My new Dom
I'm a 60-year old widow who was the sub for my husband and a woman in need of a new Dom to service me to satisfaction hard and often.

I was walking my dog in the neighborhood when a good looking guy came from the opposite direction running with one of my neighbor's dog. Tank top, running shorts, groomed gray hair, runner's legs, flat abs. Damn! He is a candidate! "Hi! Are you a dog walker?"

"No, I'm house sitting at the Kelly's house while, they're in Europe."

"Welcome to the neighborhood! I'm Martha. Hope you are enjoying it." I said.

He replied, "Yes, I am. I'm Mark, by the way. A lovely neighborhood, and lovely neigbors!," as he first looked at my feet, up my legs to pause at my shorts, a stop at my breasts and smiling as he looked deeply into my eyes with his gorgeous blues.

"How do you like the Kelly house?" I asked.

"I'm staying in the guest house next to the pool. It's perfect for me. After my run in the morning and afternoon, I shower and hit the pool for some laps. The one bedroom cottage is more than comfortable."

I was thinking it to be a perfect love nest to try him out. Planning my next move, I wished him a great day and walked off with my pup, heading home.
I thought, what the heck, I'm going for a visit after his morning "walk" tomorrow.

The next day, I watched for him leave the house with the Lab in tow. Then watched as he returned. About ten minutes later, I headed down the road in my favorite sun shorts, sleeveless top, no bra and wedge heels. I hoped I didn't over do it. I want to look attractive but not the slut that I am. What the hell, here goes.

I opened the gate and went up the sidewalk to the secluded back yard, calling his name. Hearing nothing, I proceeded on. I walked around the wall and saw him in the pool, standing at its edge facing the wall. "Hope you don't mind my coming over."

He replied, " Not at all, but I'm not quite dressed for company. Matter of fact, I'm not dressed."

"Stay right where you are!", I said as I headed to the cabana next to the pool. It was a beautiful place to change. Hardwood cubbies for shoes, clothes, rich hardwood benches, glassed-in showers and heaps of large, lush towels. I quickly undressed and headed for the door, pausing to tell myself, "Here goes everything." I stepped outside, expecting to see him in the pool. Instead he was sitting on a double chaise lounge with a towel wrapped around his waist.
This wasn't going well. I paused there for a moment contemplating going back into the cabana when he stood up and unwrapped the towel to reveal a growing hardon. I stood there in awe of the glorious change from a soft, limp cock rising straight out and becoming beautifully thick and long as it rose to nestle against his belly with his glans just under his navel.

He was gorgeous. What I saw on our first meet was augmented with flat, firm abs, an ass that I wanted to caress and hardware just wanting to be eaten and buried in my cunt. I smiled and walked over to him. He took my hand and guided me to a seat next to him on the chaise. I was soaked. I could feel moisture running down my leg. I turned to his face and kissed him hard, my tongue opening his mouth and playing with his. His hand found my ass and then the small of my back. My pussy pulsed tight as my hand caressed his very hard handful of a prick.

He turned me around and laid me back gently as his hand cupped my mound and his middle finger entered me. I moaned and opened my legs. He put a towel down on the deck, knelt on it and kissed my wet and very swollen lips. His thumbs opened me and he kissed my clit. I came. His tongue found my little friend and he gave it some firm criss-cross licks that continued my rhythm of orgasms. He curled his tongue around my clit and his lips sucked me up into his mouth. What a hot feeling. His sucking stroked my clit inside his tightly wrapped tongue! He's giving me a BJ! As my orgasms crested, I howled, "Mark, fuck me, fuck me!" I couldn't take more and I put a little pressure on his head and he stopped. He moved up to kiss me and I tasted my cream on his lips.

He stood and took my hand, leading me inside to his bedroom. It was very white! His bed was king sized. Perfect for sharing! I sat at the edge of the bed and he pushed me back, lifting my legs to his shoulders, grasped my thighs and guided his cock into me. It was a little painful at first, but he touched every part of my cunt and he felt more than fantastic. He started slow and increased his penetration and stroking until I felt another orgasm cumming. He felt so good! I didn't squirt since we hadn't put anything down to protect the mattress. As I yelled out his name again, he pulled out and rolled me over and dog-walked me up into the middle of the bed. He put a pillow under my head and knelt behind me. I felt his tongue caress two very wet lips and then he rimmed me for a perfectly long time. Then his cock entered me again. This time he rammed me, fucking me hard! I didn't last long before I started to cum, cum, cum faster and harder. I was in heaven!

Mark began to groan and he grabbed my hair and pulled himself deeper into me when I felt him pulse and fill me with strings of his cum. He pulled out and lay on his side, pulling me into a spoon. His free hand cupped my breast as he kissed me just under my ear. His almost hard cock nestled in the crack of my ass. What a great first fuck!

We fell off into a deep sleep and, when we awoke, "Ready?"

"I thought you'd never ask."
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