My old boyfriend 2nd half
The next morning I woke up around ten thirty to an empty bed, so I got up and put on my underwear. Heading out to the living room I realized that he was in the kitchen making breakfast, fully clothed.

" There you are, in less clothing than I thought you'd come out here in," Vince said.

" Well sorry, I wasn't sure where you were, and I didn't think you'd mind anyway. What are you making here?" I asked.

" Well your favorite was pancakes and bacon when we were dating?" Vince asked.

" Yes, I'm surprised that you remember that," I replied.

" Well you were my favorite girlfriend, I think at least remember enough to go on The Newlywed Game with you," Vince said.

" I think that sounds a little cocky," I replied.

" Maybe, but you are the one in just your underwear," Vince said.

Then I laughed and gave him a kiss on the cheek, but he wanted more. As I was about to sit down, he grabbed my arm and gave me a huge kiss.

" You know I have really missed you Erin," he said.

" Obviously," I replied, just before we kissed again.

" I truly never stopped loving you either, Erin. You were - no you are - some kind of woman that fate got in the way of," he told me.

" Well thank you," I replied.

Then I kissed him again and I sat down.

" So did you ever stop loving me?" he asked.

" Absolutely not," I replied.

Then he finished cooking the food and it needed to cool, so he went to sit back down with me, but before he could I stopped him.

" Hold it, lose the shirt and pants," I said.

He laughed a little and he took off his shirt and pants, then he was down to his boxers as he sat down.

" So in case you are wondering, I don't regret what happened. That was great and passionate too. Easily the best sex I've had since the last time we were together," he said.

" No shit? Either you are trying to flatter me, or you are just too sweet," I replied.

" Maybe both. That was not my intention when I asked you to that party, just so that you know," Vince said. " Vince, don't forget that we were together all through high school? You were really sweet to me and never pressured me to have sex either. Trust me, I know. We had sex because we both wanted to. Maybe we had some alcohol inside us, but still, I don't regret it either. On the other hand, I just know my mom is going to give me shit when I get home," I replied.

" Well, you are an adult now, and we had a great relationship, so I wouldn't worry about it," Vince said.

Then I leaned on the table and gave him a kiss. We finished our breakfast and were about to get dressed when he stopped me.

" Before you go, can we talk?" he asked.

" Sure, what's on your mind?" I asked.

Then he came up to me and there was about a foot between us.

" Well, I think we both went through emotional hell when we split up. Now this has happened and I don't want it to end," he replied.

Admittedly, even though I had never stopped loving him, I felt like I was falling in love again. So I took his hand and pulled him to me, then I gave him a big kiss and hug as well.

" Do you want to start it back up again?" I asked.

" Hell yes I do," he replied.

Then I gave him another kiss.

" But you've got to want it too," he said.

" I want, lover," I replied as I slid his boxers down.

I grabbed onto his very erect cock and began stroking it slowly. He let out a few soft moans as he wrapped his arms around me. Holding me really close he planted several kisses all over my head and face.

" I love you Erin," he told me.

" I love you too," I replied, as I got down on my knees.

We blew a kiss to each other as I was stroking his cock. Then I took it into my mouth once again and, as I looked up at him I could see that he had his head bent back a little. He let out some more moans and put his hands on top of my head. Personally I didn't like giving head, but for him I was more than willing to do it.

" Holy shit Erin, it's even better than it was back then. You are so fucking good, go as far back as you can and see if I can cum a little more this time," he said.

I smiled a little bit and started to deep throat him and I managed to get his whole cock into my mouth. As I started going back and forth really quickly I got a little sloppy, and made that slurping sound. It was kinky, but weird though.

" Fuck me sideways Erin, keep doing it just like that," he said.

Then I had to laugh a little, but then I stood up and gave him a kiss.

" Well, I got all day my man, why don't you take me to the bedroom now?" I asked.

" Have you got more birth control pills though?" he asked.

I went to my purse and got out another pill, which I took it and then held his hand.

" We're good to go my man, now show your lady how much you love her," I replied.

We both went into the bedroom and stood in front of the bed, then I sat down on the edge. He came towards me and I grabbed onto his cock, although I didn't tease him too much, I knew how much he loved me blowing him. So I took his cock into my mouth, breathing in and out slowly as I went back as far as I possibly could. Then he told me that he needed to lie down, so I stood up and kissed him.

" You got it sweetie," I replied, as I pushed him onto the bed.

Then he watched me take off my underwear. As I stood in front of the bed completely naked he eyeballed every single inch of me and stroked his cock a bit.

" Don't cum just yet, I want that cum," I said.

" Well you better get over here," he replied.

Then I slowly got onto the bed and lay next to him. As he put his hand on my wet pussy I grabbed onto his very hard cock.

" Damn Vince, I really missed those fingers too. Just like that time you finger fucked me at the restaurant, when we had dinner with my mom and her boyfriend. One of the best five minute periods of my life," I said.

" Oh yeah, I forgot about that," he said.

Then we both leaned our heads over and kissed each other, but I had to let out some loud moans as he stuck his fingers up into my pussy.

" Oh yes. Some memories do need to surface Vince," I said.

We were both already smiling, but he smiled even wider and got on top of me. He planted another kiss on my forehead and pushed his cock into me. Then just about every memory of us having sex just popped into my head. We didn't have loads of sex when we were together, but a fair amount. He was always gentle with me, until I wanted him to get rougher. Maybe that was why I never stopped him, however I knew that he was the best lover I had ever had.

" How the fuck could I forget how good the sex is with you?" I asked.

" I don't know, but five years is a long time, it had to happen sooner or later," he replied. Then he kissed me once again right before he began thrusting his dick in and out rather quickly. I knew that by the time he had finished my pussy was going to be sore.

" Yes Vince, just like that. Do it now like you used to, shove your cock inside me and make me scream in your ears as loudly as I can. I want to scream now," I said.

He put his arms underneath me and began ramming me very hard, and I screamed right into his ear. I don't think it was a particular turn on for him, but I still did it as he had no objections. My boobs were pressing up against his chest and they felt better than I think they ever had before. I kissed him on the lips and everywhere else above his chest, but then he made us switch to me being on top.

" Shit, you scared me," I said.

Then he laughed for a minute and put his hands on my butt. He caressed it very gently, but he knew I was not a big fan of being spanked.

" You spank me a little Vince, just not that hard though," I said.

He spanked me very gently. I liked that even though he barely spanked me at all. As I put my boobs right above his face then he began licking and sucking on my nipples. Taking his hands off my butt he grabbed both of my tits and held them gently but didn't squeeze them.

" Oh Vince, damn you got some tongue," I said.

" I knew you'd like it, my lady," he replied.

As he licked and sucked on my nipples very passionately for a couple of minutes, I could feel my pussy getting wetter.

" Oh holy fucking shit Vince, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna explode!" I screamed.

Then I came all over the bed. As I was trying to catch my breath I laid down with him and I grabbed onto his cock.

" Did I tell you that I love you recently?" I asked.

" Maybe," he replied.

" I love you Vince. Now more than ever," I said.

Then we kissed each other once and just cuddled for a few minutes. In the middle of our kissing my phone rang.

" It's my mom," I said.

" You better answer it, or she may draw conclusions," Vince replied.

" Hello," I said.

" Well there she is. So how are you doing?" mom asked.

" Fine," I said.

" OK sweetheart. Are you gonna come back anytime soon?" she said.

" Yes mom. I'll be home in an hour or two," I replied.

" Well no rush angel," she said.

" OK see you later," I replied.

Then we hung up and I lay back down.

" Well, you gotta go?" he asked.

" Yes, but I'll call you later, I promise," I replied.

" OK, I love you," he said.

" I love you too Vince. I'm so happy I ran into you at the store," I replied.

" The feeling is mutual," he told me.

Then we kissed again, and got dressed and made our way back to my mom's place. As the car pulled up outside the house mom was waiting for us.

" Your mom wants a good look too," he told me.

" But you can't say you are surprised though," I replied as I got out.

" No, you too Vince," mom said.

Then he hesitantly got out too.

" Let's go inside," mom said.

" She's not like pissed is she?" he asked.

" No, I'm just not one to have sex like that. So she is going to enjoy every second of this," I replied.

He was a little nervous about going in, so I took his hand, then we both went inside.

" Now that is a walk of shame," mom said.

" Well no. I'm glad we ran into each other. We rekindled our love Linda," Vince replied as we sat down.

" I'm not mad. I just never ever thought I'd see this for myself. She was always a good girl. You are the only one I know for sure she had sex with. So this is just new territory for me," mom said.

Then we both felt a little better.

" Well, if you want to go and change, go ahead sweetheart," mom said.

" Thank you," I replied as I got up.

Then we both headed to my room and I changed my clothes.

" Well that could have gone worse. Even though I'm twenty five and you are twenty four, I just thought 'Oh shit, I just fucked someone's daughter.' " he said.

" No, she's happy for us. She saw us together before," I replied, as I was naked.

Then he watched me get dressed and we went out there.

" Feel better?" mom asked.

" Yes," I replied.

" Really I'm happy for you two. I'm just giving you shit. I know you're a good guy Vince, so you have my blessings," mom said.

Really? I wasn't sure if she was sincere or not. So I just threw something out there.

" Even if I wanted to move in with him?" I asked.

" Do you really want to?" mom said.

Then I turned to him and kissed him once.

" Hell yes I do. I love him," I replied.

" Me too," Vince said.

" Well, how about you move in here. He won't have to pay rent anymore and you can have sex whenever you want, I don't mind," mom replied.

Then we thought about it for a minute.

" What do you think?" I asked.

" Well as long as you are there, I'm good," he replied.

" OK then. We'll do it," I said.

Then by that time next week, he was living with us. He was just the best boyfriend I ever had. We separated because we went to different schools, but we eventually reunited. When we did, our emotions, along with some help from some drinks helped it come out and we made love. We both still worked though and, as my mom told us, we could have sex any time we wanted too.

She just wanted us to be safe for the time being. I don't think either one of us were ready for parenthood just yet anyway. However, if we decided to have kids in the future, we'd cross that bridge when we got to it.
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