My naughty secret
Today started as normal, I went to work at the small design office where I worked part time.

Some days I was left on my own. Today was one of those days.

I was longing to chat to my girlfriend, and within minutes we were on-line.

We often get very passionate when chatting, but thats ok as we will both be at home, so we have no worries hehe.

I could tell straight away that she was playful. Very soon we were in our private world where we can make love freely and without any restraints of the outside world.

She soon took control of our moves and I was more than happy to go along as a willing participant.
Her words quickly excited me and I felt myself stroking my hand up my thigh, just as she was describing. Oh this felt good.

My lovely girlfriend lay me down on our bed and was making some gorgeous moves on me. I lay back totally relaxed really feeling her tender touch. It was more, much more than bliss.

My fingers reached my panties, Oh my god, she makes me so wet, I could feel my juices soaking my panties.

Suddenly she described her moves as she fingered me and sucking on my nipple at the same time.

This was building to something very special, I looked around, the office was quiet, no phone calls for a while and none expected. I could see the drive outside so I would have at least 30 seconds if anyone approached.

I took a chance, I pulled my panties to one side, stroked my very wet cunt lips, felt my clit and plunged two of my fingers up into my aching body just as she described exactly the same thing.

I think it was partly the threat of being caught in the office with literally my knickers down but as soon as I fingered myself, I felt the familiar sensations of orgasm suddenly come crashing through my body. They were so sudden and powerful that I cried out. I came with such a gush. My fingers were soaking, my pussy felt swollen, but fuck them all, I had just had one of my very best climax's I could remember.

Thank you sweetheart, I only hope that you came with me, that was.... I'm searching for the right word that will give my depth of feeling to the wonderful climax that you have just given me............ that was MAGIC.
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