My old boyfriend 1st half
My name is Erin and I live in an apartment with my boyfriend, Josh. I came home one day, because of a half day, and knew that Josh would get home a few hours later. When I saw Josh's car in the parking lot, I thought was weird, however when I went up to the apartment and I heard some voices and moaning.

" Shit, someone is here," a female voice said.

That came from the bedroom, so I went to investigate. Opening the door I found Josh in bed with another woman fucking her doggie style.

" Oh this is just fucking perfect! Bigger tits as well, I suppose you got fed up with mine, oh she likes it rough too" I shouted.

" Erin what are you doing here? It's 1:00," Josh said.

" You are cheating and wondering why I'm here? That's nice. Well fuck you Josh, and whatever the fuck your name is, he is yours now," I replied.

Then I slammed the door. Just to clarify, this wasn't the first time he had cheated. I could think of four times in the last three years, and this was going to be the last. So I went back in there and he wasn't even getting dressed.

" You have got to be kidding me. Aren't you are not even going to come out to talk to me? Just want to finish the slut?" I asked.

" Well, to be fair, you said he was mine now," the female said.

" OK smart ass. What was your name?" I asked.

" Tonya," she replied.

" Well, Tonya, tell this asshole I'm done. I'm moving out," I told her.

So after that I packed up my stuff. I was really pissed off that he had hurt me again. I didn't have anywhere to go except my mom's house, but she welcomed me though.

" Don't worry sweetheart, you've got me, and I love you," my mom said.

" I know mom, I love you too," I replied.

" You are only twenty four and you can't expect to find prince charming right away, so you just need to be patient," she told me.

" I know, but that fucking... piece... of... shit," I replied.

Then she consoled me for a few weeks, although I still felt like shit. Then one night I went shopping with my mom.

" Are you still thinking about Josh?" she asked.

" Yes. What the hell is wrong with me?" I replied.

" Nothing. You just loved him and he broke your heart, that's life sweetie. Don't let it get you down," she said.

As she talked I noticed an ex boyfriend wandering through the mall, he hadn't broken my heart.

" Hey Erin, isn't that Vince over there?" she asked.

" Yes it is mom," I replied.

" Go over there and talk to him, it's nice to catch up," she said.

" Sorry mom, I'm not ready to jump back in yet," I replied.

" I'm not saying to sleep with him. I'm just saying it might restore your faith if you talk to someone you dated where you left it on good terms," Linda said.

She had a point. I was even more unwilling to jump in than when I saw Josh with other chicks. I had to do this, she wasn't going to shift until I had gone over and spoken to him.

Vince was six foot with brown hair and eyes, and he still looked twenty, even though he was twenty five by then. So I walked up behind him.

" Hi Vince," I said.

Then he turned around.

" Oh! Hi Erin. I haven't seen you for long time, what's it been - five years now?" Vince asked.

" Wow, has it really been that long already?" I asked.

" Well yeah we went to separate colleges' right after we graduated. How have you been?" he asked.

" Bad, I just got out of a long relationship a few weeks ago, and we certainly didn't leave things too well," I replied.

" Oh! Sorry to hear about that. What are you up to these days?"

" Well I'm living with my mom. I actually dropped out of school four years ago. I got myself a job, met someone named Josh and moved in with him. Then we fell out so I moved in with my mom a few weeks ago," I replied.

" Oh, that's too bad. I dropped out as well a couple of years ago. I'm working now and I've got my own apartment. Is that your mom over there?" Vince asked.

She was staring at us, so she was hard to miss.

" Yep that's her," I replied.

" Do you mind if I say Hi?" Vince asked.

" Sure," I replied.

He had always been good with my mom, but life does throw you a bunch of curve balls, so we had to break up. We didn't want a long distance relationship, as we knew that it wouldn't be fair on each other. Walking over towards her he smiled.

" Hi Mrs. Stone," Vince said.

" Linda, please," she replied.

" OK Linda. We were just catching up and I hear she has some boyfriend problems," Vince said.

" Yes, but most women will have those," Linda replied.

" Well we should go now, we've got some more shopping to do," I said.

" No, you two should catch up more. I'll be fine," she told us.

Mom walked off and Vince and I talked for a little while as I shopped with him. We talked about a variety of things, including some past relationships, and I found out that he was single and living alone.

" Erin, I know you are probably not looking for a date, but there is an office party tomorrow night and I need someone to come with me. We can just go as friends if you want. Would you be interested?" Vince asked.

What could I say? I had nothing going on for the weekend, and it looked like our chemistry never died.

" Sure why not? What kind of attire?" I asked.

" Just casual, nothing fancy. Is your mom still living in that same place as when we were dating?" Vince asked.

" Yep, she is," I replied, as we got to the door.

" Cool. I'll come by about four thirty tomorrow. I'll see you then," Vince said.

" See you then," I replied.

Then he left and I went to find my mom.

" So now was that so hard?" she asked.

" He asked me to be his date at an office party," I replied.

" Cool, you are in now," she said.

" I don't wanna be in yet though," I replied.

" Erin, seriously, Josh was one bad egg. Vince was golden and still is. I saw you when you first talked to him, there are still feelings there between you. Plus, I heard you two a couple times, getting it on," Linda said.

"Mom!" I replied.

She was right. So the next day he showed up on time to pick me up and, as I got in with him, I gave him a hug.

" Well thank you," Vince said.

" You're welcome," I replied.

So we headed to the party, as we walked in I could see that it was casual and not fancy just as he told me. He introduced me to various people and the evening flew by, before I knew it we were back down in the car.

" Well I did have a pretty good time. Thanks Vince," I said.

" It was my pleasure," Vince replied, as we settled into the car.

On the way back we exchanged looks. I think we both still had feelings for each other.

" Wait, can we go back to your place for a drink or something?" I asked.

" Sure, you don't want to go home yet?" Vince asked.

" It's the weekend, let's live a little," I replied.

He had no arguments with that, so we headed back to his place to have a beer or two.

" Any beer?" Vince asked.

" Yes," I replied.

So he brought a couple beers out for us and, as we talked, our chemistry came out some more then I kissed him as he was talking.

" Whoa, what's that for?" Vince asked.

" I'm sorry. I just, I don't know. I think I still like you," I replied.

" What do you mean, as a boyfriend?" Vince asked.

" Yes, you listened to me more at the store and tonight, than that asshole did in a year," I replied.

Then I kissed him again, but he didn't stop me. So I think it was clear we both wanted it. He slowly laid down on the couch and I was on top of him.

" Well your kissing skills are still top notch," Vince said.

" Thank you, do you mind if we move this to bedroom?" I asked.

" I'd like that," Vince replied.

Then we kissed once again and headed to the bedroom. In the past we had sex quite a few times, but our relationship was not based on lust. Neither one of us knew what would happen after this, but we didn't care. I laid down on the bed first and he got on top of me.

" Well, are you sure you wanna to rekindle some love?" Vince asked.

" Yes. And don't worry I'm on the pill," I replied.

So he undid his pants and I undid mine. We both stripped completely and he inserted his cock into me very slowly.

" Oh yes Vince. That's what I've been missing all these years," I whispered.

" Didn't you have sex with anyone else besides Josh since we finished?" Vince asked.

" Nope, no-one else. I guess I was afraid to jump into bed again," I replied.

" Well, you got me now, my lady," Vince said just before he kissed me.

Then he began thrusting his dick in and out of me a little slowly. I loved it and I realized that I hadn't had enjoyable sex for a long time. I don't know how long it had been for him though. He leaned down and kissed me several times, but on his last kiss, I wrapped my arms around him and held him very close.

" Come on Vince, get that dick inside me deep now. Even if we only have sex once, I want to make sure it's memorable," I said.

" You got it, my lady, even though your pussy is a little tight," Vince replied.

Then he began thrusting his eight inch cock in and out of me a little roughly. I let out some moans, thankful that at last I was finally having some good sex. We had about six inches between our faces and we were just staring at each other.

" What?" I asked.

" I'm just fucking you right now and I've missed you a whole lot over the years," Vince replied.

We kissed again and I put my hands on his butt. He was making my already soaked pussy even wetter. I was enjoying every second of it, until my phone rang.

" Shit it's my mom," I said.

" Answer it and tell her you're in the middle of something," Vince replied.

" Yes, you and the bed," I said.

I tried to catch my breath, and then I answered.

" Hey sweetheart, I thought the party would have been over by now, it's going on midnight," she said. " Well, it's just a good party. I might spend the night at Vince's place. Is that OK?" I asked.

" Yes, but you are not going to sleep with him are you?" she asked.

" No, of course not. I should be home in the morning, so I'll see you then," I replied.

" OK just promise me one thing,"

" OK what?" I asked.

" Use protection," she said.

" Mom, I'm on the- damn it."

" Have a good time sweetheart, I love you," she replied.

" I love you too, but you are going to have to explain that to me," I said.

" It's called being a mom. See you tomorrow."

Then she hung up.

" What?" Vince asked.

" She knows we're fucking," I replied.

" Well as long as she knows, then let's make love to each other," Vince said.

We both kissed each other a few more times as he kept thrusting his dick in and out of me. Then I pushed him off me and I grabbed his dick and began stroking it a little.

" My pussy may be tight still, but your dick has got bigger though," I said.

I leaned up and gave him a kiss then went down and took his cock into my mouth.

" Son of a bitch Erin, you are still the queen," Vince said.

He used to call me the queen when we dated.

I had learned how to deep throat when we had sex before, so I knew he'd enjoy that once again. So I went down as far as I could and he let out some loud moans.

" Oh yes Erin," Vince said.

He put his hands on my head and played with my blonde hair a little. That had always been a turn on for him. I started going up and down a little quicker on his cock, intensifying the pleasure.

" You must really love me," Vince said.

" Maybe I do," I replied, and then I gave him a kiss.

As I took his cock back into my mouth again I made the slurping sounds a bit. I was getting a little sloppy to say the least. We were both having trouble keeping our cool; it was like we were just about to go nuts.

" Holy shit, that feels better than anything else. Make this guy cum for you Erin," Vince said.

He put his hands on my head and I began to deep throat him once again, but then he lay down on his back. As he got more and more excited he started moaning really loudly.

" Oh shit Erin, I'm going to explode!" Vince screamed.

I backed up a little and he started to cum everywhere like a fountain.

" Wow Vince, were you saving all that for me?" I asked, as I got on the bed with him.

" You could say that," Vince replied, just before we kissed again.

We cuddled for a minute.

So I'm guessing we still have some feelings for each other," Vince said.

" I think you could say that," I replied, just before we kissed again.

" You are even better than I remember," Vince said.

" Well we both have more experience now I guess," I replied.

Then he started finger fucking me and I let out a few moans.

" Damn right we do my lady. I'm going to make you cum," Vince said.

He stuck a couple of fingers into my pussy. Soon I really started sweating and I was close to cumming, so I laid my head back as far as I could and closed my eyes. He spread out my pussy lips a little and stuck his fingers in there as deep as they could go. Then I started screaming.

" Fuck!" I screamed.

I came all over the bed too. Then we both cuddled once again as we were both trying to catch our breath. We both kissed each other numerous times though.

" Wow, I haven't had sex that good in years," I said.

Five, to be exact," Vince replied.

Then I smiled and gave him a kiss.

" Smart ass. I still love you," I said.

" I love you too my dear. I've missed you like a chocolate addict misses chocolate," Vince replied.

" And I'm the chocolate in that scenario right?" I asked.

" Yes Erin, now who's the smart ass?" Vince asked.

" Me. Do you mind if I spend the night?" I asked.

" Not at all," Vince replied.

So we kissed again and I spent the night with him, but the only thing I was wondering about, was my mom going to give me a hard time, and what did this mean for us? Then I smiled and gave him a kiss.

" Smart ass. I still love you," I said.

" I love you too my dear. I've missed you like a chocolate addict misses chocolate," Vince replied.

" And I'm the chocolate in that scenario right?" I asked.

" Yes Erin, now who's the smart ass?" Vince asked.

" Me. Do you mind if I spend the night?" I asked.

" Not at all," Vince replied.

So we kissed again and I spent the night with him, but the only thing I was wondering about, was my mom going to give me a hard time, and what did this mean for us?
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