My kind of garden work
You were the first one out the door that brilliant summer day. I was lagging behind, somewhat lackadaisical about working in the garden. I had differing ideas and notions about how the day should be spent. Yard work was most definitely not on the agenda.

You were still on the back deck when I caught up to you. You were bent over, tying your shoelaces. Your tanned legs were stretched out from beneath your shorts. I licked my lips in appreciation at the sight of your well toned bottom. I decided to put my temptress nature to work in an effort to derail your plans.

Quietly I moved up behind you. I slowly and reverently reached to you with my finger. I first touched you behind your knee. I then slowly worked my way up the back of your leg. Finally my finger moved up your thigh to snake between your legs to lightly brush over your heavy balls. I could tell that my touch sent a ripple of desire through you because I felt the shiver that ran through your body. I grinned. You can't keep your hands to yourself under normal circumstances, so I knew how much willpower it took for you to slowly stand and turn to face me with your hands on your hips. I just gave you an impish grin and allowed my hands to trace down the planes of my body, attracting your gaze to my uplifted breasts.

I couldn't resist playfully sticking my tongue out at you as you said, "I know what you are doing and it's not going to work."

After giving me a jaunty wink you turned and sauntered off toward the garden. I had no choice but to follow, my mind working overtime to devise my plan to get you to make hot love to me.

I finally got to the garden, you were already kneeling in the garden pulling weeds from between the plants. I dropped to my knees across from you. You glanced up and I arched my back so that you could see my hardened nipples pushing against the flimsy white fabric of my tee shirt. Looking at you through lowered lids, I reached up and boldly pinched both of my nipples. I sighed with pleasure and held your gaze. I sighed and you just chuckled before nonchalantly pulling the next weed.

My audible sigh drifted across the garden. Inwardly, I was even more turned on by the chase. Furthermore, you knew how my body was reacting to your outward display of disinterest. I looked at you, licked my lips and settled into the unwelcome task of weeding. I peeked frequent glances at you, but you seemed so serene and totally unaffected as you weeded.
"My, isn't it hot out here," I suddenly exclaimed. You looked up at me and grinned while agreeing that yes indeed the weather was hot. I grabbed the hem of my teeshirt while we discussed the warm weather . The white fabric stretched as I pulled the hem up to wipe my forehead. Your eyes were riveted to first my smooth stomach but then to the perfect round breasts that were clearly unfettered and on blatant display while I held my shirt up to wipe my dampened face. I grinned into my teeshirt. You had NEVER been able to resist the allure of my breasts. I just knew that at any moment that I would feel your warm hands cupping my body. My breasts ached for your touch. I wanted your touch so bad. But your touch never came. I lowered my teeshirt and looked across the row of tomatoes that we were weeding. There you sat. Your knee was raised and you were causally resting your forearm upon your knee a big jug of water negligently held in your hand, offered to me. Your eyes appeared to be unfocused as you looked in my direction. Clearly my plan was not working. I knew I had to step up the pace even further.

"May I have a drink," I asked gesturing to the water in your hand.

You flashed me a dazzling smile, your eyes sparkling as you handed me the large bottle of water. I knew I had your attention but you were playing hard to get. I knew I had to push it one step further. I made a very bold and over accentuated display of opening the bottle of water. I sat there and looked at you with a steady regard. Blatently I upended the bottle of water and allowed the water to splash over my tee shirt. The thin white fabric soon turned opaque and clung to my body . My nipples hardened even further as the cold water hit them. They pushed outward, the wet fabric no match for their hardness. Your gaze fastened upon them. I could see you lick your lips. And then to my utter shock, you had the audacity to wink at me.

"I can't imagine you are so hot now, that had to have cooled you down"

I sputtered out my shock. You winked again and noticing that the weeds were eradicated, turned to filling the basket with the succulent produce. It was an all out war now. I turned away from you and innocently bent over to help pick the tomatoes growing on the vines at my feet. As I moved, I purposefully wiggled my behind, knowing that you were directly behind me in direct line of sight from the ass that you so loved to grip within your strong hands. I swayed and sashayed and pumped my hips all for your pleasure. Your touch never came. I glanced over my shoulder and saw you focused not on my behind, but on the cherry tomato plant. Tomatoes were plucked by your nimble fingers, fingers that I wanted to be plucking my clit, slipping into my pussy. I needed you so badly.

I inched my way backwards towards you until I was literally straddling the tomato plant that held your rapt attention. I wiggled and preened. I was scant inches from your face. I held my breath, waiting for you to cave and give in to the temptation to touch me. I wanted you to touch me so badly, that my body was damp with sexual moisture. I knew that you could smell the sweet scent of my body. I could feel your hands move between my legs as you plucked the cherry tomatoes from the vines, but you still didn't touch my fevered skin. I didn't know how you managed to control the urge. I know you and I know that this attitude of disinterest that you were displaying was an aberration.

Suddenly I felt something cool and soft against my ankle. I looked down. Your strong fingers held a dainty cherry tomato against my smooth skin. I watched as you stroked up my leg with that small red orb. My breathing became more choppy as the tomato slipped up my thigh. Your finger finally touched my skin to slip into the legs of my shorts. You immediately felt the slick damp wetness that had inadvertently been set free while I teased you. I sighed. I felt your fingers shake with need.

"Please," I begged.

I felt your hands grasp my waist and lift me away from the tomatoes. You carefully laid me down between the tomato plants. Your fingers pulled at the button on my shorts to unclasp my clothes. I lifted my hips to assist you in remove the barrier that stood between us. Me breaths came deep as I waited for your touch on my most sensitive flesh. I watched as you took the cherry tomato between your teeth and proceeded to run it up and down the complete length of my slit. I moaned out load as you moved over me, the cherry tomato still held firmly between your lips. I could see my moisture on your lips as you pressed your hard dick against my opening. I arched up and you slipped into me. As you penetrated my warm depths I could see that I had won. I knew that you needed to be buried to the hilt just as much as I needed to have you stretching and filling me.

You leaned over to touch my lips with yours. I gasped as the cherry tomato, slick with my juices slid
into my mouth. You levered yourself up above me and watched as I savored the warm sweet taste of my pussy juices co mingling with the acidic tomato. I swallowed and was rewarded with your hard lips pressed against mine. Your tongue delved into my mouth to explore the myriad of pungent flavors still lingering in my mouth.

Your body moved over mine in an age old rhythm. Your cock moving in and out of me had me crying o your name.. Time stood still as your body urged me on. I greeted every thrust that you made with one of my own, helping to rock us into oblivion.

When it was over, you collapsed on top of me and we lay amid the rows of produce totally depleted of energy and waiting for the fortitude to once again move. Neither of us cared we had both won.
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