can go do something else," I replied.

"She's seen us have sex a million times before, let her watch sis, we're brother and sister, we're too close to feel uncomfortable," Jack said.

"Then kiss me like you mean it," Candy replied.

Then they kissed each other for about 30 seconds straight, it was hot, so hot that I had to put my hand into my panties, maybe I was in my 50s then but I still got horny though.

"Well, she is in the mood, would you like to continue our tradition too bro?" Candy asked.

"Yes," Jack replied.

I had an idea what they were talking about, but still wasn't completely sure. She got off him and got on her knees facing him as he was still laying down. She undid his pants and pulled out his cock which was already quite hard, who knew his cock could get so hard because of his sister?

"Oh, you always give him oral sex to get pumped up?" I asked.

"Well, he did tell me how much he loved me after we made love that first time, so I do it for him, because I love him too," Candy replied.

"I did," Jack said.

She took his cock in her hand and of course there were two big squishy globes on Candy's chest that were just begging to be touched, so he touched them with his whole palms. Oh my, that got me so turned on, it was so not fair, I already had to start disrobing. I took off my shirt and then my skirt too, just leaving me in my bra and panties. By then Candy started sucking on her big brother/husband's cock.

Oh how I loved seeing that, trust me, when they really love each other, there is nothing sexier than a sister giving her brother oral pleasure, what a guy loves most and what a lady can provide all night long if she wants too. She went the whole down on his cock, and his cock had grown over that time, when I first saw it, and then when I saw right then, I know it had to have grown at least a couple inches. Candy had the whole thing in her mouth, and he put his hands on her head.

"Oh my god I love you two so damn much," I said.

They both just looked at me.

"Sexy mom, you still can fill out that bra, feel free to take it off, we don't mind," Candy replied.

Then they looked at each other once again and kissed each other, honestly, the most impressive thing to me was how sexually attracted to each other they were even after marriage and having Kara. And, I will have you know, even though Candy got pregnant before he proposed, that didn't ever make them any less in love, if anything it just sped things up, which was great for all parties. Then they began making out once again and I then I already couldn't help but cum in my panties.

"Oh yeah," I said.

They didn't even look over at me, they were locked on each other. Anyway, I couldn't help but strip completely as she got him a minute later. She stood up and put her hand out, she pulled him up with her and then of course he took off her shirt as well, how was it I was sexually attracted to my daughter? Was it just because she was married to my son, perhaps. I never had been with a woman before I had a threesome with them, and it was one hell of an experience, to have another woman eat me out.

He took off her bra and panties and then picked her up to set her on the couch. He leaned in as he was on his knees and began eating his wife out. I was rubbing my pussy like I was in a marathon, I was cumming like a fountain right there. I was already sweating so much, you would have thought I was just in the shower. I saw Jack spread out Candy's sweet and moist pussy lips a bit to stick his tongue in there as deep as he could. She of course couldn't resist the urge to just scream the roof off the house.

"Oh fuck!" Candy screamed.

Amazing, I didn't hear Kara wake up, even after that, Candy still wanted more, so Jack gave her more, a lot more if you know what I mean. He stuck his entire tongue deep inside her pussy and he even put his hands on her boobs as well which had only been getting bigger and bigger ever since the pregnancy. He pinched her nipples just a bit, but of course that titillated her a bit, he did it just right, not too hard or too soft either.

I couldn't resist anymore, I had to get closer, so I came over to them and sat right next to Candy to give them a really close look at their mother masturbating. They saw me put my fingers deep inside my pussy and get extremely wet. And let's just say, they didn't mind the sight of the cum smell coming from me.

"Mom is such a sexy beast big brother, are you sure you didn't mean to accidentally walk into her room?" Candy asked.

"No, I wanted my sister's room, maybe i wanted to get you pregnant and marry you that night," Jack replied.

Then all of the sudden, she began screaming at the top of her lungs.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck me big brother, I love you," Candy screamed.

She came all over his face, it was like a waterfall, I had no idea she had that much hiding inside her. Of course there wasn't anyone in the room that didn't like that, then he very slowly leaned towards his wife and kissed her with his cum soaked lips. She wrapped her arms around him, and as she had him in her arms, she was also gonna have his dick inside her as well. He slid it in there very easily, it was as wet as it could be.

Jack began thrusting his cock a little bit and then she laid back a bit. He was looking at her and she looked right back at her, they were locked on each other and they threw away the key. He just kept thrusting his huge cock in and out of his sister's pussy which just kept getting wetter with each passing second. I watched her just laying there trying to take all the pleasure her sweet and loving brother was giving her, eventually I actually saw a tear going down her cheek, so I got right next to her and kissed her on the cheek.

"I'd be head over heels in love with him too if I was you," I said.

Then she turned her head and kissed me on the lips for 5 seconds.

"What was that for?" I asked.

"I love you, that was what it was for, you need a better reason?" Candy asked.

"No," I replied just before I leaned my head down to eyeball her just beyond beautiful rack.

Wow, I certainly gave birth to a hot daughter, she was beyond sexy and I wanted her, unfortunately Jack already had her, but as we were all very horny, I was gonna take advantage while I could. I licked her nipples once and I just loved it, and I don't think Jack was even jealous, in fact I think he liked it. So I continued to lick her nice nipples for a few minutes, they tasted so damn good too.

"Oh mom, I'm so glad you could break out your lesbian tenancies," Candy said.

I didn't answer her, I just wanted to pleasure her all I could, she was my daughter, so how could I not? So I lost count on which number we were on for threesomes, I mean probably like 14 or 15 by then. I wanted to feel my daughter's tits too, so I felt them with both palms, and they were like 2 big clouds that were as soft as could be.

"Wow, you seriously get to have sex with these boobs Jack, you are one lucky son of a bitch," I said.

"You aren't a bitch mom, maybe a tight ass, but not a bitch," Candy replied.

Then I gave them both a kiss, both of them lasted for more than 10 seconds each. Then I gave Candy a hug and she felt my boobs pressing up against hers, it was weird just a little, to feel anyway. After that, she pushed Jack to the ground.

"Ow," Jack said.

"You wanna double team my big brother again mom?" Candy asked.

"Hell yes I do," I replied.

So we both got on the floor with her hubby and started blowing him like there was no tomorrow. She started, she went down as far as she could, which was about 7 inches down on 8 1/2 inch cock, he always loved to have his sister blow him since that first night so I was told. He had both of his arms laying out, he was already just doing his best to take all the pleasure his hot wife was giving him. Of course she did let me have a crack as his big cock too, I went down even further, not that I was trying to show her up, but even though I wasn't she was impressed.

"Wow mom, where did you learn to deep throat like that, dad?" Candy asked.

"Yes, plus dildos, and other guys, I won't lie," I replied.

"No shit, can you show me how to deep throat like that?" Candy asked.

"Sure, we got a nice cock right here, I can teach my daughter to give better head to my son," I replied.

Then I went back down and took Jack's cock back in my mouth, wow, I never would have thought I'd be giving lessons on to have better sex, so this was kind of another dream come true really, and of course Jack didn't mind being my teaching dick, no pun intended.

"Damn mom, seriously tell me already," Candy said.

"The trick is to relax not only your neck, but your throat too. You gotta pace yourself too, like when you are running. Another thing to remember about giving head, time and quality need to be balanced as well you can get it. I know he already loves you more than life itself, but you can pleasure him more and make it last longer too when you get it right," I replied.

Then I showed her my techniques, I'm sure after a little while, she would get the hang of it, but even if she didn't, their sex life would still be amazing, but of course no matter what, there is always room for some improvement when it came to making love. She watched me like a hawk giving her husband a great blow job, I mean up close and personal. She was just stunned really, they had been having sex for over 2 years by then and she was learning from me.

"OK, let me try now mom," Candy said.

"Give it a whirl sweetie, make your brother the happiest man in the world," I replied.

So then Candy started blowing him and I laid down with him. We both just looked down at her sucking on his nice and big cock, it looked like she learned a bit already honestly, plus judging from the look on Jack's face, he was mother fucking loving it like no one's business.

He had to lay his head and try to take it all, and he was definitely losing that battle. He had his beautiful sister down about 7 1/2 inches on his cock, yeah, that far and it looked like he was gonna need a ventilator soon to do the breathing for him, I mean I saw him and he was losing it. He put his hands onto her head and of course she went down the full 8 1/2 inches.

"Holy fucking shit sis, that feels so fucking good, I love you so much, please don't stop," Jack just barely said coherently.

He was completely naked and I saw that every single inch of his body was soaked, he was loving this new found blow job technique I showed his wife.

"Oh fuck yes sis, please make me cum a fountain for you, I wanna do it for you, now," Jack said.

And with that, his moans went from a 10 to a 18.

"Oh fuck yes!!" Jack screamed.

Candy got away just in time for it not to be forced down her throat, but not quick enough for it not to get her face though, her face was completely drenched.

"I love you mom, thank you for that," Jack said.

Candy just laughed. We all cuddled for a couple minutes, trying to get Jack back up again, which wasn't too hard. He felt us both up a bit for a minute and he was back. I saw Candy lean over to whisper something in his ear. I wonder what they were whispering about.
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