My kids tell me that they are doing it and that they love doing it
The next day I didn't get up until around 1:30 or so. I didn't finally fall asleep until like 6:30, so I was just so tired and I just had to sleep. When I got up, I got dressed and headed out there to the living room. As I got out there I saw them cuddling together on the couch.

"Well, aren't you two just 2 peas in a pod," I said.

"No, I'm pretty sure she is a carrot and I'm a green bean," Jack replied.

"Oh really, and what does that make me?" I asked as I laughed.

"An asparagus I guess," Jack replied.

Then I laughed a little more and went to the kitchen for a really late breakfast. As I was in there, I thought I heard some whispering, but I couldn't make any of it out. I found some pancake mix and I decided to make some.

"Either one of you want some pancakes?" I asked as I walked over to the end of the kitchen

"Sure," Candy replied.

Then I walked away, but before I got too far I heard something.

"They are good, but your nipples taste better," Jack whispered.

They certainly didn't want me to hear that, but they both laughed too. So I started making some pancakes for everyone. As I had them going I came in the living room and sat down with them.

"So, did you two sleep OK?" I asked.

"Yes, I slept pretty well, how about you sis?" Jack asked.

"Me too," Candy replied.

Then they both laughed a bit and I think Jack kind of unknowingly kissed her on the forehead.

"Oh, so you are affectionate with her and not me? What's with that big boy?" I asked.

"Oh I'm sorry mom," Jack replied as he got up and gave me a kiss on the forehead as well.

So it seemed like they were feeling different or something, that would have been the perfect ice breaker for them to tell me, but they decided not to then. I was still gonna let them tell me and not drop any hints, but I couldn't last forever though. I went back into the kitchen to check on the pancakes and they were almost done. So after that I came back into the living room and noticed another condom wrapper on the floor, about at the same place on the floor too, did they do it out there in the living room the night before or that morning?

"Well, are the pancakes almost done now mom?" Candy asked.

"Yes, just a couple more minutes and they'll be done. So, Jack have you been dating anyone lately? Are you gonna be walking down the aisle anytime soon?" I asked.

I don't think he knew what to say to that even though it was a casual question.

"Well, no one right now, but we'll see I guess," Jack replied looking away from me.

Obviously he had something to say about that, but the bombshell wasn't dropped just yet.

"OK then, you don't wanna make your mom and sister wait forever though, us ladies love all that shit," I said.

Then I think I hit the wrong button.

"Well, I'm gonna go to the bathroom now," Candy said.

"OK, I should have the pancakes out by time you get back," I replied.

Then she went to the bathroom and I went to the kitchen. I put all the pancakes on a plate and was about to get plates and forks out for everyone when I noticed that Jack was gone. Did he go to the bathroom with her? I had to investigate, so I walked over to the bedrooms and they were empty. So they had to be in the bathroom, I walked over there slowly and leaned against the door. I heard them talking.

"We gotta tell her, I want her to know how much I love you and I wanna be with you. You are the sweetest and nicest guy I ever met in my life. I want to be hitched to you. You respect me and take care of me, if she wants us gone, then we can be gone by tomorrow, so let's not waste another minute, let's just go out there and tell her now," Candy said.

"OK sis, I love you more than anything in the world," Jack replied.

"Oh I love you too bro, I never wanna lose you," Candy said.

"You won't sis, I promise," Jack replied just before they kissed each other.

I thought for sure they'd come out in a few seconds, so I hurried back to the kitchen. Then they came back a couple minutes later and came into the kitchen.

"Hey mom, can we talk to you about something?" Jack asked.

"Well, I'm only your mom, but give it a try," I replied.

"Smart ass," Jack said.

Then they were both very quiet, I already knew what they wanted to tell me, so I thought I'd make it easier on them.

"I'm kidding, you know you can talk to me about anything you want, you both know that. So what's going on with you two?" I asked.

I think they felt better, but they were still really nervous though.

"We just wanna tell you that Jack and I are really close and really love each other," Candy said.

"Holy shit, call CNN, a brother and sister love each other," I replied.

Then they laughed a little, but then they got really serious.

"I'm sorry, what is it?" I asked.

Then Jack took her hand in his and kissed it once.

"So you wanna kiss her on the forehead and hand now?" I asked.

"No, we love each other like this," Candy replied just before they kissed each other on the lips for about 5 seconds.

I was a little surprised that they kissed right in front of me like that honestly, but I wasn't complaining though, it was hot. Then they both just eyeballed me for a minute.

"We really love each other mom," Jack said.

I tried to decide if I should pretend to be stunned or not, I wasn't sure what to do.

"So you are saying you are an incestuous couple?" I asked.

"Yes," Candy replied as they both looked at the floor.

Well they were adults to confessed, so I did the adult thing.

"I already knew that," I said.

Then they looked like they were getting ready to faint.

"How the hell do you know?" Candy asked.

I seriously didn't know how long they had been doing this, but I set a trap.

"What do you mean, how would I not know, you've been doing it for like 8 months now," I replied.

"No we haven't, we've been doing it for 10 months," Candy said.

That was easier than I thought, I couldn't help but gloat a little.

"So, for the last 10 months now, you've been doing it on the weekends, mostly in the middle of the night? Did you really think you could hide this from your own mother forever?" I asked.

"So, would you mind telling us how you knew?" Jack asked.

"Oh come on, you couldn't have really thought you could make love to each other right under my nose on the down low forever, you know I have eyes everywhere," I replied as I got close to them.

"Is 'No' the answer you are looking for mom?" Jack asked.

"Yes actually, so let's eat some breakfast and you can tell me all about it," I replied.

Then we all went into the dining room and sat down. I could tell they were more than nervous to say the least, so I didn't push them to talk, but I let them know that I knew about them and wanted to know more. We ate for about 3 minutes straight in absolute silence.

"So you are seriously not gonna tell us how you found out exactly mom?" Candy asked.

"I heard some moaning and talking coming from her room last Saturday night at like 2 am, so I had to look in and see what was going on. To my surprise I found my son on top of my daughter as they were both naked making love, that was not what I was expecting. I thought maybe she was having sex, but with someone else, and not you, no offense Jack," I replied.

"Don't worry about it, so now what?" Jack asked.

"What do you mean, you think I'm gonna tell you that I want nothing to do with you now? Just say 'I want nothing to do with incestuous kids, get the fuck out of my house.'? I mean what do you think is going to happen honestly?" I asked just before I hit the table.

"Something like that," Jack replied.

"What's wrong with you kids, I love you both no matter what, you both know that. I really wish you two would have told me about this. I'm not gonna judge you, I want you two to be happy. If you two find true happiness with each other, then I support you. I'm a little offended that you both thought that I would just kick you both out on your asses over this," I said just before I hit the table again.

Then it was silent for another minute, I think I made them a little nervous.

"OK then, we really did think you'd be pissed off, so we found an apartment," Candy replied.

"So you could have sex whenever you wanted? Like 4:00 in the afternoon in the living room?" I asked.

Then they both had disgusted looks on their faces.

"You were listening to us?" Candy asked.

"Maybe a little, I just wanted see how you two were dealing with things, I wanted to know if telling me was on the list of things to talk about after you had incestuous sex," I replied.

Granted this conversation could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse too.

"Well OK then, yes telling you was the main point of conversation honestly," Candy said.

"And you have really being doing this for 10 months now?" I asked.

"Yeah," Jack replied as he put his head down.

I was mad that they were so embarrassed over this, I mean they knew how much I loved them, why would they think I'd kick them out just like that?

"Don't be embarrassed, I get why you didn't tell me, I still wish you did tell me, but I get it. I'm more than OK with this honestly, I really want you to feel comfortable enough to tell me this kind of stuff. If you two are in love with each other, then I think I'd wanna know. This is kind of like Monica and Chandler not wanting everyone to know they were dating on Friends. It really doesn't make a lot of sense for them to keep it a secret, I'm your mom and not someone else you would have to be totally embarrassed talking to. If you wanna fuck each other, then I wanna know, if you wanna have a baby, then I wanna know honestly. You two are the 2 most important people on the planet to me, so please no more secrets," I said as I sparked a few tears.

I don't think they knew what to say to that honestly. I just got a little emotional with them, not that I really meant to, it just happened, my voice even cracked a little at the end.

"OK mom we will definitely tell you about this kind of stuff in the future now. We do wanna move out sooner or later, we don't know when exactly though," Candy said.

"Well, what about that apartment? You wanna move in there?" I asked.

Then they both looked at each other for a minute.

"Well, at some point in time we wanna get an apartment together, we don't know if it'll be that one, it's not like something we're in a hurry to get it," Candy said.

"Well, is it something you both want though?" I asked.

"Well, yes of course, but we don't wanna do it, if you don't want us to, I mean ever since you and dad split up, it really has been the three of us, but we'll see what happens," Candy replied.

Well, I was happy to hear that, but I had another burning question to ask.

"OK then, but are not pregnant?" I asked.

"No, I'm not pregnant," Candy replied.

"How do you know? Have you missed your period at all?" I asked.

"No, I'll be sure to let you know if I'm knocked up, remember I told you," Candy replied.

"Good," I said.

Then we were all silent again, there was a lot of information flying around, but of course there was still more.

"OK then, just so we're clear here, what all would you like to know?" Candy asked.

Then I thought about that for a minute.

"OK what is incestuous sex like? I mean is it different at all from having sex with someone you are not related to?" I asked.

"Yes, there is a world of difference. I mean you already have a special relationship, and it's just absolutely great. I don't know how to really describe it other than just amazing," Candy replied.

"Have you done oral on each other?" I asked.

They both blushed a little.

"Yes mom," They both replied.

"Well, how did it start?" I asked.

Then they both looked at each other for a few seconds.

"You can tell her sis," Jack replied.

"OK, well as you know we've been doing it for 10 months now on the weekends in the middle of the night, and as you might have guessed, it started on the weekend in the middle of night when we usually do it.At like 2:00 am Jack went to the bathroom, but it was the middle of the night, so it was dark, he was tired, and he accidentally came into my room," Candy said.

"OK then what, he got into bed with you?" I asked.

"Yes, and he came in the bed at the worst possible time. I was a little busy doing something to even realize that the door slowly opened and closed, and he kind of interrupted me," Candy replied.

She was embarrassed of course, but she wanted to tell me the story.

"Were you masturbating?" I asked.

"Yes, and for some odd reason he was in the nude, you would think he'd at least be in his boxers. So we both yelled for a few seconds and then of course we're both really far away going back to sleep then. He turned on the light and said sorry like a million times. We also got the opportunity to see each other nude then as well," Candy replied.

I just tried to process what had happened so far.

"OK, it's the middle of the night, he comes in nude and gets in your bed by mistake as you are masturbating, you both freak out, he turns on the light and says sorry a million times, then what?" I asked.

Then she hesitantly started telling me the rest and Jack picked it up from there.

"I can tell her sis. Well even though it was just a couple seconds, I guess we both enjoyed each other's skin touching," Jack said.

"So for at least a couple seconds you felt comfortable with each other?" I asked.

"Yes, and once he had the light on, I noticed he had a hard on, and let's just say, I was impressed, whether he was turned on by me or not," Candy replied.

I gave them an 'Oh yeah' look, I was turned on by this.

"And then?" I asked.

"I guess we both got horny, so I got up and gave him a hug. I didn't want him to feel bad, it was an honest mistake, but depending on you wanna look at it, you might agree that it was a big mistake or you may wanna slap someone that said it was a mistake. We hugged each other completely naked and then we just looked at each other for a minute," Candy replied.

"Damn, you are torturing me," I said.

Then they both laughed a little, they got off on doing this to me.

"Sorry mom, we can't help it, anyway, he just told me how attractive I was and he couldn't help but be turned on by the sight of me naked. He seriously looked like he was about to cover my stomach with cum, so he just asked if he could kiss me once," Candy replied.

"And you two kissed each other?" I asked.

"Yes, it was not a brother/sister kiss and it was the best kiss of my life bar none," Jack replied as he looked at Candy.

They couldn't help but kiss each other right then, it was nice to see, but I really wanted to hear the rest of the story though.

"Then we both just looked at each other once again, I took his right hand and put it on my left boob, and I actually saw his cock get harder, it was unreal, I knew it then, he wanted to make love to me. I also couldn't get but feel his package, so I put my other hand on his cock, it felt so amazing, I can't tell you how wet my pussy was," Candy said.

"So then you actually felt each other before you made love?" I asked.

"Yes, of course we just both wanted it, so then I took his hand and brought him onto the bed with me. He was on top of me and we made out for about 10 minutes straight as we were both still completely naked. I don't know why exactly we were just completely comfortable and relaxed with each other, or why it really didn't feel weird at all, but we both loved it and wasn't complaining. After a few minutes, Jack was so comfortable, he asked me if he could stick it in," Candy said.

"Holy shit, I gotta get some popcorn, go on," I replied.

Then they both laughed again and Candy finished the story.

"Well at the time you know we're both horny, we both wanted it and we loved each other very much, so I reached over to my dresser and grabbed a condom. He asked if I was completely sure and of course I was. He got off me and put it on, after that he slowly got back on top of me and put it front of pussy. He needed some courage, so I gave him another kiss and he then slowly stuck it in," Candy said.

I was so turned on, I couldn't help but stick my hand in my panties right in front of them.

"He began thrusting his cock slowly and we were both enjoying it very much, we both just eyeballed each other the whole. We kissed each other quite a few times, but he also just had to feel me up a bit more as well. He was so horny for me. We just eyeballed each other and kissed a few times too. It was absolute paradise, he actually thought he was thrusting a little too hard, but I let him know that I wanted more, that was when we didn't care if you heard," Candy said.

"Yeah, I'm the big brother and I didn't wanna hurt my sis," Jack replied.

"We held each other very closely, I never felt so emotionally connected to him, even though this was just there and we didn't know what would happen afterwards. He told me he loved me several times and we were both getting pretty worked up and sweaty. He tried my nipples, it tickled a bit and he seemed to love them to no end, but I warned him not to bite them. He loved that, I guess that was a big thing with him I later found out, I guess he saw me naked in my room before, but before he came, I wanted to try something else," Candy said.

"What?" I asked.

"I asked him to get off me, so he did, and I got on my knees and turned around to lean down, then he could fill in the blank there. He very slowly filled up my pussy again with his hard cock. With his hands on my butt, I leaned up a bit and then he put his hands on my boobs. He just rubbed them for a minute and it felt so good, as if we had sex a million times before. We both loved it. We leaned our heads next to each other for a minute and nothing was said for a few minutes. After that, I kissed him and he pushed me back down so he could ram me pretty damn hard," Candy said.

"It felt like nothing I ever felt before, she was moaning a little loudly right away, I don't know how it didn't wake you up," Jack added.

"He just kept at it for about 5 minutes straight, but of course it was the middle of the night, we were both tired, even though we both had been in paradise for like 20 minutes, we knew we couldn't last forever. I saw the end was coming, so I laid down on my back and asked him if he would cum on my boobs, of course he was more than happy to do so for me, because he loved then and still does. He shot like 4 good shots on my boobs and a half shot and just stayed there. I couldn't help but feel his cock again as I played with my pussy and came myself," Candy said.

They stayed silent yet again.

"And then what, that can't be it, what happened that ended with you two falling for each other?" I asked.

When Jack told me the next part, he had his head down the whole time.

"Well, I was just so sorry all of the sudden, even after all that, once I came I just immediately thought I violated her and said sorry like 10 times as I got up. I started walking towards the door, but she got up too and stopped me," Jack said.

He actually started shedding a few tears, so she kissed him multiple times.

"It's OK Jack, we know how we feel now. I actually just kissed him again to get to shut it for a minute. Then I told him how much I loved him and didn't him to feel bad at all about this, we both just made passionate love to each other and it was beautiful. Then I gave him another kiss and I told him I wanted to do it again, so it was more than life changing you could say," Candy replied.

"You liked it that much?" I asked.

"Yes, he's my brother and I love him more than anything, I think no matter how horny I truly was, I could have said no, but as you know, we already loved each other and I wasn't to let this be an issue between us. If anything, I wanted this to bring us closer. So we made love again, by like 4:30, we made love like 6 times and we talked more and more about everything really, including on how we both wanted it to continue, and it's been continuing for 10 months now, we've tried every position and even done in various places besides our rooms since then, but that's how it started, we love it a whole lot, I mean a whole lot, any other sex is just crushed, big time and I would rather sell everything I own, bathe in rotten eggs and shave every hair on my body then end with him, that's how much I love him and love us as a couple seriously. I just had to get it all out, and aim away from us," Candy replied.

About 10 seconds later, I came more than I ever did before in my life including having sex with their father. I think this actually was the first time tears were shed at the breakfast table. I got the story of it started and I loved it, and good thing there were no children present eating with us.
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